Best Scroll Saws UK | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide | 2020

For many DIY enthusiasts, a scroll saw is an absolute essential. Once used to carry out scrollwork, hence the name, scroll saws are utilised for making delicate cuts and curved edges with a wide variety of materials. The best scroll saws provide superior levels of precision for making controlled cuts over power tools such as jigsaws. They’re also a more resilient choice over other varieties of hand saw, such as coping saws.

Scroll Saws Explained

The defining feature of a scroll saw is a reciprocating blade. Unlike the similar band saw, scroll saws allow the user to remove the blade with ease. Because of this, the user can carry out cut-outs without having to make an entry slot in the material beforehand. Furthermore, the finer blade you’ll find with a scroll saw allows you to carry out very intricate work, making this tool an incredibly versatile addition to your line-up. Looking to add one of these handy tools to your collection? Below, you’ll find our go-to guide on picking out the best scroll saws the UK market has to offer.

Key Factors to Consider

There’s a handful of crucial points to keep in mind when buying a scroll saw. For starters, you’ll want to pay special attention to something called the throat length. This refers to the measurement of the rear of the blade, located at the back throat of the saw. Picking the right throat size will determine the materials you can work with. If you’re looking to work with a specific type of material, an effective scroll saw purchase will be determined by throat length. Generally speaking, the smallest throat length measurement you’ll encounter will be 12 inches. For most everyday applications, you will probably find a throat length of around 18 inches will suffice. However, if you are seeking something to accommodate industrial applications, a throat length of anywhere up to 30 inches may be called for. Another chief factor to bear in mind is thickness of cut. When it comes to scroll saws, depth capacity ranges from around 1.75 inches to more than 2.5 inches. This depth capacity determines the overall thickness of material you can hope to cut and work with.

Cutting Speed

The overall performance of a scroll saw will be determined by the cutting speed provided. An overall lower speed will limit you to the materials you can work with and effectively rule out being able to work with harder, more robust ones. The slowest speed you’ll generally encounter will be around 400 strokes per minute. At the other end of the spectrum, speeds of up to 1800 strokes per minute can be expected. If you expect many changes to your working requirements, variable speed is something you need to seriously think about. As a general rule, slow cutting speeds will be enough to handle cutting of thin materials, such as soft and brittle woods. Medium cutting speeds will be enough to handle more thick varieties of wood, while fast cutting speeds are best suited to cloth, paper and leather materials.

Scroll Saw Blade Basics

When it comes to scroll saw blades, there are two varieties to think about. These are pinned blades and pinless blades. Pinned blades are the better choice for handling woods with greater thickness, but they are not ideal for making more intricate cuts requiring more detail. However, pinless blades are the go-to for this exact application, allowing you plenty of fine detail and precision.

If you’re looking to cut wood, always opt for standard blades with larger teeth. If instead you intend to cut metal, opt for smaller blades with comparatively smaller teeth. Other types of blades can also be utilised with a scroll saw. So-called skip tooth blades can be utilised for cutting plastics and wood, while spiral blades are a good choice if you’re working with types of wax, metal materials and various types of wood. Two-way blades can be used to handle cutting of softwood and hardwood materials, while more robust metals and hardy materials can be cut with a metal scroll saw blade. Finally, there’s reverse tooth scroll saw blades that can be used to make cuts with plywood and other hardwood materials.

Drives for Scroll Saws

A great deal of scroll saws you’ll encounter today will utilise a parallel arm drive. In this instance, the scroll saw motor will be mounted at the rear of the device, with the arms of the scroll saw sitting parallel. This isn’t the only type of drive you can expect to find, however. The other common form you can encounter is a parallel link drive. With one of these, both arms have rods within them. This type of system is a good choice if you’re looking for something with lower overall operational noise and less vibration when working.

Keep it Simple

When working with a scroll saw, you’ll want a system that is simple to operate and offers a lot of user-friendly functionality. With such a device, precision and accuracy when working is of key importance, so you will want to ensure the system you pick allows for fuss-free operation and easy to access to all controls. As such, picking a scroll saw that has all key controls located in a central location is always a good bet. To make life even easier, it is worth looking for a scroll saw that also utilises a pedal control. With a pedal control integrated into the overall system, you can enjoy the benefits of being able to keep your hands free as you work with material.

You will always want to maintain adequate degrees of adjustability when working with a scroll saw system. A scroll saw that features a table with tilt adjustment is one such feature to look out for. You’ll find a great variety of tilting ability with scroll saws, so take some time to thoroughly assess the requirements important to you. Other handy features include units for dust collection, ensuring you can operate a scroll saw in a safe and comfortable working environment.

Tips for Safe Operation of Scroll Saws

Unlike other types of power tools, scroll saws are generally quite safe. However, no power tool is without potential risk, so it makes sense to familiarise yourself with some general safety tips before putting yours to use.

Keep the basic safety measures in mind prior to operating your scroll saw. These include ensuring you are wearing suitable protective gear, including goggles, dust masks and ear protectors when necessary. When operating the scroll saw, you should always ensure your fingers are kept at a good distance away from the blade itself to minimise the chance of injury.

When your scroll saw is not in use, always ensure you turn off the system to ensure no accidents arise. You will also want to ensure the system is switched off when carrying out essential maintenance, or if you are carrying out any blade changes or tension adjustments.

On that note, remember to ensure that the scroll saw itself is always securely mounted to the surface you’re working on to avoid accidents and injuries. When it comes to changing blades, always insert the blade with teeth facing forward and pointing toward the table or workbench itself. You also need to ensure that blade tension is properly maintained at all times to allow for optimal operation. Once you’ve carried out such changes and adjustments, take a moment to ensure that all handles are securely locked in place before switching on the system again. Taking the time to properly light your work area is always advised to ensure you can carry out such activities correctly.

Scroll Saw Reviews

Feeling inspired now that you know what to look out for when buying a scroll saw? We’ve made life even easier for you and put together a premier list of great value scroll saws well worth considering. You’ll find models from some of the best manufacturers in the business, with a range of first-rate features on offer and models to accommodate all budgets.

Einhell TC-SS 405 E 120 W Scroll Saw – Red

You’re not short of quality features with the Einhell TC-SS 405 E. First and foremost, this premium scroll saw boasts an incredibly solid base, ensuring utmost sturdiness when put in place. The metal work table is also adjustable up to 45 degrees, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to getting stuck in. Looking for user-friendly design and quick access to blade changes? You’ll find it here, with a quick-release clamp that makes changing blades the work of moments. Overall sturdiness is further enhanced by the hold-down feature, keeping your workpieces firmly in place as you make cuts. There’s also a connection for a dust extraction unit, ensuring your workspace is kept free of debris and you’re not breathing in any harmful particles as you cut. This versatile scroll saw can be fixed directly to your workbench for convenience, providing you with an ideal working height as you saw.

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Dremel Moto-Saw MS20 2-in-1 Electric Compact Scroll Saw Set 70 W, 1 Attachment, 5 Accessories, Use as Table Saw, Bench Saw, Power Saw, Fret Saw



This Dremel MS20 2-in-1 Scroll Saw is definitely worth a second look if your after a sleek design and premium performance. Incredibly easy to use, this low profile tool offers the combined functionality of a scroll saw and fret saw in one neat package. You can look forward to incredible levels of prevision when carrying out straight cuts and curved ones alike, with guide rails and parallel guides on hand to assist in cutting at depths of up to 18mm. The user-friendliness of this multi-purpose scroll saw is further enhanced by the quick accessory change feature, while the compact nature of it makes it incredibly portable and simple to store discreetly. Need more convincing? The reduced vibration of this machine make it ideal for when you’re working for long spells at the workbench, while full variable speed control from 1,500 to 2,250 rotations per minute provide you with all the versatility you need. The Moto-Saw blades found here have been engineered to make quick work of all manner of materials, with laminate, soft wood and hardwood all easy to cut. What’s more, PCV and other soft sheet materials can be cut precisely and quickly. A slimline alternative to other scroll saws with added functionality you’ll struggle to find elsewhere for the same money.


Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw 16-inch



What stands out about this Record Power SS61V Scroll Saw is the variable speed functionality, allowing you the freedom to make a varied selection of cuts to a wide range of materials. You can make use of slower cutting speeds to handle work with plastics and other non-ferrous material types, while the faster speed settings can be utilised to make quick and easy cuts of wood at thicknesses of up to 50mm. What’s more, changing blades is easy work, which is particularly useful for those who like to work at speed, or need the ability to swiftly swap out blades when working with more intricate material pieces. There’s also some handy safety features as standard here, with the hold down clamp and dust blower elements very worthwhile additions to the overall package.


Axminster Craft AC405SS 405mm Scroll Saw



This Axminster Craft AC405SS 405mm Scroll Saw is kitted out with a powerful motor and delivers variable speeds of between 550 and 1,600 rotations per minute. As such, you can make quick of cutting with all manner of materials, with cuts of up to 50mm in depth achievable. A more premium cut is assured thanks to the two independent blade arms, while 45-degree angle bevel cutting is also achievable. When it comes to making blade changes, the whole process is made simple thanks to easy access clamps and quick-release tension. This is also a very robust choice for heavy-duty applications, with the cast iron base providing plenty in the way of stability, while also minimising unwanted vibration while working.


Why You Need A Scroll Saw

Best Mitre Saws | UK Reviews & Guide | 2020

A mitre saw is an essential addition to any DIY collection. A mitre saw allows the user to make cross cuts and angled cuts of 90 degrees thanks to a robust circular blade. Power mitre saws use this motorised blade to plunge down into the material you’re working with, making a quality good with minimal effort. The best mitre saws are incredibly versatile and allow you to undertake all manner of DIY jobs. They’re suitable for making cuts to delicate trims and cutting more hardy pieces of wood alike.

Types of Mitre Saw

There’s a few common variations on the mitre saw available. For starters, there’s the so-called basic power mitre saw option to consider. This type of mitre saw offer easy adjustments, allowing you to make angled cuts with ease. If you’re looking to make simple cuts with a classic 90-degree angle, this type of mitre saw is the way to go. Admittedly, a manual saw can be used for such applications, but a power mitre saw grants you a far quicker solution. The best power mitre saws will allow you to set commonly used angles, granting you the exact cuts you’re after.

Another key variant is the compound power mitre saw. This type of mitre saw offers adjustments for both bevel and mitre cuts. As such, they’re more versatile than basic mitre saw models. Generally speaking, compound power mitre saws allow the user to make bevel cuts in a single direction. However, some models provide you with a more flexible approach, giving you the freedom to make cuts in both directions. If you’re looking to make cuts to more delicate pieces of wood, such as intricate moldings, this is the kind of mitre saw you make want to take some time to consider.

The third major type is the sliding compound mitre saw. This is arguably the most versatile variant of mitre saw on the market. With this type of model, the blade and motor are both mounted atop an adjustable arm. This arm can be pivoted in a single direction in most cases, although more premium models do provide the user with a left and right motion.

What are Mitre Saws Made From?

In most instances, power mitre saws are manufactured from robust metals like steel. Lightweight metals like aluminium can also be expected. Not every component of a mitre saw will be metallic, however, with elements like blade guards often constructed from other materials like plastic. That being said, even these materials are of the more resilient variety, with heavy-duty choices as standard. Mitre saws are constructed with heavy-duty applications in mind, although there are a few things you can do to ensure your choice of model performs as best as it possibly can.

For starters, you may wish to invest in a stand for your mitre saw. This will ensure that lengthier pieces of material are better supported while you’re making cuts. When you combine your mitre saw with a stand, you’ll instantly notice that your work is altogether steadier and cuts are easier to make.

Blade Sizes and Mitre Saw Extras

Don’t overlook the importance of blade sizes when investing in a mitre saw. As a general rule, blades for mitre saws measure 8 to 12 inches. The larger the blade, the longer the cut you can make. If you’re keen to ensure the utmost in precision when working, you may also want to invest in extras like laser guides. These are particularly handy if you intend to work with expensive pieces of material or more delicate cuts of wood where mistakes can be costly. Another key extra to consider forking out for are brakes. Adding electric brakes into the mix will allow you to quickly halt the blade as you work. Not only will this help minimise mistakes as you work, it also enhances overall safety while working. Finally, you should certainly think about purchasing a dust collector for your mitre saw, or invest in a model that incorporates one as a standard feature. If you’re looking for a power mitre saw to undertake heavy-duty cutting and long sessions of operation, it’s pivotal you capture all that sawdust to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

Mains Power or Cordless?

As with almost any type of power tool, the question of cordless versus corded is a straightforward one. Cordless mitre saws are certainly worth considering if you’re expecting to work in spaces that don’t have access to mains power, or suffer from limited access, although this flexibility does have serious limitations. For one, putting your mitre saw through heavy use will very quickly sap your battery. Even after a full charge, a cordless mitre saw can quickly lose its juice. This problem can be overcome by stocking up on additional battery packs that can be readily swapped out, but doing this can be expensive. Whenever it is possible, go for mitre saws that can be run on mains power. You’ll be able to enjoy constant operation and never have to suffer from your equipment running below optimal performance levels.

Mitre Saw Reviews

Now we’ve looked at some of the most important things to consider when purchasing mitre saws, it’s time to see what’s currently available on the market. We’ve put together a first-rate line-up of premium machinery from some of the best manufacturers in the business, with models to accommodate all requirements and budgets.

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Einhell UK TC-MS 2112 1600 W Compound Mitre Saw with 5000 rpm Cutting Speed – Red



You’ve got everything you need right here to make precise angle cuts, with the rotating table allowing for accurate cuts ranging from -45 degrees to +45 degrees. You can also put this mitre saw to good use when carrying out impressive bevel cuts. This mitre saw allows you to enjoy secure and safe cutting, with work piece support and clamping functionality as standard. The table inlay also boasts a scale for ensuring utmost accuracy when cutting. You’ll also be able to work in a clean area free of dust thanks to the sawdust bag attached to the device. Need to move to another area? No problem. This mitre saw comes with a transport brace, making it an incredibly portable option. This mitre saw boasts powerful performance spec, with a 1600W motor that delivers cutting speeds of up to 5,000 rotations per minute. An easy choice if you’re looking to make crosscuts and mitre cuts with all manner of materials, including wood, laminated panel pieces and plastics.


Metabo KS 216 M 240 V Laser Compound Mitre Saw



If you’re after a more compact and low-profile choice of mitre saw, this model from Metabo is well worth looking into. Compact and lightweight in design, this mitre saw is a good bet for those working in tighter confines, while also being a very portable choice that can be carried around one-handedly. This is also a very worthwhile choice for those who are seeking something with bags of safety elements and features designed to make cutting easier and more precise. For a start, there’s a bright LED light to illuminate along the cutting line. If you’re working in darker environments, this is a crucially important feature. Additionally, there are high sliding rear fence profiles that encourage overall better levels of safety while sawing. Relatively affordable and incredibly sleek in design, it’s a solid choice for those with limited available space who require the powerful cutting ability and versatile functionality of a mitre saw.


Evolution Power Tools R210SMS+ Sliding Mitre Saw With Multi-Material Cutting, 45° Bevel, 50° Mitre, 230mm Slide, 1500 W, 230 V



If you’re after something more robust and able to carry out heavy-duty mitre cutting, this model from Evolution Power Tools demands your attention. The multi-material construction of this mitre saw means you can enjoy precise cutting of all manner of materials. With this in your arsenal, you’ll have no trouble making quick work of cutting tasks with all types of materials like wood, plastic and metals. A powerful 1500W motor has been optimised for increased performance and extended blade life, while also serving to handle cutting through all material types with ease. Accuracy is another standout element of the design of this mitre saw. Precision cutting can be counted on thanks to laser guidance and a trench cut facility. With this mitre saw, you can look forward to carrying out cuts at all commonly used angles.


WORX WX427 XL 710W WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw



This Worx compact circular saw is a versatile choice that won’t let you down. Robust and durable, despite its sleeker design, this mitre saw boasts an impressive 710W motor that can deliver cuts at a depth of up to 46mm. In addition to everyday wood lengths, you can look forward to cutting through more stubborn masonry, as well as tiles. Particularly appealing about this mitre saw is the ability to operate it one-handed. If you’re looking for a model of saw that can be utilised in smaller spaces, this is the way to go. Although this handheld model is corded, a generous flex of 2.5 metres means you can get around larger pieces of material with ease. With a hardy tool box and a selection of blades included, this mitre saw is a great value choice for those looking to stick to a budget.


Evolution Power Tools F210SMS Sliding Mitre Saw with Multi-Material Cutting, 45 Degree Bevel, 50 Degree Mitre, 230 mm Slide, 1200 W, 230 V



Impressive performance is what you’ll get with the F210SMS from Evolution Power Tools. The multi-material construction of this premium power tool means you’ll have no trouble cutting through all manner of material types, including steel, aluminium and wood alike. What’s more, this mitre saw will make quick work of potentially difficult pieces of masonry that might be riddled with embedded nails. A powerful 1200W motor delivers high levels of performance as standard, yet has been optimised for even higher levels of cutting efficiency. The optimised gearbox and blade system also ensures your blades enjoy a longer operational life. Precision and accuracy are also assured thanks to laser guidance and a trench cut facility, with settings to allow for easy cutting at all commonly used angles.


Nobex Champion Compound Mitre Saw



This compound mitre saw from Nobex has been designed with everyday, heavy-duty applications in mind. Standout features here include an 180mm cutting height at 90 degrees and a 125mm width at 45 degrees. You can also look forward to stepless locking at any angle. The robust 500mm aluminium base features both metric and imperial measuring scales, while there are two material clamps fitted to the body so you can lock down your workpieces securely. The saw frame can also be suspended, making the setting of workpieces even more straightforward. Particularly impressive here is the blade length of 630mm, making it a go-to choice for more extensive cutting tasks. Admittedly, this one lacks the perks of a power tool alternative, but its general robustness and hard-wearing nature should tick all the right boxes for the professional or DIY enthusiast who value the benefits of quality manual models.


Makita MLS100 240 V 255 mm Electric Saw



The Makita MLS100 will definitely catch the eye of any self-respecting DIY enthusiast looking for reliable performance and premium cutting ability. A compact and lightweight alternative to more cumbersome models, the MLS100 is great for home use. What’s more, its portability makes it a great option for the job site, with powerful specs to match. A 1,500W motor delivers speeds of up to 4,200 rotations per minute, while there’s plenty of adjustability when it comes to cutting angles. A transparent blade guard system provides you with ample visibility while working, ensuring clean an precise results, every time.


How To Choose A Mitre Saw In 3 Easy Steps