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Best Portable Air Conditioner

If you struggle with warmer temperatures, investing in an air conditioner is a good idea. If you want something that can be used to cool air around the home, a portable air conditioner is the best option. You have a range of available options when it comes to portable air conditioners. You can keep things ultra-compact with portable air coolers, or instead opt for larger units that can be wheeled between spaces thanks to built-in casters. Need more help finding the perfect air cooler for your needs? Our buying guide has all the details you need to know when selecting the best portable air conditioner.

Cooling Performance

One of the main things to remember when picking a portable air conditioner is that they are usually less powerful than models designed to remain in one place. However, you can still enjoy a considerable amount of cooling output from a portable model. Look for BTU ratings when selecting air conditioners, as this will give you a clear idea of how powerful a unit will be. The higher the BTU rating, the cooler temperatures you can expect. A higher BTU rating will also usually mean you can expect to cool a larger area.

Multiple Modes

In addition to conventional cooling modes, an air conditioner may provide you with extra functions. These include a fan mode, as well as a humidifying or dehumidifying function. If you are looking for a unit that can add moisture to the air, bear in mind that the additional water tank will make your air conditioner less portable.


Obviously, you want a portable air conditioner to be easy to move. Smaller models can be lightweight enough that they can picked up and carried with little effort. However, if you go for a larger air conditioner, this will not be feasible. Therefore, look for air conditioners that include caster wheels, as well as recessed handles so you can direct them to your desired location.

Operational Noise

Some air conditioners can be noisy appliances. If you want a unit that can be used in offices or bedrooms, go for an energy-efficient one with a low sound level. A sound level of around 55 decibels should be sufficient for most rooms, although you may want a quieter model if you want to leave it running as you sleep.

Thermostat Control

The best portable air conditioners will give you some flexibility when it comes to programming timers and other thermostat settings. If you want maximum convenience, go for a model that comes with a remote so you can make changes to your thermostat without having to use the onboard controls.

Product Reviews – The Best Portable Air Conditioners

Need a reliable air conditioner you can move around with ease? Take your pick of any of the portable air conditioner units below.

Pro Breeze 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU with Remote Control, 24 Hour Timer & Window Venting Kit Included. Powerful Air Conditioning Unit with Class A Energy Efficiency Rating

If you want a good balance of portability and powerful cooling output, this Pro Breeze air conditioner is a good option. With its 9000 BTU capacity, this air conditioner provides you with strong cooling performance. The fairly large size and generous capacity means you can use it to cool large rooms effectively, with the ability to maintain steady temperatures of around 16 degrees Celsius. You also have four different modes of operation to utilise here. In addition to providing you with an efficient air cooling mode, you can use this unit as a dehumidifier. It can also be used in fan-only mode, as well as in sleep mode if you want to use it in bedrooms.

Although powerful, this is an energy-efficient air conditioner. It has a Class A energy rating, making perfect for the eco-friendly market. This air conditioner is also easy to use, with a large LCD display providing you with clear readings of temperature settings. You can also switch between reading displays. A remote control is also included along wit the main unit, allowing you to make quick changes to thermostat settings from across the room. Sturdy caster wheels are also included, allowing you to roll this air conditioner between rooms without any effort.


Dorman & Walsh 3 in 1 Air Con Unit – Room Cooling Fan, Portable Air Conditioner Unit, Dehumidifier – 9000 BTU – 15m3 Cooling Range – Mobile for bedrooms, the kitchen, loft, office, gym, living rooms

This 3-in-1 air conditioner from Dorman & Walsh is a good choice for those who want a portable unit that is still powerful. With its 9000 BTU cooling capacity and advanced internal compressor, this air conditioner will allow you to quickly cool larger spaces. There are also adjustable fan speeds to utilise, allowing you to tailor temperature levels precisely. This is ideal for use in the summer months, with steady temperatures of 15.5 degrees Celsius possible. You also have various modes to choose from, with the sleep mode particularly useful for those who want to bring up the temperature of their interiors gradually as it gets closer to bedtime.

This portable unit is also very lightweight and easy to move about. The 360-degree caster wheels make it easy to transport this unit from one room to next, with the wheels perfectly balanced to ensure the air conditioner does not topple over as you are moving it. You can also use this air conditioner as a dehumidifier if you are struggling with excess moisture in your interiors. An LCD display with 24-hour timing function also makes adjusting settings a breeze.


Pro Breeze 7L Evaporative Air Cooler & 42″ Portable Tower Fan, 3 Fan Speeds, Remote Control, Automatic Oscillation, 10 Hour Timer and Sleep, Natural and Humidification Mode for Home and Office

If you are searching for a very compact air conditioner unit, the Inventor Chilly is a good option. Although small, this air conditioner provides you with an impressive 9000 BTU cooling capacity. This is more than enough to bring down the temperatures in larger rooms quickly. It is perfectly sufficient for use around the home or office. This is also an eco-friendly model, with a high energy efficiency rating that makes it one of the most reliable air conditioner models out there.

The compact size will also appeal to those who have limited floor space available. Concealed caster wheel also make it easy to move the unit from one room to the next, without you having to worry about any heavy lifting. A clear LCD display makes it straightforward to adjust the thermostat or switch between modes, while a remote control is also included for when you need to make changes without having to leave your desk or sofa.


RenFox Portable Air Cooler, Mobile Air Conditioners Evaporative Cooler Humidifier with Timer Function and 90°Auto, Purifier Conditioner 3 Wind Speeds for Room Office, Automatic & Quiet

If you want a reliable and efficient air conditioner for use in your home or office, this unit from RenFox is a good investment. This reliable air conditioner boasts 3-in-1 functionality, serving as a conventional air conditioning unit, while also offering you air purifying and humidifying usage. A spray feature is also included, allowing you to stay cool without worry about sensitive skin becoming dried out. This compact air conditioner also offers 90-degree oscillation. This means cool air will be efficiently circulated around a larger area, without you having to constantly move the unit around a room. You also have three intensity settings to choose from, providing you with an easy way to overcome sudden rises in ambient temperature.

A fast-cooling function also makes it easy to combat particularly hot days. The fan quickly draws in hot air, with the water tank ensuring only cool air is blown back out into your rooms. Although this unit offers many of the same features of a standard air conditioner and more besides, it will not prove as efficient at a dedicated air conditioning unit. If you want something that can bring down the temperature in much larger spaces, you should probably look at other models. However, if you want something for use at your desk or in smaller spaces like studies, the RenFox is a good choice.


TedGem Air Cooler Portable, Mini Air Cooler Fan, Portable Air Conditioner Fan, Mobile Air Conditioners for Home, Left and Right Shake Head 45°, 3 in 1 Fan/Humidifier/Conditioner for Office, Home

With its ultra-compact design, the TedGem is a good option for those seeking a highly portable air conditioner solution. This unit boasts a reliable air cooler, with a 45-degree oscillation that allows for wide dispersal of cool air. You can activate or deactivate this feature at will. This unit also offers 3-in-1 functionality. You can use it in standard air conditioner mode, or opt to use it as a fan cooler. You can also use it for humidification purposes in drier environments.

This compact air cooler also provides you with user-friendly timer functionality, along with three adjustable speed settings. The timer features means you can use this to cool bedrooms, without the cooler continuing to run for the entire night. You also have three wind speeds to choose from, with the highest setting particularly useful for warmer days. The large tank capacity makes this very effective as a humidifier, with tank changes and maintenance a breeze. The small design of this unit also makes it very portable. You can lift it with ease, as well as place it on small surfaces like desks and bedside tables.


Portable Air Cooler Conditioner, Table Conditioner 3 in 1 Cool Unit Personal Mini Air Conditioner Space Cooler Adjustable Evaporative Humidifier for Home Travel Office, Night Light with 7 Colors

If you want something highly portable and ultra-compact, this multifunctional mini air conditioner is a good option. This system not only provides you with stand air conditioning performance, it can also be used as standard fan or humidifier. It also includes an integrated LED, meaning it can be used as a night light if you intend to put it to use in bedrooms. You have three different wind settings to choose from, providing you with just the right amount of cooling output to combat all manner of temperatures. Although very compact, this unit offers a good cooling range, with the cooler able to blow chilled air at distances of up to four metres.

This is also a reasonably quiet model, even when used in humidifier mode. This makes it suitable for use in bedrooms if you need to keep on top of high temperatures throughout the night. It also makes it suitable for use in offices. A timer shutdown function is also included, allowing you minimise energy usage. The compact design also makes this ideal for those who want something they can easily travel with.


BLACK+DECKER BXAC40008GB 12,000 BTU Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Cooling Fan, LED Display, 3 Fan Speed, 24 Hour Timer, Remote Control, White

If you are happy to spend a lot more on an air conditioner, the BLACK+DECKER BXAC40008GB will reward you with advanced cooling technology. This first class air conditioner provides you with very precise air control, allowing you to maintain consistent temperatures. Programming this unit is simple, with electronic controls that ensure desired temperatures are maintained accurately. The LCD display allows you to keep a constant eye on levels, while the sleep timer means you do not have to continue to run this machine throughout the night. A remote control is also included, allowing you to make changes without manually accessing the LCD display and onboard controls.

This air conditioner is also far more powerful than other options in this product shortlist. With a 12,000 BTU cooling capacity, it is suitable for cooling much larger areas. If you have an open-plan space, it will easily cool your entire premises. However, this is also a portable option, so you will have no trouble repositioning it if need be. This air conditioner also provides you with a superior dehumidifier function that can be used independently of the main cooling function. An Auto Breeze feature also means you can enjoy a fan function that automatically adjusts fan speed based on the ambient temperature of your interiors.


Portable Air Conditioner Buying Checklist

Although size and weight are some of the most important things to check off your list when shopping for a portable air conditioner, do not overlook some other essential criteria. Even a portable air conditioners needs to be powerful, so go for the highest BTU rating possible. You should also consult manufacturer guidelines to get an idea of how large an area an air conditioner can effectively cool. For ease of use, go for models that come with a remote control, with simple thermostat settings and programmable timers.


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