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Best Artificial Grass

If you have enough of mowing unruly lawns and gardens, you can give your outdoor space a new lease of life by adding artificial grass. The best artificial grass is pretty hard to distinguish from the real thing, with dense coverage and natural colours making it an attractive addition to your garden. Need some help selecting suitable fake grass for your garden? Our guide has some useful pointers to set you on the right path when shopping for the best artificial grass.

Turf Rolls or Tiles?

If you want to resurface your outdoor spaces with fake grass quickly, you can choose between rolls of artificial grass and tiles. Both are fairly convenient, although turf rolls are a better option for larger outdoor spaces. Rolls are particularly useful for resurfacing uneven ground, especially if you have sloping surfaces that need to be covered. However, artificial grass tiles are a better option for those looking to renovate a smaller space, such as a patio or deck.

Colour & Coverage

Cheap artificial grass looks fake and unsightly. However, spend a little more on artificial grass and you will be rewarded with authentic colours and textures. Go for artificial grass rolls and tiles with a range of colours. The best artificial grass should include at least three or four different shades of green to produce a more authentic finish. The most premium artificial grass will also include a degree of brown near the base of the faux grass blades.

Premium artificial grass should also be fairly dense, with a significant amount of fake grass blades per square inch. This not only gives the appearance of a healthier lawn, it also conceals the base material underneath.


If you want to lay down artificial grass and leave it in place as a permanent fixture, it needs to be durable enough to cope with exposure to rain and regular sunlight. Therefore, high-quality polyurethane is probably your best option. This material is not only waterproof, it will also handle UV light well, without the colours of your fake grass fading.

If you have children and pets, you should also ensure any artificial grass you purchase is non-toxic. However, most artificial grass products on the market should fall into this non-toxic category, so you will not have to search hard for a suitable product.


In addition to being durable, your artificial turf should be backed with waterproof material that also includes drainage holes. These drainage holes are very important as they prevent water from collecting on the surface of your artificial lawn. Look for tiles or turf rolls with a high density of drainage holes to ensure water finds its way easily to the ground beneath. If you need to add more drainage holes to your artificial grass material, be careful not to damage any of the fake grass fibres.

Product Reviews – The Best Artificial Grass

Tired of tackling unkept lawns and spending hours working with mowers and trimmers? Below are some of the best artificial grass solutions to keep your outside spaces looking stunning throughout the year.

Quickgrass Harvington Luxury Artificial Grass, Green, 4m x 10m

If you are interested in adding some artificial turf to your outdoor spaces, but are not convinced about how natural it might look, this Quickgrass Harvington fake grass is bound to change your mind. This artificial grass is made from only the finest of materials, providing you with a hard-wearing alternative to natural turf. The thick pile of this artificial grass also helps add to the levels of realism.

It is also stabilised to prevent fading when exposed to UV light, meaning you can leave it outdoors without worrying about it. This artificial has been manufactured to hold up well against exposure to the elements. The latex backing includes drainage holes, meaning moisture expose will not lead to the material rotting away.

It is also a very comfortable surfacing solution for your garden. It is soft underfoot, making it a child-friendly option. You pets will also love this. This artificial grass is also easy to maintain and keep clean. If you are tired of tackling unkept lawns with mowers and trimmers, investing in some of this luxury artificial grass is a great idea. Although quite expensive, you have an extended guarantee attached to this premium product, so you will not have to worry about replacing it with new rolls of artificial turf in the future.


Seville 15mm Pile Height Artificial Grass (2m x 2m)

If you need a more affordable solution for turfing your garden with artificial grass, this Seville grass panel is a good option. With a height of 15 millimetres, this artificial grass will give your outdoor spaces a just-cut appearance that always looks fresh and well-maintained. This artificial grass also includes four individual green tones, with dark and lighter shades included to better represent natural grass growth. It is also fairly dense, adding to authentic appeal.

Curled fibres provide this artificial turf with a good amount of bounce, which not only feels great underfoot, but also ensures the pile remains springy and healthy in appearance. Drainage holes are also included, meaning rainwater will not linger around and cause the material to rot. This grass comes in pre-cut square panels measuring two metres by two metres. This makes it fairly easy to completely resurface your garden with artificial grass. You can of course cut down panels to a more suitable size when tackling the edges of your outdoor space.


GardenKraft 2 Roll Pack Artificial Grass | 4m x 1m = 8m Total Coverage | 18mm Depth | Astro Garden Lawn High Density Fake Turf

If you are less concerned about an ultra-realistic appearance, these artificial grass rolls from GardenKraft are a cost-effective solution for resurfacing your outdoor spaces. Each roll included measures four metres by one metre, meaning you can resurface a large outdoor area relatively affordably. Although the appearance of this artificial grass is not as authentic as other products, the fairly dense 18mm pile will appeal. The heavy-duty construction also makes this a very durable solution, while the two-tone colour provides some shade variety.

This artificial turf is also easy to install. It can be laid on just about any surface, including bare soil and concrete. It can also be laid over paving slabs and tarmac, as well as existing natural turf. As this artificial grass comes in a lengthy roll, it is particularly useful if you plan on resurfacing sloping ground. While cheap, this fake grass is also pretty hard-wearing. It has been treated to resist fading when exposed to UV rays, while drainage holes allow water to sink through into the natural turf layer or soil beneath.


Artificial Grass Door Mat, Astro Turf Synthetic Lawn Turf Grass Mat Indoor Outdoor Landscape Pet Dog Area with Drainage Holes (39×28inch)

This artificial turf roll is another low-cost option for those who want to freshen up their outdoor spaces. This fake grass is made from high-quality synthetic material that provides you with maximum durability and resilience against weathering. The premium polyurethane material will withstand fading when exposed to UV rays, while drainage holes mean you will not have to worry about rainwater and moisture damaging the finish of your fake grass layer.

The pile height is also pretty decent for such an affordable product, while the overall density is also impressive. Although it does not look as realistic as other artificial grass, this fake turf is still a pretty solid option.

This artificial turf is also easy to lay, with the backing material making it easy to roll on just about any surface. You can also lay it along sloping ground with little effort, making it suitable for the more awkwardly proportioned outdoor space. If you want to enjoy your garden in bare feet, this fake grass is also a suitable option, with the dense pile being particularly soft and bouncy. It also means you can say goodbye to time-consuming mowing tasks and garden upkeep. In fact, all you need to do to keep your new lawn looking its best is to reach for the hosepipe and apply a little water.


Petgrow Artificial Faux Grass Synthetic Lawn 10mm Pile Height, High Density Fake Grass Turf for Dogs Pets, Indoor Outdoor Landscape(1mx3m)

If you want an environmentally-friendly choice of artificial turf, this synthetic lawn roll from Petgrow is a good option. Made from eco-friendly materials that will not cause any harm to children or pets, this artificial grass is a must for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of time spent on garden maintenance. Unlike many other artificial grass products, this synthetic turf is very realistic, with a healthy tone and thick pile making it hard to distinguish from natural grass blades.

This fake grass also has a higher pile than other products, with the artificial turf standing at a height of 20 millimetres. This not only gives the impression of a thriving lawn, it also makes the turf more soft underfoot. If you want to walk around your garden barefooted, this turf is a good choice for resurfacing. As this turf comes in roll form, you have some flexibility when it comes to installing it.

It can layered over just about any type of surface, with the dense backing material ensuring stony earth will not penetrate through. It can also be used to resurface even ground. The durable turf material will withstand weathering, with exceptional UV-resistance. There are also plenty of drainage holes to ensure rainwater will not collect on the pile surface.


EHC 4 x Interlocking UV Resistant Artificial Turf Grass Tiles, 31.5 x 31.5cm Paving Decking Easy Click

If you want to add artificial grass to a smaller space with neater edges, such as a balcony or patio, these interlocking grass tiles are a good option. Thanks to their uniform dimensions and interlocking design, these tiles will allow you to resurface outdoor spaces quickly, with no need to trim turf rolls down to size. Each tile comes with high-quality non-slip backing to ensure they remain firmly in place, regardless of what type of material they are laid down upon.

You can also expect a very realistic aesthetic here. The green lustre of these artificial grass tiles is easy on the eye and is hard to distinguish from natural grass. You will also see traces of brown near the base of the pile, adding to the realistic aesthetic. The quality of this grass is also impressive, with the material able to withstand UV exposure. Drainage holes are also included, freeing you up to install these tiles in outdoor areas with no shelter from rainfall. These tiles are also incredibly affordable, with four tiles included per pack.


LULIND – 1 Artificial Grass Square Tile – 31×31 cm Small Green Turf Rug

This artificial grass tile rug from LULIND is ideal for those who want to replace natural lawns with a hard-wearing alternative. Ideal for smaller outdoor spaces, these grass tiles provide you with a quick way to resurface tired looking lawns or concrete patios. The dense pile of this fake grass tile is impressive, giving you the impression of natural grass. Each artificial blade is incredibly long and soft, making these tiles a particularly comfortable option. The colour of this artificial grass is also great. There are four individual shades here, with a mix of rich greens and brown hues.

The material will cope with regular exposure to sunlight, meaning it will not fade and wither when placed outdoors on a permanent basis. Each tile also features plenty of drainage holes, so water will never collect within the pile. You can also cut these tiles down to your desired size with little effort, making them a suitable surface option for awkwardly spaced patios, balconies and yards.


Artificial Grass Buying Checklist

The best artificial grass is a perfect alternative to a real lawn for those who want to minimise outdoor maintenance. When choosing artificial grass, consider the space you need to resurface. Dealing with a larger lawn or outdoor area? Rolls are probably the best product for you, especially if you need to resurface uneven surfaces. Tackling a small deck? Tiles might be a better choice. Regardless of the type of artificial grass you pick, make sure it is made from non-toxic materials that will cope with elemental exposure. Drainage holes are also important, especially if you want to keep your artificial lawn dry and useable in any weather.


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