The Top 5 Woodworking Instagram Accounts for Woodworking with Kids

The Top 5 Woodworking Instagram Accounts for Woodworking with Kids

Are you looking for some inspiring woodworking Instagram accounts to keep you and your kids busy? As they say, woodworking with kids can stimulate creativity, expand imagination and introduce new skills. With that in mind, here are the top 5 woodworking Instagram accounts for woodworking with kids.

First up, Kid Made Modern. They provide creative and inspiring ideas for letting kids practice their woodworking skills. From making birdhouses, magnets and cars to decorating flowerpots and making DIY bookshelves, Kid Made Modern encourages kids to be creative and learn basic skills. Follow this account to get an inside look on how kids can make something from scratch.

Second, Little Wood Studio. This account is devoted to showcasing some of the amazing things that kids can create using woodworking tools and supplies. From unique furniture pieces to creative home decor, you’ll find encouragement and ideas for your own woodworking journey with the kids.

Third, My Little Rawsome Workshop. If you want to keep things simple and are looking for ideas to share with your kids, this account is the one to check out. From making toys and mini table lamps to birdhouses and musical instruments, they show you how to bring something new to life out of wood.

Fourth, Adventures in Making offers an engaging platform showcasing kid-made woodworking projects in a fun and inspiring way. With lots of interesting ideas, you and your kids can easily come up with awesome woodworking projects that also give a meaningful purpose to the activity.

Finally, Little Hands at Work is the place to be for all things woodworking with kids. They offer interesting insights into the world of woodworking, especially for children. From instructing kids on how to work with tools in a safe environment to coming up with creative projects, this is definitely one account that the kids will enjoy.

So there you have it, the top 5 woodworking Instagram accounts for woodworking with kids, as recommended by me. Have fun and don’t forget to tag us in your woodworking projects with the kids by using the hashtag #woodworkersofinstagram. It would be fun to see what the kids are doing!

Kid Made Modern

Kid Made Modern

If you’re looking to expose your kids to the craft of woodworking, then check out Kid Made Modern! This Instagram account is full of inspiring and fun projects that are perfect for kids. With projects ranging from home-made birdhouses to dollhouses and fashion accessories, there’s something here to pique the interest of any young budding woodworker.

This Instagram account offers more than just photos – they also provide step-by-step tutorials so you can take on any project at home. In fact, all of their projects are designed to be easy and age appropriate, so if you’re a newbie to woodworking or just want to break into it, then you’ll definitely want to check out Kid Made Modern.

What I love about this account is that it’s also a great way to get creative with your kids. The account frequently features photos of kids making their own woodworking projects alongside their parents and grand- and great-grandparents. And the finished products are so cute! One of my favorites is the DIY mini wooden toolbox created from reclaimed wood.

Not only do the projects look great, they also come with instructions that are super easy to follow. Even I had no problem creating a really cool looking birdhouse, and I’m not exactly the handiest guy around. This proves that even kids can learn how to use their hands and create incredible projects.

I definitely recommend checking out Kid Made Modern if you want to teach your kids the art of woodworking. Their projects are incredibly inspiring and there’s something for everyone. Plus, it’s an awesome way to have quality family time and get creative as a family.

Little Wood Studio

Little Wood Studio

Little Wood Studio is an Instagram account that celebrates the work of children learning woodshop skills. Young woodworkers are empowered to create beautiful pieces of art and furniture from wood, thanks to this account. 

It’s as if I stood at the door of a woodworking shop and shouted out a hearty “Welcome!” As soon as you step inside Little Wood Studio, you’ll be greeted with a digital wood workshop, full of noise and sparks and the sights of busy hands in the process of making something. 

This Instagram page is a great platform for kids to learn and have fun with their creations. They learn the basics of woodworking and get helpful tips and tricks from the posts. Little Wood Studio also posts videos of kids actually using the tools and equipment. The videos are fun and entertaining to watch, as they show the joy that comes with making something tangible. 

The parents of the talented young woodworkers featured in many posts credit Little Wood Studio with developing the skills of their child. They say it has helped them to feel insulated and confident in their woodworking abilities and that having the Instagram community support has been an invaluable asset. 

It’s hard not to smile when you see these kids show off their work and how proud they are of what they’ve made. Little Wood Studio posts photos of their ‘masterpieces’ and show how much of an impact woodworking can have from a young age. 

If you’re ever in need of inspiration, creative motivation, or want to feel the warm sensation of being inspired, ‘Little Wood Studio’ is the place for you. It is an amazing account that can help you and the kids you know get familiar with the basics of woodworking and watch as their skills develop.

My Little Rawsome Workshop

Seeing a child craft a sustainable, raw, and virtuous piece of art out of wood is the best sort of satisfaction a parent can get, and that is exactly what My Little Rawsome Workshop is all about. Located in the wild Brazilian heartland, this quaint spot of creativity is run by a master craftsman and his two adorable children.

Meet the Workshop’s master-architect, Santiago! Santiago always had a passion for woodworking, but never the resources to follow this dream of his until he stumbled across a small shop tucked away in the mountains of Brazil. He quickly decided to make the plunge, quit his day job and make this his full-time gig. We’ve got to give Santiago props for fully believing in himself and his passion!

But obviously, a man can’t craft woodworking masterpieces alone, especially with small children. Santiago’s two rugrats, named William and Lena, are always more than willing to help out their daddy whenever they can. They’re crafty and they’re certainly cute when they’re hard at work. William and Lena don full-face safety goggles and dress up in their mini-overalls and mini-hammer, and put their tiny hands to work.

My Little Rawsome Workshop is all about making something of beauty out of something that’s been discarded. Something that would usually be thrown away is given a new purpose. Whether it’s making a cart out of old rusty nails, or a toy boat out of aluminum soda cans, this little shop is not afraid of working up some ideas that never were. 

Santiago and his little family are all about rustic, raw, and sustainable woodworking. Through DIY and old-school techniques, some of Salvador’s best masterpieces surprise us with their simplicity and beauty. 

So folks, if you’re in the market to watch your kids and gain some woodworking skills while they’re at it, get in touch with My Little Rawsome Workshop. Happy handcrafting!

Adventures in Making

Adventures in Making

When it comes to woodworking with kids, it doesn’t get better than Adventures in Making. Founded by father and daughter team, this account boasts a wealth of inspiring projects and ideas for bringing the joy of woodworking to children.

Our favorite project from this dynamic duo has gotta be the Clay Beadboard. The beadboard is a perfectly crafted board full of wooden beads and natural clay. Not only is it a beautiful piece to look at, it’s also a great way to teach youngsters about the importance of working with their hands.

The Adventures in Making page also serves up creative ideas for all sorts of woodworking adventures. From outdoor woodshop projects to woodworking with unique natural materials, this account is a great source of ideas and inspiration.

For those of you who are new to woodworking with kids, Alicia and Alan offer fantastic tips on getting started. They even have an entire page of ideas to get you started and the step-by-step instructions make it easy to start making something even for the absolute beginner.

One thing we love about this account is their commitment to making sure the process is safe and educational for kids. For example, they suggest making a plan and preparing the tools you’ll need before having your kids join in the process. This helps reduce stress and keeps everyone safe and attentive.

If you’re looking for a fun, educational way to get your kids involved in woodworking, Adventures in Making is the perfect place to start. With detailed instructions, inspiring projects and safety tips at the ready, it’s the perfect place to dive right in and introduce your little ones to the magical world of woodworking.

Little Hands at Work

When it comes to woodworking with kids, Little Hands at Work is as hands-on as it gets. That’s because this Instagram account is all about mini woodworkers. Little Hands at Work is full of helpful building tips, from how to drill pilot holes safely to assembling a play kitchen. Little Hands at Work gives the kids an opportunity to do the building themselves and shows that with the right materials, they can make virtually anything they can imagine!

Little Hands at Work emphasizes the importance of hone craftsmanship and details. Its mini crafts are always detailed, accurate and precision-oriented, especially because they are done by the kids themselves! It also encourages kids to think outside the box and come up with their own designs, which gives them a great chance to show off their skills.

If you’re a parent looking to introduce your child to woodworking, Little Hands at Work is an excellent source of inspiration. It offers demonstrations that help kids understand the basics and provides them with a chance to practice their skills. Parents can also find resources to help them teach the kids how to sand their projects, or a video that shows all the necessary supplies for a new project, to name a few.

Even though Little Hands at Work features mini woodworkers, it still continues to show the same woodworking principles that experienced woodworkers follow. Safety, accuracy and attention to detail are just a few of the principles that are taught and followed on the Instagram account.

Finally, Little Hands at Work provides plenty of storytelling opportunities for the kids. Because a lot of the crafts require collaboration, the kids get to learn the importance of working together to build something. It’s also a great excuse to have a family-night project, where everyone can join in and create something unique that they can admire afterwards.

If you’re into woodworking and want to get your kids involved, Little Hands at Work is a great account to follow on Instagram. It not only shows the basics of woodworking but also teaches kids the importance of precision, craftsmanship and collaboration. Plus, the kids can have some fun while learning and creating some really cool projects!


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