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Best Electric Cool Box

An electric cool box provides you with an easy way to keep drinks and beverages chilled for longer. Unlike standard cool boxes that require additional ice to keep your items fresh, an electric cool box simply requires a power source in order to stay operational. The most basic electric boxes on the market are ideal for keeping snacks and light lunches cool, while larger models provide you with additional freezer box functionality. Our buying guide is here to help you find the best electric cool box for your specific requirements.

Cool Box Capacity

If you only need to keep a few drinks or picnic items chilled, a small cool box should be large enough for your needs. However, if you want a cool box that can be taken along on camping trips, you should consider upgrading to a larger model. Look at the litre capacity of any cool box you are thinking about buying to get an idea of whether or not it is large enough for your needs. If you do go for a larger model, look for boxes that include internal organisation and removable dividers to make it easier to keep your stored contents separated.

Temperature Levels

If you opt for a basic cool box, you need to realise that you will only be able to bring temperature levels down to certain level. Most cool boxes can not be used in lieu of a conventional fridge in the long-term. However, more advanced cool boxes will provide you with more conventional refrigeration levels. The best electric cool boxes can even feature dual cooling zones. Some of these include designated zones that can be used to keep certain items at subzero temperatures.

Power Supply

An electric cooler box will obviously need to be powered by an electricity supply. Most models will include a mains adapter that can be plugged into a wall socket when you are at home. However, if you want to use your cool box on the move, you will need to make use of a car adapter that plugs into the cigarette socket of your vehicle. Most cooler boxes will include one of these as a standard accessory.

Other Useful Features

If you want a larger model of electric cool box, think about how easy it will be to transport once fully loaded with food and drink. If you decide on a very large chill box with dual cooling zones, look for products that include wheels and telescopic handles that will make moving it around simple. Recessed cup holders are another useful feature that will come in handy when enjoying food and drink on the go.

Product Reviews – The Best Electric Cool Boxes

Keep your food and drink chilled on the go with an electric cool box. Below, you will find our pick of some of the finest electric cool boxes currently on offer.

Koolatron P75 Kool Kaddy 12V Electric Cooler and Warmer, Portable Thermoelectric Cooling, 34 Litre Capacity, Holds Upto 57 Cans, For Camping, Travel, Truck, Car, Boat, RV,Tailgating

The Koolatron P75 Kool Kaddy is a great choice of electric cooler for those looking to keep their food and drinks chilled when camping. This is also a fairly spacious cooler, with 34 litres of internal capacity providing you with plenty of space for a wide range of ingredients and food essentials. If you want to use your cooler for drinks storage, you can expect to store upwards of 50 individual cans with ease.

The superior thermoelectric technology utilised by this cooler means you do not have to worry about taking any supplies of ice with you. The brushless fan motor is also very efficient, maintaining desired temperatures consistently. It also uses very little electricity, making it easy to run when away from the home.

This cooler offers both cooling and warming functionality. You can use it to keep drinks and ingredients chilled to save temperatures, or use it to store prepared dishes at deliciously warm temperature levels. The magnetic door seal prevents any irregularities in temperature, while the removable shelf provides you with flexibility when it comes to interior organisation.


electriQ 24l Portable Hot Cold Electric Cool Box with 12v and Mains Plug

If you want an electric cooler box that is incredibly portable, the electriQ is a great option. This cooler box is slightly smaller than some options out there, but you still get a 24-litre capacity that should prove more than ample for overnight camping trips and afternoon at the beach. There is more than enough capacity to store snacks and light lunches, while you can easily store more than 35 individual cans if you wish to use your cooler for storing drinks.

This cooler is also very energy efficient. You can power it via a mains plug outlet, or instead use your cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle. The lid features heavy-duty switches and controls for making adjustments to temperature settings. You an also choose between cooling and warming functions with ease. The lid can also be flipped round to access handy cup holders if you are short on table space when camping. The integrated handle makes this cooler box is easy to transport, while the compact exterior means you will have no trouble finding space for it in the trunk of your car.


Hi-Gear 28-Litre 12V 240V Cooler, Grey, One Size

This Hi-Gear electric cooler is the perfect way to keep your food and drinks chilled when camping or enjoying a summer picnic. This cooler is somewhat compact, but you get a decent amount of storage space for drinks, snacks and other foodstuffs. The 28-litre interior is certainly large enough for storing packed lunches for the family or a decent amount of chilled drinks to take the edge off particularly warm summer days. This cooler box can also be powered easily, with a mains plug and attachment for connecting your box to the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle.

This electric cooler box is also easy to use. The power control knob allows you to turn it on and off quickly, while you can also choose between cooling and warming temperature output. The integrated handle also makes this cooler box is easy to transport, while the compact housing means you can easily find a space for it in the trunk of your car. The stripped-back design also means you will not struggle to cram in picnic staples, while the smooth finish makes this box incredibly easy to clean.


Dellonda 50L Portable Dual Zone Compressor Fridge Freezer/Cool Box for Car/Camping/Travel with LED Display 12/24/230V

This Dellonda electric cooler box is a more expensive choice than other options in this rundown list, but you get a lot more for the extra money you will be parting with. Firstly, this cooler box offers you an amazing internal capacity, with 50 litres of storage. It also offers you dual cooling zones, allowing you to keep your drinks chilled at lower temperatures than your food. The anti-vibration design also ensures minimal operational noise, while the LED display makes it easy to keep an eye on temperature levels. Should you need to make an adjustments, settings can be altered in moments.

Two wheel sand a convenient handle make it easy to travel with this electric cooler box, even when fully loaded with food and drinks. It is also ideal for camping, with both a mains power cable and attachment for connecting your fridge to your cigarette socket. The fridge also features USB ports, meaning you can charge phones and small devices directly from the cooler box unit. If you are planing a lengthy camping trip and want something that performs similarly to your fridge at home, this Dellonda cooler box is a great option.


Alpicool C15 Car Fridge 12v 15L Car Mini Fridge Car Refrigerator Portable Quiet Camping Fridge Freezer Vehicle Truck RV Boat Electric Cool Box for Driving Travel Outdoor Picnic

If you like the idea of dual zone technology, the Alpicool C15 electric cooler box is another great idea. This multi-purpose cooler box provides you with the functionality of both a fridge and freezer at the same time, allowing you to store all kinds of foodstuffs and beverages. The LCD control panel makes it easy to make changes to temperature settings, as well as change the output readings to your preferences. You can also switch between power modes, with an eco-friendly option for those who want to use energy. The superior seals also make this a reliable option, especially if you intend to use it on hot days.

The robust housing and anti-shake build mean you do not have to worry about your cooler box becoming damaged while you are on the move. You also have full flexibility when it comes to powering this cooler box, with both a mains plug and car power cord included. Although fairly large, this cooler box operates very quietly, meaning you can keep it running overnight, even if it is placed within close proximity to your tent or sleeping quarters.


VonShef Electric Cool Box – Large 22L Insulated Cooler with 12V DC Car Adaptor – Ideal for Camping, Picnic, Beach

If you only need an electric cooler box for occasional use, this compact model from VonShef is a good option. Although it looks relatively compact on the outside, this cooler box offers a reasonable amount of internal storage. With a 22-litre capacity, it is certainly large enough for picnics or when you want to take a decent stock of chilled drinks with you to the beach or countryside. It is also tall enough that it can accommodate 1.5-litre bottles in an upright position.

This cooler box is ideal for keeping food fresh and drinks chilled, with a stable and reliable temperature range. However, it will not bring liquids down to very low temperatures, so if you are looking for a high-quality drinks cooler, you may be better off looking for something that allows you to maintain much lower temperatures. The mains power adapter means you can activate the cooling function at home before heading off on your travels, with the car adapter means you can keep your chilled temperatures stable when you are on the move or away from home.


Koolatron D25 Hybrid Portable 12V Lightweight Cooler Bag with Shoulder Strap, 24.5 Litre Capacity, 12V DC For Camping, Travel, Outdoor Activities, Boating

The Koolatron D25 Hybrid should appeal to those looking for a cooler box that is very portable. In addition to offering all the functionality of an electric cooler box, this model has been tailored for people who want the freedom to be able to travel on foot with their chilled items. With a fabric exterior and shoulder straps, this cooler can be worn like a backpack or over the shoulder.

The fabric housing also makes it very lightweight. The 24.5-litre capacity makes this fairly substantial, with more than enough room for packed lunches and picnic basics. Organisation is also made simple, with multiple pockets and compartments that can be rearranged quickly.

A brushless fan motor means this box cools effectively, with temperatures kept suitably low for long periods of time. You can also power it via the cigarette socket in your vehicle. When you are not using it, the fabric exterior means you can collapse this bag down for easy storage. Hook and loop tabs are also included so you can keep it packed down to minimal dimensions.


Electric Cool Box Buying Checklist

If you only need an electric cooler box to keep a few items chilled when you are away from home, you will not struggle to find something cheap and practical. However, always make sure the temperature range is sufficient enough to keep your items chilled. You will also want to ensure your electric box is reliable.

Brushless motors will ensure your cooler box performs efficiently and keeps temperatures at steady levels. If you plan on being away from home and your fridge for a longer period of time, you should think about forking out extra for a cool box that provides you with a freezing function. The best cooler boxes will include dual cooling zones, allowing you to keep fresh items chilled down at low temperatures and ensure frozen items do not begin to thaw out until you want them to.


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