Which Drill Bit Do I Need for Brick? | UK Guide | 2023

Which Drill Bit Do I Need for Brick
If you need to drill directly into brick, you will need to ensure your power drill has been fitted with suitable drill bit attachments. Although it is tempting to use heavy-duty drill bits made from high-grade materials, masonry drill bits are the only way to go. Even the most hard-wearing of metal and wood drill bits will fail to make much of a mark in brickwork.

Masonry Bits Explained

Masonry bits are specially designed for drilling into brickwork. They can also be used to drill into harder materials, such as mortar and concrete. Masonry bits with a particularly sharp point and profile may also be used to drill into ceramic material, such as tiles.

Masonry drill bits are easy to find online or in your local DIY store. They have a standard round shake and can be fitted to any drill chuck with ease. Although the majority of masonry drill bits are pretty versatile, you will need to select specific masonry bits if you intend to use a hammer drill. These hammer drill bits are designed exclusively for the SDS chucks you will find with hammer drill tool bodies.

Many people tend to use a hammer drill function when using masonry bits, but this is by no means the only way to use them. In fact, depending on the type of brick material you are working with, you may wish to avoid hammer drilling entirely. For example, if the brick you want to drill into is particularly delicate and brittle, a hammer drill action can cause it to weaken further and fall apart.

When drilling into brickwork with masonry bits, you will almost certainly need to use wall plugs to ensure your screws remain firmly in place. Even the most robust brickwork can become weakened after being drilled into, so a high-quality wall plug will compensate for this and allow you to drive in long-lasting screws. Although it makes sense to avoid hammer drilling when dealing with brittle brickwork, you can always take it slow with your drilling action. This will usually lead to less damage to the surrounding material as you drill, saving you the need to replace brick material or apply filler to repair any damage you create.


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