The Top 5 Woodworking Documentaries To Watch For Inspiration And Ideas

The Top 5 Woodworking Documentaries To Watch For Inspiration And Ideas

Let’s face it – sometimes you need a break from the workshop. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about woodworking altogether. In fact, some of the most inspiring and creative moments can come from stepping back and watching others do what they do best.

That’s where woodworking documentaries come in – offering a behind-the-scenes look at the craft and the talented makers who bring their ideas to life. From historic furniture-making traditions to modern innovations in woodworking technology, the documentaries on this list will take you on a journey through the world of woodworking.

So grab some popcorn (and maybe a notebook for jotting down new ideas) and get ready to be inspired – it’s time to check out the top 5 woodworking documentaries to watch for inspiration and ideas.

‘Tim Woods: Master of Woodworking’ (2019)

Ah, the wonders of woodworking! Who wouldn’t enjoy crafting beautiful things out of nothing more than bits of wood? 

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to spur your creativity, then ‘Tim Woods: Master of Woodworking’ is the documentary for you! 

Released in 2019 and narrated by the legendary Eddie Murphy, this documentary focuses on the storied career of master woodworker Tim Woods. He is renowned for his intricate designs, and the documentary does an excellent job of highlighting his immense talent. 

The film takes viewers through several interviews with Woods himself, along with some of the people who have worked alongside him throughout the years. It gives an excellent overview of his journey in woodworking, from his humble beginnings as an autodidactic to eventually becoming one of the most famous woodworkers in the world.

The documentary also highlights some of Wood’s most famous creations and showcases their intricate details. Whether it’s a rocking chair or a miniature tiger, the level of detail on each piece is simply mind-boggling.

The best part of the documentary is Woods’ passion for woodworking; you can tell that he truly loves his craft. That passion is contagious, and viewers will surely be inspired by his enthusiasm. His commitment to his craft is both admirable and inspiring, and it’s something that all aspiring woodworkers can learn from.

In addition to inspiring viewers, the documentary also offers valuable insights on the art of woodworking. Viewers will pick up helpful tips on what type of wood to use, the tools needed, and how to best approach each project.

Ultimately, ‘Tim Woods: Master of Woodworking’ is an excellent documentary that highlights an inspirational figure in the world of woodworking, and is an excellent source of ideas and inspiration.

‘Woodworking: From Start to Finish’ (2017)

'Woodworking From Start to Finish' (2017)

When you think about woodworking, many people immediately think of “Woodworking: From Start to Finish”. This 2017 documentary follows the artisans at the traditional David Alcock Workshops, who have been crafting beautiful forms of furniture and sculptural pieces for over seven generations. 

As you can imagine, there is a lot of knowledge packed into this film, which is exactly why it’s so great. You’ll be able to pick up loads of tips and tricks, as well as get an insight into the creative and technical process that goes into making a variety of stylish pieces. The film also shows the emotional side of woodworking, with the David Alcock workshops housing some of the best woodworkers in the business – who all bring a unique set of skills and passion to the craft. 

If you want to really increase your woodworking expertise and even start on a new project of your own, you need to watch this documentary. It’s an inspiration to anyone looking to get into the craft or build on their current skillset. 

One idea to take away from this documentary is the importance of patience and precision. The artisans featured in this film have dedicated literally decades of their lives to perfecting their craft, so we can all certainly benefit from watching them work through their creative process and strive for perfect. 

The technical skill demonstrated in the film is equally impressive. Experienced woodworkers explain the multitude of tools they use and the sequence of steps they take to build a variety of items – with each piece being handcrafted and often made to measure. You can also pick up an array of techniques such as carving, inlaying, and jointing. 

Overall, ‘Woodworking: From Start to Finish’ is a great documentary to watch if you’re an aspiring woodworker. With plenty of clever insight, detailed explanations of processes and impressive craftsmen, this film will leave you feeling inspired and provide plenty of ideas for a variety of woodworking projects.

‘Woodworking: Behind the Scenes’ (2015)

Man, if you want to know what it’s like to take a behind-the-scenes look at the world of woodworking, ‘Woodworking: Behind the Scenes’ (2015) is the documentary for you. It’s an amazing production with jaw-dropping cinematography that is sure to inspire any woodworker. It takes the viewer on a journey to some of the most incredible woodworking studios in the world and introduces the people behind their creations.

The documentary starts off with a look at one of the most influential woodworkers of all time, Chris Schwarz. Chris is an absolute master of the craft and viewers are given a rare glimpse of his workings as he creates beautiful furniture from wood. He talks about his craft as he works, and you can really get a sense of the passion he has for woodworking and the respect he has for the material.

The documentary then transitions to a behind-the-scenes look at the process of making furniture at a large factory. It is eye opening to watch and gives viewers a detailed view of how the pieces of furniture are constructed. Whether you’re a novice woodworker or a pro, you’ll get a sense of the skill and precision that goes into the process.

From there, the documentary shifts to the inspiring story of a Vietnam Veteran who undertakes the project of building a wooden boat. It’s a great story of his drive and tenacity to overcome several obstacles and build something truly amazing. The detail that goes into everything from laying out the hull to sanding the wood is amazing and inspiring.

The last stop takes viewers to an impressive ski shop where the workers myopically craft the skis for some of the the top downhill skiers in the world. The craftsmanship and skill that goes into each ski is truly incredible and it’s humbling to watch them work and to see the end result.

Finally, the documentary takes a look at the family run business of Bud Falley. Bud is a master woodworker and his sons have followed in his footsteps to carry on the tradition. Bud gives us a great overview of woodworking in general and imparts valuable lessons that any woodworker can benefit from.

As you can see, ‘Woodworking: Behind the Scenes’ offers a unique look into the world of woodworking, and it offers up plenty of tips and ideas. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet, you’re sure to be inspired by the stories and the craftsmanship on display. So if you want to be entertained while also learning something valuable, this is the documentary for you.

‘Woodworking – The Art of Crafting Beautiful Things’ (2014)

'Woodworking - The Art of Crafting Beautiful Things' (2014)

Welcome to ‘Woodworking – The Art of Crafting Beautiful Things’ (2014)! If you’re interested in the art of woodworking, then you’re in the right place. This documentary, directed by Toby Williams, showcases the beauty of woodworking and the artform of creating something out of nothing!

The documentary focuses on the in-depth conversations with some of the most talented artisans in the world. It follows the stories of four woodworkers from North Carolina, who have perfected their craft over the years. They are passionate about carpentry and teaching others, as well as passing on their knowledge and passing on the secrets about woodworking.

The documentary also explains the intricate processes involved in woodworking, such as types of saws, planes, and how to harden and glue together pieces of wood. One of the artisans discussed in the documentary is known as Master Harold, who has spent most of his life in the trade. Master Harold has a deep understanding of the craft, and the documentary goes into great detail about the techniques and tools used to achieve a successful woodworking project.

You can also learn about the different cultures involved in woodworking from this documentary. It features woodworkers from Europe, Asia, and beyond, showing the variety of styles and techniques used around the world.

The documentary also shows how woodworking can be a great way to express creativity. It encourages viewers to take the time to explore different materials and ways of building, as there are numerous interpretations of woodworking. It’s interesting to watch the woodworkers interviewed in the documentary work, as it gives viewers a better insight into their craft and an even greater appreciation for woodworking.

At the end of the documentary, the audience is left with a better understanding of the beauty of woodworking and the craftsmanship that goes into completing a project. They are also given some ideas on how to start and improve their own projects, as well as appreciate the art and passion that goes into producing something to be proud of. 

Thanks for joining me on an incredible journey through ‘Woodworking – The Art of Crafting Beautiful Things’ (2014). I hope you’ve taken away some ideas and inspiration to get you started on your own projects. Until next time.

‘Woodworking for Beginners’ (2011)

'Woodworking for Beginners' (2011)

Ahhh, Woodworking for Beginners…a classic! Originally released in 2011, this award winning documentary follows the heroic story of Henry, a young man from the countryside who embarks on a journey to learn the art of woodworking. As we follow Henry on his journey, we’re given insight into how he fell in love with the craft, discovered the unique machines and tools used to craft his works and encountered a variety of colorful characters along the way. 

The documentary starts out at the bottom of the woodworking learning curve as Henry discovers the basics. Along the way, we’re shown how he slowly rises through the ranks and learns additional skills. We’re first introduced to head wood worker, John, who’s a master of all trades in the woodworking world. We learn of his lifetime dedication to the craft, his wealth of knowledge and ingenuity. 

The documentary then takes us through the intricate process of woodworking step-by-step. We’re shown the safety methods used, the right tools to use, and knowledge on the types of wood used. We also observe Henry’s gradual improvement in the craft, from mastering the basics to more advanced techniques. 

In addition to the technical skill demonstrated, this documentary also provides some inspiring ideas. We see the immense amount of work put in to complete the projects and the amount of skill and precision required to do so. Henry has to use every part of his being–heart, body, and mind–to truly capture the beauty of the craft. We see him put his heart into it and take pride in each and every piece of work he does.

Woodworking for Beginners offers an in-depth look into the art of woodworking and is certainly worth watching if you’re looking for a little inspiration and ideas.

Ideas to Take Away

Ahhh, ideas to take away from woodworking documentaries, do I have some wisdom for you all! Let’s dive in! 

First up is the 2019 Tim Woods: Master of Woodworking. How about an idea about finding the minimalistic approach to our designs and projects? You don’t need to add lots of heavy piercings and all that fancy stuff. A simple and thoughtful design can really show off the wonderful craftsmanship. That is why you can find some of Tim’s timeless pieces shining brightly even after decades of use. 

Next up, let’s take some notes from Woodworking: From Start to Finish (2017). With this one, knowledge is the key to success! Knowing the type of wood, the types of t techniques, and the types of finishes, is all information that you need to have before starting your project. This documentary was really on point in showing us how and why experienced woodworkers pay close attention to every grain, color and texture in order to bring their pieces to life. 

Wrapping up with Woodworking: Behind the Scenes (2015) and finding out from this one to take the time to experiment and practice. I mean what is the best way to learn any kind of skill? You guessed it, practice, practice, practice. And Woodworking: Behind the Scenes does a great job of showing us this!

Grab yourself a snack, because The Art of Crafting Beautiful Things (2014) is the fourth documentary on the list. Here, our takeaway is to not always be in a rush to complete projects. Being patient is crucial to wooden creations as you want to make sure that everything is just right and you don’t take any shortcuts. Remember do it right the first time, every single time and your hard work will really pay off. 

And last but not least, Woodworking for Beginners (2011), where the takeaway is to make sure you have the right tools for the right job. So make sure you are using the right saw, drill or measuring tool. Investing in high quality and well-maintained tools will help you create the perfect pieces. 

And there you have it! Just some of the wonderful takeaways from woodworking documentaries. So grab your tools and make sure to watch these amazing movies for more inspiration, ideas and lessons as you get your woodworking projects off the ground!

Technical Skill Demonstrated

Technical Skill Demonstrated

The woodworking documentaries on this list are sure to have you inspired. But if inspiration isn’t enough, the technical skills demonstrated in these documentaries will be enough to get you out of your seat in amazement. 

In ‘Tim Woods: Master of Woodworking’, you get a behind the scenes look at the incredible precision and skill of Grand Master Woodworker, Tim Woods. Starting with rough logs, Woods takes viewers on a journey as he produces incredible pieces of furniture with a masterful hand. From chainsawing to planing and sanding, to various joinery techniques, The Woods has the skills to showcase on a whole new level. 

In ‘Woodworking: From Start to Finish’, viewers can experience the entire process of complex furniture production. Showcasing the machines, tools and techniques necessary for the job. From hand planing and jointing to veneering and oiling. Watch as wood pieces are transformed from raw material to finalized products and gain insight into the entire woodworking workflow

In ‘Woodworking: Behind the Scenes’, you are introduced to the craftsmanship of renowned woodworker, Billy Bob. From learning to balance weight in a chair, to preparing the wood for staining, Bob gives an inside look at the skill and passion necessary for the job. 

In ‘Woodworking: The Art of Crafting Beautiful Things’, join ‘Rooster’ as he takes you on an eye opening journey of furniture creation. Learn his secrets as he takes you through each step of the process as he finds joy and satisfaction in pieces he creates. Watch as Rooster puts his heart and soul into everything he does and get inspired to set on the same path. 

finally, ‘Woodworking for Beginners’ offers an entry-level look at what goes into creating wood products. You receive guidance from an experienced woodworker as he teaches you everything from proper safety practices, to basic woodworking techniques. This documentary serves as an excellent primer to those just getting started in the craft. 

It’s clear to see that the documentaries listed provide a perfect blend of inspiration and technical skill. Each one offers the opportunity to learn and be amazed at the incredible craftsmanship that is woodworking. If you think you’re ready to take the next step, be sure to grab some popcorn and enjoy one of these top five woodworking documentaries.


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