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Best Electric Log Burner

An electric log burner is an affordable and practical alternative to a conventional wood burning stove. Unlike a stove that needs to be connected to flues and chimneys, electric log burners simply need to be plugged into a mains socket and switched on. Any good electric log burner will provide you with substantial amounts of heat, with LED display providing you with realistic flame effects. Want to add some character to your interiors, while also ensuring your home stays warm? Our guide explains the things you should be looking for when shopping for the best electric log burner.

Heat Levels

When choosing an electric log burner, you should be aware that most of them probably won’t match up to the kind of heat you can expect from a standard wood burning stove. However, almost any electric log burner will feature an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to choose between mild heating output and more significant temperature levels. If you have no central heating in your home, look for an electric burner that provides you with a considerable amount of heat. If you are more interested in aesthetics and only need an electric log burner as a secondary heating system, you can be a bit more flexible with thermostat ranges.

Flame Effects

Even the most affordable of electric log burners will provide you with incredibly realistic flame effects, with many effect options to choose from. The cheapest electric log burners tend to utilise the ribbon effect to provide you with artificial flames, although more expensive models will include highly realistic LED displays. If you want something that looks almost identical to the real thing, be a bit more flexible with your budget and go for one with an LED display.

Fuel Beds

If realism is high on your wish list, you should think about purchasing an electric log burner that includes a fuel bed. These allow you to place coals or logs at the base of the burner unit which, combined with your artificial flames, present a very authentic imitation of a genuine wood burning stove.


If you want an electric log burner to take pride of place in a living room, you probably don’t need to worry too much about this. However, if you want a flexible heating solution that can be moved between rooms, a compact and lightweight model is the best way to go.

Exterior Aesthetics

You will find electric log burners in a variety of designs. The most popular tend to be the ones with cast iron housing that is fairly typical of genuine wood burning stoves. These add extra character to your interiors and look great in just about any space. However, more and more contemporary designs are hitting the market, with curved housing and polished metal becoming a worthwhile alternative.

Product Reviews – The Best Electric Log Burners

Eager for the ambience of a log burner in your home? If you want a log burner, but don’t have the facilities for a chimney flues, these electric alternatives are worth thinking about.

LIVIVO Log Effect Electric Stove Heater Fire, 2000W, Independent Light and Heat Controls, Automatic Safety Cut-Out, Wide Panoramic Viewing Angle

This electric log effective fire will add instant charm to your interiors. The exterior of this stove looks just like the real thing, with intricate moulding and a generous viewing window that gives you unrestricted views of the smouldering log effect. This is also a good option for those with smaller rooms, with the rear of the unit being completely flat, meaning you can position it just about anywhere. This log effect electric fire is also very easy to install. All you need to do is find a suitable spot for it, then plug it into the mains. You don’t need any access to pipework or flues. Furthermore, the LED flame effect requires no bulb replacements.

This is also a good choice for those who like the appeal of a log burner, but have concerns about their safety. With this electric model, you can leave it safely next to furniture and other objects without the worry of a stray spark causing a fire risk.. There are two heating levels to choose from, with easy adjustments so you can warm up a space quickly. An automatic thermal cut-off function is also included for safety.


KUPPET Mini Electric Fireplace Stove with Flame Effect 750w/1500w with Overheating protection & Cold Touch Shell & Temperature Control System & 1 Flame Window

This electric log burner from KUPPET is a good option for those who want something that is both stylish and portable. This electric log burner is definitely the way to go if you want retro aesthetics, with the slick wood panelling and curved lines making this a much more desirable alternative than more traditional unit.

Although fairly compact, this electric log heater is surprisingly powerful. The thermostat can be adjusted easily, allowing you to bring the temperature up in a cold room if a chill is settling in. The artificial flame effect will also impress. Just like the heat output, you can play around with the intensity of the flame lighting. You can even turn the flame effect on without activating the heating element.

Overheat protection is a standard safety feature here, with the unit shutting down once it reaches a certain heat level. This not only protects your unit from overheating, it also makes it an energy-efficient choice. Thanks to its portable design, you can easily move this unit between rooms. However, the powerful heating element means you can leave it in one place and heat a considerable amount of space. It is also suitable for use in bedrooms, with vents at the base helping reduce the amount of operational noise. Even when at full power, this unit will never produce noises louder than 35 decibels.


Warmlite Bath Log Effect Electric Stove Fire with Adjustable Thermostat Control, Realistic LED Flame Effect, Overheat Protection, Thermal Cut-Off, Curve Effect Design, 1800 W, Black

This Warmlite Bath log effect fire is perfect for those who can not install a conventional log burner in their home. This artificial log burner makes a definite impression with its curved exterior. The panelled front also means you can enjoy panoramic views of the artificial flame lighting beneath, making it an ideal choice for larger rooms. In addition to looking beautiful, this electric log burner provides you with plenty of heating output. The 1800W heating element with adjustable thermostat makes it very effective at warming up large rooms, with enough adjustment to tailor heat levels to your liking.

This electric log burner also comes with plenty of safety features of peace of mind. The overheat protection feature is particularly useful, ensuring the unit switches off once t reaches a ceiling temperature. This also prevents the external housing from becoming too hot to handle. The free-standing design and compact dimensions make this particularly suitable for much smaller spaces, while also giving you some flexibility to move it between rooms.


Warmlite WL46020 Electric Fireplace Heater, 2000 W, Black

This Warmlite Rochester electric log burner is the perfect solution if you do not have access to a conventional flue. Although relatively small, this unit is far more impressive than other electric log burners out there. The double-doored front features intricate beaded detail, along with two viewing windows at either side to provide you with an 180-degree viewing angle. The artificial log burning effect is particularly impressive, with plenty of detail that makes it hard to distinguish from the real thing.

You have two different heat settings to choose from here. The 1000W heat setting should prove more than sufficient for warming smaller rooms or when you want to take the edge off a particularly cold day. However, the 2000W setting is ideal for those who want an electric heater that can warm up considerably larger spaces. Overheat protection comes as standard, bringing you the peace of mind you need when choosing a heating unit.

This is slightly larger than some other models we have discussed in this list, which, combined with the stunning frontage, makes this a good choice for those who want a heater that can be used as a centrepiece. A remote control is also included, allowing you to make adjustments to heat output without having to manually handle the unit.


Warmlite WL46022 Elmswell Electric Curved Contemporary Freestanding Stove Fire with 3D Log Burner Flame Effect, Adjustable Thermostat and 2 Heat Settings, 1000-2000 W, Black

If you want something more contemporary, this Warmlite Elmsell electric log burner is a great model to consider. This heating unit makes a stunning impression with its curved frontage and matte black finish. If you appreciate the aesthetics of a log burner, but feel like your home is too modern to accommodate one, this unit may just fit the bill. The LED flame effect produced by this heater is particularly authentic, with a square-shaped window providing you with a stunning ambiance for your interiors.

There are two heat settings to choose from here, with 1000W and 2000W output allowable. An adjustable thermostat is also included so you can tailor heat output to your liking. Overheat protection also comes as a standard safety measure here, making this free-standing heater ideal for use in any room. The base also includes a vented grill, which reduces the amount of noise generated when the heater is in operation.


Daewoo Flame Effect Black Stove Heater

This electric heater from Daewoo provides you with all the charm of a classic log burner, without any of the hassle of complex installation. This flame effect heater boasts a matte black exterior and curved front, which makes it an effortless addition to any interior. The compact size also makes it ideal for much smaller rooms, including bedrooms. The 180-degree front provides you with excellent viewing of the artificial flame effect, with adjustable levels of brightness allowing you to select just the right ambience at all times.

In addition to being great to look at, this electric log burner stove provides you with excellent heating performance. With 1900W of heating power, this electric log burner is far more efficient than other options. It is perfect for heating bigger spaces and can be used a supplemental heating source in exceptionally large rooms.

This is also a very safe option, with overheat protection included as standard. Not only will this thermal protection feature prevent your unit from becoming too hot to handle, it will also extend the service life of your heater. If you want something that can be used safely on a regular basis, this Daewoo electric log burner is a perfect pick.


Dimplex GOSFORD Opti-myst Electric Fire, Steel, Black

This compact electric log burner stove from Dimplex will make a fine addition to your home. The external housing of this heater will make an instant style statement in any room. The matte black finish looks just like real cast iron, with plenty of textured detail and accents to marvel at. The double-doored frontage further adds to the authentic credentials of this heater, providing you with a large view of the artificial flame effect. To add to the realism, the real coals and logs can be added to the bed of the unit, with the LED lighting effects cast over them.

Inside this unit is a powerful 2000W fan heater. This heating component should provide more sufficient in warming up larger spaces, especially if you plan on using this stove alongside secondary heating sources. An adjustable thermostat is also included so you can tailor heat output to your preferences.


Electric Log Burner Buying Checklist

When shopping for electric log burners, consider the size of your interiors and how much heating output is required. If you have trouble bringing the temperature up to comfortable levels, go for a model with a powerful output rating. You will also want an adjustable thermostat with automatic shut-off function included for safety purposes.

If you want a particularly convenient option, you should also look for models that include a remote control so you can make adjustments to temperature without having to cross a room. You also need to think about realism when choosing an electric log burner. If you want the best impact in a room, spend more money on a model that includes an LED display that better replicates real flames.


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