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Securing the best chop saw is a must if you’re someone who regularly undertakes building projects needs something to make quick work of carpentry jobs. Never heard of one before? Simply put, a chop saw is a type of saw that can be utilised to make straight cuts with much higher levels of precision than what you might get from other types of saws.

Chop Saws vs. Circular Saws

While conventional chop saws are the way to go if you’re looking to make square cut, there are variants of this saw type that can be utilised to make angled cuts. Mitre saws are a kind of a chop saw that allow you to make angled cuts quickly and with high levels of accuracy. Certainly, a mitre saw is the more versatile variant of the conventional chop saw.

If you’re new to DIY and the category of power saws, it’s easy to confuse chop saw variants with circular saws. Superficially, these types of saw can seem similar, but there’s a great deal of significant differences between these models. The key difference is that chop saws, unlike circular saws, don’t move. With a chop saw, the blade can only move upwards and downwards. As such, if you need to make a cut, you need to feed the material you’re working with to the blade. This isn’t the case with circular saws, where the saw can be moved in all manner of directions, with the blade not limited to being able to travel upwards and downwards.

Although this would seem to suggest that circular saws are more versatile, chop saws remain a better choice for undertaking more specific applications. Provided you have some quality blades at your disposable, a chop saw can be utilised to make premium cuts with minimal fuss.

Types of Chop Saw

There are various types of specialised chop saw that can be put to good use in cutting various types of material. One of the most common variants is the metal chop saw. This specialised model of chop saw has been designed to cut metal with ease. If you’re someone who primarily works with metal, it’s an obvious choice of machine to invest in. With a metal chop saw, you can look forward to making quick and precise cuts with your metal materials, although you’re limited by not being able to make angled cuts. When working with metal chop saws, the standard safety measures apply, but you should pay special attention to protective gear and take care not to force and overwork the blade.

Common Wood Chop Saws

Withouto doubt, a wood chop saw is the most commonly encountered chop saw variety out there. With a wood chop saw, you can enjoy quick work and reliable cutting with wooden materials. Again, you won’t be able to make angled cuts to wood, with the up and down cutting movement the only actions you can put to use. As such, you may wish to invest in an additional mitre saw to handle these angled cuts if they’re required for your project and workload. Unlike other types of chop saw, the wood chop saw model is a surprisingly easy to use piece of equipment. As with other varieties, strict safety measures need to be observed when working with one.

Other Types of Chop Saw

Another potential type of chop saw you might be interested in is the so-called abrasive chop saw. You’ll definitely want to use one of these if you anticipate working with very robust materials. Unlike other types of chop saw, an abrasive chop saw utilises dispenes with conventional blades and cutting teeth in place of a grinding wheel. By using this grinding mechanism, an abrasive chop saw can cut through very abrasive materials like hardy metals, tile, concrete and more. Despite the obvious differences, abrasive chop saws work in much the same way as other varieties of chop saw.

Picking the Right Blade

If you’re not able to invest outright in a metal chop saw model, you can still tackle metal materials by picking out premium blades. By using metal cutting blades with your chop saw machinery, you can enjoy robust cutting action without the additional investment. Metal cutting blades can be purchased relatively inexpensively and simply attached to your chop saw as like any other replacement blade. It’s fair to say you can’t expect the exact performance results of a designated metal chop saw, but it’s a good compromise for those working with a tighter budget. What’s more, those who only anticipate working with metal materials infrequently will be better served by metal blades.

Cordless or Mains Power?

As with any power saw variant, the question of whether to go cordless will arise. It’s tempting to reach for a cordless model if you’re working in awkward environments with no ready access to mains power, but the limitations a cordless device bring need to be seriously considered. A chop saw has heavy-duty applications, with the robust cutting blade requiring some serious power. This cutting action will very quickly drain a battery of its reserves, so unless you’ve ample battery packs at your disposal, a cordless option simply isn’t viable. Provided you’re work space has mains power access, a corded variant is the way to go.

Chop Saw | UK Reviews

Now we’ve looked at what key things to consider when purchasing chop saws, it’s time to see what’s available on the market. We’ve put together a quality line-up for you to consider, with models from a variety of manufacturers to suit all requirements and budgets.

Evolution Multi Purpose Compound Mitre Saw

The R210-CMS from Evolution Power Tools stands out from the crowd by utilising RAGE multi-material cutting ability. As a result, this relatively compact chop saw can be effectively used to cut through all manner of materials, be it steel, aluminium or wood. Even masonry with embedded nail can be cut with ease with this chop saw model. What’s more, all this can be achieved with a single blade. Even when cutting through robust material, this chop saw produces no excess heat or burr, and almost no sparks whatsoever. Incredibly portable and user-friendly, the R210-CMS is a great value option for those seeking a chop saw that delivers professional results with minimal fuss. The powerful 1200W optimised gearbox and blade system has been designed to increase motor efficiency and blade life, not just to ensure efficient cutting performance. Accuracy is also assured with this chop saw model, with precise cutting assured in bevel and mitre contexts. Another great thing about this chop saw? All this can be yours for a RRP of no more than £59.99. That’s an incredibly fair price for such first-rate functionality.


Einhell TC MS Copound Mitre Cutting Saw

The Einhell UK TC-MS 2112 is a powerful choice of chop saw that retails at a very reasonable price tag. The rotating table allows you to make precise angle cuts ranging from -45 degrees to +45 degrees, ensuring maximum bevel cutting performance. You can also count on stability and safety here, with workpiece support made possible thanks to a reliable clamping device that further serves to ensure more precise cutting performance. If accuracy is of chief concern for you, you’ll be glad to know that the table inlay provides a clear scale for more precise cutting. Furthermore, there’s a sawdust bag to ensure your workspace is kept clean and free of dust debris as you cut. When it comes to packing up and moving to a new area, the transport brace ensures safe and simple transportation. Powerful performance is also assured thanks to a 1600W motor that drives speeds of up to 5000 rotations per minute. User-friendly and boasting plenty of useful features, this chop saw is the way to go if you’re seeking to make crosscuts and mitre cuts in all manner of workpieces including wood, plastics and laminated panels.


Metabo KS 216 Laser Compound Mitre Saw

The Metabo KS 216 Laser Compound Mitre Saw ticks all the right boxes. With its lightweight design and compact profile, it’s an easy choice for those with more limited spaces to work. What’s more, it’s a great choice for those seeking something portable and easy to move from A to B. In fact, transport is so simple you can carry it with one hand, with ergonomic handles and secure locking mechanisms to make life even easier. Incredibly robust die-cast aluminium has been used in the manufacture of this chop saw, ensuring it will hold up well to more demanding cutting tasks. You can also look forward to a safe and healthy work environment thanks to essential extras like highly efficient dust extraction and an integrated dust scoop to boot. When it comes to cutting, things have been engineered to make your work quick and easy. Common angles can be set quickly and precisely using stop points, while there’s an additional laser guide for exact display of cutting lines. Furthermore, you’ve a very bright LED light to enhance visibility when you’re working in dim and dark conditions. Scales and all crucial operating elements are clearly visible from all angles, with intuitive operation incorporated into the overall design. Furthermore, saw blade changes are a breeze thanks to a spindle lock mechanism.


Evolution Rage 3-S+ Multi-Purpose Sliding Mitre Saw with Plus Pack, 210 mm (110 V)

This quality multi-purpose chop saw makes good use of patented Evolution cutting technology to deliver you superior cutting performance. This Rage 3-S+ saw can be used to make efficient cuts of mild steel, wood, plastic and other non-ferrous material with just a single blade. Although it’s a little pricier than other chop saw models on this list, the more proficient user will find plenty to enjoy here. One such design innovation that’s sure to impress is the compound tilt and slide mechanism that will come in handy time and again. There’s also laser guidance on hand to ensure the utmost accuracy is maintained when cutting, ensuring you never need worry about imprecise cuts again. Included with the main saw model is a R210-TCT multi-purpose blade with 24 teeth, which can readily be swapped out with one hand when required. For peace of mind, this saw also comes with a 3-year limited warranty for those who purchase within the UK.


DJM Direct Sliding Compound Mitre Saw (8″ Single Bevel 210mm)

This DJM Direct Sliding Compound Saw is certainly worth your time. Retailing at a very reasonable price and packed with user-friendly features, this robust chop saw will deliver powerful performance and precise cutting results at all times. Included with the main chop saw body itself is a 24-tooth blade, which can be used to slice through all manner of workpiece materials with ease. The smooth sliding action is perhaps the standout feature of this saw model, although there’s bags more besides to get excited about. Those who value stability while working will find plenty to enjoy here, with wood clamps for secure cutting and side support bars in place to accommodate larger loads. What’s more, there’s laser guidance as standard to ensure you achieve more precise results when cutting.


Bosch Professional Corded Sliding Mitre Saw

It’s a little pricier than other models on this list, but with the Bosch Professional Corded Sliding Mitre Saw, you can count on the best in performance. This GCM 8 SJL Professional mitre saw is perhaps best reserved for the proficient user, but even those seeking something to meet everyday tasks will enjoy the premium benefits this model offers. Ideal for cutting wider workpieces such as laminate, decking and floor boards, this saw has a horizontal cutting capacity of 312mm and boasts improved angle adjustment capability and superb dust extraction features. Despite all the premier spec that’s loaded into this saw model, you don’t have to worry about it being too bulky to work with. In fact, it comes in at a very reasonable 17.3 kilograms, with a compact design to match. Combine this with an ergonomic carry handle and you’ll find a mitre saw model that’s easy to move from A to B as you go about heavy-duty cutting tasks.