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Best Electrician Tool Bag

The best electrician tool bag will not only allow you travel comfortably with all your essential items, it will also allow for convenient retrieval of your tools when at your place of work. You have a huge range of options when it comes to electrician tool bags, ranging from an open tote designs to more practical tool backpacks if you need to use public transport. When choosing an electrician tool bag, you should think about organisation and storage capacity, as well as durability and comfort. In our buying guide, we break down the key details to look for when choosing the best electrician tool bag.

Types of Tool Bag

There are several different types of electrician tool bags available. If you want a basic design, consider an open tote type bag. These are usually fairly large and reinforced for sturdiness, with the open interior allowing you to store many individual tools and larger items. Tote tool bags designed to house heavier items will often include a steel carrying handle for reinforcement. Although practical if you can drive to and from your place of work, open totes are not practical if you wish to keep your items protected from rain and external conditions.

A tool case is another option. Similar in appearance to a laptop bag or messenger, these cases are rectangular in design and open at either side to provide you access to an organised interior. These are intended to be worn over the shoulder or body while you are moving to and from your place of work, although they can also be carried via a grip handle.

Alternatively, you can think about purchasing a tool backpack. As with a conventional backpack, these bags are worn over the shoulders, with adjustable straps making them particularly comfortable and easy to travel with. Many tool backpacks are also large enough that they can store dozens of individual tools, along with larger power tools and additional accessories required for work.

Interior Organisation & Capacity

Regardless of what type of electrician tool bag you decide to go for, you will need to think about overall storage capacity and organisation. Even the most basic of tool bags, such as an open tote, should include some sort of divider so you can keep tools separated by size or type. Larger bags, or tool backpacks, will also include additional pockets and pouches for things like fasteners and attachments. If you opt for a backpack, look for one with a pull-down panel so you can access all your stored items with ease. Alternatively, look for bags that include removable inserts, allowing you to pull out many tools at once.

Waterproof Design & Durability

Any reliable electrician tool bag should be made from high-grade material. A weather-resistant Oxford fabric is always a good choice, as this will prevent moisture from damaging your tools. If you opt for a closed bag, make sure the zippers are of a high standard. YKK zippers are particularly durable and will rarely snag or get stuck along their tracks. A moulded base is another good feature to look for when choosing an electrician tool bag. Reinforced base sections let you stand bags in an upright position and will also serve as an extra layer of protection against dirty flooring and moisture.

Product Reviews – The Best Electrician Tool Bags

If your tools and electrician essentials are in need of organisation, you should think about purchasing a new tool bag to keep all your items close to hand. Below are some of the best electrician tool bags currently available.

QEES Electrician Tool Bag, Waterproof Tool Backpack, Heavy Duty Durable Electrician Backpack, Multi-Pockets Tool Bag Backpack Compatible with Klein Tools, HVAC Tools, CLC Tools (Black)

This QEES tool bag is an ideal accessory for electricians looking to keep their essential items close to hand. Made from ultra-tough 1680D Oxford material, this backpack is designed with long-lasting use in mind. The backpack is also reinforced at the pockets, with hardy zippers also preventing the chance of snagging. The water-resistant fabric also means your sensitive tools and items are protected from moisture damage. This backpack also provides you with an enormous amount of storage capacity. You will have no trouble finding space for your screwdrivers, wrenches, drills, tape and other must-have items with this bag.

As with any decent backpack, this tool bag also provides you with the option to adjust it to fit you more comfortably. The shoulder straps are both fully adjustable, allowing you to ensure a fully-loaded backpack is kept close to your body. The straps are also padded for comfort. Additional storage can also be found on the outside of the backpack, with a zip-fasten pocket and two side pouches for housing extra tools. Reflective stripes also make this a handy option for those who need to remain visible in low light during their commute.


AIRAJ 36 * 21 * 26CM Tool Bag Organizer, Heavy Duty Tools Storage Bag with Wide Open Mouth, Multi-Purpose Tools Tote Bag, Plastic Bottom Electrician Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap

This heavy-duty tool bag from AIRAJ is an ideal option for electricians who need to travel with all of their essentials. Made from multi-layered 1680D fabric, this bag is designed to withstand exposure to the elements and will ensure your contents are protected at all times. The reinforced design also means this bag is unlikely to sag and become damaged over time, even if you regularly travel with a fully-loaded interior. Inside, there are eight pockets for storing your essentials, with enough internal capacity for larger items. The wide range of pockets also makes it easy to stay organised. Additional pockets can also be found on the outside, allowing you to store even more items.

An adjustable shoulder strap means you can wear this bag over your body comfortably, without having to make use of the sturdy top grab handle. The handles are all covered in rugged plastic, adding another layer of comfort and convenience to this practical tool bag. The base is also reinforced, helping extend the lifespan of your storage accessory, while also allowing you to lay it down on just about any surface.


Backpack Tool Bag, 48 Pockets for Hand Tools, Great Electrician Heavy Duty Tool Backpack Klein Tools 55485

The Klein Tools 55485 backpack is a good option for electricians who want a huge amount of storage. This heavy-duty tool backpack comes with an incredible 48 pockets for storing all manner of tools and accessories. The removable tool caddy is a particularly neat feature, allowing you to remove many tools at once, while still keeping organised. If you are someone who needs to regularly travel to and from work with a full line-up of manual tools and equipment, this backpack is the ideal accessory and will ensure you never have any trouble keeping organised.

This backpack is also constructed from hard-wearing material. The 1680D ballistic weave fabric means the bag will withstand regular use and protect stored items from the elements. The handles are also reinforced for longevity, while the zippers are made from high-grade metal. You can also choose to add a lock to the pulls if you wish to keep your electrician essentials as secure as possible. A heavy-duty metal hook is also included, allowing you to hang this backpack, even when it is loaded with tools.


STANLEY FATMAX Round Top Rigid Tool Bag, Multifunctional Tool Storage Organiser, FMST1-70749

This Stanley FATMAX rigid tool bag will definitely suit the needs of electricians who need to travel with particularly heavy loads. The entire bag is made from durable materials, allowing you to use it regularly without worrying about wear and tear. This bag also delivers when it comes to capacity, with the generous interior ideal for storing larger items. On the outside of the bag, numerous tabbed pockets and pouches provide all the extra storage you could ever need for things like screwdrivers, cutting tools and other essentials.

Storage capacity is amplified further by the rounded top and rigid edges of the bag. The exterior pouches are also rigid in construction, providing you with secure vertical storage and easy retrieval of tools. This is also an ergonomic toll bag option, with the shoulder strap featuring comfortable padding and the grab handle covered with soft rubber material. Even with a heavy load, you will have no issues carting this bag to and from your place of work. The rugged polyurethane base further enhances the build of this bag, protecting your contents from moisture intrusion if the bag is placed down on damp surfaces.


Stanley 1-93-951 Fatmax Open Tote Tool Bag, 48cm x 25cm x 35cm

If you prefer easy access to your tools, this open tote tool bag from the Stanley FATMAX series is a good option. Although this bag lacks a significant amount of pockets and internal pouches, the convenience of having an open central interior makes it particularly useful for those who want the freedom to be able to quickly retrieve items when carrying out a job. This bag is also incredibly strong, with leather reinforcements allowing it to handle heavier loads. The heavy-duty handlebar is made from rugged steel, making it easy to lift a bag filled with cumbersome tools.

The base is also reinforced, with the waterproof plastic bottom preventing the material of your tool bag from becoming damp and damaged. This bag also comes with a removable shoulder strap, which will definitely be useful if you need to carry a particularly heavy load of tools and equipment. Although it lacks some of the more convenient features found with other tool bags, this classic storage option is a good choice for everyday DIY jobs and electricians who are not too concerned about tool security. It is also highly affordable.


C.k Magma CK MA2630 Magma Technicians Tool Case, Black, 33 x 46 x 21 cm

This C.K Magma MA2630 tool case is a great option for people who prefer to keep highly organised. Made from high-grade polyester material, this compact bag is incredibly sturdy and durable. The interior is also well realised, with a central storage area and two fold-down sections that are lined with pouches and pockets for housing smaller tools and equipment. The bright red lining material is also a useful feature, providing you with excellent contrast to increase visibility of your stored tools. In total, this bag provides you with 50 individual pockets and pouch holders.

This tool bag is also comfortable and easy to carry. The handle and shoulder strap are both padded to prevent strain when carrying a full load. The central compartment of this bag is also fully padded, making it the ideal place to store a laptop or delicate electronics. In fact, the padding of this central section is so thick that you will not have to worry about a fully-loaded line-up of metal tools causing any damage to your laptop or electronics devices in transit.


Stanley 1-95-611 Fatmax Tool Backpack

The Stanley 1-95-611 is another great tool bag option from the FATMAX collection. This practical bag combines the wearing convenience of a backpack with all the storage capacity you are likely to need. Made from heavy-duty 600 denier material, this backpack is designed to be durable and will comfortably handle heavy loads. There is also plenty of padding in the back section, preventing tools from causing you any discomfort as you travel to and from a job site. The adjustable shoulder straps are also padded for superior comfort.

The interior of the backpack has been fully optimised to make storing and retrieving your tools as effortless as possible. A removable tool holder section provides you with a generous central interior for housing bigger items, with many vertical pockets on the outside that can be used to hold screwdrivers and similar tools. This section can be fully removed from the backpack interior when you arrive at your place of work. The exterior of the backpack provides you with additional pockets and pouches, while metal D-rings allow you to fasten heavier items to the outside of your bag.


Stanley 1-93-952 Fatmax Technicians Tool Bag

If you do not need to worry too much about keeping your tools safe from the elements during your commute to work, the Stanley 1-93-952 FATMAX is a good storage option. This open tool bag provides you with a huge interior for storing larger items and heavy equipment. Made from 600 denier material, this bag is particularly strong and reinforced at its seams to ensure it holds its form for as long as possible. The base of this bag is also reinforced for longevity, with the plastic bottom providing you with a waterproof foundation that means you can place your tool kit down anywhere.

Although it lacks the functionality of backpack alternatives, this bag is still fairly versatile. The grip handle is large enough that you can carry heavy loads in comfort. A detachable shoulder strap is also included for when you need to travel longer distances with your bag. Although this tool bag does not offer a considerable amount of compartmentalised storage, it does come with a belt clip and removable divider that will help you stay more organised.


Electrician Tool Bag Buying Checklist

When choosing an electrician tool bag, think about storage and convenience first. If you prefer instant access to your tools and equipment, an open tote design may be the best option for you. However, these are not practical for those who need to commute with their tools and do not have access to their own transport. Instead, you may prefer the practical design and comfortable features of a tool backpack.

The best tool backpack designs will include plenty of storage, with organised interiors that ensure you have enough space to house all your manual tools in vertical positions for convenient retrieval. Electricians are also likely to need further space for additional materials to complete their jobs, so look for bags that include external pockets and pouches, as well as D-rings for securing secondary storage pouches.


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