Can Woodworking Make Money? | 2023

Can Woodworking Make Money
If you are looking to embark on a side hustle to supplement your income, woodworking can be a good avenue to explore. However, you will need to have some basic level of skill in order to produce products that will sell. You will also need to ensure you have all the relevant tools to undertake woodworking projects, while also factoring in for the additional cost of materials.

Essential Tools

If you are serious about making money from woodworking, you will need enough tools to be able to complete your projects. You will need a good selection of hand tools that can be used to work with wood, including everything from tape measures and levels to chisels and coping saws. You may also want to think about purchasing some power tools if you plan on producing a significant amount of products. If you plan on building furniture or larger pieces, a benchtop planer or sander are items you should think about investing in.

Cost of Materials

Even if you have a massive range of tools to work with and plenty of woodworking know-how, you will struggle to make money from your creations if you have not properly budgeted. The cost of materials for even a small project can be considerable, so you will need to carry out a cost analysis for every product and project. Considering sourcing your materials from wholesalers, rather than pricier DIY stores. You may also want to repurpose older pieces of wood to bring down your costs. In which case, you will need a reliable planer that can be used to refinish wood.

Selling Your Items

Unless you are producing and selling items to order, you will need to have be able to market your creations. Online marketplaces are always good platforms to utilise, although you face fierce competition and will face additional postage costs. If you prefer to engage directly with customers, think about selling your products at craft fairs.


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