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best sheds

A shed is a must-have for any garden, especially if you do not have a garage or internal utility room for storing gardening accessories and other items. You don’t even need much space for a shed, with many suitable models on the market that can be used to provide tiny sheds and patios with essential storage capacity. Looking to add some storage potential to your outdoor space? Our guide has some useful pointers to help you make the right decision when choosing from the best sheds on the market today.

Shed Types

If you want something traditional and in-keeping with garden aesthetics, a wooden overlap shed is probably the best option. Go for simple shapes and useful dimensions that can be used to store a large amount of items. If you want the option to add additional organisation with your shed, you should also make sure that your shed layout allows for this.

If you only have a small outdoor space, you can still find many suitable shed options for storing essential items. A locker-style shed is a good option or those who only need somewhere to house a few gardening implements and other supplies. These can be accessed via a single or double door and usually provide organised storage vertically.

If you are very tight on space, a storage box is a good option. These storage boxes provide you with a secure place to store items, while also doubling up as a seat. This makes them a functional addition to small yards and gardens, as well as balconies.


This is very important to think about when selecting a suitable shed for your garden. Wood is often the preferred material type, although you will need to ensure you invest in a quality model to ensure you have a long-lasting garden building. Many low-cost sheds are made from inferior wood that will easily wear when exposed to the elements. Although some sheds come oiled and finished to prevent this from happening, you should always think about adding a second coat of outdoor paint or stain to protect the surfaces of your shed.

Metal is another option. If you only need a small shed, a high-quality metal structure can be a practical option. Because of the lower profile of these sheds, the metal material need not be an eyesore.

You also have composite materials to consider. Some sheds are made from high-grade plastic with wood-like veneers. This material is very robust and easy to maintain, while you still get the same textured detail of genuine wood grain.


Regardless of what type of shed you buy, you will need to think about access and usability. A large shed will require at least one door to allow you to gain access to the interior and retrieve your stored items. If you opt for a smaller shed and wish to make full use of the interior space, go for one that features double doors so you can access all the available space from the outside.

Product Reviews – The Best Sheds

Need to add some storage to your gardens and outdoor spaces? A shed is a must-have. Below, you will find a good range of sheds in all shapes and sizes to accommodate different space requirements.

Outsunny Garden Shed Wooden Garden Storage Shed Fir Wood Tool Cabinet Organiser with Shelves 75L x 56W x115Hcm Natural

If you only need something small to store a few items, this compact shed from Outsunny is a good option. Ideal for smaller yards and gardens, this high-quality shed provides you with the perfect place to store lawnmowers, gardening suppliers and other items. The fir wood construction is particularly durable, with a waterproof paint finish to ensure it is protected against the elements. The wood material is also easy to maintain, meaning you can keep using this shed for many years.

Inside, you will find two shelves that allow you to keep organised. The opposite side of the interior has been left open, providing you with more than enough space to house lager items. The tilted roof is another welcome feature. The incline of the roof means that rainwater is less likely to accumulate on top of the shed, preventing damp problems and sagging. An asphalt covering adds another layer of protection. Access is provided by a single, heavy-duty door. A bolt latch is also included, so you can easily add a padlock to your shed to protect any valuables.


Keter Scala Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, Brown, 6 x 5 ft

If you want a more stylish shed to add to your garden, the Keter Scala is a great option. This is a slightly larger choice of shed, so you will need to ensure you have sufficient space for it in your garden. The large interior provides you with a great deal of space for storing things like lawnmowers, BBQ equipment and other essentials. This shed is also very durable, with the plastic material making it far more resilient than wooden alternatives. However, the plastic panelling is finished with a realistic artificial wood grain that is hard to distinguish from the real thing.

The overall construction of this shed is very impressive. The floor panel allows you to position this shed on almost any surface, while the two windows add another stylish aesthetic. There is also integrated ventilation, meaning there is little chance of damp and mildew building up within the interior. The double door is particularly sturdy, with latches included so you can add a padlock to secure your stored items.


Keter Store It Out Midi Outdoor Garden Shed, Taupe/Beige

The Keter Manor Pent shed is a more utilitarian option than other items in this list, but is a great option for those who want secure storage for their garden valuables. This compact shed is on the small side, but it is perfect proportioned to house a wide variety of garden supplies and appliances.

The exterior is made from high-quality plastic, although the authentic wood grain finish makes it a natural addition to any outdoor space. The single door provides you with easy access to your stored items, while a latch is also included so you can securely bolt your items away. The shed also features a single window to let sunlight into the interior.

Ventilation ducts are included to ensure good amounts of airflow, which is crucial in ensuring that damp and mildew doesn’t cause any damage to your stored items. The exterior will also maintain its finish, even when exposed to regular sunlight. The tilted roof is another welcome feature, ensuring that moisture does not accumulate and cause any issues for the integrity of your shed. The plastic build also makes this shed fairly lightweight, so installation and repositioning of the unit is relatively effortless.


Forest Garden Overlap Dip Treated 8×6 Apex Shed

If you prefer the aesthetics of natural wood, this overlap shed is a good option. Although relatively compact, this shed provides you with a generously sized interior that is more than sufficient for storing larger items. You can comfortably store barbecues, lawnmowers and bicycles with this shed. Access is provided by a single reinforced door, while a double window allows natural light to penetrate into the interior. The tilted roof will also ensure that your shed holds its form for longer, with water free to drain away from the top of the structure without adding unnecessary weight to the frame.

The overlap construction of this wooden shed makes it a particularly durable structure. Inside, the frame is reinforced by steel brackets and braces to improve the stability of the shed. The windows are also shatter-proof, providing you with another layer of security. Although the wood panels are treated to resist weathering, you can of course enhance them with additional stains and garden paints.


Lifetime 60209 Vertical Storage Shed (53 Cubic feet), Roof Brown, 74 x 142 x 174 cm

This storage shed from Lifetime is another good option for those who have minimal garden space available, not need a place to store garden implements and other outdoor essentials. With its vertical design, this shed is ideal for gardens and yards that are on the small size. Almost the overall footprint of this shed is minimal, you have a surprising amount of storage potential here. With two doors, you can access the entire interior at all times. You can also optimise the interior with additional shelving and racking to best meet your requirements.

This vertical storage shed is also hard-wearing, with the weatherproofed material able to withstand constant exposure to the elements. The structure is also reinforced with steel supports for added durability. It will comfortably withstand impacts, while there is no need to worry about the finish of the shed flaking away or chipping over time. Padlock latches are included so you can add a further layer of security to your shed. If you want a compact shed that has significant storage potential, this is a top pick. It should also appeal to those after something that requires next to no maintenance and upkeep.


Normanton Wooden Log Store/Garden Storage With Doors – Heavy Duty With Pressure Treated Wood (4ft Solid Sides, Rustic Brown)

This Normanton shed is a good option for those who want to ensure their stored items enjoy plenty of circulation. With its gridded base and breathable structure, this shed is ideal for storing things like fire wood. As plenty of air can enter and escape the interior, you never need to worry about moisture causing any issues for inventoried items. The low profile of this shed also makes it ideal for those who have minimal outdoor space to work with. You also have two-door access here, allowing you to access the entire interior, without actually having to scramble around inside of it.

The tilted roof ensures there is no water trap at the top of the shed, while the overlap construction ensures maximum rainwater run-off. The wood used to build this shed has been pressure treated for added durability, while the rustic finish ensures it will make a welcome addition to any garden. If you are looking for a log store solution, this shed is an ideal pick. However, it will also provide you with a convenient storage solution for all manner of garden accessories.


Keter Westwood 570L Outdoor Storage Box-Brown

If you have very little room available in your garden or yard, but still need somewhere to store gardening implements and other items, this Kester Westwood storage box is a good alternative to a standard shed. Although fairly low profile, this storage box provides you with a 570-litre storage capacity. You can easily store small lawnmowers and trimmers, as well as seat cushions and other outdoor essentials inside of this storage box. This storage box can also double up as a seating solution, making it a multifunctional alternative to a bulky shed.

Unlike more basic storage boxes out there, the Westwood from Kester is a stylish option. The faux wood grain is very realistic, with an impressive texture that is close to the real thing. It is also easy to use, with the easy-open lid mechanism allowing you quickly access your stored items. This storage box even includes a sturdy latch, allowing you to add a padlock to ensure your items are safe from thieves.


Shed Buying Checklist

The main thing to consider when choosing a shed is how much space you have available for one. Even a small garden can benefit from the addition of a shed, although you will not want to waste precious square footage with a huge structure. If you need to be economical with space, consider a vertical storage shed with a narrower profile. You may also want to think about something like a low-key log store shed, or a storage box that can also be utilised as a seating solution.

No matter what type of shed you purchase, make sure it is fit for purpose. A high-quality construction is a must to ensure it handles exposure to the elements well. If you are buying a wooden shed, make sure the material is treated to handle moisture and UV light exposure. An overlap construction will also prove more durable. Roofs should also be covered with an asphalt material to prevent moisture from settling in, while vertical slopes will help promote better rainwater drainage.


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