The Top 10 Woodworking Influencers to Follow for Inspiration and Ideas

The Top 10 Woodworking Influencers to Follow for Inspiration and Ideas

Ah, it seems we have a new blog post for the woodworkers! Are you tired of your woodworking projects looking like a child’s toy? Do you need some inspiration to create masterpieces that will amaze your friends and enemies alike? Well, look no further! Today, we bring you the top 10 woodworking influencers to follow for inspiration and ideas. From intricate wood carvings to stunning furniture designs, these influencers will leave you in awe and maybe even give you a few tricks up your sleeve. So, get ready to learn from the best and take your woodworking skills to the next level!

Chris Salomone

Oh boy, check it out, first on the list of the top 10 woodworking influencers: Mr. Chris Salomone. This dude knows his stuff, let me tell you. He’s been woodworking and building things for several years, so he knows a thing or two about building just about anything out of wood. After all, he’s been spending countless hours in the wood shop honing his skills and learning some new tricks!  

So why is he on the top of our list? Well, there are so many reasons. For starters, his attention to detail and creative craftsmanship is always spot on. He puts a lot of thought into the way he designs his projects, and his quality control is top notch. He’s also a very skilled woodworker, which means that the projects he shares with the world are always up to par and the final product looks amazing.   

Another thing that puts Chris Salomone on the top 10 woodworking influencers list is the variety of projects he shares. He creates everything from wooden toys, to cutting boards, to furniture pieces. He loves to challenge himself by taking on complicated and difficult projects, which gives his fans plenty of inspiration. 

For example, one of his recent projects was creating a cutting board that can double as a cheese board. He built it out of walnut and figured maple and finished it with a food-safe oil and wax. The result was stunning! He also built a spice rack out of cherry and integrated it into the upper cabinets of his kitchen, making a nice and usable piece of furniture.  

If you’re looking for some woodworking inspiration and want to learn more about the craft, then Chris Salomone is definitely an influencer to follow. Whether it’s creating a simple cutting board or a complex piece of furniture, you’ll find tons of useful information andtips to get you started. So go check out his website and get your woodworking fix from the master himself – Chris Salomone!

Why Salomone is an Influential Woodworker

Why is Chris Salomone an influential woodworker? Well, to be quite honest, this guy is amazing! He has a real flair for the craft and takes great pride in his work. He has completed some of the most intricate and beautiful creations you can imagine! 

Not only is he masterful in the creative and technical aspects of woodworking, but he is also an avid educator and mentor. He has been teaching woodworking for over 20 years and has a real passion for the craft. From furniture to sculptures and detailed pyrography, his work is unparalleled and has spawned countless admirers of his work around the world. 

His client list reads like a who’s who of the woodworking community, from Fine Woodworking magazine to Peter Follansbee. Salomone has been featured in books, blogs, and online woodworking forums and websites, demonstrating his extensive knowledge of the craft. 

He has also been featured as an expert guest on a number of podcasts, including The Wood Whisperer’s podcast, which covers everything from working with hand tools to the business of woodworking. Salomone’s oldest shop is in upstate New York and he is constantly expanding his repertoire. He keeps a blog to educate and inspire other woodworkers with the amazing pieces he builds. 

He has even been the featured artist of the Cherry Tree Crafts Gallery in Hudson, NY, showcasing his work in a real-life setting. With a strong portfolio of work and a passion for teaching, Chris Salomone is one of the most influential woodworkers today.

What Projects He Has Shared

When it comes to Chris Salomone, the first influencer on the list, projects he has shared focused on bringing people’s visions to life from furniture to entire house renovations. He’s a master of custom woodworking, often designing one-of-a-kind pieces for his clients. Some of the most popular items he’s shared include a beautiful dining room table made with white oak, a vintage burl wood vanity, and a unique custom desk. 

April Wilkerson

April Wilkerson

When it comes to woodworking, April Wilkerson is one of the names at the top of the list. Her vast knowledge of woodworking and ability to turn scrap wood into beautiful works of art have propelled her to become one of the most influential woodworkers in the world.

Her YouTube channel was the platform used to show the world her brilliant ideas and technique. It was here that viewers watched as she made most of her projects and shared detailed instructions on the tools used and the techniques she employed. Her videos focus on recycling and repurposing materials like scrap wood, 2x4s, and basic hardware projects. She also produces quite a few projects that make use of off-the-shelf components.

Among her many impressive creations is a bookcase made from old doors that she found at a junkyard and gave new life as part of a bookshelf. It’s not just about style for April, however. She puts a priority on making pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

For those looking to learn how to get the most out of their tools and maximize their time in the workshop, April is a great resource. Many of her videos show a ways to maximize the efficiency of common tools, like a circular saw to break down multiple pieces of lumber at once or a router to cut mortises quickly and accurately. April knows how to get the most out of her tools, and her tutorials are both engaging and helpful.

In addition to the great projects and tutorials she produces, April’s friendly and bubbly personality shines through in all of her videos, making them a joy to watch. Her enthusiasm for woodworking is contagious and has enthused many a woodworker to take on their own projects in the workshop.

If you’re looking for a woodworking influencer to inspire and enlighten you, April Wilkerson is the perfect candidate! Her projects are beautiful to behold, but also functional and made with a practicality that makes them suitable even for beginners in the workshop. Add to that her charismatic personality and genuine love of the craft, and April is an amazing resource no matter your skill level.

Why Wilkerson is an Influential Woodworker

Ah, April Wilkerson – the stylish and sassy woodworker! She’s one of the most influential woodworking influencers out there. There’s no denying her value in the craft and her immense popularity. 

For starters, she has over 500k followers on Instagram, a testament to her broad audience, who loves to tune in to her projects, tutorials and opinions with unbiased love. There’s no doubt her wide-reaching reach is one of the reasons she’s been able to drive the woodworking industry to where it stands today – a household name, a revered craft and the epitome of artistry. 

Not only does she have a large online presence, but her presence is felt off the web too. Wilkerson works for some of the most renowned construction companies in the US and has also felicitated national and international craftsmanship summits where she shares her skill and wisdom with her peers. Wilkerson’s mission to bring the best of all craftsmanship to the forefront of the industry has seen her travel to places like China, Colombia, Brazil and Turkey in order to share her words of wisdom with those wishing to learn.

What makes April Wilkerson so amazing is her ability to combine art and functionality in her work. Wilkerson has a knack for mixing classic, highly detailed projects with modern, functional ones. She doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort or compromise on design for short-term success – her projects are proof of her long-term commitment to a timeless approach and her lasting influence.

Her projects vary widely, from coffee table builds to tiny homes, proving she has an endless supply of ideas and inspiration. From upcycling materials to creating furniture from discarded items, Wilkerson has a knack for utilizing materials in a delightful and useful way. 

At the end of the day, Wilkerson’s projects reflect her personality and vision for the craft – pushing boundaries and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. From her colorful furniture to her positive attitude, Wilkerson is an unstoppable force in the woodworking world and a beacon of inspiration for new woodworkers everywhere.

What Projects She Has Shared

April Wilkerson’s projects are just as impressive as Chris Salomone’s. She has built coffee tables, storage benches, kitchen cabinets, utility shelves, and a few other pieces of furniture. Wilkerson puts a spin on these pieces by using brightly colored paints, exotic woods, and decorative hardware. Her work often has an almost “pop art” feel to it and her finished projects are always fetching compliments from her viewers. 

Jay Bates

Jay Bates is a woodworker who has been creating videos and sharing his work online since 2012. His website, Jay’s Custom Creations, is full of woodworking plans, project tutorials, and tool reviews. Bates has a talent for explaining complex woodworking techniques in an easy-to-understand way, making him a popular figure in the woodworking community.

He has an active YouTube channel with over 1.2 million subscribers, where he shares project videos, tool reviews, and tips and tricks for woodworkers of all levels. Bates also offers woodworking courses and mentorship programs on his website, helping aspiring woodworkers hone their skills and achieve their goals. With his focus on clear communication and attention to detail, Jay Bates is an influential figure in the woodworking community and a great resource for woodworkers looking to improve their craft.

Why Jay Bates is an Influential Woodworker

Jay Bates is a popular woodworking influencer who has been creating video content since 2013. His YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and his website, Jay’s Custom Creations, is a go-to resource for woodworking enthusiasts. Jay’s work stands out because of his attention to detail and his ability to make complicated projects seem easy. He shares his expertise with the world by teaching his audience through detailed tutorials and step-by-step videos. Jay is also known for his passion for using reclaimed materials in his projects.

What Projects He Has Shared

Jay has shared a wide range of projects, from basic beginner-level builds to more advanced and intricate designs. Some of his most popular projects include a custom arcade cabinet, a multi-purpose workbench, a modular outdoor sectional sofa, and a wooden hand plane. Jay’s designs are often innovative and practical, demonstrating his focus on creating functional pieces that are both beautiful and durable. Additionally, Jay shares his knowledge through tool reviews, workshop organization tips, and informative vlogs that give viewers a glimpse into his woodworking process.

Jimmy DiResta

Jimmy DiResta

DiResta‘s passion for woodworking is not limited to traditional techniques and materials. He often incorporates salvaged items and unconventional materials into his projects, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in woodworking. His ability to repurpose and transform everyday objects into beautiful pieces of furniture or art is truly inspiring. DiResta’s creativity and unique style have earned him a loyal following on social media, where he shares his process and finished works with his followers. Whether you are an experienced woodworker or just starting out, following Jimmy DiResta is sure to spark your imagination and inspire you to try new things in your own woodworking projects.

Why Jimmy DiResta is an Influential Woodworker

Jimmy DiResta is a master of all trades, including woodworking, metalworking, and upcycling. With over 30 years of experience, DiResta has become a go-to source for makers looking to learn new skills and get inspired. His YouTube channel, with over 2 million subscribers, is filled with captivating videos of him building everything from furniture to knives to musical instruments.

What Projects He Has Shared

DiResta’s projects are known for their creativity, practicality, and attention to detail. He is particularly skilled in repurposing found objects and transforming them into functional pieces of art. Some of his most popular projects include a rustic wooden bench made from reclaimed wood, a custom guitar with a carved wooden body, and a set of kitchen knives made from old files. DiResta’s ability to turn ordinary objects into something extraordinary has made him a must-follow influencer in the woodworking community.

Izzy Swan

Izzy Swan is a multi-talented woodworking influencer who has been in the industry for over 30 years. He is a popular YouTuber, inventor, and woodworker who shares his innovative woodworking ideas with his audience. His channel “Think Woodworks” is all about using creativity and ingenuity to make unique woodworking projects.

Izzy is known for his expertise in using a jigsaw and for his ability to create woodworking machines that are both functional and cost-effective. He has also designed various tools for the woodworking community that are aimed at making the process easier and more efficient.

Why Izzy Swan is an Influential Woodworker

Izzy Swan is an innovative woodworker who is known for his unique and creative projects. He is a master of repurposing and recycling materials, often using items that others would overlook. Swan’s YouTube channel showcases his out-of-the-box thinking, and his videos are both entertaining and informative. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others, and he often collaborates with other makers to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Some of his most popular projects include a convertible picnic table, a wooden lathe made from recycled materials, and a wooden bowl made entirely from pencils.

What Projects He Has Shared

If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for your woodworking projects, G. Izzy Swan is definitely worth following. His unique approach to woodworking is both informative and entertaining, and his videos showcase his passion for repurposing materials and creating unique pieces. Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or just starting out, Swan’s channel is a great resource for tips, tricks, and inspiration. Plus, his collaborations with other makers provide a unique opportunity to learn from multiple perspectives and gain new insights into the craft of woodworking.


Woodbotherer is an influential woodworker who has managed to make a name for themselves in the industry. They have a unique folksy, yet modern approach to their craft. Everything from their styling to their tools, gives a nod to a rustic, frontier-style aesthetic.

When it comes to being an impressive woodworker, Woodbotherer sits in a very special place. They provide insight into a wide range of woodworking projects, from furniture-making and cabinetry to sculpting and carpentry. 

If you’re interested in trying out something like door carvings or garden-specific sculptures, then Woodbotherer is the perfect place to get inspired. They often experiment with new methods and tools, making for potentially educational pieces.

Since its inception, Woodbotherer has gone from strength to strength. Their creative portfolio includes a variety of items, ranging from rocking chairs to bedroom furniture to wooden kitchen utensils. All of these projects come with detailed tutorials, plans and materials lists, making it easier for those who wish to emulate their work in the workshop.

Their YouTube page gives details of each project they’ve undertaken and the steps they took to finish them. Whether you’re interested in making an outdoor weathervane or a beautiful fence, Woodbotherer can guide you step-by-step. They often provide feedback and advice on each project too, making it easier to pick up the techniques you’re interested in. 

Woodbotherer is also famous for their rustic decorations.  Whether you’re after some wooden wind chimes or planters, a quick browse through the website will have you covered. And if you’re in the mood for something a bit more challenging, Woodbotherer has plenty of advanced projects up for grabs too. From a custom humidor to a unique coffee table, there’s sure to be something that’ll help spark your creative juices. 

So if you’re looking for a bit of woodworking inspiration and advice, then Woodbotherer is certainly an influencer worth following.

Why Woodbotherer is an Influential Woodworker

Woodbotherer is really livin’ it up lately! What with his awesome woodworking projects and over 200 thousand followers on Instagram, it’s no surprise that Woodbotherer is at the top of our list. He’s been making waves in the world of woodworking, and that’s why he’s so influential.

First of all, Woodbotherer is a true master of woodworking. He’s been woodworking for over 20 years, so it’s no surprise that he’s up there with the best of ’em. He has an eye for designing unique and innovative pieces and an unique approach to creating beautiful pieces of art from wood.

In addition, Woodbotherer is a great communicator. He’s always open and transparent with his followers, sharing progress on projects, tips and tricks for success, and helpful videos for those getting started with woodworking. He answers questions and interacts with his followers, giving them a sense of community and being part of something bigger. That’s why Woodbotherer stands out as an influencer in the world of woodworking.

Lastly, Woodbotherer is really good at what he does. His passion shines through in each piece he creates and it seems like his followers can feel it too. From the intricately designed tables with turning finishes to the colorful (and incredibly detailed) bandsaw boxes, it’s easy to see the time and effort put into each piece. His passion for the craft is inspiring and never fails to put a smile on people’s faces.

All in all, Woodbotherer is an inspiring and influential woodworker who’s worth following for inspiration and ideas. His skills, passion, and dedication to the craft make him one to watch in the world of woodworking. It’s no surprise then, that Woodbotherer is topping our list of the top 10 woodworking influencers to follow!

What Projects They Have Shared

Woodbotherer is a team whose mission is to bring innovative furniture pieces to life. With a focus on mid-century modern designs and thoughtfully crafted details, they specialize in sophisticated pieces with a unique twist. Some of their notable projects include a minimalist console table with a square inlay and concrete accents, a low-profile dining chair with angled legs, and a reproduction of a classic mid-century walnut chair.

Paul Jackman

Paul Jackman

Paul Jackman is a woodworking influencer known for his entertaining videos that showcase his expertise in building unique furniture pieces. His channel, “Jackman Works,” has over 800k subscribers and features videos that are both instructional and entertaining.

Why J. Paul Jackman is an Influential Woodworker

Jackman’s videos stand out not only for their entertainment value but also for their high production quality and attention to detail. He provides step-by-step instructions for his projects, often using unconventional materials and techniques to create unique and visually striking pieces. Jackman’s creativity and willingness to take risks inspire other woodworkers to experiment and try new things in their own projects.

What Projects He Has Shared

Jackman has shared a wide variety of projects on his channel, from a “Transformer” style coffee table that transforms into a full-size dining table to a modular outdoor sofa that can be rearranged in various configurations. He has also built a custom bicycle with a wooden frame and created a wooden sculpture of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. Jackman’s projects are not only functional but also visually stunning, demonstrating his skill as a craftsman and his ability to push the boundaries of woodworking.

Ana White

Ana White is a DIY woodworking influencer who has a popular website that provides free woodworking plans and tutorials. She started woodworking in 2009 and since then, has become a well-known name in the woodworking community.

Why Ana White is an Influential Woodworker

Ana’s woodworking plans are designed to be accessible to beginners and experts alike. Her approachable style and dedication to providing clear and concise instructions has helped make woodworking accessible to a wider audience. Ana’s passion for woodworking and her commitment to sharing her knowledge with others has helped inspire countless woodworkers around the world.

Why Projects She Has Shared

Ana White’s website features an extensive collection of woodworking plans for everything from furniture to home decor. She is particularly known for her farmhouse-style furniture designs, which have become incredibly popular in recent years. Some of her most popular projects include a DIY farmhouse bed, a rustic console table, and a modern outdoor sofa. Ana also shares videos on her YouTube channel, which offer a step-by-step look at some of her most popular projects.

John Heisz

If you’re looking for a good laugh (and to be totally honest, even if you’re not), then John Heisz is the woodworker you need to follow! Heisz is a Canadian YouTube creator, known for his funny, homey nature and his commitment to his craft. 

Heisz started off working as an engineer in Toronto, and slowly developed his woodworking hobby into a full-time gig. He has since become well-known for his easy-going videos and for creating projects with minimal tools. He’s also well-known for his experiments with unconventional tools and materials.

As a woodworker, Heisz uses these unconventional materials to build amazing projects. He’s constructed everything from boats to custom furniture, and all of these projects have been documented with videos that showcase his commitment to quality craftsmanship. Heisz has also opened his own store, Heisz’s Wood Shop, which sells unique, handmade items.

One of the most important things to note about Heisz’s videos is how he explains everything he is doing in detail. He provides in-depth explanations and demonstrations on how to make something. He also provides a detailed supply list of what materials are needed and how much they cost so that viewers can successfully complete the project.

Heisz has been praised by many woodworking experts, including Carlos Eliasen, the owner of the Facebook Group CarpentrySecrets. Eliasen has commended Heisz for his skill and willingness to share his knowledge.

If you’re looking for an entertaining woodworking channel, one that focuses on providing sound instructions and advice, and one that offers a good laugh, then you must check out Heisz’s YouTube channel. His videos are both educational and hilarious, and you’re guaranteed to learn something new!

Why Heisz is an Influential Woodworker

Let me just say, if there’s one woodworker you should follow for inspiration and ideas, it’s John Heisz. Not only is the man hilarious, but the projects he makes are absolutely amazing.

He’s been woodworking since he was 9 years old, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about. But what makes him so influential, is his unique style and humorous approach to woodworking.

He is constantly creating new, never before seen projects, from a plant stand made from scrap wood, to a foot-powered butter churn ( which surprisingly actually works!). You know that saying “there’s no wrong way to do something?” That’s absolutely the case with John’s projects.

You can find all of John’s creativity on his YouTube channel, which is full of informative and funny videos on woodworking. He also loves to inspire other woodworkers to think outside the box, sometimes making it seem like a game by having challenges like, “Create something in under 5 minutes”. He often also brings in curious objects and turns them into useful furniture.

John is also very passionate about teaching proper safety protocol and shop etiquette and shares tons of tips, so you can avoid costly mistakes and stay safe while working in the shop.

At the end of the day, when you follow John Heisz, you’re getting knowledge, safety tips, hilarious stories and a ton of creative projects. Now that’s what I call a woodworking influencer!

What Projects He Has Shared

John Heisz is a master woodworker known for his clean lines, precise joinery, and superior craftsmanship. His projects range from practical items such as a birdhouse to a more decorative piece such as a pyramid-shaped spice rack. Heisz also made a delightful picnic table and a pie safe with artistic scrollwork on its front.

The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer

Ahhh, The Wood Whisperer. The man who lives, breathes and loves all things woodworking. He’s one of the top ten woodworking influencers to follow for inspiration and ideas, and given the sheer amount of devotion and dedication he has for his craft, it’s no wonder why.

The Wood Whisperer, otherwise known as Marc Spagnuolo, is a master of the craft, having built his own personal workshop from the ground up. Marc’s host of the popular weekly web series, ‘The Wood Whisperer’, which features woodworking tips, advice and projects from Marc and his colleagues. His videos have a huge fan following, boasting an audience of over 1 million subscribers.

Marc’s knowledge of woodworking is diverse and impressive, ranging from hand tools to advanced power tools. He’s had an impressive career, having worked for Delta, Porter Cable, Black & Decker and Levolor in various capacities. Not only that, but he has also authored a number of books, ranging from ‘The Living Article’ to ‘The Woodworking Show’.

Most recently, Marc has branched out into new territory, launching the popular YouTube channel, ‘The MarcSpagnuolo’, where he documents his immense knowledge of the craft in minute detail. It’s no surprise, then, that Marc is one of the top 10 woodworking influencers to follow. 

In terms of projects and inspirations, Marc never fails to disappoint, having created a huge number of unique and bespoke items from wood. His latest projects are the creation of multiple pieces of furniture made from a variety of materials, all of which feature his signature style and attention to detail. 

It’s easy to see, then, why Marc has earned such a revered spot in the woodworking world. His dedication to the craft and commitment to creativity has made him one of the top 10 woodworking influencers to gives advice and provide endless inspiration. 

So if you’re looking for somebody who is a walking encyclopedia of woodworking knowledge and can give you plenty of ideas and tips on how to take your woodworking to the next level, then look no further than The Wood Whisperer himself, Marc Spagnuolo!

Why The Wood Whisperer is an Influential Woodworker

When it comes to woodworking, there’s nothing quite like The Wood Whisperer. He’s been around for years, so you can imagine the kind experience and skill this woodworking king has. His projects are simply incredible and it’s no wonder why he’s an influencer to follow. 

First off, we have to give a shoutout to the guests he often includes on his podcast. The Wood Whisperer offers an amazing platform for different artisans and craftsmen to showcase their unique talents in a fun and interactive atmosphere. 

Because of the Wood Whisperer’s immense knowledge and enthusiasm for the craft, he’s managed to blow up the woodworking community with a series of creative projects. Some of which include a slick mod of a cutting board, a large-scale chess set, and even a set of mini-blast doors. 

His skill-sets don’t stop there, when it comes to woodworking he’s also a very savvy marketer. With the help of social media, YouTube, and other outlets, he’s succeeded in bringing attention to both himself and the amazing woodworking community.

The Wood Whisperer’s blog-style postings make his humble initiative a bustling and thriving spot for projects and tips of the trade. Plus, his weekly “Live With Wood” episodes are always a treat to look forward to. His interaction with the audience keeps things interesting and it’s easy to tell that he truly loves his work, which is why it’s no surprise that he has made such an impact. 

To top it all off, the Wood Whisperer even has a merchandise store with some of the most amazing collections and apparel. His products are trendy and stylish, offering everyone a chance to show off their love of woodworking and gain a few compliments from other woodworkers. 

Overall, The Wood Whisperer is without a doubt one of the most influential woodworking influencers to follow for inspiration and ideas. Even for the total beginner, his tips, tricks and tutorials make it simple for anyone to get into woodworking. His projects are always evolving and impressive, and for that, we can all be thankful.

What Projects He Has Shared

The Wood Whisperer is the woodworking channel on YouTube that’s been going strong since 2006. Host Marc Spagnuolo has shared a plethora of interesting projects over the years, ranging from a modern dining room table, a Butcher Block Island with a Planer Cart, a rolling tool cart, an intricate gun cabinet, and even a full-size medieval catapult. He’s always motivated to push the envelope with his projects and is known for producing some unique and interesting interpretations of traditional woodworking.



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