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Best Shower Heads

The best shower heads will transform your morning routine. If your home suffers from poor water pressure, a quality shower head can help compensate for any water feed shortcomings. A good shower head will also provide you with a variety of spray options, ranging from high-pressure output to more relaxing mists and massage functions. Searching for an easy ways to upgrade your shower? Our guide has all the details you need to bear in mind when selecting the best shower heads from the market.

Adjustable Modes

Any good shower head will provide you with multiple modes to make use of. If your home has an issue with water pressure, you should look for shower heads that provide a high-pressure output mode. These may be referred to as jet sprays. Other modes include massage functions, misty sprays and concentrated streams. Having a range of output modes at your disposal instantly adds some luxury to your shower experience. However, you should make sure any shower head includes a user-friendly adjuster that will allow you to switch between settings with little effort.

Filtration Systems

If you are worried about pollutants and toxins from causing damage to your hair and skin, opting for a shower head with a reliable filtration system is a good idea. Not only will such filtration systems allow you to shower in softer, purer water, they will also extend the overall lifespan of your shower head itself. With a decent filtration system, things like limescale are unlikely to build up on the nozzles of the shower head.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

Your shower head should also be fairly easy to clean. A high-quality finish will allow you to use powerful cleaning agents on the shower head without damaging its appearance. You should also consider the nozzles when determining how easy to clean a shower head might be. Flexible silicone nozzles are the preferred choice, as you can get stuck in with scrubbing brushes and pads to remove any stubborn limescale or blockages.

Eco-Friendly Options

If you want to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, go for shower heads that include current-limiting technology. In theory, this functionality is provided by any shower head that offers a range of output modes. However, the best shower heads will be designed with environmental impact in mind, limiting the amount of water that is drawn through the house and into the shower head itself.


Finally, you need to think about whether or not a shower head is compatible with your system. Some shower heads can be used with both power showers and conventional mains water feeds, while others may be limited to one or the other.

Product Reviews – The Best Shower Heads

Is your shower delivering second-rate water pressure? It might be time to purchase a new shower head. Below are some of the best shower head products currently available for you to think about. Make sure to check out our guide covering the best bathroom paint on the market today!

Ionic Shower Head Handheld High Pressure Water Saving 3 Modes Adjustable Filter Showerhead for Hard Water Low Water Pressure Contains Additional Replaceable Stone

This Ionic shower head is a great choice for those who want their bathroom to be more eco-friendly, but do not want to sacrifice on water pressure. This shower head allows you to switch between three different modes, with a conventional rainfall setting, as well as water jetting mode and massage option to choose from.

You can easily switch between modes thanks to the inclusion of a rocket adjustment. This powerful shower head is also ideal if you are looking to save on water. The current limiting technology means less water is drawn through the shower head, although you will barely notice this thanks to the premium design of the shower head body.

This shower head also features a mineral ball filtration system that serves to remove harmful elements like chlorine from the water you are using. It will also help minimise the amount of heavy metals and toxins that enter your shower water. If you have sensitive skin and want to enjoy a shower with a milder pH balance, this shower head is an essential addition to your bathroom. You can also install this shower head in no time, with no complex tools required in order to fit it to your tap or shower unit.


Mira Showers 2.1957.001 Mira Citrus 110mm Five Spray Replacement Chrome Shower Head

If you are looking for something cheap and effective, this Mira shower head is something to consider. This great value shower head boasts a universal fit, allowing you to fit it quickly and easily to your shower base unit or tap. In fact, this shower head will work with just about any shower unit or individual plumbing system. Although basic, this shower head provides you with four individual showering modes, ranging from conventional water streaming to massage.

If you want to increase the amount of water pressure for a more powerful shower, you can combine this shower head with a Mira shower hose to maximise water flow by as much as 25 percent. This shower head is also easy to clean. The nozzles can be quickly scrubbed down to remove any residual limescale, while the durable finish of the shower head means you will not have to worry about grime forming and damaging the performance of your shower. If you want to be left feeling refreshed and reinvigorated each morning, this shower head is a must-have.


Newentor Shower Head with Hose, High Pressure Shower Heads with Hose 1.5m, Universal Shower Head and Hose Set with 6 Settings Spray Mode, Chrome

This high-pressure shower head from Newentor is ideal if you want to feel more refreshed in the morning. This adjustable shower head features a large button at the side that allows you to play around with spray settings, without having to remove the shower head from its holder. Although affordable, this shower head is more high-powered than other options out there. When properly fitted, this shower head provides you with a powerful spray and even coverage. The square-shaped shower head also means you can enjoy a more concentrated spray across a wide area.

As this is a high-pressure option, this shower head is best utilised with mixer shower units. Installation is fairly straightforward, with a compatible shower hose included, meaning you have on less thing to worry about buying. This is also a durable bathroom essential, with ABS housing and silicon nozzles meaning you can keep on top of limescale accumulation. If you want a powerful shower head that can be easily maintained and will perform well for a very long time, this quality product from Newentor is a great choice.


Qliver Square Rain Shower Head, 12 Inch Large Top Spray Showerhead, 304 Stainless Steel Ultra Thin Powerful High-Pressure Wall Mount Bathroom Shower Head with 196 Jets, Chrome Finish

If you want to enjoy a shower with more coverage, this Qliver rain shower head is something to think about. This 12-inch shower head provides you with a more generous spray, with 196 individual silicone nozzles giving you maximum coverage. You can also easily adjust spray angle, with the high number of nozzles providing you with a gentler rainfall style shower. Thanks to the larger size, this shower head means your entire body can be exposed to water spray at all times, saving you the need to manoeuvre around awkwardly.

Made from stainless steel with a slick chrome finish, this shower head is a good option for contemporary bathrooms. The slimline profile and square shape will look right at home in the more modern bathroom or shower room. The high-pressure design also means you can use this in bathrooms with low water pressure. It is also very easy to install, with a universal connection thread making it compatible with any mixer shower or water feed. Cleaning is also fuss-free, with the silicone jets easy to scrub clean to ensure limescale never becomes a problem.


Triton High Flow 5 Spray Pattern Showerhead, Chrome

If you want a reliable shower head that delivers high levels of pressure, this Triton High Flow model is a good option. This quality shower head is fairly cheap, but offers you plenty of spray settings and a high-grade finish that means you won’t be wasting your money on something that will need replacing in only a few months time. The chrome finish of this shower head will look t home in any shower room or bathroom space, while the relatively large size means you can enjoy decent spray coverage.

There are five spray pattern settings to choose from here, with a user-friendly adjuster that allows you to change between settings quickly. The spray plate is also designed with convenience in mind. When it comes to cleaning, you can spray and wipe in seconds, confident in the knowledge that your shower head is clean and ready to use. This is also compatible with all shower types, so you will have no troubles fitting it yourself.


Large Square Rain Shower Head 304 Stainless Steel Ultra Thin Powerful High Pressure Top Spray Bathroom Rainfall Showerhead (10inch)

If you wan a more luxurious experience, this square-shaped rain shower head is something to think about. This rainfall shower head is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, with a stylish chrome finish that ensures an attractive accent in your bathroom spaces. The superior finish will also withstand corrosion, as well as scratches and unsightly blemishes. The larger size of this square shower head means you can expect more coverage than a standard model. Despite offering exceptional coverage, this shower head is surprisingly slimline, meaning it will not compromise standing height in your bath or shower cubicle.

This shower head features 112 individual silicone nozzles, which can easy be squeezed dry and cleaned with ease. You will have no issues keeping on top of limescale and grime, while any clogs that do occur are easy to remedy. The lightweight design and slim profile of this shower head also makes it compatible with a wide variety of shower arms, meaning you will not to replace your existing fixtures to accommodate it.


Olliwon High Pressure Shower Head, 304 Stainless Steel Water Saving Handheld Shower Head for Bathroom 310 Jets 1/2″ Connection – Matt Silver

This Olliwon shower head is a must for those who want to experience the luxury of high-pressure output. Although compact and slimline, this shower head boasts pinhole spray openings that have been precisely cut with lasers. These precision-cut holes allow water to escape at higher pressures, resulting in better overall coverage and a more refreshing shower. Even if your bathroom suffers from low water pressure, this shower head will compensate for the shortcomings and allow you to unwind in powerful jets and sprays.

This premium shower head is made from hard-wearing stainless steel, while the spray surface has been brushed smooth so it isn’t abrasive to the touch. Because there are no nozzles, this shower head is far easier to clean than standard models. It is also very economical, using around 60 percent less water than a standard shower head. This is also easy to fit, with the shower head body compatible with any 1/2-inch hose connection.


Shower Head Buying Checklist

When selecting a shower head, first make sure any model you are interested in is compatible with your type of shower. Some are versatile and can be used with both power shower units and mains-fed shower hoses, while others may only be suitable for one type of feed or the other. You will also want to ensure the shower head will provide you with the kinds of pressure you are after.

Look for shower heads that provide you with multiple modes, as well as plenty of nozzles to ensure maximum coverage. User-friendliness is also crucial if you want the option of being able to adjust settings in the middle of a shower. As with any fixture you will be adding to a bathroom, durability is important. Chrome finishes and silicone nozzles will stave off rust with ease, while also allowing you to be liberal when it comes to cleaning products.


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