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Best Tool Backpack
The best tool backpack is a must-have accessory for professional tradespeople who need to get to and from their place of work with their tool essentials. They can also be a great alternative to a conventional toolbox for those short on storage space. A good tool backpack is a practical alternative to bulkier tool bag, allowing you to carry a full load of DIY essentials with you comfortably. However, the best backpacks will also provide you with incredible levels of organisation to ensure all of your items are easy to retrieve. Below, we will explore the most important features to look out for when shopping for the best tool backpack.

Tool Storage Capacity

This is the most important thing when it comes to selecting a suitable tool backpack. Although it makes sense to ascertain the overall storage capacity of a backpack in litres, you need to think about internal organisation when selecting a tool backpack. After all, you won’t just be throwing all of your tools into the interior and keeping them loose. Look for backpacks that include many individual pockets and pouches for storing tools. You should be looking for vertical pockets for storing things like wrenches and screwdrivers, along with larger compartments for housing bulkier power tools like drills.

Smaller pockets with zip-fasten tops are a must if you plan on carrying small fixtures around with you. Some of the best tool backpacks also include magnetic strips within the interior, which will collect any loose metal components that have fallen out of larger pockets.

If you need to carry a laptop or electronic device with you, look for a tool backpack that includes a separate, cushioned compartment for such items. These are usually housed separate of the main interior, preventing hard metal edges from causing any damage to your screen and laptop housing.

Durable Materials & Reinforced Design

As your tool backpack will be carrying significant loads, you will need to ensure any bag you buy is designed to cope with this stress. A high-quality polyester or nylon material will usually prove strong enough, although any tool backpack should be reinforced along the seams to prevent sagging and tearing over time.

You should also look for backpacks with a reinforced base. A moulded base will not only add to the durability of your bag, it will allow you to place it down on surfaces, with the backpack remaining in an upright position. Such bases also prevent dirty ground surfaces and moisture from damaging the interior of your backpack and its contents.

Adjustable Straps & Comfort

Any good backpack needs to be comfortable to wear for prolonged periods, but this is even more crucial when you consider the heavy loads your tool backpack will be carrying. Adjustable shoulder straps are therefore a must, while an additional strap that fastens across the chest is also useful if you want to keep your bag from shifting around in transit. A cushioned back panel will also make a tool backpack more comfortable to wear, with little chance of the tools within the interior from causing you any complaints.

Product Reviews – The Best Tool Backpacks

Keep your essentials tools organised and close to hand with a new tool backpack. Below are some of the very best tool backpacks you can currently find on sale.

Neo Tools Technicians Backpack Rucksack Heavy Duty Tool Bag [ 84-304 ]

The Neo Tools 84-304 backpack is ideal for those who need to travel around with a full collection of tools. Made from 600D Oxford fabric, this backpack is a very sturdy accessory and designed to provide you with a durable storage solution. Although fairly compact when compared to other tool backpacks, you will find ample storage potential for housing all your essential items.

The interior of this backpack provides you with 18 individual pockets for storing smaller tools and fixtures, while the exterior of the backpack features a further four pockets for additional items. There is even an additional compartment for safely storing a laptop or tablet device.

This backpack is also very comfortable. The back panel that makes contact with the wearer is padded for comfort, as are the adjustable shoulder straps. The backpack base has also been reinforced, allowing you to carry heavier items, while also protecting your tools from moisture intrusion. Secure zips and buckle fasteners also mean your stored items are locked firmly in place once your backpack is over your shoulders and you are on the move.


Dewalt DWST81690-1 Rucksack Backpack, Black

The DeWalt DWST81690-1 is fairly small, but its well organised interior provides you with plenty of space for storing a wide range of manual tools. Made from 1200D material, this backpack is incredibly sturdy and designed to protect your items from the elements. It also has a fairly decent load capacity, with maximum loads of 25 kilograms allowable. The internal storage capacity is also generous, with a 40-litre interior providing you with enough space for a complete collection of tools.

Although you are somewhat limited in terms of pockets and pouches, this backpack delivers when it comes to organisation and accessibility. Unlike other backpacks that only allow you to access the interior from the top, this backpack has a fold-down panel that provides you with complete access to the interior. Vertical storage pockets means you can keep screwdrivers, awls and other long tools stacked neatly for instant retrieval.

These vertical storage pockets are also fairly rigid, preventing the chance of your tools tumbling about while you are on the move. You will also find a designated pouch for storing your laptop or paperwork, along with two generous side pockets on the outside. The padded shoulder straps can also be fully adjusted, ensuring your backpack remains close to your body when moving around.


C.K Magma MA2635 Technician Rucksack Plus, Black, 39 x 20 x 48 cm

The C.K Magma MA2635 is fairly pricey, but if you want a tool backpack that will perform well for years, it is a sensible investment. The exterior of this backpack is made from completely waterproof material, while the base is fashioned from an impact and crack-resistant polymer material. The contoured base also makes this far more comfortable than other tool backpacks with reinforced bases. Inside, there is a huge amount of storage for your tools. With 39 individual pockets and tool holders, you will never struggle to keep organised.

Additional padding provides your back with a comfortable layer of cushioning, while also ensuring sharp tool edges never cause you any issues while you are on the move. The reinforced shoulder straps also include padding, preventing a fully-loaded interior from causing you any discomfort. The heavy-duty zips mean your contents are always secured in place once stored, although you are also free to add a further level of security by kitting your zips out with locks.


Stanley 1-72-335 Back Pack

This Stanley 1-72-335 backpack is the perfect solution for those who need to keep their tools neatly organised for quick retrieval. Made from hard-wearing nylon material, this backpack is both sturdy enough that it can comfortably accommodate a full line-up of tools, while also ensuring rain and snow never cause any issues during your commute. This spacious backpack also provides you with an easy way to keep your tools organised. The interior includes a selection of pouches and pockets for vertical storage of things like screwdrivers and other manual tools, with the fold-down front compartment meaning you can quickly access your stored items without having to remove inserts or take out larger items.

The base is also reinforced, making this particularly suitable for those who prefer to travel with a full load of tools. It also allows you to place your backpack down on dirty or wet surfaces, without the nylon material from becoming damaged. High-quality zips mean there is no worry of your compartments from opening while on the move, while additional mesh pockets and straps provide you with additional external storage capacity.


Milwaukee 932464833 Ultimate Jobsite Backpack, Red

The Milwaukee 932464833 is a good choice of tool backpack for those looking for exceptional durability and plenty of capacity for tool storage. Made from 1680D material, this is a particularly rugged choice of tool backpack that will keep the elements at bay. The heavy-duty metal zippers are also designed for durability. The reinforced base also means your backpack will remain upright when placed down, while also protecting the interior from damage and dirt.

This backpack also provides you with a significant amount of storage space, with a total of 48 pockets to keep your tools organised. Two of the exterior pockets are made from hard-shell material, providing you with a suitable space for storing electronic items. The adjustable chest strap also makes it particularly comfortable to wear, even when fully stocked. Meanwhile, an attachment strap for rolling bags is also included, allowing you to amplify your storage capacity even further.


Velocity Progear Rogue 5.0 Backpack

The Velocity Progear 5.0 is an expensive choice of tool backpack, but if you want maximum performance and exceptional storage capacity, it is something to genuinely think about. Made from 1200 denier nylon material, this backpack will cope with the heaviest of tool collections. The reinforced base adds to the overall durability of the backpack, while YKK zippers mean you have no need to worry about fasteners becoming damaged over time. The storage potential of this backpack is also incredible. Inside, there are numerous vertical pouches with a tiered design, allowing you to keep a wide selection of tools neatly organised or quick retrieval.

You also have space for storing larger items, including power tools, with the universal drill holder a particularly good feature. There is also space for storing fixings, along with a magnetic screw catcher that will collect any stray fasteners of manual tool attachments. There is an even an internal pocket for storing tablet devices. The exterior is also packed with additional storage potential, while the padded back panel and shoulder straps make this comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.


Tool Bag Backpack, Heavy Duty Tradesman Pro Tool Organizer / Tool Carrier with 39 Pockets and Molded Base, Klein Tools 55421BP-14

This Klein Tools 55421BP-14 backpack is the perfect accessory for those looking to keep all their tools and job site essentials neatly organised and ready to retrieve. With 39 individual pockets, you have a huge amount of tool storage potential here. There is also a hard-shell front pocket for storing delicate items, such as safety glasses. The front zipper pocket is also useful for storing smaller tools or loose fixings. Inside, tall vertical storage holders provide you with the ideal place to keep screwdrivers and long-handled items.

This bag is also designed for longevity, with the ballistic weave material being particularly hard-wearing. Not only will this 1680D material provide you with some protection against impact, it will also keep rainwater and moisture from seeping through and damaging your tools. The moulded base further enhances the protective capabilities of this bag, allowing you to set it down on any surface without the worry of your bag material becoming damaged. The rigid base also ensures the bag remains upright at all times.


QEES Electrician Tool Bag, Waterproof Tool Backpack, Heavy Duty Durable Electrician Backpack, Multi-Pockets Tool Bag Backpack Compatible with Klein Tools, HVAC Tools, CLC Tools (Blue)

This QEES tool backpack is one of the most affordable choices on the market. Although cheap, this tool backpack is durable enough to cope with regular use and will go down well with DIY lovers and professionals who need to keep their tools close by and organised. The 1680D material is very durable, locking out moisture effectively. The reinforced pockets and sturdy zippers also make this backpack a good choice for those after long-lasting performance.

Although inexpensive, this tool backpack does not skimp on storage. The large interior provides you with all the space you will need for storing manual tools like wrenches, screwdrivers and levels. It also provides space for larger items, such as power drills. While the interior organiser is not as rigid as what you might find with more expensive backpacks, it should allow you to keep your stored items in order, provided you do not overload the bag. You will even find extra space for storing a tablet device or paperwork.


Tool Backpack Buying Guide

When choosing a tool backpack, storage capacity and durability are all important. If you need to travel with a huge number of tools, a generous interior with organised storage is essential. Look for tiered storage compartments that will allow you to store tools in an upright position.

If you need to carry large items like power drills with you, make sure there are designated compartments with rigid edges to protect your items. With your bag fully loaded, you will also need something that can cope with the strain. Go for high-quality ballistic fabric whenever possible. A reinforced base and sturdy seams will also ensure your backpack remains serviceable for as long as possible.


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