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best nail gun

If you are looking to speed up your DIY tasks, a reliable nail gun is a good investment. Hammering nails into place manually is not only time consuming and noisy, it can be a real drain on your physical strength. An electric or pneumatic nailer takes all of the hard work out of nailing jobs. Although nail guns are a fairly new addition to the power tool market, you have a considerable amount of choice when it comes to these useful pieces of DIY equipment. Our guide explores the main factors to think about when choosing the best nail gun for your needs.


Understanding the difference between 18 gauge and 23 gauge nail guns is important. 18 gauge nail guns are usually best reserved for less intensive jobs, such as nailing thin pieces of wood to frames or constructing smaller items. They can also be used to attach beading and wood trims to larger surfaces. Otherwise know as brad nail guns, these devices are loaded with nails with smaller diameters. If you only need a nail gun to undertake light tasks, they can be an affordable option.

If you need a nailer that can cope with more demanding requirements, a 23 gauge nail gun is the best way to go. This type of nail gun can be used to drive nails deep into tougher materials like hardwoods. They can also be used to attach beadings and wood trims to other materials, making them an ideal upgrade to 18 gauge nail guns if you have more money to spend.

Firing Power

When choosing a nail gun, you will ultimately find yourself deciding between cordless, electric and pneumatic nailers. Pneumatic nail guns utilise a pressurised air compressor to drive the firing mechanism. This type of nail gun is usually the choice of professionals working with tougher materials. Electric guns are a good alternative, using a mains AC power supply to deliver heavy-duty firing performance.

Cordless guns are another option, although they are not always a powerful choice. As cordless guns use a rechargeable battery, you will often be limited in terms of working time. You may also find the impact strength of the firing mechanism hampered by low battery levels.

Nail Compatibility

This is particularly crucial to consider if you have a specific requirement in mind for your nail gun. If you only need to carry out light work to attach thin pieces of material to other surfaces, a gun that can be used with 16 gauge nails should be more than sufficient.

However, you may need to upgrade to a gun that can house 18 gauge nails if you need to work with slightly thicker work pieces. If you have minor construction and assembly jobs in mind, a gun that can be loaded with 23 gauge nails is probably the best choice. Multifunctionality is another thing to consider. Many nail guns allow you to use nails of various gauge types, as well as staples and tacks.

Reliable Firing Pins

You can never expect to hammer a nail deep into materials if you have an ineffective firing pin. When choosing a nail gun, make sure the firing pin is tempered to ensure nails can be driven deep into surfaces. If your nail gun has an inferior firing pin, you run the risk of damaging the housing of your tool as you work. It can also lead to breakages when firing nails or blockages that need to be attended to before you can continue using your nail gun.

Product Reviews

Take the hard work out of everyday DIY work with a new nail gun. Below, you will find our personal selection of some of the best nail gun models currently available

Draper 83659 Heavy-Duty Electric Stapler Nailer Kit

If you want a nail gun that can cope with more heavy-duty tasks, the Draper 83659 is worth your time. This electric nail gun takes all of the hard work out of driving nails into place. A great thing about this ail gun is that it includes a variable strength adjustment, allowing you to tailor the degree of impact to your liking. This means you can use it to drive nails into a range of materials, without worrying about damaging surfaces.

It also means you can use it for driving in different types of nails without warping them. An anti-jam mechanism means you never need to worry about your nail gun becoming defective, while the safety mechanism ensures you will never injure yourself when carrying out nailing tasks. The safety mechanism also ensures you never need to fret about accidental firing.

The ergonomic handle makes this comfortable to operate, even if you have to undertake a considerable amount of nailing. The comfort grip also eliminates the chance of fatigue. The overall size of this nail gun is also compact, meaning you can navigate into tight spots easily, without having to drive in nails at awkward angles. This corded nail gun is also easy to load, with nail magazines slotting quickly into place so you can commence work instantly. Even compared to other heavy-duty nail guns, the Draper 83659 is fairly expensive, but it will hold up well to regular use, making it a good long-term investment.


Stanley 0-TRE550 Heavy Duty Electric Staple/Nail Gun

The Stanley 0-TRE550 is another great choice of heavy-duty nail gun for those looking to upgrade from a manual hammer. However, this nail gun also boasts multifunctionality, with the option to use it as a staple gun if you so wish. As this is a heavy-duty nail gun, you can expect exceptional driving power here. This nail gun can be used to drive large nails into thick pieces of material with ease. You can also make adjustments to the driving output, ensuring you do not damage more sensitive materials. If you regularly work with soft wood, this feature will be very useful to you.

The low profile of this gun makes it easy to handle, while the flush nose makes it particularly convenient for navigating tighter spots. The freedom to be able to access tighter spots without having to rearrange you materials will save you a great deal of time. The contoured grip also makes this a comfortable choice of power tool.

This nail gun also boasts an anti-jamming mechanism, meaning you will never have to take the housing apart to remove bent nails from the firing mechanism. You also have a useful indicator window here that allows you to keep an eye on remaining nails within the firing chamber. This lets you know when to reload, which again speeds up your working pace.


Makita GN900SE First Fix Gas Nailer, 7.2 V

This cordless nail gun from Anesty is both reasonably priced and relatively powerful. You also benefit from multifunctional performance, with the nail gun also serving as a staple gun and tacker. Unlike other products that are corded, this is a completely cordless design that utilises a rechargeable battery. When you consider this along with this compact and ergonomic profile of the nail gun, you have a particularly flexible tool that can be used to access the tightest of spots.

The lithium-ion battery also makes this a solid choice for those who want a nail gun they can use for a prolonged sessions. When fully charged, this nail gun will drive in approximately 1500 staples before you need to think about replenishing battery reserves.

Loading fresh nails or staples is also straightforward. The loading mechanism slides out smoothly when you need to add new nails or staples. This loading mechanism also makes it simple to remove clogged jammed fasteners with ease. Although some staple and nail guns can be flimsy in their build, this gun is strengthened with a composite exterior to make it extra durable. The only real downside of this nail gun is that it takes some getting used to.

You will need to ensure the firing end of the gun is firmly pressed against surfaces to ensure nails and staples are driven in deeply into your target material. If handled incorrectly, you chance causing jams that will need to be cleared before you can continue using the gun.


VonHaus Cordless Nail Gun 18v Li-ion Nailer Stapler – Battery Operated – Ergonomic – Medium Duty for Fabrics, Upholstery, Underlay, Carpeting, Roofing & Crafts

If you want cordless convenience, this nail gun from VonHaus should satisfy your needs. Although a somewhat pricey option, this cordless nail gun offers you plenty of useful features that will benefit your projects and DIY jobs. The ergonomic profile of this nail gun makes it suitable for prolonged use, while the streamlined design means you should have no trouble tackling tighter spots. The soft grip of the handle enhances the handling comfort of this nail gun even more. Convenient features can be found throughout, including the easy magazine reload.

This 2-in-1 nail gun provides you with adjustable impact control. This makes it suitable for use with a variety of workpiece types. If you are working with softer wood, you can adjust the impact settings to prevent the change of splintering and denting of your workpiece. Dealing with tougher masonry? It is simple to up the impact levels to drive nails deep into the material. This nail gun also features an anti-jam mechanism so you can enjoy reliable results and no interruptions when working. A contact safety switch is also included, preventing the chance of accidental firing.


Tacwise A7116V Upholstery Air Staple Gun – Type 71 Staples

This Excel 2-in-1 nail gun is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. This 18-gauge nail gun has a lightweight body that is made from high-grade composite plastic. This makes it lightweight to handle, but powerful enough to drive nails into tough material types. Although robust enough that it can be put to work with demanding nailing tasks, this nail gun features a rubber grip handle for enhanced ergonomics.

The handle also makes it easier to maintain a firm grip of the gun as you drive nails into place. This nail gun also features an anti-jamming mechanism, allowing you to undertake continuous nailing tasks without having to worry about interruptions to your workflow.

This nail gun also boasts a fairly generous fastener capacity, with room for up to 100 nails. This means you can work for long periods before having to down tools and reload. The firing speed should also satisfy those looking for a tool that can cope with heavy-duty requirements, with maximum firing speeds of 20 nails per second possible. This nail gun is also multifunctional and can be used as a conventional staple gun for less heavy-duty tasks, such as upholstery or vinyl cladding.


Tacwise 50mm Brad Nailer – Air Nail Gun DGN50V

This air nail gun from Tacwise is one of the cheaper options we have picked for this list, but it is still incredibly proficient at driving nails into surfaces. This nail gun uses a reliable driver blade system that provides you with consistent nailing results, even if working for hours at a time. The streamlined design of this nail gun also makes it suitable for those more awkward jobs where you have to access very tight spots. The slender nose also means you can press the nail gun housing firmly against material surfaces, without worrying about leaving marks or dents.

This nail gun brings together comfortable handling with lightweight convenience, as well as fast firing and reliable output. The fast-release nail magazine will also speed up your work, allowing you to replenish your nail reserves quickly without causing too much disruption to your workflow. This gun has been designed to fire braid nails measuring between 20mm and 50mm, which are both widely available and regularly used in light construction work. You can also adjust the firing depth of this nail gun, which makes it suitable for use with a variety of material types, including soft wood varieties.


T-Mech 2 in 1 Nail & Staple Gun Cordless Powerful Electric Heavy Duty Stapler Nailer Tacker 18V, 600 x Nails & Staples, Additional Battery

This 2-in-1 nail gun from T-Mech is certainly a good choice for those after cordless operation and powerful nailing performance. This nail gun uses an 18V battery that provides you with heavy-duty firing performance, while also ensuring you get maximum longevity out of a single charge. With such an efficient battery, you can expect minimal downtime with this T-Mech nail gun. This nail gun also fires incredibly quickly, with the ability to drive up to 60 nails per second. Although one of the fastest nails guns out there, you do not have to worry about damaging workpieces thanks to the smooth contact firing mechanism.

This nail gun also offers a broad slate of user-friendly features, including much needed safety provisions so you can work at considerable pace without worrying about injury or mishaps. Depth adjustment functionality means you can precisely position nails before driving them into surfaces, while the LED indicator alerts you to any jamming issues or misfires. Although the lithium-ion battery is long-lasting, you will eventually have to replace or recharge if carrying out extensive work. Thankfully, the included battery charges up incredibly quickly, with a full charge taking as little as 50 minutes.


Ryobi ONE+ 18G AirStrike Nailer, 18V (Body Only)

If you wan to make the switch to a more premium nail gun, the Ryobi ONE+ 18G AirStrike Nailer is a good choice. This powerful nail gun has two different firing modes, including a sequential mode for maximum nailing precision. You can also choose the contact actuation mode if you are undertaking more rapid nailing tasks. This power nailer also features an advanced LED light that is triggered when gripping the handle. This is not only useful when working in darkness, but also puts less of a drain on your nail gun battery. It is also very easy to make adjustments to the depth drive settings of this nail gun.

If you have any issues with jams, you can remove any problematic fasteners quickly, without having to resort to tools to remove the nail gun housing. This nail gun also features a lockout function that prevents your tool from firing if you have depleted your nail stocks. A nail indicator is also included, letting you know when nail levels are running near empty so you can take the time to reload. The end of this nail gun also includes protective pads, which keep workpiece surfaces free from dents and marks as you drive nails into place.


Nail Gun Buying Checklist

A nail gun can dramatically speed up everyday DIY tasks, but you will need to remember a few things when selecting a model to ensure it is right for you. First of all, consider the types of nails and fasteners you will be using. Only need to work with nails with a small diameter? A lightweight nailer that is compatible with 16 gauge nails is ideal. Want some multifunctionality? Look for nail guns that support various gauges, as well as staples and tacks.

A reliable firing pin is also crucial. Go for nailers with tempered firing pins to ensure you have little resistance when firing nails into place. A hardened firing pin will also prevent broken nails disrupting your workflow, while anti-jamming technology will also make your life easier. You should also think about power sources. Cordless nail guns are useful, but they can quickly drain their batteries if used for prolonged sessions.

Pneumatic nailers are a good alternative, but you will need to use compressed air sources in order to power them. An electric nail gun is arguably the best option, providing you with powerful firing performance and consistent operation with no downtime.


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