What Are Woodworking Hand Tools? | UK Guide | 2023

What Are Woodworking Hand Tools
While power tools are a must if have particularly ambitious plans, a good range of hand tools is an essential part of any woodworking arsenal. Even a few basic hand tools will allow you to undertake small projects and complete finishing tasks. Below are some of the most essential hand tools for woodworking projects.

Tape Measures & Levels

These are often an after thought, but they will make a big difference when it comes to completing woodworking projects. A tape measure is a must-have, especially if you need to trim and cut down material pieces. A level is also a useful tool to have in your repertoire. You don’t have to spend too much money at all on either item.

Utility Knives & Saws

If you plan on working with thin pieces of sheet material, a utility knife is a useful alternative to a larger saw. Provided you have a steady hand, you can use a high-quality utility knife to score and slice through wood with ease. You can also use titanium blades for a smoother finish. You will also want to invest in some saws to add to your hand tool collection. A table saw is a good option, as is a compact hacksaw. A coping saw is another woodworking essential, particularly if you want to make intricate cuts into wood without damaging it.


Block planers are on the oldest hand tools around. Although benchtop planers and electrical models have largely replaced them, block planers are still the preferred option for those who want to maintain complete control over their materials.

Chisels & Files

Chisels are very useful for finishing edges of wooden material. They can also be used to smooth out the edges of a divot or cut-out section in wood trims and thinner strips of material. Most chisels are on the large side, so best used for lumbar and bigger pieces of material. If you want more control, invest in a set of files with a range of edge profiles.


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