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Best Garden Shredder

The best garden shredder will prove an invaluable tool for keen gardeners. A garden shredder is an effective way of minimising the amount of green waste you accumulate in your garden, making it easier to get rid of clippings and foliage if you are planning on undertaking some upkeep of your outdoor areas. Garden shredders can also be used to mulch down green waste so it can be used to produce your own compost. Interested in learning more? Our garden shredder buying guide has all the essential information you need to know.

Motors & Shredding Capacity

If you need to mulch down a considerable amount of garden waste, you will need a shredder with a powerful motor that can cope with such demanding work. Anything with a motor rating of 2000 watts or above should prove more than enough for everyday gardening needs.

You will also need to think about the shredding capacity of any unit you are considering buying. Th majority of garden shredders currently available will able to cut through twigs and branches with diameters of around 40 millimetres. If you need to shred and compact thicker material than this, you may be better of tackling certain materials by hand.

Garden shredders use hardened steel blades to cut and slice through twigs and branches. Basic garden shredders can include four blades, while more efficient shredders can boast twice as many blades. The blade material should be hardy enough that it can cope with intensive operation, without the blades warping and bending over time.

Shredder Capacity

Garden shredders feature detachable collection bags or boxes where clippings are stored after shredding. If you want to shred a particularly large amount of material, a bigger box or bag will prevent you having to stop your machine, detach the collector and dump out your clippings regularly. A capacity of around 40 litres should suffice for small to medium-sized gardens, but if you have a bigger outdoor area, go for a larger collector.

Hopper Design

Above the debris collector is the hopper, which is where you feed in green material to be shredded. Think about safety when choosing a garden shredder. The hopper should be open enough that it will accept large pieces of material, but funnelled so your hands and fingers are not going to make contact with the blades inside. Many garden shredders come with a plunging stick included, which allows you to feed garden material more deeply into the interior of the machine and towards the blades, without risking injury to yourself.


Your garden shredder will need to be stored in a shed or covered shelter when not in use, so it needs to be portable enough that you can transport it to your garden when the time arrives to tackle some yard work. Many garden shredders include a lightweight metal frame and built-in wheels that allow you to roll it across lawns without breaking a sweat.

Noise Levels

Garden shredders can be noisy machines, so if you are worried about disturbing other members of your household and neighbours, look for shredders that are designed to produce as little noise as possible. Many impact shredders are designed to produce no significant noise as they cut through garden waste, despite boasting high motor spec.

Product Reviews – The Best Garden Shredders

Searching for a quality garden shredder? Below you will find 8 of the best garden shredder models currently available for you to consider.

Bosch 600853670, Shredder AXT Rapid 2200 (2200 W, 230 Volt System, Cutting Capacity 40 mm, in Carton), Green/Black

The Bosch 600853670 is a good choice of shredder for those who regularly undertake large-scale garden maintenance. With its 2200W PowerDrive motor, this garden shredder is designed for more demanding shredding tasks in mind. The large-capacity hopper also allows you to feed garden debris into the unit quickly and easily. The plunger also allows you to increase the amount of material you can feed into the shredder interior.

The 40mm twin-edged blade is particularly effective, with the precision-cut blade edge making quick work of tough garden debris. The reversible design of the blade will also extend the lifespan of your shredder. Although efficient at shredding garden waste, the Bosch 600853670 is quite compact and portable. The lightweight design and integrated wheels make it easy to manoeuvre this garden shredder to exactly where you need it to be. Motor overload and restart protection also come as a standard technical feature here, meaning you can use this garden shredder continuously for hours at a time with no worries about motor failure.


Einhell Electric Shredder GC-KS 2540 (2 Reversible Blades Made of Special Steel, Large Funnel Opening, Motor Circuit Breaker, Shredder Debris Bag, Transport Handle, Prodder)

The Einhell GC-KS 2540 is an effective choice of garden shredder for those after powerful shredding performance and long-lasting design. With its reversible blades, this garden shredder has been manufactured to last. The 2500W motor is also very powerful which, combined with the hardy steel shredding blades, makes the Einhell GC-KS 2540 a very impressive piece of garden maintenance machinery. This shredder has a large opening, making it incredibly easy to feed in larger pieces of material. In fact, you can feed branches with diameters of up to 40 millimetres into the funnel of this shredder without worrying about causing an obstruction.

The funnel also features a safety locking mechanism that will bring you peace of mind when it comes to cleaning and carrying out maintenance. A circuit breaker is also included for protection, ensuring your shredder motor is never pushed beyond its limits. This garden shredder is also compact, lightweight and portable. The two integrated wheels and transportation handle make it easy to manoeuvre this shredder into place. This shredder also comes with a fitted debris bag that can be quickly removed when full, allowing you to dump shredded material into your garden waste bins.


Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder, Amazon Exclusive

If you find most garden shredders noisy, the Ryobi RSH3045U is a good alternative. Although this garden shredder boasts a 3000W motor, it is actually one of the quietest models of its type on the market. Inside, two reversible steel blades make quick work of shredding branches, shrubs and brambles into a soft mulch material. The capacity is also generous, with space inside for around 55 litres of mulched material. This means you can shred for long periods without needing to remove and empty the debris bag before continuing on.

The safety plunger allows you to feed garden material into the shredder without your hands and fingers coming anywhere near the hardened blades. The integrated handle also makes this very portable choice of shredder, with two sturdy wheels making it easy to roll this shredder into place. This shredder is slightly pricier than other models we have explored in this list, although you do get what you pay for. If you want a larger capacity of mulched debris, a powerful motor and near-silent operation, the Ryobi RSH3045U is well worth the money.


TACKLIFE Garden Shredder, Electric Wood Chipper, 2500W Power, Max 40mm Cutting Capacity, 55L Collection Box, Induction Quiet Motor, Adjustable Cutting Blade, Low Noise -PWS01A

The TACKLIFE PWS01A has been designed for gardeners who need heavy-duty performance. With its 40mm chipping capacity, this garden shredder is suitable for slicing through all types of garden material, including thick branches, brambles and shrubbery. There are eight reversible blades included here, which is far more than most other garden shredders. This not only means you can expect to shred material into finer mulch, it also ensures your shredder is fit for purpose for as long as possible.

The brushless motor also means you have a garden shredder that can be used intensively for longer. The 2500W motor is particularly efficient, while the fast cutting speeds will provide you with the mulched material results you are after. There is also no loading speed to deal with here, meaning you can switch the unit on and start shredding immediately. Noise levels average out at about 90 decibels, meaning you will not cause much of a disturbance to your neighbours, while the integrated wheels and handle make it easy to manoeuvre this shredder into position and return it to its storage space once you have completed your shredding tasks.


Hyundai HYBV3000E 3 in 1 3000W Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum & Shredder Lightweight & Powerful Long 12 Meter Cable, Large 45L Bag, Variable Speed, Telescope Chute 3 Year Warranty

This garden shredder from Hyundai might be corded, but it provides you with incredible flexibility that makes it almost as convenient as a high-powered cordless model. This electric shredder has a 2400W motor that is incredibly effective at shredding through tough garden debris. This superior motor delivers a speed of around 4200 RPM, which is more than enough to provide you with fast chipping performance. A plunging stick is also included, meaning your hands never need to come near to the steel blades as you feed material into the interior of the chipping chamber.

With its 10-metre power cable, you can move this shredder around a medium-sized garden without needing to use an extension cable. The portable wheeled design also makes this a first-rate choice for gardeners looking for manoeuvrability. The collection bag is also easily detached, allowing you to dump garden chippings once full so you can get back to work quickly. A 3-year warranty also makes this a sensible choice for those who want something that can perform well for longer.


Powerful Electric Garden Shredder, 2500 Watt Powered Motor, 40 mm Cutting Diameter, Interchangeable Steel Blades, Quick Assembly Electric Garden Chipper , Biotreturer, Wood Chipper-PWS02A

The TACKLIFE PWS02A is an easy to use and powerful choice of garden shredder. With its 40mm cutting diameter, this garden shredder is ideal for tackling smaller branches, bamboo shoots, shrubs and bark. It can also be used to shred just about any type of plant into a fine mulch. This garden shredder will also satisfy those looking for high-cutting efficiency. The shredder blades are made from durable steel, with the sharp edges cutting through material quickly. The 2500W motor drives fast cutting speeds at all times, with the durable motor design ensuring you have a garden shredder that will enjoy a long lifespan.

Easily assembled and effortless to operate, this garden shredder comes with overload protection to ensure your motor will never endure any issues. This is also a durable option that is easy to transport. The ABS plastic housing is well suited to outdoor use, with incredible impact resistance and stability. The ergonomic handle and robust wheels also make transporting this shredder around the garden a breeze. If you need more convincing that this garden shredder is the right fit for your needs, you need only look at the price. With a comparatively low RRP, this is one of the most affordable options out there.


Webb WEESS Silent Electric Garden Shredder with 55L Collection Box for Woody Prunings and Soft Cuttings 2800W – 2 Year Warranty

The Webb WEESS is another great investment for those looking for a garden shredder that cuts through branches, plants and other gardening debris quickly, without generating much in the way of noise. This garden shredder is also an ideal option if you want something that is easy to use. To get going, simply press the on button and then start feeding in twigs, branches and other material into the hopper. The hardened blades will mulch down material to a fraction of their original size. You can either dump the mulched material into your garden waste bin, or mix it with other organic material to produce your own home-made compost.

This garden shredder also features a reliable safety locking mechanism. It can only be operated if the collection box is properly fitted, preventing any accidental movement of the steel blades. This shredder will also impress those looking for a compact unit that is easy to transport. The sturdy pull handle and large wheels make it effortless to retrieve this shredder from your garden shed and position it in place in your garden.


Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500 W 4050 RPM Blade

This garden shredder from Dirty Pro Tools is a powerful choice for those looking to get rid of trimmed branches, twigs and shrubbery. With its 2500W motor and hardened steel blades, this shredder can be used to mulch most plant debris and branches with diameters of up to 40 millimetres. With no loading types you can enjoy the maximum shredding speed of 4050 RPM instantly, allowing you to start work on mulching and compost tasks quickly. The 6-metre power cable makes this more flexible than other corded models, while the safety switch means you will never find yourself dealing with moving blades without the collector box attached.

The large wheels and built-in handle also make this garden shredder an easy unit to move around your outdoor spaces. The 50-litre capacity also means you can mulch a considerable amount of material before needing to reach for your garden waste bin. You also have a clear view of the bin interior, meaning you will always have advance notice of when you need to get rid of shredded material. This bin is also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it is always ready to use for your garden maintenance and shredding jobs.


Garden Shredder Buying Checklist

If you want a garden shredder that will cut through garden debris easily, make sure you are purchasing one that has a high motor rating and hardened cutting blades. An open hopper design is also a must if you want to be able to feed large branches and twigs into the interior easily. A generous collector bin or bag is also essential if you need to shred a substantial amount of material. Finally, think about portability. A pull handle and heavy-duty roller wheels might seem like simple features, but they can save you considerable effort when it comes to moving your garden shredder from the shed to the middle of a lawn.


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