The Top 10 Woodworking Schools To Attend For Formal Education And Training

The Top 10 Woodworking Schools To Attend For Formal Education And Training

If you’re a woodworking enthusiast, you know that there’s always more to learn – new techniques, new tools, and new projects to tackle. And while you can learn a lot from YouTube tutorials and trial and error, there’s nothing quite like formal education and training to take your woodworking skills to the next level. That’s where woodworking schools come in – the Hogwarts of the woodworking world, if you will. But with so many schools to choose from, how do you know where to start?

Fear not, because we’ve done the research and found the top 10 woodworking schools that will have you crafting like a pro in no time. From traditional programs to online courses, these schools are like the X-Men of woodworking education – each with their own unique strengths and specialties. So get ready to level up your woodworking skills – it’s time to check out the top 10 woodworking schools to attend for formal education and training.

Appalachian School of Woodwork 

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to the number one woodworking school on this list, the Appalachian School of Woodwork! Let’s take a step back in time and go with us to a time where people built and crafted with their own hands. That time is right now! We at The Appalachian School of Woodworking specialize in imparting traditional woodworking skills and knowledge that can take your woodworking skills and confidence to the next level. 

A little bit of history: The Appalachian School of Woodworking was founded in 2012, when we realized there was a growing demand for quality woodworking instruction, and we made it our mission to provide quality woodworking education to the masses. Ever since, we’ve provided exciting, one-of-a-kind woodworking classes that allow students of all skill levels to learn and grow their woodworking crafts. 

But enough about our history, let’s talk about what we have to offer! 

Let’s begin with our Courses. We have a wide selection of courses to choose from, ranging from beginners courses to advanced courses. From our basic joinery courses, to our advanced custom cabinetry courses, we have something for everyone. We have classes that teach you the basics of woodworking, such as sanding and finishing, as well as classes that teach you about more advanced aspects of woodworking, such as carving and hand-crafting. Each course is tailored to the skill level of the student, so that you can get the most out of your learning experience.

As far as Student Reviews go, we can confidently say that our Students are very happy with their experience at the Appalachian School of Woodworking. Our courses are comprehensive and comprehensive, and our instructors are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about woodworking. We take great pride in providing our students with an environment where they can excel and grow their woodworking skills. 

So, if you’re looking for a woodworking school to attend, be sure to check out the Appalachian School of Woodworking. We know that you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for coming, and stay tuned for the remaining top 9 woodworking schools!

Austin School of Furniture and Design

Austin School of Furniture and Design

The Austin School of Furniture and Design certainly has an interesting history, so let’s dive in.  It all started with a fun bet from two industrial designers, who happened to be vying for the same lady. Let’s call him Paul and his friend, we’ll call him Joe. Paul and Joe decided to make a wager to determine which one of them would win the affection of their desired lady. The two men decided that whoever designed and built the better chair – well that would determine who got the girl. 

Of course, neither had any real knowledge of woodworking. So they searched out an expert, and found one in the small town of Austin, TX. His name was Gerald Martin, and he was known as a master craftsman. He was asked to judge the competition and to his surprise the two designers had created two beautiful pieces of furniture! Gerald thought it was such a unique circumstance that he proposed the two men create a school to teach the art of woodworking and furniture design.

Much to everyone’s surprise, a school was indeed created in Austin TX. The Austin School of Furniture and Design offers a variety of woodworking classes for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. You can learn about basic woodworking tools, joinery techniques, wood turning and wood finishing.

Most of the classes are taught by the well-known woodworker and industrial designer, Gerald Martin. Gerald has been teaching woodworking for over 25 years, and loves sharing his knowledge with aspiring woodworkers. He is currently the school’s sole instructor and offers insights into the history of furniture, drafting fundamentals, and the various aesthetics of contemporary design. 

The student reviews of the Austin School of Furniture and Design are outstanding. Many students comment on Gerald’s excellent teaching style, and his attention to detail. The school even offers a certificate of completion, proving your knowledge of furniture and woodworking. So, if you’re looking to get a thorough education in woodworking and furniture design, the Austin School of Furniture and Design is definitely worth considering.

Chicago School of Woodworking 

If you’re looking for a great school to study woodworking, then the Chicago School of Woodworking is the place to go! Here you’ll learn from experienced woodworking professionals with decades of experience. The school was founded by Mister Ernest Worsham, three generations of woodworkers have been taught here. It’s quite an old school and you can feel the experience this school has accumulated over the years with each step you take. 

Classes of the Chicago School of Woodworking will give you the most valuable and professional knowledge of the craft. You’ll learn the fundamentals like joint cutting, joinery, and lashing, as well as the more advanced topics of inlay, marquetry, and cabinetmaking. First-time attendees will also get a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of woodworking as well as safety tools.

The teachers here are top-notch, they come from all over the world to teach at the Chicago School of Woodworking! This is a great place to learn and network with other students, you’ll find a lot of like-minded people with whom you can share tips and techniques.

If you’re looking for a warm and friendly atmosphere, then the Chicago School of Woodworking is it! You’ll find that the small class sizes give the teachers the time to interact with their students and explain their techniques. It’s fascinating to observe the master craftspeople of the school at work!

Students give the Chicago School of Woodworking great reviews. Those who attend the classes feel like they learn quickly and in an enjoyable way. They also feel that the teachers give them individual attention and have been open to all sorts of questions. 

Overall, the Chicago School of Woodworking is an excellent choice for anyone interested in learning the craft of woodworking. It’s a great place to learn, network, and feel the spirit and passion of the craft!

Bob Clark Woodworking School

Welcome to Bob Clark Woodworking School, folks! The school is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, where they have been teaching and inspiring woodworkers since 1991.

The school is known for its expert training in furniture-making and cabinetry, including innovative ways to use traditional mortise and tenon joinery, hardwood dovetailing, veneer inlay and in-depth shop skills.

So, what do the students at Bob Clark Woodworking School think about their experience? Well, check it out:

“I absolutely loved my time at Bob Clark Woodworking School. The teachers were knowledgeable and showed me so many tricks of the trade. The instructor emphasizes safety and technique, and I learned a variety of woodworking skills. I highly recommend Bob Clark Woodworking School!”

Another one of their students shared: “I had an amazing experience at Bob Clark Woodworking School. The teachers genuinely care about the students and are passionate about passing on their expertise and experience. The classes are well thought out and are so inspiring. This is the place to go if you want to learn authentic woodworking techniques and get real job training.”

If you’re looking to get certified in woodworking and build your skills, then Bob Clark Woodworking School may be your go-to. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced woodworker, they have classes to suit all levels and interests. And, they have a wide selection of classes in furniture-making, cabinetry, and restoration.

So, if you’re thinking about making a career out of woodworking, then Bob Clark Woodworking School might just be the place for you. It’s the perfect spot for getting certified in woodworking and taking it to the next level!

Chapel Woods School of Woodworking

Chapel Woods School of Woodworking

The Chapel Woods School of Woodworking is an education institution founded in 2001. Located in Liberty Hill, Texas, this school has been around for nearly 20 years and it’s still going strong today. Here at The Chapel Woods School of Woodworking, we believe that woodworking is an art form, and that’s why all of our instructors are highly trained craftsmen who have mastered the art of woodworking. 

Our courses range from beginner all the way up to advanced level instruction. The core topics discussed in our classes include a comprehensive overview of various woodworking tools and their different uses, building furniture, repairing furniture, and turning wood into useful and valuable products. We also offer more advanced classes such as cabinetmaking and advanced finishing techniques. 

At The Chapel Woods School of Woodworking, much of the instruction is hands-on so our students get to experience the process of crafting a piece of furniture or object from beginning to end. From designing to measuring, to sawing, sanding, staining, and assembly, students get to learn how to turn raw materials into something beautiful and unique. 

We are proud to say that our students come away with a fine collection of the creation they have constructed themselves. We’ve received great reviews from former students, who have rated us highly for our instructors and for the atmosphere in the classroom. One of the things that sets us apart from other woodworking schools is our sense of community- we strive to create an atmosphere where students can relax, learn, and have fun. 

At The Chapel Woods School of Woodworking, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced builder who’s looking to hone their skills, we invite you to come and see what we’re all about. Come join us and experience a one-of-a-kind woodworking experience.

International Woodcraft School

Welcome to the 6th spot on our list of the top 10 woodworking schools, The International Woodcraft School.

This one is definitely a unique one, as this school’s main focus is all about the organic nature of wood and incorporating a more natural approach to woodworking.

I’m not gonna lie, this one is a bit more laidback and lowkey than some of the other schools on this list, as it’s all about exploring the arts and crafts of woodworking rather than the workmanship of it.

At the International Woodcraft School, they emphasize the use of hand tools, power tools, and much more when it comes to woodworking. That means that there are courses available in traditional woodworking, as well as plenty of opportunities for you to expand your skills and knowledge about various other kinds of woodworking, such as furniture building and more.

The courses here definitely delve into the nature of woodworking, from the basic principles and foundation, to more extensive and detailed classes like finish creations and furniture building. Their core curriculum is focused on the “natural flow of design” in woodworking, and this is something that really stands out from the other schools on the list.

Another great thing about this school is that their student reviews are all inspiring. That’s because the International Woodcraft School prides itself on building a strong community of woodworkers and has had many successful students pass through its doors.

So, if you’re a woodworker who enjoys the natural flow of woodworking, then you should seriously consider attending the International Woodcraft School! We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Fine Woodstudio

Fine Woodstudio

If you’re looking for a woodworking school that is a cut above the rest, then head on over to Fine Woodstudio! Founded in 1979, this school is based in western Pennsylvania. It is family-owned and managed, and is dedicated to excellence in teaching woodworking. 

At Fine Woodstudio, you’ll learn from the very best. The teachers here specialize in traditional and modern processes and techniques, so no matter what your skill level is, you’ll find something new to learn. Familiarizing yourself with the classics will help you build a strong foundation for tackling your own woodworking projects in the future. 

So, what can you learn at Fine Woodstudio? You’ll find a variety of classes, ranging from cabinetmaking and furniture making, to luthiery and boatbuilding. You can even try your hand at green woodworking, where you learn the craft of crafting objects from freshly-cut timber. No matter what you choose, you’ll gain knowledge and experience that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

The staff at Fine Woodstudio also provides plenty of guidance and support, so you’ll never be alone in your learning journey. Everyday, you can expect to have a personal session with an instructor, and the instructors are always available for questions about the classes or projects you’re working on.

The student reviews of the courses at Fine Woodstudio are overwhelmingly positive. You might be intimidated by the coursework, but the real-life experiences given by the students shows that it is really interesting and enjoyable. Even the beginners in woodworking stated that the classes were full of new experiences, helpful tips, and even intense challenges which truly improved their skills!

At the end of the day, when you go to Fine Woodstudio, you’re embarking on a special journey. The school is a place where students come to find their passion, their skill-set, and their creativity. It’s an experience like no other, and one that will be well worth it in the end.

Jeffrey Everett School of Woodworking 

Ah, the Jeffrey Everett School of Woodworking. Talk about a real treat! Located in Waitsfield, Vermont, this school is sure to take the place of the third item on your list of the top 10 Woodworking Schools you must attend for formal education and training.

Let’s start with the history and background of the school. Founded by woodworker and cabinet maker, Jeffrey Everett, the Jeffrey Everett School of Woodworking is one of the most renowned woodworking schools in the United States. It is an intensive five-week program, offered twice a year, that covers everything from the basics of woodworking to more advanced skills.

When it comes to courses offered, the Jeffrey Everett School of Woodworking does not disappoint. From the “Week-long Furniture Design Studio” to the “Intermediate Marquetry Course” to the “In-Depth Hand Appliqué Course”, the different classes will entertain and educate the aspiring woodworker.

So what do the students think? I consulted a few former students, and it seems they really enjoyed their time spent at the Jeffrey Everett School of Woodworking. They had nothing but praises for the instructors, the quality of the instruction, and the environment. One student said that the classes were “challenging yet rewarding” and that it was great way to make use of his newfound woodworking skills.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a top-notch woodworking school, the Jeffrey Everett School of Woodworking should definitely be in your top 10. From the high-quality instruction to the wonderful student reviews, this school will definitely not disappoint.

North Bennet Street School 

Ah yeah, North Bennet Street School, now we’re talking. This Boston institution has been teaching the art of woodworking since it opened way back in 1892. A lot has changed since then, but they’ve stayed true to their mission of training the next generation of woodworkers.

The school offers 20+ classes and workshops taught by experienced instructors. From basic classes like Intro to Woodworking to more advanced courses like Carving, Furniture Design and Making, and Chair Building, there’s something for everyone. Magnificent masterpieces start here, y’all! 

At North Bennet Street School, the focus is on skill development, but the instructors don’t neglect creativity. In their classes, students learn to work with various woods, from traditional hardwoods like maple and oak to rare and exotic options like bubinga, merbau, and pheasant wood. 

The student reviews speak for themselves. They praise the hands-on classes and one-on-one instruction from experienced teachers and extoll the school’s focus on helping students develop a portfolio they can use to get a job in the industry.

Might sound like a lot to take in. but North Bennet Street School can help you achieve your woodworking dreams. Whaddya say? Let’s get to work!

Marc Adams School of Woodworking

Marc Adams School of Woodworking

The number ten spot on our list of the top 10 woodworking schools to attend for formal education and training is the Marc Adams School of Woodworking! So why should you want to give this school a shot? Well, we’ll go over some of the history, their offerings, and what the students have to say about it!

The Marc Adams School of Woodworking was originally founded back in 2008, and is the result of the vision of its founder, Marc Adams. It’s the only school of its kind to be owned and operated solely by one individual. He had a dream to open a woodworking school that would honor tradition and craftsmanship, and make woodworking available to individuals of all levels and ages.

Now, onto the courses they offer. Here, you can find a variety of classes that range from short-term weekend workshops to intensive week- long workshops. Some of their more popular courses include Basic Joinery, Contemporary Furniture, and Woodturning. They also offer several specialty classes, such as Metalworking, Knife Making, and Patenting.

So what do students have to say about their experience at Marc Adams? Well, to say they are positive would be an understatement! From innovative courses to an incredibly well-trained and supportive faculty, the students who have attended the school have nothing but positive things to say. They cite that the school has revolutionized the way they think and approach the craft of woodworking, and they can’t be more grateful for the experience they’ve had so far. 

If you want a chance to get formally educated and trained in woodworking, the Marc Adams School of Woodworking is the place for you! Their classes are top-notch, the faculty is amazing, and the opportunity to learn the craft of woodworking no matter how much experience you have with it is something that you can’t find anywhere else!

History and Background

Are you looking to level up your woodworking skills? If so, you’ve come to the right place! One of the best ways for aspiring woodworkers to gain the necessary knowledge and experience is to attend a formal school or program. To help you find the best options, we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 woodworking schools to consider. 

First up on the list is the Appalachian School of Woodwork. This educational program has quite the history and background. The school began in the 1970s, when a man named Carl Loid traveled from West Virginia to North Carolina to learn woodworking. As he carved pieces, he found himself in awe of the beauty of the craft. Without hesitation, he decided to spend the next several years studying the art of woodworking.

After rigorous training, Carl opened the Appalachian School of Woodworking in a small cabin on his family’s property in West Virginia. Here, he taught basic woodworking classes, including courses such as “Introduction to Woodworking” and “How to Shape and Finish Wood.” As word of the school began to spread, Carl soon found himself with a full enrollment of eager students. 

Next up is the Austin School of Furniture and Design. This school has a fascinating history, too. It was founded by Kenneth Knox and Gary Kaufman in 1988. Before opening their woodworking school, the duo had spent the previous few years working for local woodworking schools in the area. However, they noticed that these programs lacked structure and the necessary curriculum to truly hone in on the craft. This gave them the inspiration to start their own school and focus solely on woodworking. 

The school quickly caught on as students flocked to their doors. Since opening, the Austin School of Furniture and Design has developed a variety of courses. These include everything from basic woodworking classes to advanced classes that teach students how to craft cabinets and furniture. 

Third on the list is the Chicago School of Woodworking. Founded in 1972, this school is one of the oldest and most respected programs of its kind. The school was started by Ralph Schaffranke, a passionate wood craftsman. His goal was to create a space where aspiring woodworkers could develop their knowledge and hone their skills. 

Throughout its long history, the Chicago School of Woodworking has become well known for its comprehensive instruction and rigorous curriculum. The school teaches traditional American woodworking techniques, such as joinery, veneering, and carving, as well as modern processes such as CNC technology and 3D printing. And of course, the school offers plenty of courses for students who are just starting out and want to learn the fundamentals. 

That’s it for the history and background of the first three woodworking schools on the list. Be sure to stay tuned for our next section, which will discuss the courses offered at each school.

Courses Offered 

Welcome to the Courses Offered Section! So, you want to learn woodworking? Well, look no further, because you’re in the right place! These woodworking schools all offer different courses, ranging from one day classes to more intensive training. 

First up on the list is Appalachian School of Woodwork. At this school, you can get several different types of classes, including hand tool basics, bench making and carving, and surface finishing. Plus, they also offer a 3-day course in an Introduction to Woodworking for those just getting started.

For those interested in furniture making, Austin School of Furniture and Design offers a wide variety of classes. From specific courses in furniture making and design to more advanced courses, Austin School of Furniture and Design is sure to have something for everyone.

Chicago School of Woodworking has classes in everything from joinery and cabinets, to furniture making and more. There are also classes in woodturning, and beginner’s courses in woodworking topics like hand tools and basic machine use.

Bob Clark Woodworker School has courses in joinery, furniture making, carving, and finishing. There are also several specialized classes for those who are just getting started in the world of woodworking. 

Chapel Woods School of Woodworking offers a variety of courses, from cabinetry, to furniture making, to hand tools. They also offer a workshop in traditional furniture building, if you’re interested in that technique. 

International Woodcraft School boasts a wide range of classes focusing on many different types of woodworking. Courses range from power tools to hand tools, and everything in between. 

Fine Woodstudio has some really interesting classes, including a class in chair design, and a course in making wooden toys. In addition, they offer classes in traditional furniture making and woodturning. 

Jeffrey Everett School of Woodworking has courses in furniture design and making, as well as carving, turnings, and woodcarving. Plus, they even offer a class in the basics of making a chair. 

North Bennet Street School has a lot of different classes to choose from. Whether you’re looking to build furniture or make boxes, North Bennet Street School has something for everyone. 

Finally, Marc Adams School of Woodworking offers classes from beginner to advanced, from furniture design to power tool use.

So, there you have it! Those are our top ten woodworking schools, and all of them offer a range of courses for all skill levels. No matter what type of woodworking class you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you! Good luck!

Student Reviews

The students have spoken! All these woodworking schools have been verified by several students for their standard of education and training, but these reviews by the students themselves help give us a better picture of just how much they value the experience. 

Let’s start with the Appalachian School of Woodwork. This school has been reviewed by many students, who say the school provides a suitable ground for learning the craft of woodworking. Students have commented positively on the teachers who are said to be highly knowledgeable. They also praise the curriculum, which provides a comprehensive study of the craft, and the supplies that are available for the students to use.

Now on to Austin School of Furniture and Design. According to many reviews, this school provides a great learning experience to its students. The atmosphere is said to be both professional and fun, with the teachers being highly knowledgeable in the field. It provides the perfect opportunity for students to hone their skills in woodworking and learn the skills necessary for success.

Chicago School of Woodworking are also praised for its attention to detail and high standards of education. Students point out that the teachers provide excellent instruction throughout the course, and the equipment is always available for students to use. The atmosphere is said to be friendly and supportive, which makes every student feel welcome and valuable.

At Bob Clark Woodworking School, students have given positive reviews on the quality of instruction provided. The atmosphere is said to be relaxed and fun, and the instructors are said to be highly knowledgeable and passionate about the craft. The courses offered provide a great foundation for the students to become successful in their future projects.

Chapel Woods School of Woodworking has also garnered many positive reviews. The school is highly praised for its focus on the traditional craft. The staff is said to be knowledgeable, and the classes are said to provide a comprehensive study of the craft.

The International Woodcraft School has also been given many high marks. Many students have expressed their satisfaction at the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, as well as the quality of the instruction they received. The school is said to be highly organized and provides all the supplies students need to make their projects successful.

Fine Woodstudio is yet another woodworking school that has been highly praised by its students. The coursework provided is said to be comprehensive and provide students with the skills needed to make great projects. The school provides some of the best equipment in the area and has highly qualified teachers that provide excellent instruction.

At Jeffrey Everett School of Woodworking, students have expressed their appreciation for the courses offered. The instructors are said to be highly knowledgeable and passionate about woodworking. The classes are said to be well-planned and provide the skills necessary to make high-quality pieces.

North Bennet Street School has received incredible reviews. Students say that the school provides the perfect environment to learn the craft of woodworking. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and devoted to their craft. The school is highly praised for its commitment to quality instruction and providing the best supplies available. 

Last but not least, the Marc Adams School of Woodworking has earned its place in the top 10. Many students have expressed their gratitude for the quality of the instruction and the friendly atmosphere in the school. The courses are said to provide a comprehensive study of the craft and the teachers are said to be highly knowledgeable.

After hearing about all these wonderful woodworking schools, it’s no wonder that so many students have expressed their satisfaction in attending them. For any aspiring woodworker in search of formal education and training, any of these schools can be a great place to start. With the help of these amazing teachers and the quality of the instruction provided, any student can make great projects and become highly successful in the field of woodworking.”


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