Best Cordless Combi Drill | UK Guide | 2023

best cordless combi drill

A cordless combi drill will prove an invaluable addition to your DIY equipment arsenal. A combi drill is a multifunctional power tool that brings you the functionality of a conventional drill and a power screwdriver. Many combi drills also provide you with a hammer drill function.

If you want something that can be used to put together furniture and carry out minor DIY tasks around the home, but also something that can handle tougher materials like concrete and masonry, a combi drill is definitely something you want in your collection. Our buying guide has all the details you need to know when selecting the best cordless combi drill to add to your kit.

Torque Settings

Torque is important when it comes to combi drills. As a combi drill needs to provide you with multiple functions, you will need a range of torque settings to accommodate them. When choosing a combi drill, look for a tool that provides you with around 15 different torque settings. This will ensure you can contend with everything from soft wood to tough masonry, as well as every other material type in between.

Speed Settings

This is another very important factor to focus on when choosing a suitable combi drill. Most combi drills will provide you with a minimum of two speed settings, with one speed for drilling and another for driving screws. These designated speed settings mean you are not underpowered when drilling holes, nor are you unwieldy a speed for driving screws into place. Variable speed control is ideal, as this will allow you to work with a variety of fastener and material types. The most advanced combi drills will provide you with intuitive speed control, with the gearbox adapting to the pressure levels from the material you are working with.

Easy Bit Changes

A combi drill is designed to work with a variety of drill and screwdriver bits and you will regularly find yourself needing to change them. Therefore, you will want a keyless chuck that will make these changes straightforward. A keyless chuck means you can change bit attachments in seconds, with no need to use additional tools. A reliable spindle lock is also essential to ensure your bits remain in place once fitted.

Battery Performance

If you are investing in a cordless combi drill, you will want to ensure the battery is powerful enough to cope with your demanding tasks. A lithium-ion battery is the best way to go. Not only are these batteries more efficient, they tend to come with intelligent management technology that protects your battery reserves. A decent combi drill should include a battery that can be charged in a few hours. Interchangeable batteries are also ideal, as these will ensure you are never left without power to drive screws and drill bits into materials.

Product Reviews – The Best Cordless Combi Drills

Need to upgrade your DIY equipment with a new combi drill? We have picked out some of the finest cordless combi drills UK buyers can currently find available on the market.

Bosch 06039A3371 PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill with Two 18 V Lithium-ion Batteries, Green

For DIY enthusiasts happy to spend a little more, this Bosch PSB 1800 cordless combi drill will deliver. Although expensive, this combi drill provides you with some impressive technology that will revolutionise your DIY tasks. Lithium-ion battery technology makes this combi drill a particularly efficient piece of hardware, with intelligent battery management ensuring you get the most out of a full charge.

You can also expect a significant amount of torque, with a high impact rate that makes this combi drill suitable for use with even the toughest work materials. You can use this combi drill for conventional drilling, driving in screws and impact drilling. A two-speed gearbox means you can tailor the output to your liking, regardless of whether youa re working with masonry, wood or metal materials.

There are 20 individual modes to choose from, with impact drill, drill and torque settings all offering you plenty of options. An integrated LED light also makes this combi drill suitable for use in darker spaces. A forward and reverse indicator is also featured, minimising the likelihood of you making mistakes as you carry out work. Swapping out drill bits is also easy thanks to the keyless chuck and auto-lock feature. This combi drill comes with a double screwdriver bit, charger, two battery packs and a heavy-duty storage case.


MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver Set, Lithium Ion Battery Pack x 2, Diy Combi 13 Piece Accessory Screwdriver Dill Bit Kit, LED Worklight, 18 V

This MYLEK combi drill is definitely a more affordable option than the previous power tool in this list, but that does not mean you should expect inferior output. This powerful cordless drill makes full use of an 18V Lithium-ion battery, making it suitable for use with a variety of material types. However, you will find this combi drill more limited than more advanced models. You only have one speed setting here, although a full range of drill bit accessories provide you with some flexibility. An integrated LED work light also adds to the functionality of this combi drill, especially if you tend to work in the dark or in restricted spaces.

This combi drill can be used to drill into wood and metal alike, with a selection of twist drill and screwdriver bits included to accommodate a wide variety of tasks. You also have a selection of torque settings to choose from, with full forward and reverse functionality provided. Although fairly powerful, this combi drill is lightweight enough that it can be used for long periods without you suffering from fatigue. The ergonomic handle makes this drill even more comfortable to use.

Carrying out drill bit changes is also convenient, with the keyless chuck making your life easy. An LED battery indicator also alerts you to when your combi drill is running out of power, meaning you will never find yourself cut short in the middle of a job. A full battery charge takes approximately 3-5 hours, although a spare battery is included with the combi drill so you can always ensure a full working charge.


Bosch 06039A3370 PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill with 18 V Lithium-Ion Battery – Green

This powerful combi drill from Bosch is an ideal option for those looking for something that can meet more demanding tasks. This combi drill makes use of Lithium-ion battery technology to ensure smooth and reliable performance. A Syneon chip and intelligent battery management means the drill never drains more battery reserves than it needs to, allowing you to work for longer before needing to recharge.

You can use this combi drill for a variety of DIY tasks, including driving screws, drilling, impact drilling and more. Two speeds can be selected, allowing you to increase output when required. In all, there are 20 pre-selectable settings to choose from, giving you full flexibility when it comes to deciding on torque, drill and impact drill output.

The superior battery makes this a good option or those who need to work constantly, with no downtime. A full charge can be realised in as little as one hour. Drill bit changes are also straightforward. The keyless chuck and auto-lock feature means you can swap out bits in seconds. A built-in work light is also standard here, making the combi drill suitable for carrying out tasks in dark spaces.

This Bosch drill is also relatively lightweight, making it suitable for carrying out long jobs. A battery pack, double screwdriver bit, charger and plastic case are all included along with the drill body itself. You may however want to purchase a drill and screwdriver bit set separately if your DIY basics are somewhat limited.


Terratek 13Pc Cordless Drill Driver 18V/20V-Max Lithium-Ion Combi Drill, Electric Screwdriver, Accessory Kit, LED Work Light, Quick Change Battery & Charger Included (18V Cordless Drill & 13pc Kit)

This Terratek comb drill will prove a great investment for those needing a power tool that can carry out multiple tasks. Although a reasonably cheap power tool investment, this Terratek provides you with incredible versatility. This powerful drill uses a Lithium-ion battery that means you can get the most out of your power tool after a single charge.

The premium battery has no memory effect, while you will also not experience any self-discharging issues. In short, this combi drill will always be primed and ready to be set to task. A variable speed trigger provides you with an easy way to adjust output levels, with 16 individual torque settings also on offer that you can sift through.

This combi drill is a good option for those who want something that can be used for lengthy spells. The lightweight build means you will not find yourself tiring when using it, while the ergonomic handle makes it easy to work with, even if the work piece is awkwardly sized. The keyless chuck also makes it simple to change drill and screwdriver bits. You have a full 13-piece kit included here, with a magnetic holder, six drill bits and an assortment of screwdriver attachments to make use of. This should provide you with more than enough variety to undertake everyday DIY tasks confidently.


35N.m Cordless Drill Driver, 18V/20V-MAX 2.0Ah Combi Drill Set, LED Light 2 Speed 16+3 Torque Hammer Drill, 43 Pcs Electric Drill, 1/2″ Metal Chuck Impact Drill -TACKLIFE PCD04B

The TACKLIFE PCD04B is pricey, but if you want a combi drill that can hold its own against demanding DIY tasks, the additional cost is worth it. This combi drill provides you with a huge range of torque settings, with 16 main torque settings to choose from, in addition to three modes reserved for standard drilling, screwing and hammer drilling tasks. You can quickly adjust the gearbox to change torque settings.

You also have two speed settings to choose from, with a low speed setting for screwing tasks and a high speed setting for drilling applications. This combi drill also makes use of an advanced Lithium-ion battery, providing you with efficient output. A fast charger is also included, allowing you to enjoy a full battery charge in as little as one hour.

A built-in LED light also makes this combi drill suitable for carrying out tasks in the dark. The worklight can also be used more generally, ensuring your work pieces are completely illuminated. This combi drill also provides you with powerful hammer drill functionality, with the tool being durable enough to match even the thickest of materials. In addition to the drill body, you will find a removable Lithium-ion battery and a fast charger included. This drill also comes with a very impressive selection of bits, with 32 individual screwdriver attachments included, as well as 9 individual drill bits.


MYLEK MY18VCB 18V Cordless Driver-Lithium Ion Drill Set-13 Piece Combi Accessory Kit-LED Worklight, 18 V

The MYLEK MY18VCB is certainly affordable and it definitely holds up in a practical sense. This combi drill uses an 18V Lithium-ion battery to provide you with reliable and consistently efficient operation. There are 19 individual torque settings to choose from here, providing you with plenty of flexibility for working with a variety of materials. This drill can be used to drill into a variety of materials, including wood, metal and plastic. Six twist drill attachments and six standard screwdriver are all included, along with a bit holder. You also have 18 individual torque settings to select from here, with forward and reverse functionality provided.

Although a moderately powerful combi drill, this tool is very easy to work with. The durable housing has been engineered with ergonomic comfort in mind, meaning fatigue is not something you need to dread when using this power tool. It is also a lightweight choice of combi drill. There are a number of features here on offer here to make your life easier. The keyless chuck makes it simple to change drill and screwdriver bits quickly, while an LED work light allows you to work confidently in the dark. A battery indicator also alerts you to low battery status, ensuring you never find yourself facing downtime.



This cordless combi drill from DeWalt delivers all the power and performance you would expect from this established tool brand. This hardy combi drill brings you 15 individual torque levels, allowing you to tailor the output so you can work with a range of material types and thicknesses. The overall build of this combi drill also makes it a durable choice of power tool. Not only is it fit for tackling tougher jobs, it will also last for a long time.

Despite the durable housing, it is a comfortable and ergonomic option. The XR Lithium-ion battery also makes this a very efficient option. The battery charges to full capacity quickly and maintains its charge for a long time. Intelligent management also means your battery is never drained prematurely, while thermal overload protection means overheating is not something you will ever need to contend with.

You also have variable speed control provided here, which gives you a great deal of flexibility if you intend to work with a range of materials. An LED work light is another convenient feature, allowing you to continue to carry out tasks, even when the sun goes down. If you are less confident with power tools and want something you can easily manage, the DeWalt DCD776C1 is a good match. The lightweight design, ergonomic handle and easily accessible control adjustments make this a straightforward choice of combi drill.


Bosch Professional GSB 18 V-21 + GDR 18 V-160 Combi and Impact Driver

The Bosch GSB 18V-21 Professional will make a rewarding investment for anyone prepared to spend slightly more on a combi drill. This advanced combi drill is more than sufficient for standard DIY tasks, while professionals will also find this tool a good match with their everyday requirements.

The Lithium-ion battery makes this combi drill particularly efficient and a good choice for those who need to work for long periods with no downtime. You also have a considerable amount of torque settings provided here, with 20 individual levels and a separate drill setting. A base-mounted LED light also provides you with a handy worklight for keeping your materials illuminated.

The quality design of this combi drill makes it comfortable to handle, with the soft grip making it particularly easy to use for longer periods. The keyless chuck is also designed with your convenience in mind, with changes to drill bits and screwdriver attachments taking a few seconds. The motor brake also makes this a reliable and precise choice of combi drill, ensuring you never screw fasteners too deeply into materials.

A bit holder is also included that can be mounted to the drill body, allowing you to keep all your essential attachments with you at all times. The heavy-duty carrying case is a particularly nice feature here, providing you with complete storage for your drill body, batteries and attachments.


The Verdict

If you are ready to invest in a cordless combi drill, you can save on disappoint by remembering a few things before you buy. For a start, a premium battery is a must. A lithium-ion battery with intelligent management and quick-charging capability will make your life easier and ensure you do not have to contend with regular downtime. You should also look for ergonomic design for comfortable handling, as well as integrated work lights to ensure your work space is constantly illuminated.

Multifunctionality is also essential when it comes to combi drills. Therefore, you want a good range of torque and speed settings to accommodate various drilling and driving applications. An additional hammer action is also preferable. Other useful features to look out for include keyless chucks for easy bit changes, as well as integrated bit storage so you have all your favourite attachments close to hand at all times.


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