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best cordless drill

The best cordless drill will allow you to undertake all manner of DIY jobs more easily. A quality cordless drill means you can tackle more awkwardly positioned screws, as well as work in smaller spaces. Although rarely as powerful as corded drills, a cordless drill can still prove effective enough for demanding tasks. Need some help to understand what torque and speed settings you should be looking out for? Our buying guide will help you decide on what is most important when choosing the best cordless drill for your budget.

Torque & Speed Settings

A broad range of torque settings will allow you to use your cordless drill for a variety of jobs. The greater the maximum torque rating of your drill, the better it will be when dealing with tough materials and fasteners. You should also search for a cordless drill that provides you with variable speed options. This will mean you can tailor the drill speed so it does not cause excess damage to more delicate materials. It also provides you with some flexibility to use your drill for screw-driving applications.


After torque and speed settings, battery performance is the most pivotal thing to focus on when selecting a cordless drill. You will want a powerful battery that can provide you with extended runtime. Lithium-ion batteries are ideal, as they tend to produce consistent output from your drill, even as the battery reserves begin to drain. You should also think about charging time. Make sure batteries can be replenished quickly, minimising the time you have to spend waiting around to use your tool again.

Drill Body Ergonomics

If you want a particularly powerful cordless drill, make sure it is comfortable to use at full output for long periods. Ergonomic handles will make this easier. Anti-vibration control will also make operating your cordless drill more comfortable. Cordless drills do tend to be heavier than corded ones, largely because of the need for a battery to be attached.

Chuck Design

If you want a cordless drill that is very convenient to use, look for models that include a keyless chuck. These will allow you to change any drill bits and attachments quickly, without having to reach for a wrench beforehand.

Work Lights

An LED light is a nice additional feature to have included with a cordless drill body. They not only allow you to keep working in low light, but also make general operation far safer as they keep your work areas fully illuminated.

Product Reviews – The Best Cordless Drills

Need to make quick work of drilling and driving tasks? Below you will find some of the best cordless drills around, with options to suit all budgets.

MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver, 1300 mAh Li-Ion battery with 1 Hour Quick Charge, 2 Speed with LED Work Light, Carry Case with 13 Piece Accessory Kit, Variable Speed & Quick Stop Function.

This cordless drill from MYLEK provides you with plenty of power heavy-duty drilling applications. Thanks to the inclusion of a lithium-ion battery, this drill fairly compact without compromising on drilling performance. This drill features a two-speed gearbox, providing you with enough versatility for drilling all manner of materials, including woo and metal. In addition to the main drill body, you will find a 13-piece accessory kit included, along with a durable carry case to keep all your essentials safely in one place.

This first-rate drill boasts an LED work light that will allow you to keep your work areas illuminated at all times. This is also an ergonomic choice of cordless drill, with the soft-grip handle making it particularly comfortable to work with. You can also use this drill for long periods of time, without fretting about fatigue.

Variable speed control means you can tailor your drilling output to cope with different material thicknesses, while a safety break system means you never need worry about damaging your drill should your bits encounter any stubborn obstacles. There are also 19 individual torque settings to choose from, providing you complete flexibility for drilling and driving tasks.


Terratek 13Pc Cordless Drill Driver 18V/20V-Max Lithium-Ion Combi Drill, Electric Screwdriver, Accessory Kit, LED Work Light, Quick Change Battery & Charger Included (18V Cordless Drill & 13pc Kit)

This cordless combi drill from Terratek will make a great addition to any line-p of power tools. A lithium-ion battery makes this a particularly efficient and powerful choice of cordless drill, with no memory self-discharge or memory effect to worry about. After a full charge, this battery provides you with 20V performance, stabilising down to 18V once the battery reserves have started to be put to use. A variable speed trigger means you can adjust the output of your drill to cope with various materials and drilling and driving tasks. Forward and reverse levers also mean you can instantly switch between driving and removing fasteners into place.

Wit 16 individual torque settings on offer, this cordless drill is perfect for tackling all manner of material types. It can easily cope with thick pieces of wood, as well as thinner sheet metal. Although it looks fairly chunky, this drill is an ergonomic option. The tool body is easy to grip and keep a handle on for long periods of time, while the keyless chuck lets you swap out drill bits in seconds. A complete accessory is included, with enough drill bits and multiple screwdriver attachments to cope with all your daily DIY requirements.


Blackpine 20V Cordless Drill with Impact Function 2000mAh Lithium-Battery 21+3 Torque Setting with 2 Speed 10mm Metal Chuck 63PCS Accessories Supercharge Fast Charger 2000mAhx1

This cordless drill from Blackpine is not the cheapest power tool model in this list, but for the price point, you get a surprising amount of performance and extra features from this product. This power drill provides you with 24 individual torque settings, making it suitable for drilling into a full range of materials. It can be used to effectively drill and drive into wood and plastic, as well as ceramic and metal. The maximum drilling depth when working with wood is 600 millimetres, while metal drilling capacity stands at 100 millimetres.

A variable speed means you tailor your drilling output to work with different materials, without causing any unwanted damage to your work area or fasteners. The lower speed range is ideal for driving screws, while the higher speed range is ideal for more intensive drilling jobs. In addition to the main drill body, you will get a full range of accessories, including screwdriver attachments and drill bits.

The drill bit selection is particularly impressive, with bits that can be applied for both metal and wood drilling jobs. The battery spec of this cordless drill will also satisfy the more demanding consumer. You can enjoy fast-charging performance as standard, with a fast charging cycle taking as little as an hour.


Bosch DIY tools 06039C8171 UniversalImpact 18 Cordless Combi Drill with Two 18 V Lithium-Ion Batteries

This cordless drill from Bosch will prove a reliable addition to your power tool collection. This 3-in-1 power tool is incredibly versatile, providing you with standard screwdriver and drilling functionality, as well as impact drilling performance. With 20 individual torque settings available, you can handle a wide variety of materials and fastener types. If you need something for everyday tasks like flat pack furniture assembly, as well as more intensive masonry and metalwork tasks, this cordless drill is a winning choice.

This drill is also very easy to use. You can quickly change drill bits and screwdriver attachments with the single-sleeve chuck. A selection of drill bit attachments are included along with the main body, but you can just about any 10-millimetre drill bit. The 18V battery makes this a particularly powerful cordless drill, with the included battery also suitable for use with any compatible Bosch power tool using the 18V battery system.



If you are looking for a more powerful combi drill that can cope with the demanding requirements of a job site, this DeWalt LXT model is a good choice. This professional combi drill is engineered to withstand more intensive use, providing you with complete drilling and driving functionality. It can also be used for impact drilling if the need arises. This DeWalt LXT combi drill is also manufactured to an incredibly high standard. The ultra-strong housing mean you can confidently push this drill to its limits, while the high-end construction means it can withstand knocks and impacts with ease.

While this drill is a little bit larger than other options, it is still an ergonomic choice. The handle allows you to maintain a secure grip at all times, while the overall carrying weight of the tool is manageable. The battery will also impress those looking for a drill that can be handled for a long time without needing a recharge. Should you need to recharge your combi drill during a job, you can make use of the rapid charging function that provides you with enough power to keep going in as little as an hour. A heavy-duty DeWalt storage case is also included to keep your combi drill safe and protected when you are not using it.


Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ 18 V ONE+ Cordless Combi Drill Starter Kit (2 x 1.5 Ah)

The Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ is a good product pick for those looking for a versatile combi drill to add to their power drill inventory. This combi drill is suitable for all manner of DIY tasks, including wood and masonry work, while it can also be used to work with plastic and metal. You can also use it driving screws.

This combi drill impresses with its superior build. The ratcheting chuck means your drill bits and screwdriver attachments are gripped firmly in place for the duration of your job. You can also use all manner of attachments with this combi drill, with the 13 millimetre chuck size making it compatible with larger drill bits and driver attachments.

The two-speed gearbox provides you with two distinct speed ranges to work with. The slower speed range is ideal for when you want to use this tool as a power screwdriver, while the higher speed setting is there for when you need to drill holes into tough materials. All in all, there are 24 torque settings to select from, providing you with the right levels of power for any job. This comi drill makes use of the ONE+ Ryobi battery system, with a pair of 18V batteries included. With a spare battery always at your disposal, you will never need to worry about downtime with this quality combi drill.


BLACK+DECKER 18 V Cordless 2-Gear Combi Hammer Drill Power Tool with Kitbox, 1.5 Ah Lithium-Ion, BCD700S1K-GB

This cordless combi drill produced by BLACK+DECKER is a solid performer that will impress every DIY enthusiast. Although a reasonably compact choice, this combi drill delivers enough power to handle any DIY job. The two-speed gearbox is up to all manner of drilling tasks, as well as impact drilling if you need to work with tougher materials. You can also use it as a conventional power screwdriver.

The variable drilling and driving speed means you can always use the right amount of power when working with various materials, while, while the impressive hammering mechanism delivers respectable impact drilling performance. There are 10 torque settings to pick from here, which is admittedly less than other models in this list. However, when you combine this with the variable speed function of this combi drill, you will find it a versatile enough tool for most jobs.

The keyless chuck allows you to switch between bit attachments in moments. A double-ended screwdriver bit is included for driving tasks, although you should definitely think about purchasing a drill bit kit so you can enjoy full use of this combi drill. In terms of drill capacity, this combi drill falls short of other items in this list. You can only drill to depths of 25 millimetres when working with wood, although steel drilling capacity is fairly typical at 10 millimetres.


Cordless Drill Buying Checklist

When choosing a cordless drill, concentrate on battery, speed and torque as primary factors. You will want a battery that will run for a long time, while also allowing for very fast recharging. The torque rating of your drill should also be sufficient for tough materials and more demanding drilling jobs. You will also want variable speed control provided if you plan on using it for screw-driving tasks. Because cordless drills tend to be heavier than corded ones, you will also benefit from an ergonomic handle, with anti-vibration technology making cordless drills far easier to wield.


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