The Top 10 Woodworking Instagram Accounts For Woodturning Techniques And Inspiration

The Top 10 Woodworking Instagram Accounts For Woodturning Techniques And Inspiration

Looking for some woodturning inspiration? Instagram is the place to be. From expert woodturners to hobbyists, the woodworking community on Instagram is full of talented makers sharing their latest projects, tips, and techniques. But with so many accounts to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Fear not, because we’ve scoured the ‘gram to bring you the top 10 woodworking Instagram accounts for woodturning techniques and inspiration. These accounts are like the rock stars of the woodturning world – each with their own unique style and approach to the craft.

From elegant bowls to intricate spindles, these woodturners will have you drooling over their creations and itching to get back to the lathe. So grab your favorite lathe tool and get ready to be inspired – it’s time to check out the top 10 woodworking Instagram accounts for woodturning techniques and inspiration.

Kevin Fletcher (@kevinfletcherwoodturner) 

Let’s talk about Kevin Fletcher (@kevinfletcherwoodturner). His incredible woodturning artistry is something to talk about! 

First off, check out the inspiring gallery of turnings that he displays on his page. It’s so breathtaking, you’ll be left in awe, and definitely wanting to try some of these techniques yourself. Kevin, who is known for his incredibly detailed and ornate pieces, has a passion for using his own unique style to bring to life works of beauty that nobody ever imagined was possible. He also doesn’t shy away from tips and woodturning techniques- he’s as generous as he is talented.

But it doesn’t stop there, Kevin is also famous for his vivid use of colour. You can see his work vividly stand out from the crowd with his creative use of paints and dyes on his beautiful and one of a kind pieces.

Even newbies of woodworking can appreciate his artwork and crave to learn the same techniques, leading to overflow of requests for him to show how he works his magic.

Seriously, give him a follow and look at all of his amazing creations. He has definitely earned a spot on the list as one of the top 10 woodworking Instagram accounts for woodturning techniques and inspiration.

Inspiring Gallery of his turnings 

Are you looking for some stunning woodturning inspiration? Look no further than Kevin Fletcher’s (@kevinfletcherwoodturner) Instagram account. It features a variety of incredible turnings that will blow your mind. From the intricate segmented pieces to the basic shapes, these turnings show his skill and artistry. His turnings are masterpieces of skill and craftmanship. 

If you’re looking for a real showstopper, you’ve got to check out one of his segmented pieces. Every segment is perfectly aligned and the colors blend together like paint on a canvas. It’s like looking at a mosaic crafted from wood. It’s hard to believe that one person did all of this! 

If precision is your thing, then you’ll appreciate the perfectly round bowls that Fletcher makes. From flatbottomed to slightly curved, each one has enough detail to be appreciated up close. The wood grain really pops out of each of these pieces and emphasizes the subtle intricacies. 

But what about the more simple shapes? Fletcher can craft them as well. His lidded boxes are the perfect examples of this. Every corner is crisp, and each hinge is perfectly placed. You know that a lot of thought and care went into making each one of these pieces. 

The craziest part? He experiments with color, texture, and shape in almost every piece. You never know what you’re going to get! The end result is always different, but it’s always beautiful. It’s like looking at a work of art. 

So if you’re in the market for some woodturning inspiration, head to Kevin Fletcher’s Instagram page. You’ll be amazed at the skill and artistry that are on display. It’s a great way to spur your creativity and give you ideas for your own woodturning projects.

Tips and Woodturning Techniques 

Hey guys, let’s have some fun with woodturning and get inspired by some of the best Instagram accounts! First let’s all give a little welcome to Kevin Fletcher, who’s dedicated to developing his fine woodturning and passing on some of his knowledge to the world. Let’s get a closer look into some of his tips and woodturning techniques to help you get a better custom and edge over the competition. 

The key to success in woodturning is all in the practice. Kevin suggests starting with quality blanks and a few basic tools, then gradually building up your skills by practicing regularly. He also advises reading or listening to plenty of woodturning books and videos, so you can accurately assess the wood pieces and read the wood grain. Knowing this can help with techniques in sizing, sanding, and finishing. 

In terms of techniques, Kevin suggests attempting to create complex shapes on the lathe by making curved, sculptural shapes. He also suggests longer cuts for smoother, tighter curves, as well as pushing the tool with light, confident, rhythmic strokes to create cutting action and get the job done. Additionally, different cuts can be used to bring out a variety of finishes in the wood such as scraping, slicing, and shearing. 

Furthermore, sanding can really make a difference and really bring the turned projects to life. Kevin suggests using the right grits, working slowly, and sanding between cuts slowly, but with consistent pressure and direction. Finishing the projects off with a top coat of wax or something natural like tung oil will add a great luster and bring out the beauty of the wood.

So, that’s it! Woodturning can be a fun and rewarding experience when done properly! If you start with firmer and more experienced tutorials, like Kevin Fletcher’s and work your way up, you can continue to improve and develop your woodturning and create some amazing pieces! So, don’t be afraid to give it a try and don’t forget to have some fun!

Walter Hall (@walterhallwoodturner)

Walter Hall (@walterhallwoodturner)

Yooouuuuu, what up ya’ll! It’s me, and now we’re gonna talk about the man himself, Walter Hall! Walter Hall (@walterhallwoodturner) is one of the top woodturning Instagram accounts out there and he ain’t no regular Joe. His unique style of decoration and various woodturning techniques will spin ya’ head around.

Whether you’re a seasoned woodturner or just getting started, you’ll appreciate the incredible detail and precision on all of Walter’s woodworking projects. He’s constantly inspiring us with his beautiful woodwork creations and tips for woodturning. What’s his secret? His eye for details, intricate ornaments and ability to create woodturnings with a strong artistic character. 

But Walter Hall ain’t all about the looks, he’s got the brains too! Walter posts videos and tutorials that offer in-depth explanations of his techniques. He’s got a special way of helping newbies understand the basics of woodturning while still challenging more experienced turners to push their own boundaries.

Y’all might be thinkin’, “What can this guy bring to the table? The answer is: A LOT! His artistic style is like no other and his hands-on approach is truly inspiring. Did ya’ll know that he has a signature woodturning style that uses adorned wood surface textures and bright colors to add a unique flair? 

So if you’re ready to take your woodturning to the next level and need some serious inspiration, then look no further than Walter Hall. If you let him, Walter will make sure you become the engineer of a unique, beautiful piece of art. 

That’s it folks! So put on ya’ shades and get ready to get your woodturning skills up to extra-ordinary levels with Walter Hall. He’s definitely one Instagram account you don’t want to miss out on!

Unique Style of decoration 

If you want to spice up your woodturning game, look no further than Walter Hall (@walterhallwoodturner). He has a unique style of decoration that you won’t find in any other woodturner’s work. His unique style of decoration combines several woodturning techniques into one incredible piece of art. For example, Walter has taken a traditional lathe and used it to expertly create amazing spiral designs. He also incorporates some amazing carving techniques into his work. He has the ability to transform any piece of wood into a beautiful custom creation with only a few simple tools.

Perhaps one of the most interesting techniques Walter uses in his work is his large-scale decorative carvings. Yes, you heard that right! Walter is capable of creating small carvings, but he isn’t afraid to scale up and make some really impressive looking pieces that really stand out. Walter isn’t afraid to be creative in his work and make some truly unique pieces.

Walter also utilizes a variety of artistic techniques in his woodturning. He often times incorporates woodcuts into his work and paints his pieces in a number of ways, including but not limited to, intricate designs, distressed look, and even gold or silver accents. This makes his work stand out from the rest and really makes a statement when it is displayed in any setting.

So, if you’re looking for some unique style and innovative techniques for your woodturning projects then Walter is the one for you. He has some really great projects on his Instagram page and if you are lucky enough to find one at a show, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, it will be a great conversation starter and a conversation piece that your guests will notice and appreciate.

Various Woodturning techniques 

Hey, woodworkers! Get ready to dust off your lathes, because I’m about to talk about Walter Hall (@walterhallwoodturner) and his incredible woodturning techniques.

This guy is a master of the artform and his portfolio is a testament to that. From hollow forms to vessels, Walter knows exactly what he’s doing. When you’re looking for some tips and tricks when it comes to woodturning, Walter is the perfect place to start.

When it comes to Walter’s technique, he’s definitely not afraid to get creative. Walter knows the benefits of keeping his pieces balanced and symmetrical, but he’s also courageous enough to push the boundaries and disrupt the norm. His ability to carve complex patterns and designs into his woodturnings, is awe-inspiring. Walter’s not afraid to take on challenging projects and it shows in his finished pieces – with intricate detailing and smart design choices, he makes it look effortless. Walter’s also quite generous with his advice and tips – if you’ve ever been curious about woodturning and wanted to learn, he’s a great person to follow and learn from.

Besides from his woodturning, he also takes the time to restore old vessels and trinkets, salvaging them and breathing new life into them. He has a great eye for color and texture, and uses that to his advantage when he’s restoring.

Walter Hall (@walterhallwoodturner) is a great source of inspiration when it comes to woodworking and woodturning, and his unique style and attention to detail should undoubtedly be celebrated. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks or just some eye-candy to motivate you, make sure to follow him on Instagram. Happy Turning!

Derek Tingle (@derek_tingle_woodturner)

It’s time to move on to one of the most interesting characters of our roster: Derek Tingle. If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry ’cause I’m here to give you the scoop! @derek_tingle_woodturner has been a woodturner for years and his artistry is simply magical. He’s an artist to the bone, and his creativity really shows in his woodturning projects.

Derek started out making small wooden bowls, and he quickly changed up his style to more ambitious projects. Now his creativity has spread far and wide! His woodturnings are works of art, with intricate details and beautiful curves. His style is truly unique and that’s why we love him.

But let’s not just focus on Derek’s artistry. He’s also an excellent teacher, which makes him one of the most sought-after woodturners around. He makes tutorials and practical projects so you can learn the tricks of the trade. He takes creative license with his tutorials to show you how to make unique pieces of art. 

Derek’s creativity shines through in his projects and design. He is well-known for his intricate carvings and one of a kind glazing techniques. His work speaks for itself and we can’t get enough of it! He has published numerous videos that show his various woodturning techniques. We recommend you to sit back and watch him work – it’s pure magic!

And do you know what is the best of it all? If you love Derek’s style you can purchase custom-made pieces from his shop. Go check them out – you won’t be disappointed! 

So there you have it! Derek Tingle is a woodturner who inspires us with his artistry and creativity. He’s a talented maker and teacher, helping us to discover our inner woodturner. What a person! We can’t get enough of Derek Tingle and his wonderful projects. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his priceless tutorials!

Artist of woodturning tutorials 

Hi everyone! I’m here to talk to you all about Derek Tingle, AKA, the Artist of Woodturning Tutorials. As you all must have heard, the woodturning arena is virtually exploding, and Derek Tingle has become one of the leading names in it. With a diverse range of skills and technical expertise, Derek represents all the fanatics out there who are exploring the field of woodworking.

Derek’s expertise lies in presenting woodworking tutorials that are both instructive and entertaining. His enthusiasm for making things out of wood is infectious, and he brings out the best of the craft in others. Derek’s tutorials cover all areas of woodturning, from sharpening and general woodworking techniques and tools, to detailed project demonstrations and examples. 

Derek has a knack for unpacking intricate details and explaining the fundamentals of turning in an engaging way. From simple practical tips, like clamping and securing your workpiece to the lathe, to more complex techniques such as hollowing, Derek has put in the effort to ensure that newcomers to the craft have the most comprehensive tutorials by top professionals, including himself. 

Derek is always looking for new ways to challenge himself and step out of his comfort zone. For example, Derek recently started making videos of him working on pieces in the round, and he has managed to capture some impressive-looking effects. Additionally, Derek frequently shares videos of him demonstrating and explaining a wide array of woodturning processes and applications, and this has really captured the attention of many viewers. 

So if you are interested in learning about woodturning, there is no better place to start than Derek Tingle’s tutorials! He is a real artist, and his sheer energy and passion for woodturning make his tutorials truly unforgettable. Go check out his Instagram page and immerse yourself in the fun of woodturning with Derek!

Creative Projects and Demonstrations 

If you’re looking for creative projects and demonstrations from the ultimate woodturning genius, then you have to look no further than Derek Tingle (@derek_tingle_woodturner). With his creative projects and demonstrations, Derek has managed to capture the essence of woodturning and turn it into something simply amazing.

From bowls to platters, and from boxes to sticks, Derek has crafted projects of every type imaginable. Whether it be making a beautiful carved hollow form or demonstrating with a sharp chisel, he has managed to make them all look so effortless and easy. His eye-catching designs and patterns are sure to astound even the most experienced woodturner.

And with his unique technique, he has made the process of woodturning even easier for the novice turner. He uses a combination of hand tools, power tools and natural materials to turn his creative ideas into reality. He also brings in a bit of his own style and flair, and the results are stunning.

If you follow Derek on Instagram, you will also be able to learn some of his tricks and tips in his tutorials. He shows us how to make some of his favorite pieces, and provides us with step-by-step instructions. 

So, if you’re looking for some creative projects to work on, Derek is definitely your guy. His projects and demonstrations are sure to inspire and motivate you to create unique and beautiful works of art. With the help of his tutorials, you’ll be creating masterpieces in no time. Now, grab your tools and make magic with wood!

Leilani Murdoch (@instantlani)

Leilani Murdoch (@instantlani)

Ah, Leilani Murdoch! When we talk about woodturning and creative designs and patterns, none does it better than Leilani. She currently has over 125k followers and the number is growing day by day!

Leilani spends a lot of time on creating stunning designs, and her project process is clearly seen in her Instagram posts. She is a completely self-taught artist, and she is eager to share her knowledge and experiences with her followers. She has also presented some quite elaborate designs on her profile.

Leilani truly values the step by step approach to her projects and shares interesting projects with detailed instructions in short videos. As an artist, she enjoys having the freedom to express her creativity and loves trying something new. Even though she loves detailed projects in the form of short videos, she also loves simple projects that allow her to show off her skills with smaller details in the projects.

Leilani’s creativity is on full display and her Instagram page is full of her beautifully crafted designs and patterns combined with expertly crafted items. Her artwork and craftsmanship go together perfectly and it’s almost impossible to not be in awe. She also has a sense of humor about it. Every time someone comments somewhere about being inspired by one of her projects, she makes sure to thank them for the compliments with an amusing comment.

In addition to her step-by-step projects, she also creates images of her complete projects, which is a great source of inspiration for those of us who are just starting out with woodturning. Her creativity really shines in these complete pieces which can help us to better understand the way each of her projects might look when finished.

From small projects that can be completed in a short amount of time to larger projects that require more skill and patience, Leilani Murdoch has become a great source of inspiration and techniques when it comes to woodturning. Her Instagram page is constantly updating with new projects and may be the perfect way to get some ideas and inspiration.  So, head on over and give her a follow!

Step by Step projects 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Leilani Murdoch (@instantlani)! 

This exquisite woodturner has been producing remarkable works of art since 1979. Her portfolio is full of spectacular pieces, from mathematical figures to minimalist sculptures. Although she can craft any type of beautifully designed item, Leilani’s forte is her step-by-step projects. If you are looking for an inspirational woodturning journey, then this is the place to start. 

Projects such as bowls, plates, and decorative displays demonstrate her superior skill and dexterity. Leilani is not afraid to be creative and adventurous, due to the constantly changing landscape of the industry. Consequently, her projects are always unique and dynamic. As well as offering traditional designs, Leilani also specializes in making geometric objects, utilizing straight lines and curved edges. 

Leilani’s step-by-step projects are ideal for beginner woodturners. She provides an excellent introduction to woodturning with invaluable tips and observation points. As such, viewers can learn about stock preparation, spindle gouges, and finishing touches.

In between projects, Leilani also runs a series of discussion channels, which are ideal for newcomers. You can use these forums to communicate with like-minded individuals, ask technical questions, and discuss current news/events in the woodturning world. 

With a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and experience, Leilani Murdoch is a perfect mentor for any aspiring woodturner. Why not take a look at her step-by-step projects, and spark your own inspiration. Get ready to fire up the lathe, and Let the Turning Begin!

Creative Designs and Patterns 

If there’s one person on Instagram who knows what it takes to create a stunning design and pattern with woodturning, it’s Leilani Murdoch. Known as @instantlani, Leilani has taken the world by storm, displaying her unique woodworking designs and patterns that draw your attention right away.

This Instagram account is full of remarkable woodturning projects where her design and patterns are on full display. From her work with exotic woods she has shipped in, to the materials she works with in her own backyard, she crafts pieces you need to take a second look at. From coasters and charging holders to unique bowls and platters with precise detailing and patterns, Leilani’s design and patterns are something to behold.

She adds an extra level of detail, saying that it doesn’t matter what type of woodturning you’re doing, because every time you’re creating something new you’re adding a design or pattern. From floral details to geometrical shapes and crazy abstract designs, Leilani knows that when it comes to woodturning you have to have an eye for detail.

One thing you can learn from her Instagram is that having knowledge and understanding the types of patterns you can use for a particular project is important. Seeing all of Leilani’s works, you can tell that she has a deep understanding of woodturning, and has the skills to create intricate and beautiful designs and patterns.

No matter what kind of woodturning you’re doing, Leilani Murdoch and her Instagram account @instantlani is a great place to get creative ideas and designs for your next project. With her detailed projects and intricate patterns, it won’t be long until you get hooked into the art of woodturning and craft pieces of your own.

Barrie Bain (@thewoodturnerco)

Hey, if you like the looks of the lathe and the way it can turn the simplest piece of wood into a piece of art, then @thewoodturnerco has the kind of content you’d want to see!

Barrie Bain is the founder of The Woodturner Co, a company dedicated to producing custom woodturning items. He has over 12 years of woodworking experience and is a master at woodturning. On his Instagram page, you’ll find pictures of his unique projects, demonstrations of his skills, and information about his turning philosophy.

The unique projects associated with Barrie Bain’s Instagram page include some of the most detailed and exquisite pieces of woodturning. Often these include intricate pieces of figurines carved using speciality lathes. His posts provide inspiration for other woodturners to create their own unique pieces of art.

Bain’s content makes it easy to understand the basics of how a lathe works, how to use it, and how to make the most of it. He also shares tips and tricks of the trade, including safety advice on how to properly use the lathe and also how to get the most out of your project.

But what may be the most helpful part of Bain’s content is his glorification of the lathe. The photos, videos, and stories that he shares are full of appreciation for how beautiful the pieces can be when crafted with skill and care. His passion for the craft is clear, and it is one of the things that sticks out the most about Bain’s page.

So, if you’re looking for a place to find new ideas for woodturning projects and tips on proper technique, then Barrie Bain’s Instagram page is the perfect place to start!

Unique Projects 

Hey, y’all! It’s your boy and I’m here to tell you all about one of the most interesting and innovative Insta accounts – Barrie Bain (@thewoodturnerco). This guy has got some serious skills with the ol’ lathe and he’s got some real great projects he’s churning out.

From espresso cups to book holders and keychains – this guy ain’t afraid to get creative. Don’t let his small size fool you – Barrie Bain can tackle some of the toughest jobs ahead. Just take a look at his unique projects, and it’s enough to make any woodworker turn green with envy.

Take a look at any of Barrie Bain’s unique projects, and you’ll understand why he’s a pro. From furniture with a twist to pieces that capture the natural grain of the wood, Barrie makes it look so easy. He puts a modern spin on classic woodworking, bringing simple designs to life.

One of my favorite projects of his has been an accent table. He created a simple design, but added a carved owl on the side just for fun. The design was so slick that I just had to reach out and pay tribute to his work!

Barrie Bain is one of the top accounts for woodturning inspiration, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned veteran. There’s something to learn from all of his projects, and the attention to detail he puts in them is incredible. If you’re looking for some real encouragement when it comes to turning, look no further than @thewoodturnerco. He’s got some projects that will make you blush – but in a good way. Keith up!’

Glorifying the Lathe 

Welcome y’all to Barrie Bain’s Instagram @thewoodturnerco, which is all about showing the world just how epic the wood lathe really is. When you’re browse through the photos, you can’t help but be amazed at what the wood lathe can produce. 

Barrie’s page ain’t no wood lathe dealership. Oh no! What Barrie does is take viewers on a journey of woodworking art that definitely puts the wood lathe on a grand pedestal. Instead of merely demonstrating the wood lathe’s power, he glorifies it with exquisite detail and design. As a result, he encourages his followers to either purchase a lathe or dust off the one they already have gathering dust in the corner.

In each of the photos, Barrie provides detailed views of his work, allowing the viewers to witness the beauty and power of the wood lathe in its full glory. His works show the capacity of the machine compliments the versatility of the pieces. One moment, he’ll be creating cups and mugs and the next, dainty jewelry boxes. The transitions in style are super smooth due to Barrie’s mastery of control.

Simply said, Barrie’s page showcases the work of a masterful craftsman, with the machine itself constantly being recognized for its part in the masterpieces. If you’re someone who loves the art of woodworking and hasn’t had the pleasure of using a wood lathe, then take the initiative after touring Barrie’s page. You might just find yourself glorifying the wood lathe sooner than you expected!

Little Art Pedestal (@littleartpedestals)

Little Art Pedestal (@littleartpedestals)

Welcome all aspiring wood turners to the, “Little Art Pedestal” (@littleartpedestals) Instagram Account. Here you will find a variety of unique custom pedestals that can take your woodworking projects to the next level.

Bob is known for his quick wit and flair when it comes to projects. He is usually soft-spoken and shares some of his secrets during his projects. But today, Bob is here to demystify the pedestal concept and show you how easy it can be to make a custom pedestal for any number of projects.

At Little Art Pedestal, you can find everything from simple yet sophisticated stands for photo frames to intricate, one-of-a-kind dining table pedestals. There are even custom pieces for displaying artfully crafted bowls and other items. 

Bob has worked hard to provide a comprehensive range of designs that can be customized to your particular project needs. You can choose from his selection of metal designs or work with him to create something entirely unique. He works with all sorts of materials, including wood, slate, brass, copper, and more.

Not only are the pedestals beautiful, but they give your woodturning projects a stunning look when finished. The pedestals captivate the eye and draw the eye of the viewer. The pedestals truly make the projects stand out and take on a life of their own.

He excels in crafting pedestals that are easy to assemble. He takes pride in his work and is sure to cover all the details in each custom project. And he is sure to provide step-by-step instruction with his designs so that you can feel confident in the outcome.

His woodturning projects have gone viral with numerous Instagram followers. He is sure to provide the highest-quality product and fast turnaround time with each project. With him, you are guaranteed to have a stunning piece to last you a lifetime.

So, don’t wait any longer and dive into the world of woodturning designs and pedestals today. Make sure to give him Little Art Pedestal a follow on Instagram and you’re sure to be delighted with the stunning results. There’s nothing better than tackling a beautiful new project with a gorgeous work of art in the middle.

Unique Custom Pedestals 

You won’t find any ordinary pedestals out of Little Art Pedestal (@littleartpedestals), run by one man show Pat Usherwood. His team consists of Pat and his incredible wood turning skills that push the boundaries of wood turning.

He has a diverse range of custom pedestals, from your basic bowl turning to some crazy, mind-bending curves that you see in some of his pieces. Every piece he creates is original, unique, and absolutely one of a kind.

His mission is to create works of art that capture the beauty of nature and show that nature can co-exist with technology with his unique custom pedestals. It’s no wonder why he has the popularity he does.

Every piece Pat creates starts with the right choice of wood. He uses a variety of woods, all carefully selected by him, claiming “wood must have an interesting grain pattern, be of a consistent quality and have a good balance of strength and weight”. He then uses his lathe to create the unique custom pedestals.

It’s no wonder why Pat has such an impressive following. He is known for having some of the most detailed, intricate, and gorgeous wood turned pedestals and stands on the internet. From lavender wood to yew wood to hornbeam, each and every one of his pieces is a true work of art.

His website is full of customer photos and reviews, so you can witness firsthand the beauty and grandeur of these amazing pieces of art. Many know him as an artist, but he’s so much more than that. He often shares his tips and tricks on his blog, website and social media, making it easier for newbies to get a handle on wood turning. 

Pat knows that just as every tree is unique, so is every piece of wood he touches. He creates custom wood-turned pedestals that are not just beautiful to look at, but that also function as a reminder of the beauty of nature. If you’re looking for some mind-blowing wood turning techniques and inspiration, pay a visit to Little Art Pedestal. You won’t be disappointed.

Captivating Projects 

If you have been searching for captivating and creative woodturning projects, then you must check out what Little Art Pedestal (@littleartpedestals) has to offer.From simple decorative items to intricate home décor items and furniture, these custom pedestal pieces are both unique and beautiful. They will truly bring an element of style to any room of your home.

The lady behind the Little Art Pedestal is Elizaveta Martynova, a skilled and passionate woodturner who crafts these beautiful pedestals by hand with her own personal touches. Whether she’s turning a large bowl or a simple plate, each item is created with thought and care. Her talent to create custom woodturning projects that are truly captivating keeps all of her followers mesmerized.

The amazing thing about her projects is that they adapt to the nature of the wood. From traditional woodturners cuts to modern bentwood pieces, she knows how to take a simple tree and turn it into something exceptional. With her custom projects, she also brings in various colors and dyes thatshe carefully applies to the wood pieces. This helps to bring in a unique and tasteful look to an otherwise bland piece of wood.

The projects that Elizaveta creates are truly captivating and enthralling. Every time a follower comments on one of her posts, she makes sure to thank them for their words of encouragement and offer helpful tips that they can use in their own woodworking endeavors. It’s quite evident how passionate she is about making beautiful pedestals and how her projects inspire other people to do the same.

So, if you are looking for something unique to spruce up your home, then Little Art Pedestal is one of the best Instagram accounts you should follow for woodturning inspiration and captivating woodworking projects. Elizaveta’s projects are truly captivating and will definitely add an element of beauty and style to any room.

The Turning Toolsmith (@theturningtoolsmith)

If you’re looking for some extra inspiration to take your woodturning techniques and projects to the next level, look no further than @theturningtoolsmith! This master toolmaker offers innovative turning tools, tips, and techniques to make your projects completely unique. 

Innovative turning tools? We know what you’re thinking. What kind of tools can The Turning Toolsmith create that no one else can? It’s actually more simple than you think. Take a look at chucks and centers they have developed. These are simple tools that are used to hold your work in place. With an innovative twist, they can make your woodturning projects stand out.  

The other factor that sets The Turning Toolsmith apart is their level of expertise in this craft. With years of experience, they can offer tips and advice to make sure your woodturning projects succeed. They know all the subtle tricks-of-the-trade when it comes to woodturning and can ensure that your projects look as amazing as possible.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you can take your woodturning creativity to the next level by exploring the suggestions from @theturningtoolsmith. You’ll be amazed at how much you can discover from their unique approach to woodturning. Amazing tools, creative designs, and unconventional projects are just a few of the ways to take your woodturning skills to stratospheric heights. 

The Turning Toolsmith not only has the advice and skills you need to make your projects stand out, but they also have the unique products they can provide. They can provide chucks and other specialty tools to customize your project. With the right tool in your arsenal, you can make your woodworking dreams come true. 

No matter your skill level, The Turning Toolsmith has the resources to make your woodturning projects truly special. Plus, their Instagram account is filled with inspiring examples of the innovative tools and techniques they have at their disposal. Take a peek and get some woodturning inspiration today!

Innovative Turning Tools 

Hey there fellow woodturners! Did you know that there’s a person out there who takes woodturning to whole new level? His name is The Turning Toolsmith, and this woodturner who crafts creative turning tools that you can use to make your woodturning designs even better.

The Turning Toolsmith is the go-to Instagram account for woodturners who want to incorporate innovative turning tools into their designs. Not only does this account showcase the creative and amazing projects that are possible with these innovative tools, but also provides tips, techniques, and advice on how to use them for woodturning.

This account offers a wide range of turning tools and he’s been featured on the cover of Wood Turning Magazine, so you know he’s the real deal. He showcases a range of tools like the Hercules, which is a unique tool to create intricate designs on your turnings, and the “Doughnut Tool” which puts detailed decorations on a turnings. There’s also a “Mini Squealer” which makes it possible to create perfectly curved corners, and the “Jelly Bean Tool” which gives turnings a unique texture.

The Turning Toolsmith also encourages newbies to get started in the craft of woodturning by providing detailed explanations and tutorials on how to get the most out of these tools. He provides detailed pictures and captivating videos to guide you to use the tools effectively to create the perfect design.

Woodturning is so much more than just cutting wood, so why not take your woodturning designs to the next level with The Turning Toolsmith’s innovative tools and techniques? Check out The Turning Toolsmith’s Instagram page for woodturning inspirations and loads of tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of your works of art!

Master Toolmaker 

If you’re looking to become a master toolmaker, then you ought to pay close attention to The Turning Toolsmith, or @theturningtoolsmith as they are known on Instagram. This talented woodturner has designed and crafted an array of innovative turning tools that are sure to get you excited about woodworking.

It’s no wonder why woodturners of all levels of expertise have been turning to the Turning Toolsmith. From beginner carpenters to expert woodturners, they are creating unique and innovative turning tools that make projects a breeze. From their jigs and chisels, to their custom-made sanders and lathes, you can craft something extraordinary with the Turning Toolsmith.

But the Turning Toolsmith isn’t just about the tools. They also provide detailed and well-illustrated plans for their projects, as well as instructional videos that talk you through the entire process step-by-step. So whether you want to build a new woodturning project or just need some helpful tips and tricks, the Turning Toolsmith has it all.

And it’s not just their tools and content that make them one of the top 10 woodworking Instagram accounts. The Turning Toolsmith has a vibrant and supportive community of woodturners who are always willing to lend a helping hand. From visuals of projects that members have created to the constant sharing of tips and advice, you can be sure you’ll never feel alone when woodturning with the help of the Turning Toolsmith.

If you’re looking for a master toolmaker that can help you become a master woodturner, then you should definitely give the Turning Toolsmith a follow. With detailed projects and helpful tutelage, you can reach levels of woodworking expertise you didn’t know were possible.

Norbert Maier (@norbertmaier)

Norbert Maier (@norbertmaier)

If you’re looking to start your woodturning journey, Norbert Maier is the man you need to follow! With detailed explanations, videos and photographs of his projects, you can hit the ground woodturning in no time.

Norbert is a self-proclaimed “motorcyclist dad”, and his woodturning-worshiping hobby has influenced his family the same way a bright shining star can affect planets in its orbit. He currently operates his business based out of a custom-built studio in Washington, fostering his passion for woodworking and bringing it to the public.

Norbert’s tutorials have been specifically designed for the newbie-woodworkers out there. He creates easy-to-follow virtual classes for all skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced.  Whether you’re just starting out and looking for guidance on basic techniques, or you’ve been turning for a while and need help improving your skills, there’s something for everyone in Norbert’s tutorials.

His visuals are especially impressive and inspiring; with vivid descriptions and video demonstrations, you can easily follow along. Norbert is always pushing himself to stay up-to-date with the latest straight from the shop tips, including simple and advanced woodturning projects.

But that’s not all! He also offers consultations and critiques to help ‘turners become even more successful. Everyone can benefit from a critique and a second set of eyes and ears. He is constantly pushing people to think outside the box and find creative solutions to their woodturning dilemmas.

If you want an approachable, unpretentious woodturning mentor, Norbert Maier is your man. His woodworking accounts sets a great example of how a woodworker can reach out to other woodworkers and help them to create a successful woodturning business. Check him out on Instagram and join the Norbert Maier community today!

Detailed Explanations 

Ah, Norbert Maier! He’s one of the best teachers of woodturning techniques you can find. He approaches each project with enthusiasm and a clear passion for the craft, making sure to provide detailed explanations on each step along the way.

Norbert’s content is especially great for newbies. He’s always breaking down the projects in such a way that he does not assume well-established knowledge about woodworking. He carefully explains the different kinds of woods, the tools you need, and even the finishing touches. He knows how intimidating starting woodturning can be and leans into making it a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Norbert also provides unique project ideas that may not be found in any comprehensive woodworking guide. His approach to woodturning isn’t limited to the traditional, but instead encompasses modern and a broad range of creative ideas. He’s the perfect instructor for the adventurous beginner looking to explore outside the status quo.

If you’re looking for a fun and informative teacher of woodworking techniques, Norbert Maier is your man! He approaches each project with enthusiasm and provides detailed explanations for every step. Plus, you’ll get to explore some of Norbert’s unique ideas that are sure to get your creative spark ignited.

Newbie Woodwork Projects 

Hey there,  today I wanna talk to you about Norbert Maier, otherwise known as @norbertmaier. This dude right here is a one of my favorite Woodworkers and he could teach a thing or two to all us newbies. 

Norbert’s got some of the most detailed explanations of projects you will ever see on the internet. Now don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner to the craft. His videos and tutorials are made especially with newbies in mind. He’s somebody I’d recommend to anyone who’s just starting out in woodworking. 

I remember when I first started woodworking, my biggest struggle was trying to find projects that I thought were both simple enough for me to do but also interesting enough to hold my attention. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Norbert Maier’s tutorials. He’ll break down the most intricate project into step-by-step instructions that will have you working like a pro in no time. 

It’s amazing to see the beginner projects that Norbert can come up with using a few simple tools. From end-grain bowls to wooden toys, this dude can make it all look so easy. It’s always inspiring to watch one of Norbert’s tutorials and see a project come to life. 

In conclusion, when it comes to starting out in woodworking, there are few better instructors than Norbert Maier. So what are you waiting for? Go check him out and see some of the amazing projects he can create with his woodworking skills!

Paul Boothroyd (@baronwoodturner)

Ahh, Paul Boothroyd. Otherwise known as @baronwoodturner just by one glance at his Instagram page. Sure he’s got a cool last name. But Paul Boothroyd has got so much more than just a name.

Let’s start off with those designs. Now, this is Paul’s specialty. Everyone knows the drill when it comes to design. You come up with something that you think is amazing, you show off the design, and then you move on.

Paul Boothroyd? Not so much. He’s not content to just move on from a design or a concept. That’s why he’s created designs that adapt to nature. Not only does he work with the materials he has, but he also learns from nature and infuses that knowledge into his works.

And if you’re just starting out on your woodturning quest, Paul is the one you want to turn to for advice.  He’s helping newbies to succeed, whether it’s through challenging projects or tips and tricks

Back to the designs. You know what catches my eye? He’ll take a seemingly simple design and really turn it into something incredible. There isn’t a piece here that hasn’t gone through Paul’s thorough and meticulous touches.

And the final product? More than just jaw dropping. Paul Boothroyd is truly one of a kind. He doesn’t just adhere to the traditional woodworking rules – he bends them to his will and creates masterpieces.

Check him out. He’s well worth it. @baronwoodturner. Paul Boothroyd. The Baron of Woodturning.”

Designs that Adapt to Nature 

When it comes to woodturning, few can match the masterful craftsmanship of Paul Boothroyd (@baronwoodturner). His designs have been used to create stunningly beautiful works of art that adapt to nature. He calls himself “The Baron of Woodturning” and it’s not hard to see why.

You can find exciting projects on Paul Boothroyd’s Instagram account daily. From ornate candle holders to custom birdhouses, his work is something to marvel at. It’s easy to see how Paul’s pieces adapt to nature. His designs incorporate curves and shapes that blend in with natural elements. No matter what the project, from functional pieces to decorative works, you can be sure his pieces will look fantastic next to any background.

Paul’s skill isn’t limited to woodturning alone; he also works with other materials too. He’s used materials such as glass and metal to create truly unique projects. He often combines these mediums with wooden elements. He’s a true artist that can adapt his work to any design challenge.

You won’t go wrong by following Paul Boothroyd on Instagram. He shares tips, advice, and instructions to help others succeed with woodturning. He has a vast amount of knowledge that he’s willing to share, and he’s always available for questions. For the beginner in woodworking, this makes following Paul a must. 

Go ahead, take a moment to check out Paul Boothroyd’s account and be prepared to be inspired. His work is eye-catching and interesting. You can tell he puts a lot of effort into every one of his projects, and his pieces show his skill perfectly. Whether you’re just starting out in woodturning or a seasoned vet, his designs will give you new ideas and inspiration.

Helping Newbies to Succeed 

Hey friends! Wanna learn some major woodturning techniques? Then you better connect with Paul Boothroyd AKA ‘the Baron Woodturner’!

This dude is a master of woodturning and his Instagram page is full of unique and inspiring designs. Words can’t even describe the awesomeness of his woodturning projects! He has a style that adapts to the nature of the wood and he has a passion for woodturning that can’t be ignored.

And that’s not all! This guy is also great at helping newbies with woodturning. He’s always eager to share his tips and tricks, and he even puts out helpful video tutorials for newbies. Plus, he’ll often share his best tools and tools tips. This means you can start right away and get some good results!

Paul also loves creating custom pieces that bring his woods to life. Whether it’s a simple bowl or a complex sculpture, you’ll be amazed by the end product! 

So if you’re looking to learn some amazing woodturning techniques and you want some great inspiration, then you need to connect with Paul Boothroyd. Be sure to check out his fun tutorials and helpful tips to take your woodturning skills up to the next level. So get on over to his Instagram page today and start learning!

Sylvain Chamberland (@sylvainchamberlandwoodturner)

Boy, oh boy, have I been blessed to come across Sylvain Chamberland (@sylvainchamberlandwoodturner)!This man is a true artisan when it comes to woodturning, and he truly knows how to put his talent to use.

No matter what kind of woodturner you are, if you take the time to look through the masterful works in his gallery, you will be nothing short of amazed. Sylvain creates some of the most captivating pieces I have ever seen, each one a true work of art.

When it comes to specific techniques and how-to’s, you can rely on Sylvain to provide in-depth video tutorials. He is extremely detailed in his descriptions of processes, making it simple for viewers to recreate them at home. Not only that, but he also provides helpful tips and tricks that can give your projects the extra edge.

It’s not just the finer details of woodturning that Sylvain excels at either. He loves to experiment with different shapes and styles, creating unique and creative designs from his lathe. Whether you’re a beginner or a master woodturner, this guy has something for everyone.

My favorite thing about his work is his ability to create items that adapt to nature. Whether it’s a gorgeous hand-carved bowl or a set of spoons, he always manages to capture the beauty of his natural surroundings.

Visiting his Instagram will be sure to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration that you can use in your own projects. Don’t shy away from those newbie projects, Sylvain will make sure you succeed in making something beautiful.

So check out Sylvain Chamberland (@sylvainchamberlandwoodturner) and see what kind of artisan pieces you can create in your own home!

Artisan Turnings 

Ahh the Artisan turnings of Sylvain Chamberland. Now those are some seriously amazing turnings! I mean, it’s almost too amazing to comprehend what he’s created and how he got there!

From his ornate and intricate vases, to his creative ideas of metal cladding, and bright colors – every single one of his creations is unique and beautiful.

His technique of combining different types of wood together, such as walnut and cherry, is one of a kind. The way he crafts his pieces, brings out the warmth and smoothness of the wood, accentuating that detailed grain. 

And not just wood, but the combination of the wood with different metals to create something more than just a plain wooden bowl. It doesn’t even seem possible to me how Sylvain manages to combine metal parts with wooden parts and bring them together to create a seamless product.

Not even just aesthetics, but functionality as well. You can definitely see the care Sylvain takes in his work, ensuring every tiny detail is crafted spatially and proportionally.

I have yet to see any other woodworker who can come remotely close to the skill that Sylvain possesses. He truly is a woodworking master, trapped inside the body of an average Joe. 

His videos also show whole projects being executed, not just pretty pieces being put together. Check out his Instagram for some incredible step by step projects that are incredibly detailed and great to follow along.

So next time you’re searching for inspiration or guidance, make sure to look at what Sylvain has created. He’s the epitome of creativity and elegance when it comes to turning wood and metal.

Creative Videos

So, if you’re looking for someone with creative videos, Sylvain Chamberland is the guy. Let me tell you, he can do some crazy visuals with his woodworking videos. Whether he’s doing a detailed tutorial video or explaining how he turns virtual pieces of wood into masterpieces, he’s done it all. Plus, he makes it all look so easy! 

Take, for instance, his latest video. In it, he takes a piece of wood and takes it through a series of interesting movements, each of which produces beautiful results. The video is incredibly fun to watch and it makes you realize how much skill goes into shaping wood into such intricate pieces. 

Another favorite video of mine is the one where he takes a piece of wood and shapes it into a bowl while spinning around the lathe like a madman. He even includes some higher-end lathe techniques like natural edge turning and reverse turning. It’s super creative and makes you feel like you’re watching a Hollywood-style magic trick. 

But, his most creative works have to be his contemporary pieces of art. In this type of video, he takes a piece of wood and shapes it into a figure or a symbol. He pays careful attention to the details and even adds in a few expert techniques like airbrushing, painting, and staining. The results are incredible. 

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, but Sylvain Chamberland has some of the most creative and unique videos out there when it comes to woodworking. Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or just getting started with your projects, his videos are a must-watch.


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