The Top 5 Best Saw Blades for Cutting Hard Plastics

The Top 5 Best Saw Blades for Cutting Hard Plastics

Cutting hard plastics can be a real pain in the neck (and sometimes, the saw blade). But fear not, dear readers, because we’ve done the research and found the top 5 best saw blades for cutting hard plastics that will make you cut it like a breeze.

These blades are like superheroes – tough, durable, and able to slice through even the hardest of plastics with ease. From carbide-tipped blades to diamond-tipped blades, these saw blades are the cream of the crop. So grab your safety gear and get ready to take on those tough plastic projects – because with these saw blades, you’ll be unstoppable.

Evolution Power Tools 14-Inch Steel Saw Blade

Have you heard of the Evolution Power Tools 14-Inch Steel Saw Blade? I haven’t, and I figure why not start our list off with it? I was like, why not? Let’s do this thing! 

Let’s start talking about the good. The Evolution Steel Saw Blade is actually really good for cutting hard plastics — it’s made with a special grade of steel that stands up best to those materials. It does a great job at cutting without too much vibration and keeps going even after a few hours in the shop. Plus, the 14-inch blade is well-suited to most projects where hard plastics are involved. 

On to the not-so-great. While it’s ideally suited to cutting hard plastics, if you want to cut softer plastics, it might not be the best option. Then there’s the price. The Evolution Steel Saw Blade is more expensive than some of the other blades on our list, so if you’re looking for a bargain, this might not be the one for you. 

Overall, though, the Evolution Power Tools 14-Inch Steel Saw Blade is well-suited to projects where hard plastics are involved. If that describes your project, this is a great option — just be prepared to pay a little extra.

Evolution Steel Saw Blade

Evolution Steel Saw Blade

Ahh, the Evolution Power Tools 14-Inch Steel Saw Blade. You ever seen one of these bad boys in action? I have, and let me tell you, they cut through hard plastics like they ain’t nothin’! Ah yeah, this saw blade’s got some serious power. 

What sets this steel saw blade apart from the rest is its construction. Evolution Power Tools made sure to only use the best of the best materials for this baby. It’s got a micro-grain carbide tip and a unique heat treating thermo-set process that ensures that wicked edge stays sharper for longer. So you won’t mind tackling those tough plastics too much when you’ve got the Evolution Power Tools 14-Inch Steel Saw Blade at your disposal. 

But that’s not all. This saw blade also offers sixty teeth, which gives it the perfect balance of speed and cutting performance. Plus, its clearance hole is extra-large, so you can easily mount it onto any standard size arbor. That makes it super convenient when it comes to switchin’ up saw blades on the fly. 

On top of that, the Evolution Power Tools 14-Inch Steel Saw Blade is affordable, too. All that quality construction doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. So pick up this saw blade and be ready to cut through that hard plastic like a hot knife through butter!

Freud D1296L Diablo 12 Inch Saw Blade

Do you want to go all out with the badassery of your saw blade? If you do, this is the one for you! The Freud D1296L Diablo 12 Inch Saw Blade has a style ready to dominate the saw blade game while taking on hard plastics. 

This saw blade has a laser cut stabilizer vents. What are these? Well, the stabilizer vents are small pieces of metal that block noise and vibration from your blade. This means that your blade can be in full force without extra noise and shaky moments that comes with the drill. 

This saw blade also has a combo design for long-lasting performance. This design helps the blade take on even the toughest materials with precision and speed. Your blades will be cutting through hard plastics like butter before you even realize. 

In terms of pros of this saw blade, let’s just say its worth every penny. It offers fast cuts with precision, long-lasting performance, and low noise and vibration levels. Furthermore, the blade has laser-cut heat expansion slots that allow the blade to expand and contract. This allows each blade has ample support while making those tough cuts. 

On the downside of this saw blade, I have to say that the cost may be a little steep compared to other blades on the market. Also, while this is mainly designed to take on hard plastics, I have noticed that it sometimes struggles with thicker plastics. This usually means more saw dust will fly than normal, so be sure to wear a mask and safety glasses when using. 

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with the Freud D1296L Diablo 12 Inch Saw Blade. It’s the perfect saw blade for tackling those tough hard plastics with speed and precision. And with its stabilizer vents and laser-cut heat expansion slots, you’ll be working like a pro in no time.

Freud Diablo Saw Blade

When it comes to cutting through hard plastics, especially PVC, you want a saw blade that’s going to rip through it without making it look like you’re using a saw to make a sandcastle. That’s where the Freud Diablo 12 Inch Saw Blade comes in. The Diablo delivers big on power, providing some of the best cutting power around. Its narrow-kerf design and durable construction make it a perfect choice for tougher plastics. 

The Diablo is easy to use and set up. Its thin design powers through hard plastics quickly, with minimal effort, and the laser-cut stabilizer vents reduce heat buildup for a consistent performance. And one thing you’ll appreciate about this saw is the ease of its maintenance routine. Its specially designed tooth geometry means more effective cutting, plus it’s designed with a non-stick coating to reduce friction and minimize gumming up. 

The 12-inch Diablo saw’s tough construction means it has the strength and power to tackle harder plastics without having to worry about it breaking or cracking. It’s also designed to last longer with its special C3-Micrograin Carbide teeth, which are brazed to its body and designed to stay sharp longer and resist more wear and tear than regular saw blades. 

Speaking of power, the Diablo comes with one of the best cutting speeds around. It has a precision-ground finish that maximizes its sharpness, increasing the blade’s speed, accuracy and efficiency. And so it can quickly move through harder plastics, even in tight spaces, without having to worry about jagged edges or finishing too slowly. 

Finally, the Diablo is an incredibly versatile saw blade. It’s perfect for cutting through hard plastics and PVC, but it’s also perfect for sheet metal, aluminum, copper, fiberboard and even wood. So when you need a saw blade that can cut through it all, you can depend on the Diablo. 

So if you’re looking for a saw blade that can literally rip through hard plastics with ease and power, then look no further than the Freud Diablo Saw Blade. It has the power, accuracy and versatility you need to make any project quick and easy.

Makita A-94959 10-Inch Saw Blade

Makita A-94959 10-Inch Saw Blade

So you wanna cut some hard plastics and you want to do it right? Well, allow me to introduce you to the Makita A-94959 10-Inch Saw Blade! This blade has been built to make your life easier – no matter what type of hard plastic you’re looking to slice through.

Now, first things first – this bad boy is set up to cut hard plastic like a hot, buttery, smooth dream. It features a laser-cut body and 40 carbide-tipped teeth for a highly-efficient cutting action. Plus, its anti-vibration feature helps to reduce friction and heat build up when cutting, helping to improve the blade’s life.

Now, let’s talk about the pros of this bad boy. Firstly – it’s 10-inches, so it’s fairly large and allows for big, efficient cuts of plastic. It also has a improved cutting speed which means it’ll finish the job faster and get you outta there in no time. And oh, its anti-vibration feature helps to reduce the wear and tear on your tool.

Well, there ain’t no perfect blade out there and of course, this bad boy ain’t no exception. All in all, the Makita A-94959 10-Inch Saw Blade may not be the flashiest, but damn, it sure can cut through the toughest plastics with ease. With its increased efficiency and decreased wear and tear, it’s an ideal blade for those big and hard-to-cut plastics. Now get out there, buy this bad boy, and make those plastic projects of yours shine like the stars!

Makita 10-Inch Saw Blade

Ah, Makita. I appreciate their dedication to durable saw blades like the A-94959 10-Inch Saw Blade. I love this blade, from its Metabo HPT-made construction to its 10” diameter blade. It is perfect for any cuts you might need in jobs involving hard plastics!

Now, let’s talk about the pros of this saw blade. First, the 250 teeth make it the perfect blade for clean cuts. And you’ll love the cutting speed and accuracy, perfect for work surfaces that need a precise cutting angle. Plus, with a negative 5-degree hook angle, you can make incredibly clean cut with this blade.

Oh, and did I mention that this blade has a solidified M-shaped core design? That helps with heat dissipation and extended sharpening life. The advanced tooth design even reduces vibration and automatically actualizes the feed pressure.

But nothing is perfect. I know this saw blade isn’t right for every job. It really only works for hard plastics, so if you’ve got something softer, look elsewhere. It’s also designed to cut through a wide variety of material thicknesses, but you should know that it won’t work beyond a certain thickness. Make sure to check your requirements to make sure this blade can get it done for you.

And that’s it. Sure, it may not be a blade for everyone, but if it works for your project, then I think it’s a great choice for cutting hard plastics. Give it a try, and you just might find a saw blade that gets the job done for a long time.

DEWALT DW3106P5 10-Inch Saw Blade

DEWALT DW3106P5 10-Inch Saw Blade

Hey, hey, so next up on the list of the top 5 best saw blades for cutting hard plastics is the DEWALT DW3106P5 10-Inch Saw Blade. Now this one has a lot of folks talking about how it can cut through plastic like butter.

But I do know this saw blade has a lot of features that make it worth the money. For one, it’s got a precision ground tooth pattern that makes it perfect for making quick, clean cuts. It also has up to 4,800 RPM of cutting power and a high-density carbide to ensure accurate cuts. Plus, it has anti-stick features that allow you to get through your job without having to worry about plastics being held on the blade.

On top of that, it’s an affordable option compared to some of the other saw blades out there. And with a lifetime warranty, it can last you a really long time. Not to mention, it’s made with reinforced tungsten carbide to provide maximum durability, so it can take a beating without breaking.

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of the DEWALT DW3106P5 10-Inch Saw Blade. On the positive side, it’s made with high-quality material, it has powerful cutting capabilities, and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. On the negative side, it’s a bit heavy and may be difficult to maneuver for some users.

So, there you have it, the DEWALT DW3106P5 10-Inch Saw Blade. If you’re looking for an affordable, durable saw blade that can handle cutting hard plastics, this one is definitely worth a look. Thanks for reading and have a great day!”

DEWALT 10-Inch Saw Blade

What’s up, plank-faced plastic-cutters? Let’s take a minute to talk about the DEWALT 10-Inch Saw Blade. Now, this is one of the rare blades built tough enough to stand the test of time. It’s made out of thick, high-quality steel so it can slice through hard plastics like a hot knife through butter. Plus, it runs extra quiet, so your neighbors won’t complain when you’re cutting late at night. 

Now, let’s talk about the pros. First of all, the DEWALT 10-Inch Saw Blade is super durable and can handle even the toughest plastic cutting jobs. Plus, it runs at an impressive 7,200 RPM, so you can finish your project with speed and accuracy. Not to mention, the blade’s corrosion-resistant coating helps it last longer, making it an ideal option for anyone who is serious about their sawing. 

But no blade is perfect, so let’s take a look at some of the cons of the DEWALT 10-Inch Saw Blade. One of the drawbacks is that the blade is a bit pricey – it can run about $50 for a single blade, which is more than double some of the other blades out there. And those with tight budgets might not be able to afford it.

Still, for those who need serious power for their hard plastic cutting, the DEWALT 10-Inch Saw Blade is a great option. The performance doesn’t lag, it runs quiet, and it’s built to last. And who knows, if you take good care of it, this might be the last saw blade you ever buy! “

Concord Blades SPB045050HP 10-Inch Saw Blade

All right folks, we’ve finally come to the last saw blade on our list: the Concord Blades SPB045050HP 10-Inch Saw Blade. And let me just say this, it’s a powerful tool that is sure to get your job done in no time.

Now, unlike the other saw blades we’ve already discussed on this list, the Concord Blades Saw Blade is made from a solid piece of steel. This makes it perfect for cutting hard plastics and other tough materials with ease. In addition, the teeth on this saw blade are coated with a special blend of titanium and carbide, making it one of the strongest saw blades on the market. 

Now, let’s talk about the pros of this saw blade. It can easily cut through hard plastics and other tough materials. Plus, its solid steel construction gives it a strong and durable cutting edge that won’t easily break. Plus, its titanium and carbide teeth mean it will stay sharp for much longer than its competitors. 

But there are a couple of downsides as well. The solid steel construction makes it heavier than other saw blades on this list, so it might not be the best option for someone working on lighter materials. Plus, some users have reported that the teeth can dull quickly with constant use. 

Despite its faults, the Concord Blades Saw Blade is still one of the best saw blades for cutting hard plastics and other tough materials. With its solid steel construction, titanium and carbide teeth, and powerful cutting edge, it will get your job done in no time.

Concord Blades Saw Blade

Concord Blades Saw Blade

Y’all already know that when it comes to saw blades, I don’t mess around. The Concord Blades SPB045050HP 10-Inch Saw Blade is at the top of my list. It’s made from high-quality steel, so you know it’s going to last. It’s got 50 teeth and 10-inch diameter, making it perfect for sawing through hard plastics. Plus, the C4 carbide teeth provide superior cutting performance. 

Y’all already know that I don’t mess around when it comes to sawing, and the Concord saw blade is perfect for the job. It’s got an impressively thin 0.095 kerf, allowing for precise cuts and minimal waste. And, you can get what you need in both standard and reverse tooth configurations, so you can cut hard plastics with ease.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the Concord saw blade is also built to last. It’s got a hardened steel body and the carbide teeth, like I said, will help maximize the performance. Plus, it’s got a computer balanced plate that reduces vibration, making it perfect for fast and precise cutting. 

So, if you’re trying to cut hard plastics, pick up a Concord Blades Saw Blade. It’s got all the features you need for fast, accurate and precise cutting. Plus, with its durability and high-performance, you know you’ll get your money’s worth.


Let’s start with the Evolution Power Tools 14-Inch Steel Saw Blade. This baby has got some serious moves you want to make sure that it can handle. Super durable construction, with a titanium-coated tooth design and a hardened blade body to make sure it won’t let you down. Not to mention that you won’t need to worry about corrosion either. 

The Freud Diablo 12 Inch Saw Blade is up next, and it’s well equipped to handle tough jobs. Featuring a laser-cut plate construction, triple-chip grind and a Perma-Shield coating that protects from corrosion, you can rely on the Freud when you need a clean, precise cut. Also, the laser-cut stabilizer vents provide for reduced vibration and improved accuracy.

Next up is the Makita A-94959 10-Inch Saw Blade, and it’s ready to make your plastic cutting easier. The ultra-thin kerf design and ultra lean engineering allow you to make faster, smoother cuts, and create less waste. And even better, it’s good for both long and cross cuts. Not to mention, with its anti-vibration system, you won’t have to worry about it shaking your parts loose. 

The DEWALT DW3106P5 10-Inch Saw Blade is an absolute dream. With an optimized tooth design and body geometry, it’s designed to deliver fast cutting in tough applications. The tough body is designed and heat treated to resist breaks and warps, while the stabilizer vents minimize noise and vibration. 

Finally, I’m quite impressed with the Concord Blades SPB045050HP 10-Inch Saw Blade. It features an ultra thin kerf, making it easier to make quick cuts. Plus, with its proprietary Triple Chip blade design and hardened blade body, you won’t have to worry about cracks or warps.  Plus, the special anti-vibration system helps you cut with maximum precision and control. 

So there you have it, all of the pros for the five saw blades I highlighted today – now you can choose the one that’s right for you!


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