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Best Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a great idea for those who have limited interior space. Unlike standard hinged doors that open up directly into another room, bi-fold doors are restricted to their frame. This means you can make better use of your interiors, without swinging door panels causing potential damage. Although bi-fold doors require more complex installation and are generally more expensive than standard doors, they are something to consider if you are planning on renovating your home. Our guide explores more of the things to think about when choosing the best bi-fold doors for your home or commercial premises.

Build & Materials

As with standard doors, you have two main build qualities to consider when choosing bi-fold doors. If you want a cheaper option, go for a hollow door with a veneer exterior. These doors are not just affordable, but also very lightweight, so they put less stress on the tracking mechanism required to allow for bi-fold opening. However, the downside is that they are more prone to damage and will need to be replaced sooner than a solid bi-fold door.

A solid wood bi-fold door is worth the extra money if you want something durable. As these doors are made from hardwood, you also benefit from a more attractive wood grain and finish. It is also far easier to add hardware and handles. Provided you maintain it well, a solid bi-fold door can last for years.


Unlike standard doors that only require you to add hinges and a door handle with latch, bi-fold doors require additional tracking mechanisms to be added to your door frame. Although straightforward enough that you can undertake installation yourself, you will need to be precise when adding tracks for bi-fold doors. Just a slight deviation can lead to the bi-fold mechanism not being able to work properly.

The best bi-fold doors will include lock blocks at either side, giving you the option to add handles to either side. Therefore, avoid adding door handle hardware to your door before you have settled on which side you wish for your door latch to be.

Decorative Detail

You will find a good range of design options available when shopping for bi-fold doors. However, the overall aesthetics tend to be simpler than what you might expect from a standard door, as bi-fold doors need to be sturdier as they run along their tracks.

However, you will find a good selection of moulded door frames with beaded detail if you want to add some character to your interiors. You will also find more robust doors that include panelled glass elements. If you want to maximise light within your home, a door with glass panels is a good idea. However, you need to ensure that installation is carried out precisely to prevent the chance of any breakage.

Additional Items

Not all bi-fold doors come with tracking systems included. If you want to make life simple, spend a bit more on a door that comes with a compatible tracking system already included. You can of course purchase these from a DIY supplier, but you may struggle to find a system that is perfectly suited to your bi-fold doors of choice.

Product Reviews – The Best Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a great way to upgrade your interiors with contemporary convenience. Need some inspiration? Below are some of the best bi-fold doors currently for sale.

Green Tree Doors Oak Shaker 4 Light Frosted Internal Bifold Door System 2816mm (686mm (27″) – 4 Doors)

If you need a bi-fold door to occupy a larger door frame, this 4-panel design from Green Tree Doors is a good option. This bi-fold door will make a stunning addition to your interiors, combining a classic shaker style with contemporary accents. The main frame is made from unfinished oak, with each of the four panels featuring four individual frosted glass panels. The inclusion of frosted panels makes this door a good option if you are looking to give the illusion of space, even when the doors are closed.

In addition to the door panels themselves, a frame and hardware pack is included. This bi-fold door utilises a top-hung system, although you can also use a floor tracker system with it. The door system includes a fairly basic silver handle, although you can of course swap this out for something more stylish.


LPD Oak Lincoln 3L Pre-Finished Bi-Fold Internal Glazed Door 78x30inch / 1981x762x35mm

If you need a smaller bi-fold door for a standard door frame, this Lincoln internal door from LPD is a good choice. This door makes an instant impression with its pre-finished oak panels, with full-length glazed window panels, split down the middle with an oak trim. The addition of glass panels makes this bi-fold door a good choice for interiors where you want to allow more light into certain spaces. The oak finish also makes it a fairly versatile option, with the wood making a fine complement to traditional decors and the more contemporary interior alike.

Suitable for use in any interior space, this door is ideal for partitioning your rooms in style. The vertical lines will definitely make a statement in your home, while the contemporary design also makes it a suitable option for business spaces. You can also expect good quality materials here. The oak used in the door panel construction is of a very high standard, with the solid core material being far more durable than hollow panel alternatives. The only real downside here is that you will have to pay a premium price for the superior materials and build quality.


LPD Unfinished Oak Contemporary Four Panel Bi-fold Internal Door 78x27inch / 1981x686x35mm

This bi-fold door from LPD is a premium choice for those who want to upgrade their existing internal doors to something more contemporary. Made from solid oak, this is a premium choice of door that will serve you well for years.. Unlike other door models that include a solid exterior and hollow interior, this bi-fold door is incredibly durable and will not warp and distort over time. The unfinished oak is attractive as it is, with plenty of rich grain detail showing through. However, you have the option of adding a varnish or other finishing agent if you wish.

Although this folding door lacks transparency, the panelled design adds some attractive textured detail. The panelled design is very contemporary, but it also evokes traditional shaker style. If you can’t quite decide between old-school aesthetics and a more modern finish, this LPD oak door is a good compromise. Although relatively versatile and easy to install within most interiors, this oak door will set you back a bit. If your budget is tight, you may be better of settling for a more basic bi-fold alternative.


LPD Unfinished Oak Mexicano Bi-fold Imperial Size Internal Door 78x27inch / 1981x686x35mm

This Mexicano folding door from LPD is a good choice for those who want a more rustic aesthetic for their interiors. Made from high-quality oak, this bi-fold door has been left unfinished to ensure all the delicate grain detail can show through. You can of course add a layer of finishing agent to preserve the detail of the wood, especially if you live in a busy household with pets and children running around. The overall aesthetics of this folding door are simple, although there is enough detail to make a subtle statement in your home. The vertical lines and bordered edges will break up solid walls and surfaces nicely.

As this folding door lacks any windows or transparent sections, it is best used to seal off rooms where privacy is required. It is a great choice for bedrooms, or even bathrooms if you are prepared to seal the edge facing into the bathroom to protect against moisture damage. Although an attractive option, this bi-fold door is fairly expensive. However, as you are purchasing a solid oak model, the high asking price is entirely excusable and more than worth the investment.


XL Joinery Colonist 6 Panel Bi-Fold White Moulded Internal Door 78x30inch / 1981x762x35mm

This white bi-fold door from XL Joinery is a more versatile choice. In classic white, it will work well in just about any interior, with the classic moulded detail teaming nicely with very traditional and more modern spaces. This door also comes with primed edges, meaning it is ready to be installed as soon as it arrives. However, the exterior has been left unfinished, meaning you will probably want to add a layer of varnish or paint before you think about fitting it to existing door frames.

Lock blocks have been fitted to both sides of this door, giving you full flexibility when it comes to adding handles. One slight issue with this door is that it has a hollow interior. While the exterior is fairly durable and sturdy enough that you can open and close with confidence, eventually you might notice some wear and tear. However, if you want a fairly affordable bi-fold door that looks great and performs well, this is a good option.


XL Joinery Victorian Bi-Fold Clear Pine Campion Glass Internal Glazed Door 78x30inch / 1981x762x35mm

If you prefer more traditional finishes, this bi-fold door from XL Joinery is a good fit. Made from quality pine, this folding door can be left unfinished for a more rustic statement, or enhanced with paint or stains. Each panel features a large vertical glazed pane, complete with decorative detail. Not only will this allow some light to pass through your door to illuminate your rooms, it also breaks up bare walls when the door is fully closed.

This is a fairly lightweight folding door, unlike some solid oak and pine alternatives. However, the pine veneer used here is of a very high standard. Therefore, you can expect this door to maintain its appearance for a very long time. This door has been produced to provide you with stability and smooth opening performance, while lock blocks are featured on each side so you have some freedom when adding handle hardware.


XL Joinery Victorian 4 Panel Bi-fold Clear Pine Internal Door 78x30inch / 1981x762x35mm

If you want something a bit more solid, this pine veneer folding door from XL Joinery is a good choice. This folding door keeps things simple, with a classic panelled design and very stripped-back aesthetics. This door comes unfinished, with stunning grain detail on show. If you are happy to keep things rustic, your door can be fitted as it is, although you will probably want to add a light coat of paint or apply a stain to preserve the quality of the veneer.

It is worth pointing out that this door is not completely solid. Instead, it is hollow in the centre, with a high-quality veneer on the outside. Despite this, this door is very sturdy and able to handle intensive use. Provided you install this within a frame properly with suitable tracking systems, this door is unlikely to need replacing anytime soon.


Bi-Fold Door Buying Checklist

Before you purchase a bi-fold door, make sure you have measured the dimensions of the door frame you are looking to make use of. Most door frame sizes can accommodate a bi-fold door, but you may struggle to find a perfect fit for a narrow or particularly wide frame. If you are dealing with a very wide doorway, you should probably consider having a bi-fold door cut to size to ensure a snug fit.

You will also need to make sure any tracking systems are either already provided with the bi-fold door itself, or readily available from hardware stores. If you have no experience in installing bi-fold doors, you may also find it easier to hire in the services of a professional. If you want long-term value, you should also be prepared to spend more on a bi-fold door. Hollow door panels with stylish veneer cladding are all well and good, but they will never hold against the durability of a hardwood bi-fold door.


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