Best Cordless Chainsaw | UK Guide | 2023

Best Cordless Chainsaw

Operating a chainsaw can be intensive and awkward work, which is why cordless models are so attractive. However, finding the best cordless chainsaw for your exact requirement can be a tricky decision without getting first getting familiar with some essential tech spec. Read our go-to guide below to help you make the best possible decision before you invest in a cordless chainsaw.

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Cordless Chainsaw Applications

An electric chainsaw and a battery chainsaw is an incredibly robust and versatile piece of machinery. It’s a go-to for those looking to make rough cuts in outdoor environments. Perhaps you’re looking to make quick work of a pile of softwood for your wood burner and use it as a trimmer.

A chainsaw can also be brought out when you wish to cut through tree trunks and heavy branches in your outdoor spaces. You may also wish to use a chainsaw to make rough cuts through hardwood material for carpentry projects. Whatever the exact nature of your cutting job, picking the right best cordless chainsaw is crucial in order to achieve the best end result.

Why Choose a Cordless Electric Chainsaw?

Nowadays, the best cordless chainsaws are just as common as their mains-powered cousins. One obvious reason why cordless chainsaws are so popular concerns safety. The fierce chain of your tool makes quick work of even the most robust pieces of wood, so tearing through an electric cable is of no concern.

Top rated cordless chainsaws negate this worry, dispensing with the concern of a trailing lead. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the integrated battery packs of cordless models generally make for a heavier unit.

Like any power tool running on battery power, a cordless chainsaw grants the user much greater levels of flexibility when it comes to working environment. Most jobs that call for a heavy-duty chainsaw will be carried out in exterior settings, which often don’t provide easy access to mains power. As such, the freedom a cordless chainsaw provides is very appealing.

The Limitations of Going Cordless

Cordless chainsaws have many benefits, but there’s some restrictions to bear in mind as well. For one, cordless models tend to be pricier than the conventional alternatives.

Power limitations also need to be considered. Unless you’re investing in a top-tier cordless model, you can expect a cordless chainsaw to be less powerful than a corded alternative.

Even a fully-charged best battery brand can quickly be drained from a simple heavy-duty cutting task, so you’ll definitely need to consider stocking up on additional battery packs to ensure consistent battery charge. This brings with its more cost implications, with reserve batteries likely to cost you a pretty penny.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying Cordless Chainsaws

Let’s look at power implications in more detail. The size of your cordless chainsaw motor and power will have a direct effect on the types of jobs you can carry out with your tool.

At the lower end of the spectrum, models might operate with as little as 10 amps. This might only be sufficient for relatively light cutting jobs like slicing through tree branches and thinner pieces of wood. The more robust models boast better specs, allowing you to cut through much thicker material.

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Chainsaw Weight

Thankfully, there’s not a great deal of difference when it comes to weight when deciding between mains operated chainsaws and those of the cordless variety. A good cordless chainsaw will rarely weigh more than 5 kilograms in total.

That being said, you’ll want to pay special attention to the weight of a model you’re interested in. This will affect how long you’ll be able to comfortably handle it. If you’re looking for a model that needs to be used for long sessions, go for a lighter model. If you need to be more flexible with cutting angles, you’ll also want to consider an altogether more compact and lightweight model.

Length of Bar

This bit of chainsaw spec is easy enough to get your head around. Guide bar length simply refers to the length of the bar that the chainsaw utilises in its cutting action. The longer the bar you’re working with, the larger the piece of wood you can hope to cut.

As a general rule, a longer bar will allow you to work more quickly and effectively, provided you’re comfortable handling such a model. Generally speaking, cordless chainsaws utilise bars measuring between 10 inches and 18 inches in length. Avoid longer bars if you’re not comfortable handling them. A longer bar has a direct affect on the overall weight of the chainsaw, with significant implications when it comes to balance.

Handle Specs

It’s easy to overlook the importance of handles when picking out cordless chainsaws. One option is to go for a model that incorporates wraparound handles. This type of handle is the way to go if you’re seeking something that provides you with more flexibility and the freedom to hold the tool in various ways.

This is good if you’re looking to carry out more awkward cuts. Other models of cordless chainsaw feature multiple grips. These handles are smaller in size, but are placed around the model, giving you a choice of handling options. Ultimately, the choice you opt for needs to be based upon your individual requirement. Think long and hard about the average application to make the best possible decision for you.

Best Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

Feeling the urge to invest in a cordless chainsaw now you’ve brushed up on some essential spec? We’ve made life even easier for you and put together a first-rate pick of premium cordless chainsaws currently available for the UK market.

In our line-up, you’ll find quality models with a host of user-friendly features, with products from the best manufacturers around. What’s more, you’ll find something to suit every possible budget. So whether you looking to add these to your growing gear of cordless tools and want to get sawing with ease or you’re simply fed up with your lawn mower and hedge trimmers, we’ve got you covered below.

Ryobi OCS1830 18 V 30 cm Bar ONE+ Cordless Brushless Chain Saw

You can count on Ryobi to deliver something robust and efficient. The OCS1830 is just the ticket for those seeking something heavy-duty and easy to harness. The high performance 18V brushless motor technology found here as standard ensures optimal performance and output efficiency, ensuring all those outdoor jobs are met with ease.

A 30cm Oregon Bar and Chain offer a chain speed of 10 m/s, while an automatic oiling system and tool-less chain tensioning design make this a user-friendly option that requires minimal additional maintenance. As with any chainsaw, safety features are of paramount importance, which is why you’ll appreciate the inclusion of a mechanical chain brake as standard. As part of the ONE+ system from Ryobi, you can also enjoy the benefits of a universal battery that works with upwards of a hundred other tools from the reputable manufacturer.


BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

There’s plenty of user-friendly functionality on offer with this BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Chainsaw. For starters, there’s a powerful motor to ensure high performance as standard. Despite its powerful credentials, this chainsaw enjoys a relatively quiet operation, however.

It’s also an incredibly user-friendly and easy to manage choice, with a low-kickback chain that ensures smooth cuts and quick actions through wood. The patented SDS tool-free blade tensioning feature also allows for fuss-free chain adjustments, ensuring maximum cutting performance at all times. If you’re after something requiring minimal maintenance, this is a worthwhile consideration, with an auto oiling system to keep both the chain and bar constantly lubricated. You’ll also find a window to gauge oil levels at all times.


Bosch UniversalChain 18 Cordless Chainsaw

For cord-free functionality at a price that won’t upset the budget, look no further than this Bosch UniversalChain 18 Cordless Chainsaw. A lightweight option that’s easy to handle and operate, this cordless chainsaw from the reputable power tool manufacturer is just the thing for handling all those outdoor cutting tasks.

Even with a battery installed, this compact chainsaw won’t feel too cumbersome in your hands, weighing in at just 3 kilograms in total. The compact design isn’t just about reducing the bulk in your hands, either. With its low profile and sleek shape, it’s an altogether more ergonomic choice that allows for maximum manoeuvrability when carrying out pruning and less intensive cutting jobs. What’s more, there’s a stabilising tip protector as standard, with gripping teeth to ensure easy commencement of cutting tasks. This last feature is particularly handy if you intend to put this to use pruning greenery, with the gripping teeth ensuring a cleaner cut and minimising damage of surrounding branches and stems.


WORX WG322E.9 20V 25cm Cordless Compact Chainsaw

With its relatively low price tag, you’d be forgiven for writing off the WORX WG322E.9 as a subpar choice of cordless chainsaw. However, you’d be wrong. This compact cordless chainsaw utilises a 20V PowerShare motor to deliver quick, clean and efficient cuts at all times.

The patented tool-free auto chain tension system is also on hand to prevent the chance of over tightening, ensuring chain tension remains at optimal levels as you cut. This is certainly worth a look if you’re worried about maintenance, with plenty of innovative features integrated into the overall design to save you the hassle of having to carry out regular upkeep.

An automatic oiling system with quick-glance indicator keeps the chain and blade lubricated at all times, with the oil level indicator letting you know when it’s time to refill. Aside from its quality motor and self-care systems, this cordless chainsaw also scores top marks for compact portability. Its lightweight design means it’s easy to handle and carry around outside, with the total bulk only coming in at 2.8 kilograms. This lightweight design also makes it a solid choice for those looking to carry out more delicate cutting jobs, especially when you need to hold the chainsaw at awkward angles or at height for any length of time.


Makita DUC353Z Cordless Chainsaw

This DUC353Z cordless chainsaw from Makita is a great choice for those seeking something that will hold up well to heavy-duty tasks and repeated use. No less than two 18V lithium-ion batteries supply power to a 36V brushless motor drive, delivering incredible levels of performance for more demanding tasks.

With its compact design and cordless functionality, there’s no need to worry about extensive maintenance here. You’ll never have to change engine oil or worry about replacing spark plugs. You’ll also never have to clean air filters or drain the fuel before sticking this away in storage.

Other key features of this cordless chainsaw include very low levels of vibration when working an overall lower operational volume. There’s also xTreme Protection Technology (XPT) as standard, keeping the essential components well protected against dust and water exposure. This makes it a solid choice for use in more intensive working conditions.

Both batteries have their own LED level indicators, ensuring you never need to worry about getting caught short with a rundown battery. Finally, there’s a metal spike bumper that ensures a firm grip on the workpiece you’re dealing with, delivering you greater levels of control and producing better cutting results.


Dewalt DCM565N Cordless XR Brushless Chain Saw

If you’re at all familiar with DeWalt, the impressive specs of the DCM565 Cordless XR should come as no surprise. The brushless motor found at the heart of this cordless chainsaw ensure increased runtime and powerful performance, making it a good choice for use in everyday situations and on the job site.

As you’d hope from any premium cordless model of chainsaw, the DCM565 is both lightweight and compact in design, making it suitable for one-handed operation. Even when operated with one hand, the ergonomic nature of this chainsaw allows for precise cuts and plenty of control, ensuring optimal levels of safety are maintained at all times.

Other standout features include an emergency brake with stopping times of less than one second, as well as a variable speed trigger, single handed activation and a secondary auxiliary handle for when you require added balance and control when working. Retailing at a very reasonable price, this cordless chainsaw from DeWalt delivers on all counts.