How to Saw Straight | UK Guide | 2023

How To Saw Straight

If you struggle to achieve straight cuts when using a manual saw or power saw, there are a few things you can try to achieve a more precise finish. Below you will find some useful tips for getting a better result when tackling sawing tasks.

Achieving a Straight Cut with a Hand Saw

If you are using a manual saw, you will first need to ensure you have a solid table or workbench on which to secure your wood material. If the table you are using moves around too much as you saw, your cuts will never be straight. If you are sawing outdoors, make sure the surface your table or workbench is positioned on is even.

You should also think about securing your workpieces to your table. You can pick up sturdy clamps from just about any DIY store, with a range of sizes available so you can attach materials of varying thickness. Even if you using a laser guide to assist your sawing, you should always measure and score a guide line in pencil before you cut. You may also want to clamp a second piece of material, such a thick strip of wood or board along the planned cutting line.

This will serve as a jig, helping secure the material you are looking to cut in place, while also serving as a guide for the edge of your saw. When it comes to cutting, position your saw blade at a 45-degree angle. Then begin to slowly move the saw backwards and forwards until it begins cutting through the material.

Mitre Boxes

An easier way to achieve straight lines when sawing is to use a mitre box. These sawing accessories are very affordable and are essentially a robust box that comes with slits in it. Slits can be both straight and at an angle, allowing you to more precisely guide your saw blade across materials in the desired direction.

Although you can use your own hand saws with mitre boxes, you are probably better off choosing a mitre box that comes with a compatible saw included for best results. The material you are looking to cut should be securely clamped to the mitre box before sawing. The mitre box should also be secured to a work surface prior to carrying out any sawing.


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