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Best Bathroom Paint

If your bathroom is suffering from the effects of condensation and damp, the best bathroom paint can help you keep on top of mould growth and prevent you having to constantly reapply new layers of finish. Although anti-mould bathroom paints used to only be available in a small range of colours, you will now find plenty of choice for adding a new lease of life to your bathroom spaces. Need to tackle damp issues and breathe new life into your bathroom? Our guide is here to help you find the best bathroom paint for your renovation project.

Best Paints for Bathrooms

Nowadays, a greater range of paint formulas tend to come with mould and mildew fighting properties. However, some paints are better than others at keeping these issues at bay. High-gloss paints are particularly effective at coping with excessive levels of moisture, which is why they are commonly used in bathrooms.

However, while gloss paint tends to be good at dealing with condensation, you will still encounter some mould and mildew growth from time to time. Thankfully, gloss paint tends to be easier to clean, so you can wipe away mould growth with cleaning products, without damaging the painted finish of your bathroom walls and ceilings.

Anti-Mould Paint

If you have a particularly noticeable mould problem in your bathroom, think about spending a premium on paint with anti-fungal properties. Although pricey, these paints will stamp out mould and mildew growth for longer. In fact, some of the best bathroom paint has been formulated to prevent such growth from occurring for years at a time.

The Importance of Undercoating

Even if you have purchased a premium anti-mould paint for your bathroom, you should definitely think about adding a new layer of primer to serve as an undercoat for your new finish. This will boost the anti-fungal properties of your new paint and provide you with a cleaner surface on which to apply your top coat of choice.

Colour Options

Even though there is more choice than ever when it comes to anti-mould paints for bathrooms, the overall palette is fairly limited. You will probably find yourself limited to muted shades and off-white hues, unless you are happy to spend a considerable amount of money on paint formulas that have add richer additives worked into them to provide you with more vibrant colours. However, you can save money by purchasing a base paint to mix with additives of your own choosing.

Product Reviews – The Best Bathroom Paints

Is your bathroom in need of a new lick of paint? Below you will find some of the best bathroom paint products on the market that are ideal for bring a new lease of life to your bathroom spaces. Check out our post covering home extensions to learn more about upgrading your house!

HQC Bathroom Washable/Tough Matt Emulsion Paint for Walls & Ceilings, Mould/Mildew Proof Soft Satin Sheen Paint with Glossy finishes, Latex Primer/Waterproof/Sealer/Stainblocker 0.5L (Sage Green)

This HQC has been specially designed for use in bathrooms and kitchens. This water-based dense boasts superior breathability, helping prevent issues with condensation that can contribute to the build up of mould. This durable paint is also an excellent insulator, helping combat heat loss through walls and ceilings that might be lacking in insulation. This also helps fight against mould accumulation. This is also a durable choice of paint, meaning you can be sure of a premium finish after one or two coats, provided you have added a base layer of primer.

This paint is also washable. Should you spot any stains or blemishes on your walls or ceilings, you can clean them away confidently, without worrying about damaging the finish of your paint. This is also a versatile choice of bathroom paint and can be applied with rollers, brushes or spray machines. However, if you are planning on using a sprayer, make sure you are using a thick enough nozzle to prevent blockages as you apply it. You also have a good range of colour options here, with more than enough shades to pick from to ensure a perfect match for your existing bathroom décor.


Polar Premium Smooth White Masonry Paint, Waterproof Exterior Wall Paint, Long Lasting High-Performance Coating – 5 Litre

If you want to keep your bathroom colour scheme simple with classic white, this Polar Premium Smooth White paint is a good option. Although this paint is designed with exterior application in mind, it can also be used as an effective paint layer for bathroom walls and ceilings. When fully applied, this paint will also provide your surfaces with an additional layer of insulation. If you are looking to paint a downstairs bathroom or a toilet within an extension, you will definitely want to improve insulation so this paint will come in handy.

As it is designed with outdoor use in mind, this paint is particularly hard-wearing. When applied in an indoor space, you can look forward to a long-lasting finish that is unlikely to wear and peel, even when exposed to excessive moisture. As this paint is waterproof and permeable, it is particularly effective at preventing bacteria growth, meaning you will not have to deal with unsightly mould accumulation. Should you notice any mould appearing, this paint is durable enough that you can clean the affected area without washing away your paint layers.


HQC Anti Damp Paint, Stain Blocker, Damp Seal Matt Finish, Waterproofing Sealant, Damp Proof Paint for Walls and Floors, Damp Proof Membrane and Condensation Absorbers, Damp Trap – 1L (Pale Blue)

This HQC Anti Damp Paint is a good option for when you need to decorate a bathroom to keep on top of moisture issues. This is a quality choice of paint for those with bathrooms suffering from significant damp problems, while the high-quality finish will also cope with regular exposure to condensation. In addition to being excellent at tackling moisture, this paint will provide your bathroom walls and ceilings with an additional layer of insulation. If your bathroom suffers from low temperatures, this effective insulation barrier will help keep heat in, while also preventing condensation appearing on ceilings.

The main benefit of this paint is that by controlling dampness and moisture, there is less worry about potentially harmful toxic mould building up in your bathroom spaces. However, should mould occur, this durable paint can be wiped clean without you damaging the finish. This paint is also an eco-friendly option, with the water-based formula containing few chemicals and harmful additives. This paint can be applied with rollers or brushes, or sprayers if you have a large enough nozzle. You also have a good choice of colours on offer here, ensuring you will have no issues finding a shade that perfectly complements your bathroom.


Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough Matt Emulsion Paint For Walls And Ceilings – Sapphire Salute 2.5L

Dulux Easycare is a good paint brand to investigate if you are looking to redecorate your bathroom. This high-quality paint is designed for use on walls and ceilings, with a formula that is far more durable than regular emulsion. Not only will this emulsion paint provide you with a tough base for staving off bacterial build-up and mould growth, it will also provide you with a finish that is easy to care for and clean. If you need to clean stains from surfaces, this paint will cope with water and cleaning chemicals, without the intensity of the colour becoming damaged.

This paint is also very easy to apply. The consistency of this paint is thicker than other emulsions, with the creamy texture easy to layer onto walls and ceilings with brushes and rollers. It is also a quick-drying solution, with a single coat taking as little as four hours to dry. You also get excellent coverage from this emulsion, with a single tin providing you with more than enough paint to coat 33 metres of wall or ceiling surface.


Johnstone’s 308704 Kitchen and Bathroom Emulsion Paint, Natural Sage, 2.5 Litre

Johnstone’s Kitchen and Bathroom paint has been formulated for use in rooms that are exposed t high levels of moisture. The superior formula of this paint makes it ideal for use in rooms that experience significant amounts of condensation, making it a perfect solution if you are struggling to keep on top of mould growth.

This paint also looks great once it has been applied. A mild sheen finish provides your walls and surfaces with a beautiful appearance. Once it has dried completely, this paint is also easy to maintain. You can quickly wipe away moisture if it has accumulated, while stains and grease spots can also be wiped away without damaging the appearance of your painted surfaces.

As this paint has a subtle odour, you can be fairly liberal when it comes to applying it. The lack of any noticeable odour also makes it suitable for use around the home, making it a go-to option if you need to undertake some minor decorating work in bedrooms and living rooms. You also have some stunning colours to choose from here, with plenty of muted tones that are ideal for bathroom spaces.


Dryzone Anti Mould Paint 1L Magnolia – Mould Resistant for 5 Years, 10m² – 12m² Coverage

This anti-mould paint from Dryzone is a very effective solution for those who are struggling to keep on top of mould growth in bathrooms and kitchens. This premium paint has been specially formulated to for damp proofing purposes. Suitable for use on walls and ceilings, this paint provides a thick barrier against external cold and moisture, ensuring mould never gets a foothold. It can also protect against condensation.

This is a stronger formula than many other types of emulsion, making it a good choice if you have had little luck with other paint varieties. The low odour means you can be fairly generous when applying paint to ceilings and walls. Because there is very little residual odour, you can also use this paint in other parts of the home that might be suffering from damp. The muted magnolia shade makes it pretty versatile, while the smooth consistency makes it easy to apply, even with a small brush.


Ronseal AMPWM750 Anti Mould Paint White Matt 750ml

Ronseal is a respected name in the paint business and this anti-mould matt proves why. Although quite expensive considering the small amount of paint you get for the price, this anti-mould formula from Ronseal is very effective. If properly applied, this paint should provide you with protection against mould for up to six years. This high-quality mould is resistant against steam and general moisture, meaning you will not have to worry about condensation causing you any issues in bathrooms and kitchens. It is also easy to clean, with the paint holding its finish, even when wet clothes and steam cleaners are used on it.

The smooth consistency of this anti-mould paint makes it very easy to apply with paintbrushes and rollers. It is also quick-drying, with a full coat only taking around two hours to dry completely. It is recommended that you use two coats to ensure the best results. You should also try and keep condensation from forming in the room once the final coat has been applied to ensure mould growth never again gets a foothold in your bathroom.


Bathroom Paint Buying Checklist

When buying bathroom paint, be prepared to spend a significant amount on the product. Although cheap paint products claiming to boast anti-mould and damp fighting properties can be easily found, they will never hold up to the best formulas out there. If you are looking to decorate a large bathroom, the overall cost of paint can be substantial, so you may need to rethink your approach.

For example, if you can only afford to paint a limited surface, target the ceilings before thinking about the walls. You will also want to apply a thick undercoat before layering on more expensive bathroom paint. You may also find yourself struggling to find a suitable colour for your bathroom. If you can not find a desirable shade, think about purchasing colour additives to mix with a more muted shade. These additives are fairly affordable and usually will not impede the anti-damp properties of your bathroom paint.


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