Gtech Hedge Trimmer Review | Best Hedge Trimmer? | 2023

gtech hedge trimmer review

The Gtech hedge trimmer range provides you with plenty of user-friendly solutions for keeping your outdoor spaces in order. The Gtech HT3.0 is a particularly good addition to range. This cordless hedge trimmer is one of the most user-friendly products in its category, with no dangling cables to restrict you as you work. Unlike other cordless products, you get a surprising amount of runtime here, with consistent operation until your battery levels are drained down to zero. When you do need to replenish battery reserves, the charging process is simple and quick.

The overall body of the trimmer has also been designed with control and precision in mind. The Gtech HT3.0 has better balance than other options out there, making it easy to maintain high levels of precision as you tackle greenery in your garden. It also provides you with considerable reach. Looking to purchase a new hedge trimmer? Read on for our Gtech Hedge Trimmer review to see why you should definitely consider spending your money on this standout model.

What’s Included?

The Gtech HT3.0 comes with just about everything you could possibly need to start tackling unkept greenery and unruly growth in your outdoor spaces. Obviously, you get the main hedge trimmer body itself, along with a compatible trimmer head that will need to be attached after unboxing. A blade and blade cover are also included. You also have the powerful HT3.0 battery, along with a battery charger. Finally, you have a safety harness to ensure you always keep in line with healthy and safety requirements as you work.

Easy Assembly

Although some hedge trimmers can be difficult to assemble for first use, the Gtech HT3.0 is a fairly straightforward product. In fact, the individual components of this hedge trimmer can be easily snapped into place, with no complex installation and adjustment required. The main trimmer unit and trimmer head simply click together, with an audible sound letting you know that connection has been successful.

Once this is done, you can add the blade and cover to your trimmer unit. Again, a secure locking mechanism ensures all components remain firmly attached when the unit is in operation. Finally, you need to insert the trimmer battery. You will also hear a loud click when the battery has been fully inserted. Provided you have a full battery, you are now free to start using your Gtech HT3.0 hedge trimmer.

Battery Performance

If you have some uncertainty about purchasing a hedge trimmer that operates on a battery unit, the Gtech HT3.0 will make you rethink your reservations. This trimmer provides you with up to 60 minutes of runtime after a full 4-hour charge. An hour should prove more than enough time to handle most trimming jobs. However, should you need a trimmer that can cope with more exhaustive jobs, you can always purchase a secondary battery to eliminate downtime.

The battery comes with an indicator light that lets you know how much power you have remaining. This saves you the hassle of suddenly finding yourself with a powerless trimmer and a half-finished job. Generally speaking, an hour of charge should prove more than enough for a small to medium-sized garden. However, if it is your first time you using this trimmer, you may want to allow some more time as you get to grips with the handling of the unit.

How Does it Handle?

The Gtech HT3.0 boasts some very useful features that will make hedge trimming tasks and garden upkeep easier. The hedge trimmer features two individual release switches. One of these release switches will allow you to change the angle of your trimmer head. When set to a 90-degree angle, the trimmer head is ideal for when you need to work on the top edge of a tall edge, or trim the far side of a shorter one. Although the 90-degree blade angle looks fairly imposing, a reliable locking mechanism means you never need to worry about the blade falling free of this position as you work.

The other release switch is there to allow you to remove the trimmer cutting blade completely. However, you should always ensure that you keep the plastic trimmer blade guard in place when you remove any blades beneath. Even the most heavily-used trimmer blades can prove very sharp, so you want to avoid the chance of injury. You will only need to remove the blade when it comes to storing your trimmer, or when you need to replace the cutting blade for a new one. You will also need to remove the blade if you want to use any optional extras, such as a branch cutting accessory.

When you have chosen your desired blade or cutting attachment and selected a suitable trimming angle, you can remove the plastic guard. Prior to turning the trimmer on, make sure you have sufficient battery reserves to complete your trimming work. You are now good to go. A safety switch is included with this trimmer that needs to be pressed prior to you undertaking your trimming tasks. This safety switch is strategically positioned so that it can be accessed by right or left-handed users. Once you have pressed this trigger and it is locked firmly in place, you can focus on the trimming task at hand.

Ergonomic Control

Although the Gtech HT3.0 is a fairly large piece of equipment, with a total length of approximately two metres, it is reasonably lightweight. In fact, the trimmer weighs just 2.5 kilograms. If you are holding this trimmer far away from your body, the trimmer can be a little heavy to handle.

However, it has a better balance than other models, meaning you are unlikely to feel strain when working with it. If you plan on working with this trimmer for a particularly long amount of time, this balanced design will prove its worth. You can work with it at length for long spells, without over-exerting yourself. It also means you are unlikely to experience aching arms and strain as you work.

Optional Extras

A great feature of this Gtech hedge trimmer is that you combine it with useful accessories. The most essential add-on you should consider investing in is the Gtech branch cutter attachment. This can be attached to the main trimmer unit in lieu of a conventional blade. The branch cutter features a particularly efficient blade that can slice through smaller branches and stems with very little effort.

However, this cutting tool is not really designed for tackling tough tree branches. It is largely restricted to use with smaller tree varieties and hedges. That being said, if you do need to tackle thicker branches and stems, you can always take your time and make several attacks with this reliable cutting tool. The only thing with this is that you are likely to see your battery reserves run down while tackling a limited area of growth.


– Well-balanced for comfortable handling and precise control when cutting
– Good battery performance and powerful trimming action
– Easy to assemble with reliable locking mechanisms
– Optional extras such as the branch cutter attachment are available
– Blade angle can be adjusted to 90-degree configuration


– Optional branch cutter attachment will not cope with thicker stems and branches

In Summary

If you want to trim hedges and tidy up tree lines, this Gtech hedge trimmer is a worthwhile investment. This lightweight hedge trimmer is very well balanced, making it comfortable to use at length, even for long periods of time. The cordless design also makes it a good option if you find cables too restrictive. The battery performance is also pretty impressive, with the 60-minute runtime providing more than enough for most hedge trimming jobs and garden upkeep tasks.


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