Which Drill Bit Do I Need for Metal? | UK Guide | 2023

Which Drill Bit Do I Need for Metal

Drilling into metal is a particularly demanding activity, so you will need to ensure you are using drill bits that are designed to cope with tougher materials. Standard drill bits might be able to make a mark in some metal surfaces or drill through very thin sheets, but they are unlikely to make much of an impact when dealing with steel. If you do need to drill through heavy alloys like steel, you will need a very strong drill bit that can handle the job.

Titanium Drill Bits

If you want to drill at high speeds, a titanium drill bit is the way to go. Otherwise known as high-speed steel drill bits, or HSS drill bits, these attachments are coated with titanium oxide to provide them with additional strength. Not only are titanium drill bits incredibly strong, they are also resistant to corrosion. They will prove far more effective and durable than your standard steel drill bits and can be used to drill through a huge variety of metal material.

Although very strong, titanium drill bits have some drawbacks. For one, the coated finish means you can’t really sharpen them. Once they are no longer fit for purpose, you will need to replace them entirely. They are also fairly expensive, so are only really worth investing in if you have particularly thick pieces of metal that need to be drilled through.

Cobalt Drill Bits

Cobalt drill bits are another worthwhile option for those looking to drill through metal. Made from cobalt steel, these drill bits have superior strength than standard drill bits. Unlike titanium oxide coated drill bits, they also be maintained and sharpened over time. They have a more abrasive finish than titanium drill bits, so they are effective at drilling through tough metal. However, the finish of drilled holes is not as smooth as what you might expect from titanium drill bits. However, if you want something relatively inexpensive and hard-wearing enough that they can be used on a regular basis, they are a good option.


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