Why Woodworking is Good for You | UK | 2023

Why Woodworking is Good for You
If stress is getting the better of you, woodworking is a great way of escaping from the worries of everyday life. Woodworking not only allows you to be creative, it also provides you with a distracting activity that will make the worries of the world fall away.

Alleviating Anxiety

As with any task that requires your complete focus and attention, woodworking is a great hobby for those looking to lower their anxiety levels and tackle stress. Even the simplest of woodworking projects can help you unwind at the end of a long day.

Improving Cognitive Function & Motor Control Ability

If your fine motor control needs improving, woodworking can be a great therapy. With smaller woodworking tasks, you will no doubt be handling smaller screws and fasteners, as well as delicate hand tools. All require fine motor tools in order to be used effectively. If your fine motor skills are rarely utilised on a daily basis, undertaking woodworking projects is a great way to ensure they are regularly put to good use.

Improving Arithmetic

Woodworking projects require precision and a good head for numbers. You will need to draft accurate plans for working out material costs. When it comes to tackling projects and builds, you will also need to precisely measure material to ensure accurate cuts. All of this involves solid maths skills, which can you keep well-honed if you engage with woodworking projects regularly.

Developing New Skills

Woodworking is really am umbrella term for a much broader set of skills. Engaging with woodworking will introduce you a wide suite of tools that need to be mastered. You will also learn new material types and techniques. Developing new proficiencies will not only benefit your woodworking projects, but also help you build a skill set that can be applied to everyday situations, such as basic maintenance and fixes around the home.


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