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best laser measure

Carrying out extensive measurements can be very time consuming, especially if you are using a standard tape measure. An electronic laser measure is definitely worth upgrading to if you want to slash the amount of time spent measuring distances and calculating areas and volumes. Digital laser measures also have the advantage of taking care of advanced calculations, while you can also use them to store your measurements and calculations in one centralised location. Looking to replace your tape measure for something more reliable? Our guide has all you need to know about choosing the best laser measure for your needs.

Key Functions

Although the functionality of laser measures can vary, even the most basic models will provide you with a quick and easy way to measure distances, as well as calculate areas and volume. However, the more advanced devices allow you to perform more bespoke measurements, such as measuring around corners or working out angles. If you are looking for a laser measure to use at home or for small-scale tasks, basic functionality is all you need. However, if you are a professional who needs something that can be put to work on a job site, an advanced model is a must.

Memory Mode

Although a laser measure can speed up the actual process of measuring spaces, a memory function will significantly increase your workflow. Memory storage functionality means you can store measurements as soon as they are made. You can also quickly refer back to previous measurements at the touch of a button. Basic laser measures should provide you with storage capacity for around 20 data sets, although some models will provide you with considerably more space than this. Some devices also support app connectivity, allowing you to attach photos, floor plans and more in-depth resources to your measurement data sets.

Accuracy & Range

If you are looking to buy a laser measure, you will want a device that will not let you down when it comes to accuracy. A laser measuring device should provide you with reliable levels of accuracy, with a very slight margin of error. Even when spending less on a laser measure, you should not settle for a margin of error greater than 1/16th of an inch. This margin should ensure your overall measurements are as reliable and accurate as possible. This is especially important if you wish to carry out more advanced calculations.

Range is another key selling point to focus on. A decent laser measure should provide you with a measuring range of at least 30 metres, although you will have no issues finding devices that offer substantially increased ranges. Ultimately, you should think about your individual needs and the kind of spaces you will be looking to measure before deciding on range requirements.


Although laser measures are fairly compact devices, they should always include a large screen for easy reading of your measured data. A good screen should be large enough that multiple lines of data can be displayed at once, while a backlight will also increase visibility.


Unless you only intend to use your laser measure in well-maintained interiors, you should think about purchasing a heavy-duty model that is suited to job sites. Look for models that include heavy-duty housing, with ergonomic grips that make it easier to maintain a hold on your device. A robust laser measure should also boast some resistance against impacts, as well as an IP54 waterproof rating to protect it from moisture and dust.

Product Reviews – The Best Laser Measure

Keen to upgrade your old tape measure for something more reliable? Below are some of the best laser measures UK buyers can currently find available.

Laser Distance Meter 50M/165ft, Mileseey IP54 Laser Measure with 2 Bubble Levels, Portable Laser Rangefinder Digital Distance Meter with 4 Line LCD Display and Bigger Clear Backlight (Battery Included)

This quality laser measure is a good choice for those who want easy operation and high levels of accuracy. With a measuring range of 50 metres and exceptionally high levels of accuracy that falls within 1/16th of an inch, this laser measure is a must-have for DIY lovers and professional tradesmen. You also have multiple measuring modes to make use of with this tool.

You can use indirect measurement, continuous measurement or addition and subtraction modes. You can also select maximum and minimum values to make quick work of specific measuring tasks. There are also two spirit levels included, making it far more reliable than other devices that only include one bubble.

This laser measure features a very large LCD screen with backlight, giving you maximum visibility of measurements and other display readings. This device includes audible alerts to let you know when measurements have been taken, but you can also opt to use it in mute mode if you find the noise distracting. Four different units of measurement are also provided, allowing you to choose the unit readings you are most comfortable one. This device has also been designed to withstand heavy-duty use, with dust-proof housing and an IP54 waterproofing rating.


70M Laser Measure Device, Mileseey 229ft Digital Laser Tape Measure with Upgrade Electronic Angle Sensor, ±2mm Accuracy, Area Measurement,Volume and Pythagoras, 2″LCD Backlit,Mute, Battery Included

This Mileseey laser measure is a very efficient and incredibly reliable option for those looking to trade in their standard tape measure for something more advanced. This electronic laser measure provides you with high levels of accuracy, with the margin for error a mere 2 millimetres You use this device to carry out continuous measurements across level spaces, or make use of the angle measurement function for carrying out more complex readings.

Readings are displayed in real time, meaning you can undertake larger measurement tasks in next to no time. This precise laser measure also provides you with superior functions that are not necessarily common with such devices.

This device lets you carry out measurements at a distance of 70 metres. Measurements are automatically calculated, with volume and area values easily accessible at the touch of a button. This makes it a great option for those who need to carry out measurements of larger spaces, particularly if they need to generate floor plans or work out material costs for renovation work.

You also have a data record function provided to you here, saving you the need to have to carry around a notebook or separate device to take down measurements. This device also includes an automatic shutdown feature, preserving your battery levels so you can continue to use this laser measure for long periods of time.


ARAS Laser Distance Meter 40m, Portable Handle Digital Measure Tool Range Finder with Bubble Level and Large Backlit LCD 4 Line Display(40m/131ft)

This laser distance measure from ARAS will prove a useful tool for any DIY lover or tradesman. This portable device can be used to measure a wide range of distance metrics, providing you with accurate results, every time. The large LCD screen provides you with a 4-line display, allowing you to discern readings in multiple units of measurement. This saves you the need to sift between display screens if you need to record measurements in different values. This device is also highly accurate, measuring distances of up to 40 metres, with a very slight margin of error of just 2 millimetres.

This laser measure is also designed to withstand the demands of regular use. The double-injected housing makes it exceptionally durable. Should you drop this device, there is little chance of the internal measurement hardware suffering any damage. However, thanks to the non-slip grip, you are unlikely to encounter such issues.

This laser measure also boasts a IP54 rating, giving you peace of mind when it comes to waterproofing. You also have a data record function provided here, while stored records can be sifted through and deleted with ease. An automatic shutdown feature also means your battery reserves can be preserved for long-lasting use.


Laser Measure 50M, DTAPE DT50 Laser Distance Meter 165ft, Portable Handle Digital Measure Tool Range Finder, Larger Backlit LCD 4 Line Display IP54 Shockproof Battery Included

This DTAPE DT50 laser measure takes all of the hard work out of precisely measuring spaces. This practical device is incredibly simple to use. With a measuring range of 50 metres, it can be effectively used in larger spaces. You can also expect a very high level of accuracy, with a very minor margin for error. This device also provides you with display readings in various metric values. You can also use it to calculate additional measurements, including area and volume.

Angled measurements can also be carried out with very little input. The large display screen makes it easy to record your measurements, with the backlit screen making it easy to read your data in dark conditions. This is very useful for those carrying out measurements in darker environments.

This handy device also provides you with the option to store your measurements. You can store up to 20 individual data sets, saving you the need to carry around a notebook or separate device for storing information. The overall build of this device also makes it suitable for use in all conditions. The IP54 waterproofing rating means you do not have to worry about moisture damaging the electronics, while the soft rubber grip means you are unlikely to drop this while using it.

The housing is also dust-proof, making it well suited to use in construction environments where dust and debris are commonplace. An automatic shutdown feature is also on hand to preserve your batteries should you fail to turn your device off after using it.


Bosch Professional Laser Measure GLM 30 (Single-Button Use, Imperial System, Measuring Range: 0.49 – 98 ft, 2 x 1.5 V Batteries, Protective Bag)

The GLM 30 is something to think about if you are looking for a laser measure device for professional use. This device is compact enough that it can be carried around in your pocket, but provides you with the complete functionality of a larger laser measurement device. This laser measure allows you to calculate lengths at ranges of up 30 metres, with very little room for error. It is also very easy to use, with the intuitive design allowing you to use it with one-button operation. Even if you have yet to use a laser measure device, you will have no issues getting familiar with this one.

This robust laser measure device will also meet the needs of the professional who will be working in more challenging environments. The overall build of the device is suitable for use in construction site environments, with the dust-proof housing also boasting IP54 certification. If you need to calculate more complex values, such as area or volume, the AutoSum function is on hand to make life easier. Data is also fed back to you quickly, with the maximum time required for measurement calculation only 4 seconds. Automatic shutdown also means your batteries will never be drained unnecessarily.


atolla Laser Measure Device, Laser Distance Meter up to 60m / ± 2mm Digital Measure Tool Range Finder with Bubble Level and Large LCD Backlit and Waterproof IP54

This laser measure device from atolla is ideal for those who want something affordable, but that can still provide you with excellent coverage when measuring larger areas. Various measuring modes are provided here, with a maximum range of 60 metres making it ideal for much larger construction sites and interior spaces.

With its impressive range, you can use this device effectively in indoor and outdoor environments alike. You can choose between single measurement mode, continuous measurement mode and more. It can also be used to calculate volume and area, which is very useful when calculating material costs for renovation work.

With advanced laser technology, this device provides you with a reliable and precise tool for taking measurements. The margin for error is very slight here, with a maximum discrepancy of just 2 millimetres. The LCD screen comes with a bright backlight, allowing you to refer to your readings in low-light conditions. It also comes with a 4-line display, meaning multiple values can be displayed simultaneously. You also have some flexibility when it comes to selecting your reference point, with the ability to take readings from the front and back of the device.

There is also storage capacity on offer here, with the option to store up to 20 individual data sets. You can also subtract or add to stored measurements when carrying out more complex tasks. This device is also suitable for use in challenging construction site environments, with the IP54 housing offering protection against dust and moisture. An automatic shutdown function is also included, meaning your batteries are not used unnecessarily in between measuring tasks.


Bosch Laser Measure PLR 30 C (w/app function, measuring range: 0.05 – 30m, accuracy: ± 2 mm, in cardboard box)

If you are looking to purchase a laser measure and would rather invest in an established name, this Bosch PL3 30 C device is something worth thinking about. This lase measure provides you with very reliable results, every time it is used. With this lase measure, you can capture distances of up to 30 metres at a time. While this is slightly shorter than what you can expect from other devices, you can still enjoy a very high level of accuracy with nominal margin for error.

One great feature provided by this laser measure is its app connectivity. This device has been designed to work alongside the Bosch MeasureOn app, which allows you to quickly transfer your data measurements after taking them. You can also use the app to combine photographs, floor plans and notes with your measurements. If you are looking for a device to use in a professional context, the Bosch PLR 30 C is a clear candidate.

This laser measure provides four different modes of measurement, including standard length, area and volume calculation, as well as a continuous measurement mode. It also provides you with two distinct reference settings, meaning you can measure from both the back and front of the device. It is also straightforward to add or subtract measurements from your stored results, allowing you to calculate more complex values.


Laser Measure Buying Checklist

You do not have to spend much money at all to get your hands on a reliable laser measure device. However, the competitive pricing of the market makes it all the more important to ensure you are getting a good deal. When choosing a laser measure, make sure it is both accurate and provides you with a considerable range.

A tight margin for error and a lower range of 30 metres is the bare minimum you should expect. You should also think about multifunctionality. A good laser measure should be able to do more than calculate distance. Look for models that can provide you with area and volume estimations, as well as allow you to subtract and add values to stored data.

Data storage is also useful, especially if you are a professional who needs to carry out multiple measurements in one session. A large display will also make your device easier to use. A larger screen means you can view multiple lines of data without having to sort through screens, while a backlight ensures excellent visibility. Heavy-duty housing will also benefit those looking to use their device in less desirable environments. Go for laser measure devices that can withstand impacts, are protected against dust and can handle some exposure to moisture.


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