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best lawn aerator

If you want to keep your garden looking lush and healthy, you should definitely think about purchasing a lawn aerator. Your lawn and its underlying soils compact over time thanks to things like rain and footfall. This compaction eventually prevents air from penetrating into the ground, throttling grass roots and causing your lawn to wither.

A decent aerator will help loosen the soil, allowing air, water and nutrients to once again penetrate deep enough that they can feed roots and ensure your lawn thrives. Is your outdoor space in desperate need of some care and attention. Our guide explores all the things to remember when selecting the best lawn aerator.

Types of Lawn Aerator

When selecting a lawn aerator, you have two main models to choose from. The best choice is without doubt an electric aerator. This push aerators make use of powerful electric motors and roller spikes that take much of the hard work out of aerating your line. As you push these appliances across your lawn, the spiked rollers dig deep into the soil, allowing air and water to filter down to grass root level.

These types of aerators usually provide you with multiple cutting heights and allow you to make use of other features. They also tend to be fairly wide, while grass collector bags mean you can operate multiple functions at once and house any trimmings to save you having to rake the lawn afterwards.

A manual aerator is also something to think about. These are made up of a roller drum and a handle component. As with an electric push along aerator, you have to put some manual effort into getting these aerators across your lawn. These manual aerators are usually made from heavy materials, such as iron or steel, to compensate for the lack of a motor and a dense covering of blades. You can also tailor the roller weight with materials such as sand. If you only have a small lawn, a manual aerator is a good option. They are also much more affordable.

Other aerator products are also available. Aerator shoes are a popular option for those who want to supplement a conventional aerator. These shoes feature an array of spikes on the underside of the sole, with each step you take delivering deep channels into the soil. However, these shoes are no real substitute for a conventional aerator.

Cutting Blades & Blade Width

The blade width of your aerator will speed up how quickly you can aerate your lawn. A roller width of around 30cm should be more than sufficient for most lawns, although you will find a good range of aerators on the market that offer a width of 40cm or more. If you have a small garden with tight spots and corners, a narrower roller might be the best choice for you.

Blade material is also something to consider. If your lawn soil is particularly dense or gravelly, a robust blade material will help penetrate into the soil more easily. If you have never aerated your lawn before and the soil is particularly impacted, you almost certainly want to purchase an aerator with very strong blades.

Depth Settings

There is no point purchasing an aerator if it can not penetrate deep enough into the soil to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive. The majority of lawn aerators will provide you with adjustable cutting depths that can be changed with a switch or nozzle. An adjustable penetration depth is particularly handy if you want to first loosen very compacted soil, but then want to aerate your broken in lawn with less aggressive penetration. Bear in mind, you will only find adjustable penetration depth settings with electric or motorised aerators.

Product Reviews – The Best Lawn Aerators

Has your lawn seen better days? Below are some of the best lawn aerators currently available that can help reinvigorate tired lawns and have them looking healthier in no time.

Hyundai 210cc 400mm Petrol Lawn Scarifier & Aerator Push HYSC210

This HYSC210 lawn scarifier from Hyundai is a fairly expensive option, but it provides you with some amazing features that will make taking care of your lawn as easy as possible. This lawn aerator is on the large side, but it does provide you with a very generous cutting width of 400 millimetres. This generous cutting width makes it suitable for use with almost any outdoor space, form compact lawns to larger gardens.

If you do have a larger garden that needs attending to, this aerator is definitely fit for the task. A petrol engine provides you with powerful operation and will take the elbow grease out of manually taking a lawn to task. The 4-stroke petrol engine is not only easy to start, but incredibly efficient. Consuming relatively low levels of fuel, you can get to work on a larger lawn without having to worry about constantly replenishing petrol reserves.

This Hyundai lawn aerator also offers you a variety of cutting heights. There are five different cutting heights available here, ranging -15mm to +15mm. This should provide you with sufficient choice to carry out tailored lawn maintenance. Cutting height adjustments can be carried out simply, with a twisting knob allowing you to select the desired height for your lawn. This aerator also comes with a very large grass collector attached. With capacity for up to 45 litres of cuttings, this collector means you can undertake maintenance on a large lawn without having to regularly stop and empty the bag before you continue using the aerator.


Denny Shop Gardening Lawn Aerator Grass Roller With 3 Level Adjustable Telescopic Handle

This NETTA lawn scarifier and aerator makes it easy to take care of your lawn and ensure it looks its best. This handy 2-in-1 garden appliance boasts a 1500W motor, providing you with plenty of power to tackle the most overgrown of lawns. There are three working depths provided here, with easy adjustments so you can find the right cutting length for your lawn. This is particularly useful if you have to combat a variety of grass types.

A generous 30-litre collector bag is also attached. Although this bag is slightly smaller than other collectors out there, it is large enough to handle a medium sized garden, without you having to worry about constantly emptying out old cuttings before continuing your lawn care tasks.

This 2-in-1 lawn scarifier and aerator is also a good option for those who want something that is easy to move around uneven ground. With sturdy built-in wheel as standard, this hard-wearing aerator can be moved around without any hassle. A 10-metre power cord also means you can cover a considerable amount of ground without needing to reach for an extension cable.

A two-way safety switch is also included, meaning you do not have to worry about suffering any mishaps or injuries when carrying out lawn maintenance. A soft-grip handle is also included, making this aerator particularly comfortable to handle for long periods of time.


Greenkey Garden and Home Ltd 700 Rolling Lawn Aerator, Green or Black

If you want a reliable aerator that is compact and budget-friendly, this lawn raker from Black & Decker is certainly something to consider. Admittedly, this lawn raker is not as powerful as some other products outlined in this list. The 600W motor is definitely less powerful than motors you can expect to find with other products. However, this motor is certainly up to the task of less intensive lawn maintenance jobs.

Although compact, this aerator is fairly adept at handling average lawn care tasks. The 30cm cutting width makes it suitable enough for small and average sized gardens, although you will have your work cut out for you if you need to tackle a particularly large lawn. Despite being compact, this aerator provides you with three different raking heights. This makes it suitable for getting to work on your lawn throughout the year, or if you have to contend with multiple growing heights and grass varieties.

While the main body of the aerator is somewhat small, the attached grass collector is fairly substantial. This means you can collect a huge amount of grass, moss and other outdoor debris before needing to think about emptying out the bag before continuing on with your work. It is also attached to the front of the aerator itself, making it much easier to remove the bag when full. This aerator is generally quite user-friendly.

The adjustment system is placed at the centre of the aerator itself, providing you with easy access for quick adjustments. You can also adjust the speed here if you need to pick up the pace when maintaining your lawns and outdoor spaces.


Crystals Garden Outdoor Lawn Aerator Heavy Duty Manual Handle Rolling Grass Roller (30L)

If you want to get back to basics, this manual grass roller from Crystals is a good choice. This heavy-duty grass roller may require you to put in more effort manually, but it pays off with its durable design and long-lasting build. Made from high-grade steel, this roller is particularly heavy and built to last. The heavy weight of the material also makes it very efficient and aerating lawns. You can fill the central roller rum with additional material, such as concrete or damp sand to add additional weight. You can add or remove weighting material at will, allowing you to enjoy varying results when maintaining your lawn.

This roller also features a scraper bar which ensures that loose garden debris is not rolled back onto your lawn as you go. The overall design of this garden roller makes it easy to handle and use for long stretches of time. The fairly compact design also makes it much easier to store in a garden shed or outdoor storage than a larger aerator with motor. If you are particularly short on storage space, you can also remove the handle when it comes to putting your roller away after the lawn work has been taken care of.


Einhell Electric Scarifier/Aerator GC-SA 1231/1 (Up to 300m², 1200 W, Powerful Series-Wound Motor, 28 L Catch Bag, Ball-Bearing Cutting Unit + Aerating Roller, Adjustable Working Depth with 3 Levels)

If you want a 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator that will tackle even the unruliest of lawns, the GC-SA 1231/1 from Einhell is an ideal pick. This powerful electric scarifier and aerator is very efficient, with the reliable motor making it a good fit for gardeners who want to minimise manual input.

Although a powerful choice, this aerator is best reserved for small to medium sized gardens. That being said, if you are prepared for occasional emptying of the collector bag, you can also put it to work on larger lawns. The powerful 1200W motor is particularly effective at achieving high levels of torque, making this 2-in-1 lawn tool ideal for those who want to keep at it for longer periods to achieve more precise results.

This is an aerator that is build to last, with the outer housing made from high-grade plastic that is particularly resistant to impacts and everyday damage. It is also designed for all users in mind, with the extra-long handle making it easy to steer across your lawns. When you are finished working on your lawn, this handle can be folded to allow for much easier storage. You can also expect premium cutting results, with the cutting unit featuring eight individual steel blades.

These blades are able to handle tougher debris, such as weeds and moss with ease. The aerator roller also boasts 42 individual stainless steel claws, which will efficiently aerate your soil as you go. You can also adjust the working depth, with three different levels on offer. This makes it simple to adapt your aerator to the individual requirements of your lawn and its soil.


vidaXL Garden Lawn Grass Roller 68L Black Outdoor Gardening Tool Grass Aerator

If you are seeking a more affordable choice of aerator for your lawn maintenance jobs, this manual grass roller from vidaXL is a good option. This hard-wearing lawn roller is perfect for use if you have recently sowed seed to replenish patchy grass. It can also be used to level uneven outdoor ground with ease. In fact, you can even put this roller to use after your lawn has been fertilised and grass is being to sprout and gain height.

This is a particularly durable product, even when compared to steel rollers. This particular lawn roller is made from high-quality iron, which adds extra weight and makes it particularly suitable for levelling tasks. You can also add and remove sand material to increase or decrease the weight of the roller at will.

Even fully filled and sealed, this roller is easy to work with. The handle height of 105cm makes it just as convenient as an electric aerator, while the roller length of 98cm makes it a practical option for medium sized lawns. However, like any manual grass roller, you need to be prepared to put in a little manual effort to get desirable results. If you do not think you have the patience for a manual roller, you are probably best advised to invest in an electric aerator.

However, this manual tool can be used alongside an electric aerator, especially if you have some ground levelling tasks to carry out. What’s more, with its fairly low price, this makes an ideal addition to any lawn maintenance arsenal.


Cobra S3840V 38cm (15in) Cordless Battery Scarifier & Aerator, ideal for clearing lawn debris and improving its health, 40v 5Ah battery and charger included

The Cobra A32E is a quality option for those after the convenience and efficiency of an electric scarifier and aerator. This 2-in-1 appliance makes it easy to maintain your lawn and ensure your grass looks its very best throughout the year. If your lawn is throttled by moss growth, this scarifier is very effective at removing excessive moss growth. It can also be used to clear your lawn of other garden debris with little effort.

Used correctly, this aerator will also help your garden drain more efficiently. This is particularly important if you are looking to plant new lawn coverage or other plants and want to ensure roots develop properly. It can also be used to prepare a bare lawn for new growth or when you want to reseed.

This is also a fairly powerful choice of aerator. The 1300W motor is one of the most efficient and powerful of any product in this list. However, this high-grade motor is essential for driving the aerator blade system on offer here. A 30-litre grass collector is attached to the main aerator unit, allowing you to amount a good deal of moss and other cuttings, without you having to rake away such debris manually. You also have a variety of operating heights to choose from here, with four different heights to select from. A single lever makes adjustments simple, allowing you to make instant changes as you work, without stalling your progress.


Keast Universal Size Lawn Aerator Shoes with 5 Adjustable Metal Straps, Garden Lawn Aerator Scarifier Shoes Fits for Your Lawn Yard

These aerator shoes from Keast are definitely worth looking into if you have a green thumb. Although they can be used in lieu of a conventional aerator or manual grass roller, these shoes make an ideal addition to such kit, especially if you want to undertake constant maintenance of your lawns throughout the year. Each shoe features 26 individual metal spikes, each measuring 2.2 inches in length. As you step onto the ground, these spikes penetrate deep into the soil, allowing your grass layer to more effectively absorb water, air and nutrients into roots.

These shoes are also fairly practical and comfortable to wear. Each shoe includes five adjustable bands to ensure a good fit, with four bands attaching to the sole and a further band anchoring to the heel. Once properly fastened, these shoes should remain firmly attached to your feet for the duration of your gardening sessions. These bands also ensure these shoes are a one-size-fits-all solution.


The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an electric aerator to take care of lawn maintenance, make sure are purchasing a model that will be able to the size of your garden effectively. Cutting widths are something you should definitely focusing on, especially if you have a larger lawn. You will also want to ensure any collector bag has a large enough capacity to house a substantial amount of cuttings and garden debris, without you having to forever empty and reattach it.

Adjustable cutting heights are also desirable, especially if you want to use your aerator for a range of grass heights and varieties. As with any electrical appliance, the more proficient the motor, the more effective your aerator will be at handling the task in hand.

Should you wish to keep things basic with a manual roller, make sure it is large enough to handle large sections of lawn without you having to put in too much manual effort. Any manual roller should be made of a high-grade material that will hold up well against outdoor conditions and the elements, so look for steel or iron rollers. These manual aerators should also allow you to tailor the weight by adding and removing sand or a similar material.


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