Best Table Saw Options In The UK | 2023

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Finding the best table saw for your individual requirements can be a daunting prospect. However, sifting out the strengths of DIY models and professional-level table saws can easily help you hone in on the best option for you. For many, a so-called job site table saw should suffice in meeting all your needs, with these kind of models providing you with a budget-friendly option that scores highly in performance and portability. Below, we’ve put together an indispensable guide to help you in find the best table saw for your project needs.

Best Table Saw Options

Let’s start by looking at job site table saws in more detail. These varieties, as well as other compact table saw models, will usually arrive already mounted on a stand. This stand will also usually feature wheels for easy transportation. Combined with user-friendly folding mechanisms, this makes this type of table saw a good choice if portability is a big concern for you.

Bench top table saws are another common variety to look out for. Unlike the previous type, they don’t come with their own stand, instead requiring you combine them with a work table or bench in order to use them. That being said, they don’t suffer too greatly in terms of portability, with their relatively compact design and lightweight nature making them easy to transport.

There’s also a selection of stationary saw types to consider. Cabinet saws are without doubt the largest variety out there, with substantial weight implications to consider. However, with a more durable nature and powerful performance, it’s worth the pay-off. Contractor saws share some features with conventional job site table saws, but occupy a more premium end of the market. Likewise, hybrid table saws share some features with contractor saws, in addition to some functionality usually only found with cabinet saws.

Saw Blade Spec

There’s a lot of spec to consider when looking at table saw blades. Key criteria includes arbor size, teeth number, size, diameter, speed and material. When looking at commercial table saws, you’ll find most blades are of either the 10 inch or 12 inch variety. However, some models of table saw will utilise blades as small as 5 inches in diameter.

Nowadays, most table saws are designed to be able to cut through a wide range of materials. As such, you’ll find that blades are constructed from a variety of materials to handle more rigorous cutting demands. The number of individual teeth of a cutting blade can total as much as 80, with diamond-tipped teeth available for more intensive cutting applications.

Key Design Features

One of the most crucial parts of a table saw is the fence, with this individual element arguably the most important feature of a table saw. In most instances, table saws will utilise a T-square fence that allows for high levels of accuracy when cutting. If you intend to make angled cuts or cross cuts, you’ll also need to make good use of another critical design element of your table saw, the miter gauge.

Making the Right Choice of Motor

There’s a range of motor options when it comes to purchasing table saws. With smaller varieties of table saw, including portable options, you’ll almost always encounter direct drives. These types of drives have 120V circuits, with such a motor able to produce adequate performance for more everyday cutting requirements.

You’ll find more powerful motors reserved for stationary table saws, with such motors producing higher horsepower and relying on a belt drive to operate. These belt drives transfer allow for the transfer of power from the machine motor to the cutting blade itself. These types of table saw operate on circuits of 240V.

Established in 1924, DeWalt is a subsidiary of Black & Decker and supplies the international market with a wide range of power tools and hand tools for both the domestic market, as well as the construction, woodworking and manufacturing sectors. You’ll find everything from screw guns to circular saws, hammer drills to impact drivers and more offered by this DeWalt.

A subsidiary of DomuBrands, VonHaus is a leading supplier of domestic cleaning equipment and power tools. The brand offers an extensive range of premium DIY products and an expansive power tool line-up, with many cordless circular saws, impact drills and drivers, sanders and multifunctional tools at the heart of their offering.

Evolution Tools are a tried and trusted name in the manufacture of metal-cutting chop saws and circular saws. What makes tools from Evolution so singular is their multi-material cutting blade approach. With these level of design innovation, the need for additional cutting accessories and surplus gear is drastically reduced, saving on cost and space required.

Established in 1964, Einhell is today one of the leading providers of handheld power tools in the world, offering everything from multifunction tools to cordless appliances. Supplying the DIY and handcraft market, as well as the garden and leisure sectors, Einhell has a philosophy of producing top quality products at an affordable RRP.

This German manufacturer is a go-to for those looking for premium power tools for those more delicate applications. Every piece of machinery and single tool is individually manufactured and independently tested, ensuring products from PROXXON score top marks when it comes to precision and vibration-free performance.

Evolution Power Tools Rage 5-S Multi-Purpose Table Saw, 255 mm (230 V)

The more experienced DIY enthusiast or professional will have plenty to get excited over with this 5-S Multi-Purpose Table Saw from Evolution Power Tools. The RAGE 5-S is an incredibly user-friendly choice with heaps of premium features, giving you superb cutting results with all manner of materials, be it brittle plastic, robust aluminium or everyday wooden workpieces.

What’s so special about the RAGE 5-S is that precise cutting of all of these materials can be carried out with just a single blade. When used properly, this machine yields incredibly quick cutting with clean and precise results, with no noticeable burr to speak off and minimal sparks when cutting metal pieces. There is also no chance of heat build-up with this machine, with the material you’re working with remaining cool throughout. Because of this, you can remove and handle the workpiece as soon as you’ve made your cuts. If you’re looking for a table saw model that will allow you to maintain fast turnaround for rapid workflow, this is the way to go.

The RAGE 5-S utilises a heavy-duty, high torque motor for consistently powerful performance. You can also make good us of clear and precise angle settings here, an essential addition for those keen to carry out mitre cutting and bevel cutting applications. A user-friendly design throughout, the RAGE 5-S also allows you to adjust the blade height with minimal effort, letting you adapt to cuts of all material types. This is also an incredibly portable choice, with integrated wheels allowing you to transport the system from A to B with no effort. What’s more, the folding stand allows the RAGE 5-S to be discreetly stored away when not in use. Furthermore, you’ll find a R255-TCT blade with 28 teeth included, with a 255 millimetre blade diameter and 25.4 millimetre bore diameter.


Einhell UK TC-MS 2112 1600 W Compound Mitre Saw with 5000 rpm Cutting Speed – Red

If you’re after a table saw that’s ready and able to carry out everyday cutting jobs with minimal effort on your part, the Einhell UK TC-MS 2112 is a great choice. The high-quality work table is made from an incredibly robust die-cast aluminium, providing you with a stable base, helping you make reliable and accurate cuts, every time. The table also also includes precise angle adjustments as standard, with single-handed adjustment in various positions allowable. This is ideal for those looking to work quickly, without having to stop for minutes at a time to carry out essential adjustments.

The carbide-tipped saw blade you’ll find here is of a professional standard and boasts an impressive cutting capacity that allows you to work with larger workpieces. What’s more, the spindle lock mechanism allows you to swap out the blade for an alternative in no time at all. You can keep your workpieces locked firmly in place thanks to the support feature and clamping device integrated into the design of this table saw. Furthermore, you’ve a table inlay with scale to ensure high levels of accuracy when cutting. A sawdust bag is also included, helping keep your work surface clean and free of debris, making for a safer and more efficient work environment.

You can look forward to powerful performance with the Einhell UK TC-MS 2112 thanks to a heavy-duty 1600W compound mitre saw motor that delivers speeds of up to 5000 rotations per minute. The cutting blade itself boasts no less than 48 individual teeth, giving you the clean results your jobs demand. A transport brace also makes this a very portable option, letting you move your table saw from to A to B safely and securely. All of this comes with a very affordable price tag, with this particular table saw one of the cheaper options on this list. Despite the lower asking price, there’s little compromise when it comes to first-rate features.


Evolution Power Tools Fury 5-S Table Saw With Multi-Material Cutting, 1500W, (230 V)

The FURY 5-S from Evolution Power Tools is a definite contender for those after a premium table saw with plenty of first-rate features. This multi-purpose table saw model has a heavy-duty F255TCT-24T blade that will hold up well to everyday cutting requirements, delivering quick and precise cuts with all manner of workpieces. This is a very versatile model of table saw, providing you with the option of cross cuts, mitre cuts, bevel cuts and straighter cuts alike. What’s more, you can work effectively with workpieces of all sizes.

You can make quick work of steel sheets, aluminium workpieces, brittle plastic and wood alike. Even masonry with embedded nails can be cut with this table saw. Worth noting is that all of this multi-purpose cutting functionality is possible with just a single blade. This table saw also includes a rip fence that holds up well in every position, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety and security as you work. Anti-bounce technology also means that your workpiece panels stay firmly in place while sawing, minimising the chance of cutting mistakes and injury. All of this makes the FURY 5-S a solid choice for those looking to work at a faster pace. This table saw allows for max cutting depths of up to 85 millimetres when working with wood, with the F255TCT-24T blade boasting no less than 24 teeth, a 255 millimetre diameter and a 25.4 bore diameter.

Included along with the main table saw and multi-purpose blade are two table extensions, four extension table support struts and two blade changing tools. You will also find a mitre gauge, an anti-bounce device, an adjustable rip fence and two rear cantilever braces included as standard. Need more convincing? There’s also a push stick, two fence rails, a table saw stand, an Allen key, spanner, plus a fence location bar thrown in for good measure.


Lumberjack TS210SL Powerful 8″ 1500W Bench Table Saw with Sliding Side Extension & 210mm Blade 240V

The Lumberjack TS210SL is an easy choice for those after a bench table saw with plenty of first-rate features and impressive cutting performance. This table saw brings together precise cutting and reliable output with solid safety and security features that make it an absolute must for DIY enthusiasts and professional alike.

There’s plenty of premium features on offer here, including the overload protection switch to keep your machine working in optimal condition, not to mention the dust extraction port. This is ideal for those working indoors or in tight spaces, with the port easily hooked up to a vacuum cleaner to keep your workpieces free of excess debris. The height and cutting angle can be readily adjusted for your individual requirements. You can use this table saw to make straight cuts for everyday applications, along with mitre cuts and bevel edges. High-performance cutting blade extensions come carbine-tipped for superb sawing results. These blade extensions can be attached to make life easier when it comes to positioning wider workpieces. You can also make good use of clamps and rip fencing for ensuring enhanced levels of security when cutting. If you’re less experienced with such machines, or you’re simply looking to maintain rapid workflows while keeping safe and secure, the TS210SL won’t disappoint.

The Lumberjack TS210SL will definitely appeal to the less experienced user, with superb levels of safety and simplified adjustments as standard. It also has a more affordable price tag to match, meaning it’s a great entry point product for those looking to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to table saws.


Bosch Professional GTS 10 J Corded 240 V Table Saw

As the name would suggest, the Bosch GTS 10 J Professional is designed with the more experienced user in mind. This table saw may come at a higher price than other options on this list, but you only need glance over the first-rate features to see it’s well worth the added investment.

An incredibly powerful 1800W motor provides you with the user-friendly soft start you need to feed in more difficult workpieces, while overload protection also comes as standard. This is definitely an essential feature for those looking to work quickly and consistently, making the GTS 10 J Professional a solid bet for job site applications. The overload protection also keeps the motor in prime condition for longer, making this a good option for those who don’t want to fork out for repairs and replacements ahead of time. It’s also an incredibly portable option, with a compact design that makes it good for operation in tight spaces. You can move it from A to B and beyond with ease, thanks to various carry handles found at strategic points throughout the housing.

Slot cutting functionality is also provided for with this table saw thanks to a height adjustable riving knife feature. What’s more, adjustments can be carried out without the need for extra tools. An ergonomic wheel and knob allows for user-friendly adjustments to cutting depth and when you need to carry out bevel cuts. The integrated table extension found here also lets you handle larger materials, giving you a more versatile option if you readily swap between workpiece types. Finally, this table saw has been designed for professionals who want to keep all their essentials close to hand. Integrated tool storage can be found under the table itself, with space to house the rip fence, smart guard, mitre gauge and wrench. Admittedly, this will cost you more than most table saws out there, but with so many incredible features, you won’t regret the investment.