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best angle grinder

Angle grinders are among the most versatile power tools on the market. These heavy-duty tools can be used for a variety of cutting and sanding applications, while you an also use them to undertake more refined shaping work. They are also designed to be used with a variety of materials types, ranging from soft woods to hard concrete.

Unlike bench grinders, angle grinders are operated by hand, allowing you to really get stuck into your work pieces with no restrictions. Need a power tool that can undertake demanding grinding and cutting tasks? Our guide explores the essential criteria you should be looking to fill when selecting the best angle grinder.

Angle Grinders Applications

Angle grinders are a handheld cutting and grinding tool that feature a gearhead fixed at a 90-degree angle. This gearhead houses a removable disc that can be made of various materials and come in a variety of thicknesses. As the cutting and grinding discs are located at the very end of the tool body, you are not limited when it comes to carrying out work on your materials. This makes them ideal for undertaking finer detail work. When used for grinding applications, an angle grinder can be effective at softening sharp metal edges.

They can also be used for sanding applications. If you need to prepare a surface quickly, an angle grinder is a good tool to reach for. You will however need to use a sanding pad to ensure the rapid movement of the wheel disc does not cause any excessive damage to your materials. In sanding mode, angle grinders are very good at smoothing our rough finishes, or getting rid of residual debris and old paint layers.

You can also use an angle grinder for cutting tasks. Again, you will need to make sure you purchase a suitable cutting disc beforehand. Some cutting discs are suited to slicing through wood and masonry, while others can be used for more brittle materials like PVC and plastic. More robust cutting discs can be used for very tough materials like metal and concrete.

If you need to polish off a surface for a smooth finish, you can also utilise an angle grinder for polishing tasks. Polishing discs can be bought specially and provide a superior finish in a fraction of the time it would take to carry out the work by hand.

Finally, angle grinders are useful for sharpening the edges of some tools. They are very effective at sharpening bladed tools, including chisels, although you will need to be careful when carrying out sharpening tasks. Operating your angle grinder on a lower speed setting is definitely a must when sharpening tools.

Motor Specifics

When choosing an angle grinder, go for a brushless motor whenever you can. An angle grinder requires plenty of power, so an efficient brushless motor is the ideal fit. With a brushless motor, you also do not have to worry about replacing brushes. This is not only convenient and saves you time, it also negates the expense of having to purchase brush replacements. A brushless motor will also usually result in longevity, with cooler operation reducing the strain on the interior of your power tool.

Braking Systems

Safety is something you should be paying attention to when shopping for an angle grinder. A kickback brake is definitely something you want to have on your side when using an angle grinder. These braking systems mean that your tool will automatically stop when it finds itself stuck in tough material. This not only prevents the angle grinder from pulling free from your hands when it is running, but also eliminates the chance of you suffering a nasty injury.

Vibration Control

If you are using an angle grinder for a prolonged stretch of time, vibration can take its tool and lead to fatigue. If your angle grinder is a powerful one, excessive vibration can leave your hands and wrists feeling exhausted. This is not only uncomfortable, but can also affect how well you can handle the tool. This can impair your accuracy when working and, in the worst case, lead to an injury.

Variable Speed Control

If you plan on working with multiple types of materials and want to undertake a variety of grinding, sanding and cutting tasks, variable speed control is essential. Variable speed control gives you full control over the speed your discs are rotating at. A pressure trigger that control disc speed will make life incredibly simple, allowing you to quickly adjust the speed of rotation. This not only allows you to maintain maximum precision as you work, but it also allows you combat overheating if your angle grinder does not have any integrated vents.

Product Reviews

Looking for a powerful tool that can take care of all your polishing, grinding and cutting tasks? A new angle grinder should be top of your shopping list. Need some ideas on what options are out there? Below are some of the best angle grinders UK buyers will find on the market today.

Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Angle Grinder, 18V (Body Only)

If you want to add to an expanding collection of Ryobi power tools, the Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ might appeal to you. This powerful angle grinder provides you with cordless flexibility, with a complete range of grinding and cutting functionality provided. This angle grinder can be used to effectively cut and grind tough metal, as well as sharpen stone material or blades. It can also be used for less intensive jobs, such as removing layers of polish or paint.

The handle is incredibly ergonomic, with multiple positions to choose from to ensure can access awkward spots as you work. The handle comes finished with a micro-textured material, providing you with a very secure grip The wheel guard is also tool-less, while the spindle lock is user-friendly so you can make quick swaps to attachment accessories or adjust the guard position.

As this angle grinder is part of the Ryobi ONE+ range, you can use the same battery as a wide variety of other power tools from the brand. This saves you having to purchase multiple batteries to use between your tools, but also ensures you always have a spare battery primed and ready to use.

In addition to the angle grinder body, you will find a grinding wheel, wheel guard and wrench included. This particular model of Ryobi angle grinder only includes the main body itself, so you will have to purchase a compatible battery separately. However, if you already own a power tool from the Ryobi ONE+ range already, you should be covered.


Makita GA4530R Angle Grinder Slide Switch, 115 mm, 240 V

The Makita GA4530R might lack cordless functionality, but you trade off for powerful performance and reliable output. This corded angle grinder is very affordable and comes with a variety of useful feature that will make your sharpening, cutting and sanding tasks eas9ier than ever.

Machined bevel gears result in an angle grinder that performs smoothly at all times, while the anti-restart function means the grinder only works when you want it to. Although this angle grinder is a reasonably powerful choice, the compact housing makes it easy to handle. The smaller profile of this angle grinder also enhances manoeuvrability, allowing you to access tight spots with ease.

Although the 720W motor is powerful, the soft start function means you never need worry about this grinder getting away from you. This angle grinder also performs well under pressure, with a heat-resistant design that ensures your equipment never becomes too warm when used excessively. This power tool also delivers as far as ergonomics go, with the 20-degree side grip angle allowing you to position the grinder into more awkward spaces. This side grip is strategically positioned so you can use the tool with one hand, without losing control over the angle grinder.


Angle Grinder 860W Tilswall 125mm Side Disc Grinder 12000RPM Tool with 3 Cut Off and 2 Grinding Polishing Abrasive Wheels [Energy Class A+++]

This Tilswall angle grinder has been designed for more heavy-duty jobs, with an 860W motor making it ideal for professionals with demanding requirements. The high-grade motor means you can enjoy maximum speeds of 12,000 RPM almost instantly, with no loading speeds to have to endure. You can also make quick adjustments to torque output, allowing to perform more rigorous grinding and cutting tasks.

The powerful output of this tool is understandable when you consider the rating of the motor, but it is still rare to see such output from a fairly compact tool. This angle grinder comes with two grinding wheels and two cutting wheels, providing you with attachments to carry out a full range of tasks. You will also find protective guards included along with the wheel attachments.

This angle grinder also makes use of a quick-change system, allowing you to swap out grinding attachments in moments. You do not need to use any tools to release fixed wheels before swapping them out for new ones. A lock switch is also included, keeping attached wheels firmly in their place for the duration of your cutting or grinding jobs. You also have a range of handle options on offer with this angle grinder.

The side handle design is particularly easy to manage, while an additional grip at the front provides you with a convenient way to manage excessive vibration while working. An integrated vent also means that dust and material debris is kept clear of your materials, allowing you to work uninterrupted for longer.


BLACK+DECKER 710 W Grinder Power Tool 115 mm with 5 Cutting Discs, BEG010A5-GB

BLACK+DECKER are always a good brand to go for if you are looking for a balance of great value and performance. This angle grinder certainly has a lot of attractive features that makes it a desirable alternative to other power tools in our list. The price is definitely attractive, with this angle grinder being much cheaper than other products. It also includes a good amount of accessories to save you a small fortune later.

Five individual cutting disks are included, which are individually suited to different material types. This angle grinder also features a metallic gear case, allowing for effective heat dissipation as you work. This makes the angle grinder altogether more durable, while also ensuring it performs well for a considerable amount of time.

A 710W motor makes this angle grinder a powerful tool option. The motor drives speeds of up to 12,000 RPM, which puts it shoulder to shoulder with some of the most powerful angle grinders in this shortlist. The motor output should be more than sufficient to cut and grind a variety of materials. You also have a 3-position handle here, making it particularly easy to control.

Less experienced users will definitely appreciate the option to operate this tool with two hands, improving the overall safety credentials of the angle grinder. You also have a soft start function, which limits the amount of vibration and unwanted movement upon start-up. There is no cordless functionality here, but this should not really cause much concern with everyday users.


Angle Grinder,Meterk 750W 4-1/2inch with 115mm 3 Grinding Abrasive Wheels 3 Cutting Abrasive Wheels

This Metrek angle grinder is a cheap enough option, with premium features and reliable performance coming as standard. The 750W motor provides you with an impressive amount of output and maximum speeds of 12,000 RPM. This makes it suitable for even the toughest of grinding or cutting jobs, with no need to wait around for such speeds to load.

The smaller dimensions of this angle grinder and compact grip also make it a comfortable tool to use, with users unlikely to experience fatigue when operating it. The ergonomic design means every user can enjoy a firm grip, with the left-mounted slide making it easy to access the integral safety switch.

A spindle lock is included, allowing for near-instant changes of discs and other angle grinder accessories. You can also utilise the safety lock to ensure your discs and accessories are firmly locked in place for longer spells grinding or cutting. The side handle provides you with a one-handed approach to operation, but can also be removed if it is getting in the way of your work.


Silverline Tools 571295 DIY 650W Angle Grinder 115mm, 650 W, Blue

Silverline are always a good brand to consider if you want a very budget-friendly power tool. The 571295 angle grinder definitely lives up to this, providing you with a powerful grinding tool that does not cost a fortune. This angle grinder has a 650W motor which, while not as powerful as other tools in our list, is definitely impressive enough to cope with a variety of grinding and cutting jobs. At full power, this angle grinder can be used for a variety of cutting and grinding tasks, and is suitable for use with a range of material types such as concrete, wood and metal.

You can also add wire brushes and wheels to the spindle if you want to use the angle grinder for other applications. It is particularly good at getting rid of rust layers and flaking paint when used with wire brush attachments. The spindle lock is also easy to use, letting you swap out disks quickly. The multi-position auxiliary handle also makes working at awkward angles easy, while safety switch is on hand to ensure users remain protected from harm for the duration of their grinding and cutting tasks.


Bosch Professional GWS 7-115 Corded 240 V Angle Grinder

This Bosch GWS 7-115 angle grinder is a pricier alternative to many other power tools in this category, but it should meet the demanding criteria of professional users. This quality angle grinder features a flat gear head, which makes it easier to work with tight spaces and awkward materials.

The anti-rotation guard also provides users with a significant amount of protection, which is especially crucial if carrying out grinding or cutting jobs with metal or stone. The 750W motor is also powerful enough to cope with very demanding tasks. Despite being a heavy-duty choice, this angle grinder is fairly lightweight, making it portable enough that it can be carried to and from work sites along with your other tools.

This angle grinder also features air inlets which provide you with excellent air dissipation, ensuring your tool motor remains cool at all times. You can use this angle grinder continuously for long stretches of time, without worrying about things overheating and causing you downtime drama. This power tool also includes a safety switch to add another layer of protection to the user. You do have to pay slightly more for this professional-level angle grinder, but experienced users will appreciate the extra features that come with the higher cost.


Dewalt DWE490-GB DWE490 230mm Angle Grinder 2000 Watt 240 Volt, Yellow

The DeWalt DWE490 angle grinder is not an ideal option for those weary of spending too much money, but you get plenty for your money with this high-grade power tool. The main standout of this angle grinder is its powerful motor. With a 2000W rating, this motor is arguably one of the most efficient around, making it well prepared to handle rigorous cutting and grinding tasks. The motor is also protected against abrasion damage, making it a durable choice with plenty of longevity.

This angle grinder also has a two position handle at the side, allowing you to yield it how you need to, depending on the task you are dealing with. The optimised handle arrangement also ensures the tool is comfortable to carry out work with, even if you are grinding or cutting away for hours at a time.

A user-friendly spindle lock also allows you to carry out quick wheel changes, saving you precious time if you have urgent deadlines to meet. A brush window is also included, making it far easier to change brushes when compared to similar angle grinders. The gear casing is also ventilated, ensuring sufficient air circulation and heat dissipation.


Makita DGA 504 Z DGA504Z 18v 125mm Brushless Angle Grinder Bare Unit, 18 V

If you are happy to fork out a little more on an angle grinder, the Makita DGA504Z is something to put on your list of potential purchases. This premium angle grinder features automatic speed control, with the tool automatically adjusting its rotation speed, depending on the type of disc you have loaded. The higher asking price also brings you the benefit of a much more powerful motor than what you would normally find with most angle grinders. In fact, the brushless motor is one of the most powerful around, excelling when it comes to efficiency and longevity.

Many design features have been implemented to ensure the high-quality motor does not cause you any issues. You have an anti-restart function as a standard feature here, while the soft start means you can begin work at full rotational speed, without the tool becoming unwieldy. There is also an electric current limiter, protecting your power tool from suffering any overload issues. This angle grinder also benefits from XPT Extreme Protection Technology, rendering it suitable for outdoor use in unforgiving conditions.


Essential Considerations When Buying an Angle Grinder

If an angle grinder is next on your list of power tool must-haves, you should follow a basic checklist to ensure you are picking a reliable tool that will serve you well. A brushless motor is definitely an advantage, providing you with maximum efficiency for high output and reliable performance. Brushless motors are also easy to maintain and require little maintenance.

Safety features should also be focused on when choosing an angle grinder. Safety switches are crucial, while a reliable braking system will also prevent you from finding your cutting discs jammed into work pieces. Vibration control will also make handling your angle grinder for prolonged sessions as comfortable as possible. Finally, variable speed control provides you with the flexibility you need to undertake a wide range of cutting, grinding, polishing and sanding tasks with a single power tool.


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