Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill | UK Guide | 2023

Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

If you are looking to drill holes into particularly hard materials like concrete, brick or particularly thick masonry, you will almost certainly need to get your hands on a rotary hammer drill. For maximum convenience, a cordless rotary hammer drill is the best way to go. The best cordless rotary hammer drills provide you with high impact performance, while also giving you the freedom to move around your work area without being restricted by a short-length power cable. Need to tackle some demolition work or undertake heavy-duty DIY jobs? Our guide explains the essentials you need to remember when selecting the best cordless rotary hammer drill models.

Rotary Hammer Drills Explained

Just like a conventional hammer drill, a rotary hammer drill utilises a pistol grip and drill bits to provide you with heavy-duty drilling action into hard surfaces. However, rotary hammer drills are the more powerful of than the two. A rotary hammer drill usually features a longer profile than a conventional hammer drill, with the shaft housing a powerful piston that uses compressed air to produce hammering output.

With a rotary hammer drill, the brunt of the hammering force is delivered by the piston, with the rotation providing secondary force. Although rotary hammer drills do not rotate as quickly as standard hammer drills, they do produce a more significant impact, making them ideal for tackling concrete and much more stubborn materials.

Essential Functions

As a minimum, any good rotary hammer drill should provide you with forward and reverse rotational modes. The reverse rotation is important as it will allow you to retrieve the end of the hammer drill from materials once you have drilled into it. Having both a forward and reverse rotational mode also means you can use your hammer drill to add bolts and screws into tough materials. A chisel function is also a good thing to have. This function prevents the drill bit from rotating, allowing you to use the power tool with a selection of different attachments. This dramatically expands your applications.

Vibration Control Features

Although rotary hammer drill bits are designed so that the user does not have to contend with too much vibrational effect, you will still have to deal with excess vibration. Vibration controls are therefore important features to look out for. Basic features like rubber exteriors and padding will mean less vibration finds its way to your hands, allowing you to remain firmly in control of your tool. If you need to use your hammer drill for very long periods of time, vibration control features are essential.

Variable Speed Control

If you want the freedom to be able to use your rotary hammer drill at different speeds, variable speed control is essential. Variable speed control will allow you to make minor adjustments to the rotational speed of your power tool. In most instances, you can make these changes by pressing on a trigger. Ideally, you want to be purchasing rotary hammer drills that include a locking switch, allowing you to maintain your chosen rotation speeds once you have selected them.

Speed Levels & Impact Rating

You also need to pay attention to speed and impact ratings when selecting rotary hammer drills. Speed ratings are defined in rotations per minute, or RPM. When selecting a rotary hammer drill, a lower RPM is the best option. Impact energy ratings are measured in joules. A higher impact energy rating will yield better results for heavy-duty applications.

The Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills

Make quick work of even the biggest demolition jobs with a rotary hammer drill. Need some guidance on what’s available on the market? Below you will find a quality pick of the best cordless rotary hammer drills currently on offer from the most reputable brands around. If you’re in the market for other cordless equipment, check out our buyer’s guide and reviews of the best cordless screwdrivers today!

Bosch Professional GBH 36 V-LI Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill (Without Battery and Charger) – L-Boxx

The Bosch Professional GBH 36 V-LI Plus is a fairly expensive choice of rotary hammer drill, but for those who need reliable impact performance, it is definitely something worth considering. This quality drill boasts a vibration control feature, making it suitable for use for long periods of time, even when tackling more difficult demolition job.

This hammer drill also boasts a bright LED, allowing you to maintain excellent visibility of your work area at all times. Once fully charged, this hammer drill can drill approximately 240 holes when working with concrete. Although designed for drilling, this multifunctional power tool can also deliver effective hammering output, as well as a chiselling function.

This rotary hammer drill is designed to be used with COOLPACK batteries. This premium batteries ensure good heat dissipation at all times, increasing the overall lifespan of your batteries by more than one hundred percent when compared to standard lithium-ion batteries. These batteries also feature electronic cell protection, meaning you do not have to worry about batteries overheating or suffering from overloading. They also charge more quickly when compared to conventional batteries, with high levels of charge after as little as 25 minutes.


Bosch Professional Compact Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

If you want a more affordable alternative to the previous Bosch drill in this list, this compact rotary hammer drill is something to consider. The robust power system on offer here means you can work more quickly when drilling a variety of diameters, making quick work of heavy-duty DIY and demolition jobs.

The brushless motor also makes this a particularly efficient choice of power tool, providing you with twice the operational performance of a standard power tool using a conventional DC motor. As with the previous hammer drill in this list, this tool boasts vibration control to minimise fatigue hen working. The ergonomic housing also makes it easier to handle, especially when carrying out horizontal drilling tasks.

Another standout feature of this Bosch drill is its kickback control function. An internal sensor will quickly shut down the motor should you encounter a jam, making it very safe option. An array of other sensors maintain excellent performance and precision at all times. Electronic motor protection is also on hand to ensure the system never suffers from overload or overheating. You also have a built-in LED light so you can always ensure your work areas are fully illuminated.


Makita DHR171Z 18v Cordless SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill with Type 3 case

The Makita DHR171Z is a good choice of rotary hammer drill for those looking for reliability, high-performance output and superior safety features. A brushless motor makes this a particularly efficient option, with high rotation speeds and powerful impact energy performance. If you want a tool that can drill quickly, this Makita power tool will deliver. Despite being fairly powerful, this drill is surprisingly compact. The ergonomic design makes it even easier to handle, with a relatively short length that makes it suitable for working in tight spots and at awkward angles.

A variable speed trigger comes as standard with this power tool, allowing you to make quick changes to rotational speed to match changing requirements. This simple features makes this power tool incredibly versatile and an ideal fit for most DIY jobs. An built-in LED light is also included, allowing you to keep your work areas illuminated at all times. You can also carry out quick bit changes thanks to as sliding chuck mechanism that can be activated with a single touch. If you want an affordable rotary hammer drill that delivers when it comes to versatility and user-friendly operation, this is an obvious choice.


Ryobi R18SDS-0 ONE+ SDS Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill (Body Only) – Hyper Green

The Ryobi R18SDS-0 ONE+ SDS Plus is a compact and convenient choice of hammer drill that will quickly prove its worth. This drill offers four different operational modes, making it a very versatile option that is designed to handle all sorts of DIY jobs. A variable speed trigger is also included, allowing you to make quick adjustments to drilling speed to perfectly tackle the task at hand. The L-shaped design of this power tool makes it very easy to handle. Thanks to the L-shape profile, you can get very close to work pieces without losing your balance or compromising safety.

The ergonomic handle is also enhanced by patented Gripzone+ micro texture. This not only makes the drill much more comfortable to handle, but also allows you to maintain excellent levels of control, even when you are pushing the tool to its limits at full speed. An integrated LED light is also included, meaning you can always keep work pieces fully illuminated to maintain maximum precision when working.


Makita DHR242Z 18 V 24 mm Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Body Only

Compact and very affordable, the Makita DHR242Z is a good entry-level rotary hammer drill for those keen to keep to a budget. This power tool offers three different operational modes, including rotation with hammer, standard hammering and standard rotation. Excessive vibration is also kept to a minimum thanks to the inclusion of rubber joints. This only prevents you suffering from fatigue when using your tool for long sessions, it also protects the internal components from premature damage.

Although compact, this cordless hammer drill is surprisingly effective. It can be used to drill into concrete as efficiently as many more expensive power tools. You can also make quick changes to drill bits, with a one-touch sliding chuck included. The ergonomic handle has been designed to make for easy handling, allowing you to maintain a constant grip as well as put more power behind your drilling. The ergonomic design also means you can get incredibly close to work pieces, without sacrificing precision or control.


Bosch Professional GBH 18 V-LI Compact Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill with SDS Plus (Without Battery and Charger) – L-Boxx

The Bosch Professional GBH 18 V-LI is compact choice of rotary hammer drill that will satisfy the needs of DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. The hammer mechanism has been optimised to provide you with an efficient drilling performance, even when tackling the most stubborn of concrete work pieces. You can also use this power tool for more everyday drilling applications, with the pneumatic drill suitable for use with metal and wood work pieces. The compact design and ergonomic handles makes this particularly easy to handle, with the smaller build and cordless operation allowing you to get close to the target areas with little effort.

This rotary hammer drill also boasts an impressive battery life, with electronic cell protection ensuring the battery doesn’t suffer from overheating or overloading. An array of LED lights are also included, meaning you can keep your work areas fully illuminated for safety and precision. Although an affordable power drill option, this Bosch model holds up well against far more expensive products on the market.


WORX WX394.91 18V (20V MAX) Cordless 1.5Kg Rotary Hammer Drill-Body Only

The WORX WX394.91 is one of the cheapest rotary hammer drill models out there. However, despite the low price, you do not have to sacrifice too much when it comes to power and performance. This multifunctional power tool serves as a reliable drill, a driver and a pneumatic hammer in one. The pneumatic hammer system is particularly powerful, providing you with considerable impact energy that makes it highly suited to use with concrete.

User-friendly design can be found throughout this power tool. The quick change drill bit system makes it easy to swap out attachments when you need to drill different hole diameters. You can also switch between forward and reverse rotation at the touch of a button, meaning you do not have to stop and start your projects. An LED light is also included, letting you maintain excellent visibility of your work areas. A battery capacity indicator is also included, alerting you to low battery levels so you can keep your power tool fully charged at all times.


The Bottom Line

To ensure you have picked the best cordless rotary hammer drill for your needs, you will want to pay attention to battery specifics when selecting a power tool. A higher voltage rating will provide you with a more efficient power tool that can be used at higher settings for longer stretches of time. However, you should consider recharging time when choosing a hammer drill, especially if you need to use your tool for many hours in any given day. If you need a hammer drill that can cope with big jobs, you should focus on impact energy specifics. A slower rotational speed and high impact rate are what you should be looking for.

Multifunctionality is also important when choosing a suitable rotary hammer drill. If you want a power tool that can meet the broadest range of applications, make sure the model you go for provides you with multiple modes of operation. Variable speed control is also important if you intend to work with a variety of materials and need to tackle different drilling depths.


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