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best electric impact wrench

If you are having trouble removing stubborn bolts, an electric impact wrench is a power tool you should be looking to invest in. Although rusted and worn bolts can be removed manually with considerable effort, an impact wrench takes the hard work out of such jobs, saving you a considerable amount of time. Unfamiliar with impact wrenches? Our buying guide explores the main factors you should be assessing when selecting the best electric impact wrench for your needs.

Impact Wrenches Explained

Although impact wrenches come in a variety of designs, they all work in much the same way. At first glance, most impact wrenches resemble electric screwdrivers. However, they work very differently and are used to remove or tighten bolts. The interior of an impact wrench features a rotating mass. The impact wrench motor attains energy from this rotation, and is pushed forward towards an anvil situated at the end of the impact wrench. This process creates a huge amount of torque that can not be achieved manually. Despite the significant amount of torque generated by an impact wrench, the user will only feel minimal force at the moment of impact.

Impact wrenches are also incredibly precise. This makes them a safe solution for securing bolts to wheels or adding bolts to heavy-duty machinery. Although the core function of impact wrenches remains the same between models, individual models vary when it comes to things like socket size, power sources and overall shape.

Electric Impact Wrenches

Although electric impact wrenches are not as powerful as the compressed air varieties you might find in a car repair shop, they are still incredibly efficient at doing what they do. When selecting an electric impact wrench, you have two main varieties to consider. One of these is the kind that connects directly to a mains power supply. Although these are reliable and mean you do not have to worry about constantly recharging internal batteries, you will need to ensure you have a decent cable length to provide you with access to car wheels and other work areas.

Impact wrenches with internal batteries are a good alternative. They provide you with full flexibility and mean you do not have to stay close to a mains power supply. However, the addition of an internal battery means the carrying weight of the power tool is more substantial.

Torque Levels

Torque is important to consider when selecting an impact wrench. The higher the torque, the more functional your impact wrench. Most electric impact wrenches will provide you with several torque settings that you can choose between. Opt for impact wrenches with a good selection of torque if you want a power tool that is fit for a variety of tasks. However, you should be careful not to select too much torque when using an impact wrench. Operating an impact wrench at too high a torque level can damage bolts and the items they are fastened to.


Although impact wrenches are designed so you do not have to bear the brunt of the torque behind them, you should still go for an ergonomic model that is easier to handle. Choose an impact wrench with a comfortable handle that includes a rubber texture. This will dampen vibration as you use the wrench, which will make it easier to operate.

Socket Size

Most impact wrenches will support compatibility with various socket sizes, as well as allow you to connect adaptors. Go for an impact wrench that supports a good selection of socket sizes if you want to be able to remove and tighten a good variety of screw and bolt sizes.

The Best Electric Impact Wrenches

Need to make quick work of big projects? You should definitely think about purchasing one of these electric impact wrenches.

WAKYME 21V Impact Wrench, 330Nm Electric Wrench Drive 2 * 4000mAh Li-lon Batteries Impact Wrench 1/2”hex Quick Connector Cordless Ratchet Wrench with Auto-Stop System

This WAKYME impact wrench has been designed to match the most demanding of repair tasks. A brushless copper motor comes as standard, with a double bearing gear motor providing you with superior torque and incredible impact frequency. In addition to two gear speeds, this impact wrench boasts an automatic stop system. After a second of rotation, the wrench will come to a stop, preventing the surfaces of nuts from becoming worn down. This impact wrench also comes with vents near the rear, preventing the power tool from becoming overheated. This not only eliminates any downtime when carrying out longer tasks, but will also greatly extend the lifespan of your impact wrench.

The pressure trigger allows you to maintain control over the variable speed settings of this impact wrench, with stepless regulation allowing you to tailor speed settings to your specific requirements. A work light is also included here, allowing you to keep your work areas fully lit at all times. Although fairly heavy, an ergonomic handle with rubber grips means you can maintain a firm hold over this tool when operating it. This means you do not have to worry about fatigue or general discomfort. The ergonomic design also means you can maintain excellent levels of precision when working.


DEWALT DCF899N-XJ, 18 V XR Brushless 1/2 Inch High Torque Impact Wrench (950 Nm), Bare Unit, Yellow/Black

This DEWALT DCF899N-XJ impact wrench provides you with a balance of affordability and functionality. There are three different torque and speed settings on offer here, providing you with a good range of output to match your requirements. The fan-cooled motor is also particularly effective at delivering the impact performance you need, with 950Nm of torque and up to 2400 impacts per second possible. This makes the impact wrench a suitable choice for those with more heavy-duty applications in mind. You also have a considerable amount of breakaway torque provided by this impact wrench, allowing you remove even the most stubborn of bolts with very little effort.

Although this impact wrench has been designed with very demanding bolt removal tasks in mind, it is still fairly comfortable to handle. The rubber grip and accessible switch means you can maintain complete control over the impact wrench while using it. Even when used for long periods of time, the ergonomic grip prevents fatigue from settling in and precise control becoming compromised. An integrated white LED light with delay feature is also included. This means your work area will also be fully illuminated, while also providing you with a useful flashlight function.


VonHaus Impact Wrench 450Nm Torque Electric Nut Removal Tool with 1/2″ Square Drive Hog Ring Anvil and Hard Case

This impact wrench from VonHaus is an efficient choice of power tool that will make quick work of removing stubborn nuts. This square drive impact wrench has an impressive 230V power source, while delivering 450Nm of torque. This is more than enough to remove stubborn wheel nuts, without you having to exhaust yourself in the process. This impact wrench can be used in both forward and reverse drive, meaning it can also be used to tighten existing nuts in place as well as loosen them.

The hardy metal housing makes this impact wrench a durable choice. Even if you use it on a regular basis at full power, the high-quality build means the internal components will not become damaged. Although this impact wrench lacks an internal battery, the 2-metre long cable means have plenty of flexibility and should have no trouble accessing wheel nuts. This impact wrench also comes with multiple socket sizes, with diameters to fit the most commonly encountered attachments. A 2-year warranty also makes this a good choice for those worried about having to replace their impact wrench ahead of time.


Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2 inch Driver 18V 420N.m High Torque with Socket Set 14mm 17mm 19mm 22mm, with Battery 6000mAh Li-Ion 3200rpm Variable Speed, with Carry Box

This DICN impact wrench is a good option for those after cordless convenience and powerful torque performance. The 18V battery makes this impact wrench surprisingly powerful, while the relatively compact build makes it a portable option that can be carried about with ease. This impact wrench supports forward and reverse driving modes, allowing you to tighten or loosen nuts with little effort. An integrated LED light means you can keep your work areas spotlighted at all times, allowing you to carry out your work confidently, even in dark spaces.

The powerful battery makes this impact wrench suitable for intensive use. After a full charge, you can continue to use this power tool for up to an hour before needing to reconnect it to a power supply. A heavy-duty storage case is also included, ensuring your impact wrench is kept protected and safe from harm while you are on the move. The mid-handle design of this impact wrench will also appeal to those who have trouble keeping power tools balanced and controlled while working.


Impact Wrench, 18V 4.0Ah Battery, HYCHIKA Cordless Impact Driver 350Nm, 3000IPM Impact Frequency, 3pcs Sockets for 17/19/21mm, Adapter for 10mm Mandrel and Storage Box for Wheel Bolts Screwdriving

This quality impact wrench provides you with powerful torque, with a torque rating of 350N that will make instant work of removing stubborn nuts. It can also be used for other heavy-duty applications, such as carrying out repairs and upgrades to machinery. This impact wrench also delivers when it comes to rotational speed and impact frequency, making it suitable for projects of any scale. The overall build of this impact wrench is impressive, meaning you can use it at its highest performance settings without worrying about damaging it.

The large-capacity battery also makes it a suitable option for those who need to use an impact wrench for longer periods. The fast charger included means you only need to connect the wrench to a power supply for around an hour to receive a full charge. An integrated work light also means you can enjoy excellent visibility, even when working in darker surroundings. Three impact sockets are included along with the wrench itself, along with a Mandrel adapter. This means you should have no trouble tightening or removing bolts of any size.


Ryobi R18IW3-0 18V ONE+ Cordless 3-Speed Impact Wrench (Body Only)

The R18IW3-0 18V ONE+ impact wrench is another quality addition to the expanding Ryobi power tool range. This highly-efficient impact wrench provides you with three speed settings, allowing you to select output to meet various tasks. The multiple speed settings also mean you can enjoy maximum control over your power tool when tightening or removing bolts. The square drive comes with a reliable locking mechanism, meaning sockets can be secured in place with confidence. A tri-beam work light is also included, providing you with plenty of visibility of your work areas, with minimal shadows obscuring your view.

The powerful motor provides you with approximately 400Nm of torque, which is sufficient for even the most demanding of bolt removal and tightening tasks. Despite the intensity of the motor, this impact wrench generates very little vibration, allowing you to keep control as you carry out your work.


Before You Buy

By now you should have a clear idea of what to look for when selecting a suitable impact wrench for your needs. A cordless design is arguably the best option, as this will provide you with maximum flexibility when it comes to accessing work areas. However, you should also ensure any integrated battery carries sufficient charge so your power tool can be used for long spells without requiring constant reconnection to a power supply.

A brushless motor will also provide you with more reliable performance, as well as ensure your impact wrench operates for as long as possible. Automatic stop features are also handy to have, as they will prevent powerful impact wrenches from continuing to move after a bolt as been successfully removed or sufficiently tightened. A powerful work light is also a welcome extra feature, although not essential. The best electric impact wrenches will ultimately provide you with sufficient torque to meet your bolt removal requirements, so don’t skimp on a second-rate power tool with insufficient torque levels.


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