The Top 10 Woodworking Companies To Follow For Innovative Products And Ideas

The Top 10 Woodworking Companies to Follow for Innovative Products and Ideas

Are you a woodworking enthusiast looking to stay on top of the latest trends and products in the industry? Or maybe you just love ogling over the newest and most innovative woodworking gear? Either way, following the top woodworking companies on social media is a great way to stay in the loop.

From cutting-edge power tools to game-changing hand tools, these companies are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in woodworking. But with so many companies out there, it can be hard to know which ones to follow.

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the top 10 woodworking companies to follow for innovative products and ideas. These companies are sure to inspire you with their creativity, craftsmanship, and ingenuity. So buckle up and get ready to be blown away by the best in the business!

Beaver Woodworking

Beaver Woodworking is the most innovative woodworking company out there, and if you’ve got a hankering to build something with your own hands, they should be at the top of your list!

Their signature product is the “Beaver Board”, a specially designed board meant to hold projects together without the need for nails or screws. This remarkable innovation simplifies the woodworking experience, making it easier to assemble projects without having to worry about the hazards of dealing with sharp metals.

If you’re looking to build more complicated projects, then Beaver Woodworking is the company for you! Thanks to their patented “Beaver Strip”, you now have the ability to create complex three-dimensional objects from simple two-dimensional boards. But don’t worry; the process is still straightforward and requires minimal effort on your part.

In addition to their Beaver Board and Beaver Strip, Beaver Woodworking has also created scores of other innovations that have changed the face of woodworking. With their “Build Station” and “Interlock System”, you can now construct large pieces of furniture faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Not only does Beaver Woodworking provide stellar products and services, but they also make it easy to get in touch with them to receive advice or find out more about their products. You can reach out via their website, email, or phone and expect a quick response from their friendly team.

So why wait any longer? Get started on your woodworking adventure with the help of Beaver Woodworking and see how much easier and more rewarding woodworking can be.

The Woodmaster

The Woodmaster

Welcome to one of the best woodworking companies around, The Woodmaster! Founded in 1985 by the legendary carpenter and craftsman Jim Smith, this wooden artistry team has been bringing the magic of woodworking to the world ever since.

At The Woodmaster, you can get it all! Whether you’re looking for intricate wood carving, furniture-making, fun woodworking projects for adults and kids, or a wooden statue of your favorite celebrity, The Woodmaster has you covered. Like a finely-crafted Swiss watch, we bring the finest materials and the best craftsmanship to make each project come to life.

But, what really sets The Woodmaster apart from the rest is our passion for innovation! We strive to make each and every project better than the last. Our skilled craftsmen are constantly working on new and innovative projects and products, such as our award-winning “Two-Sided Table” with glowing inlaid wood, perfect for bringing a bit of magic to any living or dining area. Our team also recently debuted “firewood sculptures,” a unique take on traditional wood-burning works of art.

At The Woodmaster, we don’t just craft amazing products – we offer fantastic customer support and advice as well. Our team of professional woodworkers is constantly on hand to answer any questions and help you with your projects as needed. When you’re working with The Woodmaster, you can rest assured that you’re working with the best.

Come visit The Woodmaster and explore the wonderful world of woodworking today. With our knowledge, skills, and experience, we can bring you the greatest results that you can be proud of! You can find us online or stop by our shop in Woodstown, NJ and say hello. We look forward to assisting you with all your woodworking needs.

Carvey Woodworking

Welcome to Carvey Woodworking, where we take every design challenge and make it a reality. From custom cabinets for restaurant kitchens or crafting desks for office use, we’ve got you covered. We love working with wood and problem solving, so whatever your woodworking needs, we’re on it!

When it comes to Carvey Woodworking, we pride ourselves on our innovative products and ideas. We’re constantly designing and creating new ideas, meaning that our customers always come back for more. We focus heavily on custom made furniture, creating pieces that are truly unique to each of our customers’ needs. We also take pride in our competitive pricing, which ensures that every order is as cost-effective as possible.

Our enthusiasm for new projects and innovative ideas is truly unmatched. And hey, to make it even better, we guarantee our work! If you’re not satisfied with what we’ve created, we’ll make it right the first time around, no questions asked. That’s right; you can get top-of-the-line service and customized products all while getting a fantastic value.

Moreover, Carvey Woodworking offers a broad range of services. We offer everything from custom designed furniture to complete home remodeling. We also provide a wide range of finishing services, from staining and lacquering to glazing and spraying products. We also offer professional installation for all of our products, making sure that everything is perfect before you walk away.

So if you’re looking to update, renovate, or refine your living space, Carvey Woodworking is the perfect place to start. Our customers are always satisfied, and we’re eager for you to see why. Give us a call today, and let’s get working on your dream project! You won’t regret it!

Blender Woodworking

Ah, Blender Woodworking, one of my favorite woodworking companies to follow. It has one of the most innovative ideas coming out of the wood industry. 

Founded by two men—Andre and Johannes—in 2017, Blender Woodworking has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative woodworking companies in the United States. What made them so successful? Their commitment to quality and their brilliant use of technology!

Andre and Johannes have brought their combined experience and expertise to the table to create some of the most unique and robust designs in the industry. Every inch of the boards and furniture they make is engineered with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

Blender Woodworking’s products are made from sustainably sourced materials. This means that every piece is produced from start to finish with the environment in mind. The result? Quality furniture that is stylish and eco-friendly!

When it comes to innovation, Blender Woodworking goes above and beyond to bring cutting-edge technology to your woodworking projects. From 3D printed molds to automated sanding and polishing, their products are designed to not only look great but last a lifetime.

If you’re looking to stay up to date on their latest innovations, you can follow Blender Woodworking on their social media accounts. Here you will find all the latest news, upcoming products and even get a chance to participate in contests and giveaways.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and get creative because Blender Woodworking has everything you need to bring your woodworking dreams to life!

Chair City Woodworks

Chair City Woodworks

If you’re looking for quality woodworking, you need to pay a visit to Chair City Woodworks. Founded by woodworking legends Taylor and Lydia Anderson, Chair City has been making handcrafted furniture since 1997. This family-run shop is dedicated to creating beautiful and innovative pieces that will last for generations.

Chair City Woodworks’ portfolio is vast and varied, but there’s one area where they really stand out. Their ability to turn wood into amazing chairs of all types, from traditional dining chairs to modern rocking chairs. Each design is crafted from high-quality wood and outfitted with their own patented folding mechanism, making their chairs some of the most practical and comfortable pieces of furniture you’ll find.

Not content with just chairs, Chair City has also been at the forefront of modern woodworking with their bold and unique designs. For example, they’ve created a bar stool that has a unique jointed base, allowing it be moved into several positions so it can be used as a footrest or seat. It’s a smart, innovative solution that will save you space in your home.

Their skill and craftsmanship is evident across their entire portfolio, and they’ve recently won awards for their efforts. So if you’re looking for a quality woodworking company that’s pushing the boundaries of innovation, then Chair City Woodworks needs to be on your list.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about delivery. Chair City Woodworks ships both locally and internationally and offer a generous return policy should anything go wrong.

So, if you’re looking for a quality woodworking company that values innovation and craftsmanship, then look no further than Chair City Woodworks. With their talented team, bold designs and free returns policy, you’ll be proud to have them in your home.

Right Angle Woodworking

Ah, Right Angle Woodworking, the bane of all carpenters who swear they can hammer a nail straight! But fear not, friends, because Right Angle Woodworking is here to save the day – and your walls. This crafty company has been at the top of the woodworking game since 1995, so they know a thing or two about building things the right way.

Right Angle Woodworking specializes in all types of custom woodworking projects, from furniture to cabinets, so whatever your project is, they’ve got you covered. They utilize the latest technology to achieve a perfect right angle every time, so you can trust that your furniture won’t be lopsided. But that’s not all; Right Angle Woodworking is also known for their innovative approaches to design. From traditional styles to more modern looks, they’ve got everything from farmhouse-style dining tables to sleek and modern coffee tables.

But what really sets Right Angle Woodworking apart from their competition is their commitment to quality. All of their projects are made from the highest quality hardwoods, and they take special care to ensure that each piece possesses the strength and durability that it needs to stand the test of time. And if that wasn’t enough, they even offer custom finishes, so you can make sure that your furniture will match the rest of your decor. 

Of course, with all that being said, what better way to contact Right Angle Woodworking than with their new customer-dedicated website? Through their website, you can easily place orders, find answers to any queries you might have, and stay up-to-date on all the latest news and innovations that Right Angle Woodworking has to offer. And if you don’t have time to browse their website, you could always give them a call, send an email, or drop by their store in person. 

So whatever your woodworking needs, Right Angle Woodworking has got you covered. From traditional and traditional styles to modern and innovative designs, you can rest assured that Right Angle Woodworking is more than capable of crafting something that you’ll be proud of. So don’t delay, check out Right Angle Woodworking and let them take care of all your woodworking needs!

Offerman Woodshop

Welcome folks to Offerman Woodshop, the number seven stop in the top 10 list of woodworking companies to follow for innovative products and ideas. Now if you’re looking for a shop run by someone with some of the slickest, funniest lines around then you’ve come to the right place.Now I am is no rookie when it comes to woodworking. He’s been in the business for years, and he puts that same energy and effort from his comedy career into maniacal perfection in his shop.

Let’s talk about innovations. What amazing products and ideas can you expect from Offerman Woodwork? For starters, we like to think that one of our biggest and best innovations is our unique selection of hand-crafted custom furniture. He has a passion for creating one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect his sense of humor and style. He works with a team of skilled woodworkers, who specialize in crafting pieces that have both classic and modern elements, while also making sure they are perfectly finished with his flair.

We also offer individuals the opportunity to have custom-crafted items as unique as they are. We understand that everyone has different tastes and styles, which is why we work with each client to design something that works perfectly for them. The team will work with you every step of the way, ensuring your project is finished to the highest standards.

Finally, we want to talk about how you can contact Offerman Woodshop. If you’re interested in seeing what we have to offer, you can reach us at our website or find us on social media. We also have a workshop in Los Angeles, CA where we offer a wide range of classes and workshops for those looking to take their woodworking skills to the next level.

In conclusion, Offerman Woodshop is a great place to go for all of your woodworking needs. From custom crafted furniture to the highest quality woodworking classes, you can trust the team to get the job done right the first time. So make sure you head on over and check it out today.

The Maker’s Mill

The Maker's Mill

If you’re looking for some of the most innovative products and ideas when it comes to woodworking, there’s no better place to turn than The Maker’s Mill. Founded by skilled woodworker and entrepreneur, Thomas Lyons, The Maker’s Mill was created to provide high-quality, one-of-a-kind woodworking products and services. 

The Maker’s Mill is known for producing fine furniture, cabinetry, and furniture-making supplies. But what makes this company stand out is its use of innovative materials, techniques, and ideas to create unique pieces. 

The Maker’s Mill makes an impressive variety of wooden products, from custom kitchen cabinets to wall clocks. It also produces unique furniture pieces such as desks, chairs, and tables, as well as smaller items like coasters and clocks. The company also proudly offers DIYers the chance to learn firsthand how to create their own custom pieces using the latest woodworking tools and techniques.

The Maker’s Mill prides itself on taking the time to ensure that each item is crafted with exceptional care. Whether it’s custom cabinetry built for your home or a unique woodworking project for yourself, each item is hand-crafted with attention to detail and pride.

What’s more, The Maker’s Mill takes the time to make sure that customers are satisfied with the end results. The company provides free consultation services and offers help in the design and building process. From the routine to the complex, the Mill makes sure that customers get exactly what they’re looking for.

When it comes to innovative product ideas and techniques, The Maker’s Mill is at the top of the list. With superior craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and an eye for detail, it’s no wonder that The Maker’s Mill is one of the top woodworking companies to follow for innovative products and ideas.

Burke Brothers Woodwork

Welcome to Burke Brothers Woodwork! Founded by two brothers in 1972, this family-run business has been providing quality craftsmanship and attention to detail since day one. Their furniture pieces are designed with an eye for simplicity and durability. Whether you’re looking for custom wooden solutions like kitchen cabinets or live-edge furniture, Burke Brothers Woodwork is the perfect choice.

The brothers’ mission is to provide their customers with quality products and to live up to the family’s name. As longtime woodworkers, they understand the importance of creating pieces with a lasting impression. The brothers have a strong eye for design and use traditional joinery techniques to ensure superior construction and lasting quality.

The shop’s craftsmanship shows in every piece, from the detail of the hand-cut dovetails on the drawers to the clean edges of the wood components. Burke Brothers Woodwork uses locally sourced materials to make all of their furniture, ensuring a unique look and feel.

Innovation is the name of the game at Burke Brothers Woodwork, and the brothers strive to stay on the cutting edge of woodworking technologies and processes. They understand the importance of technology in the woodworking industry and have invested in high-end equipment, such as CNC machines, to give them a creative edge.

Their innovative solutions have led to the brothers creating a variety of live-edge furniture pieces with beautiful organic designs. The organic shapes and angles of the live-edge pieces, combined with the fine craftsmanship, create a truly contemporary, stunning final product.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect partner to bring your next woodworking project to life, look no further than Burke Brothers Woodworks. For almost 50 years, they’ve stayed true to their mission of providing their customers with innovative, quality furniture and will continue to do so for many more years. Visit their website or follow them on social media for all the latest updates on their furniture and woodworking services.

Build-Store Woodworking

Welcome to Build-Store Woodworking, one of the top 10 woodworking companies to follow for innovative products and ideas. Founded in Boston, MA in 1995, Build-Store Woodworking has a long tradition of providing ingenious and sustainable woodworking solutions. Their passion for creating unique and creative pieces have earned them a loyal customer base and widespread acclaim.

One thing that sets Build-Store Woodworking apart from the competition is their commitment to sustainability. All of the materials they use are renewable and their designs are eco-friendly. They strive to create furniture, shelves, and other items that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that also cost less, conserve energy, and reduce waste.

In terms of innovations, Build-Store Woodworking is always on the cutting edge. Their One-Fold Structure is a revolutionary way to transform an entire room instantaneously without a single nail or screw. It essentially works like a folding screen but with a much sturdier and more stylish design. They are also known for their Cable Kitting System, which is a versatile and affordable alternative to traditional woodworking.

If you’re looking for even more innovative products and ideas from Build-Store Woodworking, be sure to check out their YouTube channel. They post informative and often humorous videos covering everything from basic woodworking techniques to advanced design concepts. Keep checking back for new and exciting ideas from the team at Build-Store Woodworking.

If you’re interested in learning more about Build-Store Woodworking and the products they have to offer, feel free to reach out to the team via their website. They are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide more detailed information. So don’t be shy, give them a try and explore the world of woodworking with Build-Store Woodworking.


Beaver Woodworking have been in the craft of making furniture out of wood for centuries and have made sure to deliver the best quality of craftsmanship. From bespoke pieces to novel designs, the company has something everyone can appreciate. Now, they’ve become an online presence and they’re making sure their products are engineered to last and stand out. Headquartered in the US, they’ve recently expanded their range of products to include modern innovations, adding to their already extensive catalog.

The Woodmaster is a well-known name in the woodworking world. Specialising in bespoke designs, they make sure to go beyond what customers already know and to innovate further. Recently, they’ve been trending online, highlighting their latest projects, introducing new materials and technologies. They’ve also rolled out a CNC division, where customers can order fully customisable products. Plus, they have a team of experts who can help you create your ideal furniture.

Carvey Woodworking is a pioneering company that combines creativity with technology. Located in the suburbs of Massachusetts, their products lack no attention to detail, as well as limitations for customisation. They also provide a repair service for items that have been damaged or suffered wear and tear, allowing customers to restore pieces with ease.

Blender Woodworking is an ambitious startup from the UK. Having started up less than 5 years ago, they haven’t wasted any time getting noticed. From intricate and complex patterns to custom furniture items, they are transforming how people shop for woodworking items. Not only this, they offer free shipping on orders above a certain value and are always introducing new and insightful ideas.

Chair City Woodworks is a well-known name that’s been around for over two decades. With both raw materials and fully-finished products, they can help customers create what they need, as they need it, within specified timescales. Not only this, they are also crucial in adding the finishing touches to existing pieces to give them an extra bit of sparkle.

Right Angle Woodworking is one of the few companies that understand the value that technology brings to the world of timberwork. At the same time, they are embracing the classic tools and techniques that have been used to craft products from the start. With a team of experts, the company is continuously pushing the boundaries further and improving the end result.

Offerman Woodshop have been awarded various accolades for being one of the most innovative woodworking companies out there. They have a range of products for all budgets and skills, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it with this company. Plus, they are committed to providing enough resources and training to those who are new to woodworking, guiding them throughout the process.

The Maker’s Mill is known for the finest woodworking services and products. Specialising in furniture work, they offer great value and style, while making sure they create something unique and crafted to last. Their products have captured the attention of many, and recently, their popularity has been on the rise, with new innovative ideas and designs.

Burke Brothers Woodwork have been perfecting their craft for over a decade. From the sourcing and selection of materials, to the assembly and packaging, they stand out in manufacturing quality items. All the pieces are made lovingly, with great attention to detail, making sure that customers are pleased with the finished product.

And finally, Build-Store Woodworking has established themselves as an industry leader when it comes to bespoke woodworking. Their design process has been made easier with their online catalogue, and they constantly look to evolve and elevate their product range. Their items are engineered to be sturdy and durable, while having an eye-catching appearance that is sure to be an ideal addition to any home.



Beaver Woodworking: Every piece at Beaver Woodworking is built with the finest sustainable woods and an eye for intricate details. Their innovations span from using state of the art technology to customizing capabilities. They use CNC routers and laser cutters that guarantee precision and exactness to the final product. And if you have something in your head that you want to build but you don’t have the tools to do it, they will work with you to create the piece you want. From customized furniture to interior fittings, they are always adding new designs to their catalog.

The Woodmaster: At The Woodmaster, innovation is at the heart of everything they do. From beautifully crafted solid wood furniture to wooden accents for your home, The woodmaster is always exploring ways to bring the best products to their customers. They have a wide variety of products from shaker-style pieces to custom-made furniture that you can design yourself. They’re constantly trying to find new uses for wood to create unique pieces such as custom furniture, kitchen cabinets, built-ins, and even custom wooden trunks for storage.=

Carvey Woodworking: Carvey Woodworking specializes in one-off and mass production designs, making them perfect for large projects. Whether you’re looking for something ready to buy or want to put your own spin on a piece, Carvey has you covered. They constantly strive to create new pieces using the latest technologies in robotics, lasers and 3D printing. They also work hard to create furniture that meets the highest environmental standards while still delivering on quality and design. 

Blender Woodworking: Blender Woodworking is a leader in the world of modern woodworking. Innovative takes on classic styles make pieces that bring a stylish, contemporary look to any room. They believe in collaborating with customers to make unique pieces that meet their expectations. From custom furniture to one-off designs, they’re always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with woodworking. 

Chair City Woodworks: Chair City Woodworks believes in quality above all else. When it comes to innovation, they’re always looking for ways to use different hardwoods and finishing techniques to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Their “Made with Pride” collection is designed to combine traditional techniques with modern techniques creating pieces that are sure to wow.

Right Angle Woodworking: Right Angle Woodworking is all about pushing the boundaries of what can be done with wood. They specialize in custom furniture that’s made to fit the specific needs of the customer. With each project, they use new techniques and machinery to create something that’s completely unique each time. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor seating area or a new quilt rack, Right Angle Woodworking is sure to deliver.

Offerman Woodshop: Offerman Woodshop is a workshop run by the famous Amy Offerman and her woodworking team. They are always looking for new ways to use wood from upcycling reclaimed wood to creating custom one-of-a-kind pieces. From stools to tables, they specialize in blending the old with the new and creating furniture that could never be replicated.

The Maker’s Mill: The Maker’s Mill is a small studio committed to creating custom wood pieces and small-batch furniture by hand. Each piece is handmade with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship being the top priority. They are always adding new and exciting projects to their catalog and experimenting with new finishing methods and materials.

Burke Brothers Woodwork: Burke Brothers Woodwork is known for taking classic designs and giving them a modern twist. Using traditional tools and techniques they achieve modern designs while still maintaining a classic look. They are also known for their custom one-of-a-kind pieces made and designed by the team themselves.

Build-Store Woodworking: Build-Store Woodworking is more than just a woodworking company. They believe in the power of technology and are always pushing the envelope. From robotic arm assisted cutting and 3-D printing, to laser engraving and interactive digital design, they’re constantly looking for ways to bring the best results to their customers.


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