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best telescopic ladder

A telescopic ladder is a must-have piece of equipment for any DIY enthusiast. There are countless times when you need some extra height to carry out a job, be it something simple like reaching a second storey window to carry out cleaning or change a light bulb or ceiling fitting. While conventional stepladders are useful for indoor use, they are unsuitable for scaling headier heights.

This is where a telescopic ladder can come in handy. A telescopic ladder provides you with flexibility when it comes to climbing heights, with the added convenience of easy storage. Keen on adding a DIY must-have to your collection. Our guide lays out all the specifics to consider when selecting the best telescopic ladder for your needs.

Adjustable Height

Unless you only require a ladder for indoor use, you will want to ensure any telescopic ladder you buy can be extended to a tall enough height to reach higher areas. Many telescopic ladders can be extended to maximum heights of around 4-5 metres, although some ladders can extend to greater heights than this.

Some ladders also provide you with multiple configurations. The very best collapsible ladders on the market can be used as an A-frame ladder, a reinforced climbing ladder or a significantly higher ladder that can stretch to heights of more than 6-7 metres.

Incremental Adjustments & Locking Mechanisms

If you are looking to buy a telescopic ladder, make sure you go for one that can be adjusted in minor increments. This will allow you to play around with the height in stages, with increments of around 30cm being the most useful. Secure locking mechanisms are a must when it comes to collapsible ladders. Most telescopic ladders will include spring-loaded locking pins at either side of each step, with an audible click sounding when you have extended the ladder to a full increment.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to using ladders. All the standard safety features should be looked for when selecting a collapsible ladder. Rubber feet are a must, as these provide your ladder with stability when you are using them. Not only will they ensure your ladder strays upright when placed on hard outdoor surfaces, they will also ensure indoor flooring is protected should the ladder move slightly.

The surface layers of each step should also ideally be covered in a non-skid material to prevent you slipping as you climb or descend. Some ladders also feature hooks at the top, which can be useful to securely anchor yourself in place when carrying out tasks like cleaning windows or clearing gutters of debris.

Materials & Lightweight Convenience

Most telescopic ladders will be made from aluminium alloy. While this material can feel quite lightweight, it is a fairly robust option. This alloy will not warp over time and is engineered to withstand exposure to moisture and the elements. The lightweight properties of aluminium also make folding ladders very easy to carry around. If you are looking for a ladder to use on job sites and need to transport it to and from your home, a lightweight aluminium frame will be advantageous.

The Best Telescopic Ladders

Looking for a reliable ladder for everyday DIY jobs and other maintenance tasks? We have selected some of the very best telescopic ladders currently on offer to UK consumers.

WolfWise 4.7M Telescoping Ladder, Aluminium Telescopic Extension Tall Multi Purpose Loft Ladder, 330 pound/150 kg Capacity Black

This heavy-duty telescopic ladder from WolfWise are a practical addition to any DIY collection. These multi-purpose ladders are not only convenient, but also ideal for those worried about safety. Each and every section of these folding ladders have been meticulously designed to ensure they open and close safely. You will not have to worry about fingers becoming trapped and damaged as you utilise the telescopic folding function. The ends of the ladders are also encased with non-slip caps, meaning they will remain firmly in place as you climb steps and carry out your work.

These telescopic ladders also provide you with a great deal of flexibility when it comes to height adjustment. When fully extended, these ladders offer a maximum height of approximately 15.5 feet. However, you can unlock this length in one-foot increments. This makes them incredibly useful for a host of indoor applications where a conventional ladder would be simply too large. You can reach for them when you need to replace a defective light bulb or paint a ceiling, but can also use them for accessing the second storey level of your home when cleaning windows.

These ladders are also very robust, with aluminium alloy material making up the body of the design. This material is not only resistant to rust and everyday wear, but is also very lightweight. This makes them easy to transport, while not skimping on load-bearing capacity. However, you should be advised that these ladders can accommodate a max load of approximately 150 kilograms. When you have finished carrying your tasks, these ladders can be folded down to compact dimensions and secured with with the attached heavy-duty straps for stress-free storage.


Trintion 10.5Ft 3.2M Telescopic Ladder Aluminium 11 Step Loft Ladders Collapsible Ladder Extendable Multi Pursose DIY Tools Portable and Compact Max Load 150kg/330lb

These telescopic ladders from Trintion will make a fine addition to your DIY inventory and can be used to carry out all manner of tasks. Premium build quality comes as standard here. The main sections of these collapsible ladders are made from aluminium alloy, bringing you the best of corrosion-resistant performance and lightweight convenience. When fully extended, these ladders measure approximately 10.5 feet.

While this is shorter than some telescopic ladders out there, this length should prove more than sufficient for most DIY and maintenance tasks. You can also open these ladders in practical increments of approximately 30 centimetres. Although made from lightweight aluminium alloy, this ladders are incredibly sturdy, accommodating weights of approximately 150 kilograms with ease.

Each section of these ladders includes dual locking mechanisms, making them just as sturdy as a conventional ladder. These mechanisms include spring-loaded pins made from steel that lock into place whenever a section of ladder is extended. These pins also provide you with an audible click, giving you extra assurance that your ladder has been extended correctly. The anti-slip feet also ensure your ladder is as secure as possible, preventing any mishaps while you are using them. Each step also features a non-slip base, allowing you to climb and carry out work confidently in all conditions.

When not in use, these ladders fold down to fairly compact dimensions. The total folded height of these ladders is just 80 centimetres, which is small enough that they can be stored in the back of car for transport or the smallest of nooks for storage. They are also fairly lightweight, coming in at a little over 8 kilograms, making them easy to carry between locations.


WolfWise 3.8M Telescopic Ladder with Stabiliser Bar, Aluminum Telescopic Extension Tall Multi Purpose Loft Ladder, 330 pound/150 kg Capacity Black

These telescopic ladders from WolfWise are a good choice for those who do not need to access particularly substantial heights, but still want to enjoy premium convenience and superior safety features. In terms of safety credentials, these ladders more than deliver. These ladders feature a reliable stabiliser bar that ensures they remain level while being used. Each step also features a non-slip mat covering, meaning you never need to worry about losing your footing while on the ascent.

These ladders are also very simple to use, with one-button access to the retraction function. Unlike some telescopic ladders that can be awkward to use, leading to pinched finger and minor injuries, these ladders allow you to adjust the working height quickly and safely. Even when retracting the ladder from its full height, the collapsing motion is smooth and safe.

These WolfWise ladders are also constructed to a very high standard. As with the best collapsible ladders on the market, these are made from lightweight aluminium alloy. This material not only makes these ladders easy to carry and transport, it also provides you with heavy-duty performance for regular use. The alloy material is resistant to impacts and heavy loads, meaning they can be used for a substantial amount of time.

You also have plenty of scope when it comes to adjusting the height of your ladders to meet your requirements. The overall height can be adjusted in increments of a foot, making them useful for indoor and outdoor applications. When not in use, these ladders can be folded down to a small size, with the folded height falling just under 90 centimetres. This makes these WolfWise ladders very practical for those with little storage space.


3.8Meter Multi-Purpose Ladder Aluminium Telescopic Ladder Extension Extend – Portable Foldable Ladder, EN131, Max Capacity 150Killogram

These telescopic ladders are a great investment if you are looking for heavy-duty design, reliable safety features and collapsible convenience. Although not the largest ladders on the market, the maximum extended height of 3.8 metres should provide you with more than enough reach for everyday DIY tasks and most maintenance jobs. The anodised aluminium construction also makes them particularly sturdy, even for heavier users out there.

The telescopic extension means you can use them indoors with ease, making them ideal for everyday tasks like changing light bulbs or carrying out decorating jobs. However, you can also use them to access greater heights, making them suitable for tasks like cleaning windows or clearing out guttering.

Rubber feet provide these ladders with a stable base, so you do not need to worry about them falling underneath your weight, even when they have been fully extended. These rubber feet also have the advantage of not damaging delicate wooden flooring, tiles and carpets if you are using the ladders indoors. The anti-slip rubber matting of the bottom step also adds another layer of safety to these ladders, which is particularly reassuring if you are using them outdoors.

The stable locking mechanisms provides additional reassurance, especially if you are using them at the fully extended height for long periods of time. These ladders are particularly suitable for those who need something they can travel with. When not in use, they fold down to compact dimensions and weigh only 11 kilograms. This means they can be stored in the back of your trunk along with other DIY equipment and can be carried underneath your arm comfortably.


AutoBaBa Multi-Purpose 5M Aluminium Portable Telescopic Ladder DIY Extendable A-Frame Ladder Extension 16 Steps 150KG

These Teenza telescopic ladders are shorter than other products in this list, but they definitely score high marks for convenience and usability. These multi-purpose ladders have been designed with safety in mind, with superior features not found with comparable ladders on the market. The top of these ladders includes a safety hook, allowing to more firmly fix them to surfaces to ensure minimal movement as you carry out tasks.

These safety hooks make them particularly well suited to tasks like cleaning windows or carrying out construction and maintenance tasks. The bottom bar of these ladders has also been balanced to enhance their safety credentials, while the non-slip rubber feet ensure they remain upright, even when fully extended to their maximum height.

These ladders are perfect for those with limited space to store their DIY equipment. When fully retracted, these ladders can be stored in the tightest of spaces safely. They are also incredibly lightweight, with the aluminium construction meaning they can be carried under the arm without exerting yourself. Despite this, these telescopic ladders can cope with heavy loads, with maximum weights of approximately 150 kilograms supported. The telescopic mechanism is also very reliable, with locks at both sides to provide you with exceptional stability.

An audible click will sound when both locks have been deployed and are firmly in place, providing you with peace of mind to use your ladders confidently. The smooth telescopic mechanism is also very safe, so you do not need to worry about your fingers getting pinched or injured. Although relatively inexpensive and reliable, these ladders are somewhat shorter than other options. However, for use around the home or lighter tasks, they more than deliver in every respect.


Trintion 6.2M A Frame Telescopic Ladder Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder Aluminium Collapsible Ladder with 10 + 10 Stpes, Capacity 150kg / 330lbs

If you need to access much higher areas, these Trintion telescopic ladders are the best option for you. Unlike other ladders in this list that feature a single telescopic frame, these Trintion ladders instead deliver a multi-purpose approach. You can use these ladders in three different ways, including a 3.1-metre straight ladder or a 3.1-metre folded A-frame ladder. You can alternatively use it in its 5-metre tall form when fully extended. An anti-slip support bar provides you with superior safety. Additional rubber pads are included to improve your balance further, while also protecting flooring when the ladders are used indoors.

The reliable hinge operation also makes these ladders particularly safe. The oversized hinge construction adds to the overall stability of these ladders, with the thickened material ensuring the hinge remains in place once the ladder has been extended or folded into your desired configuration. This prevents any mishaps from occurring when using the ladders. The versatile design of these ladders and variable height adjustment means you can use them a wide variety of tasks.

They are also fairly lightweight, despite the increased extended length of these ladders compared to other available products. Coming in at approximately 21.8 kilograms, they are still light enough that they can be carried comfortably. When it comes to folded dimensions, they are almost identical to much smaller ladders on the market. When fully retracted, these ladders have a height of just 95 centimetres, making it easy to store them in limited spaces.


The Verdict

If you are interested in purchasing a telescopic ladder, you should first think about the kinds of tasks you will be using it for. If you only need something for occasional DIY jobs or light jobs in and around the home, you do need to worry too much about massively extended heights. However, if you need to access much higher areas, you should look for ladders that provide you with maximum working heights of 5 metres or more.

Stability and safety features should never be overlooked, regardless of the kinds of tasks you will be using a telescopic ladder for. Anti-slip feed and a bottom balance bar are therefore essential features. The telescopic mechanism should also be reliable, so look for ladders that include spring-loaded mechanisms at either side of each step.

Convenience is also something you should think about. Ladders should be lightweight enough that they can be carried around easily. Therefore, a telescopic ladder made from aluminium alloy is the best option. Most telescopic ladders made from this material will come in at around 10 kilograms, unless you have purchased something that is substantially larger than average. You also need to consider storage practicalities. Look for ladders that, when fully retracted, measure no more than 90 centimetres. This will ensure they can stored in the trunk of your vehicle or tucked away into small nooks when they are not being used.


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