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Best Palm Sander

The best palm sander is ideal for carrying out detail work. A quality palm sander is the ideal tool for tackling surfaces that seem some serious care and attention. They are pretty much the only option for working in tight spaces, with their compact shape and narrow design meaning you can navigate them into corners. The smaller size of a palm sander also means you can use them for longer, without vibration causing you too much discomfort. Looking for a new power tool to make sanding tasks easier? Our buying guide will explore the key things you should consider when selecting the best palm sander for your DIY and sanding projects.

Sander Speed

When choosing a palm sander, you should pay attention to orbit speed to ensure it is up to the task of smoothing out surfaces. The higher the orbit speed of a sander, the best the sanding result. If you want a particularly smooth finish, you should look for a palm sander with the highest orbit speed possible. However, if you want more flexibility, look for a palm sander that includes an adjustable orbit speed. This is not always possible with more basic detail sanders, although models with variable speed triggers can be found.

Motors & Power Supplies

Just like any type of power tool, the motor power of your detail sander will determine how effective it will be at carrying out sanding tasks. However, palm sanders are generally limited by less powerful motors than other types of sander. Although cordless palm sanders are available, you should probably avoid these and go for a corded option if possible. You want to get the most out of your detail sander for the best finish, so make sure your motor receives the highest power consumption possible.

Size & Ergonomics

Palm sanders are designed to be operated with a single hand. However, some palm sanders are larger than others. If you plan on working with very awkward spaces and need something that can be regularly navigated into corners and narrow spaces, a much smaller palm sander is ideal. Tool weight is also something to think about. Most palm sanders will be fairly sleek and you will find little variety when it comes to tool weight. In some instances, you may actually prefer a slightly heavier model, as the bulkier build will allow you to maintain more control over your sander as you work it across surfaces.

Sandpaper Attachments

The majority of palm sanders include a triangular or teardrop-shaped base plate. Sandpaper sheets are then attached to these base plates, usually with rip-tape fastening. Most palm sanders will include a variety of sandpaper attachments along with the main tool. However, these may be fairly limited in terms of grit size. Palm sander sandpaper sheets come in a variety of forms. Some are solid sheets with the same grade throughout, while others have a removable point that can be swapped out for a higher grit. This is perfect if you want to apply higher pressure in corners with a more coarser grit.

Product Reviews – The Best Palm Sanders

Searching for a compact palm sander? Below are some of the very best palm sander models currently available, with top picks from the biggest brands to suit all budgets.

Detail Sander, 130W TACKLIFE Sander 12000 RPM with 12Pcs Sandpapers, Electric Mouse Sander with Dust Collection System and 3m Power Cord for Furniture Finishing PMS01A

This palm sander from TACKLIFE is perfect for those after compact handling and powerful performance. Although small, this detail sander is very efficient. With its 130W motor and speeds of up to 12,000 RPM, it is ideal for undertaking polishing tasks and can be used to access tight spots and corners with ease. The sander comes complete with a dozen sandpaper attachments, with both 80 and 180 grit papers included. This will provide you with enough variety to undertake polishing tasks with a range of materials, including plastics, metals and woods.

This sander also includes built-in vacuum blades, which effectively keep dust to a minimum when working. Debris is stored in an attached collection box, ensuring the air around you is kept clear of any harmful particles and your work surfaces always remain smooth. The ergonomic handle of this palm sander makes it suitable for prolonged use, while the rubber exterior also prevents vibration from causing any fatigue. The dust-proof switch is another useful detail and will ensure your sander remains operational for as long as possible.


Bosch PSM Primo Multi-Sander

If you want a compact palm sander that is easy to use and fit for more demanding sanding and polishing tasks, the Bosch PSM Primo is a good investment. This compact tool makes it easy to sand tight corners and hard-to-reach surface areas. The integrated dust extraction system also means that sanding debris is quickly sucked into the attached box, without the air around you from becoming contaminated. This effective dust extractor also prevents surfaces from becoming covered in sawdust and other particles.

The slimline sanding plate is not only ideal for accessing edges, it also allows you to polish notches and more awkward shaped pieces of material. When it comes to replacing sandpaper sheets, a rip-tape fastening makes your life easy. The lightweight construction and comfortable handle will also appeal to those who want a sander that can be used for prolonged sanding and polishing tasks.


Orbital Sander, Jellas 125MM 13000RPM 6 Variable Speed Orbit Sander, 12 Pcs Sandpapers,Dust Collection Bag, 360°Rotating Sanding Base Plate, Electric Sander,OS01-N

Although it might be small, the Jellas OS01-N is a professional-level palm sander that will cope with heavy-duty projects. The copper motor runs at 13,000 RPM, with six different speed settings to choose from. Unlike other palm sanders that tend to struggle at lower speeds, the Jellas OS01-N will continue to perform well at all speed settings. The 360-degree sanding plate also ensures a smooth and consistent finish, even when working with a high grit for prolonged periods. You have a range of sandpaper attachments included here, with easy fastening so you can switch between grits in seconds.

A dust collection system also makes working with this palm sander incredibly convenient. The dust bag included here is far more efficient than the dust boxes usually found with many other palm sanders. Once full, the dust box can be removed and emptied, without the worry of collected particles spilling out into the air or across your surfaces. This is also a very lightweight palm sander, with the ergonomic housing making it incredibly comfortable to work with. Although lightweight, this palm sander is also very stable, allowing you to enjoy smooth sanded results across larger surfaces.


Mouse Detail Sander Tilswall 200W 15,000 RPM Sanders with 12pcs Sanding Pads 140 * 140 * 100mm (80 & 120 Grits), Dust Collection System for Home Decoration, DIY etc

This Tilswall palm sander will perform consistently well when undertaking projects that involve detail sanding and polishing. With its 200W copper motor, this sander can run at up to 15,000 orbits per minute. You also have minimal resistance to contend with here, allowing you to use higher sandpaper grits to make quick work of finish removal. A dozen sandpaper attachments are included along with the sander body, with enough variety for you to approach different materials and finish types.

The dust collection system is also very effective. Zinc and aluminium blades efficiently sucks away debris as you work, with the attached dust box easy to remove when full. The compact shape of this sander is also much smaller than other sanding models, making it perfect for those who want to ensure they have full control over their power tool as they work. The elliptical profile will also benefit those looking to access very tight corners, or work with awkward notches.


Makita BO4556 240 V Palm Sander Plus Clamp

With its ball-bearing construction and advanced build quality, the Makita BO4556 is a superior choice of palm sander. This compact sander is affordable, but very efficient for undertaking sanding and polishing work. The high-quality design also means you have less noise to contend with, even when tackling tougher finishes. Vibration is also nominal, making this comfortable to use for prolonged tasks. The contoured grip design not only makes for comfortable use, but also allows you to maintain higher levels of control as you and.

Sandpaper clamps are included here to make changing sandpaper grits as easy as possible. The dust extraction system is also very effective, with debris sucked through attached sandpaper attachments and redirected into a removable collector box. The on/off switch is also strategically located for easy access, while also allowing for one-handed operation.


Ryobi R18PS-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Corner Palm Sander (Body Only)

The Ryobi R18PS-0 is a premium choice of cordless palm sander for users who want to say goodbye to electrical cables. Although small and powered by a battery, this Ryobi sander is more than able to undertake small to medium-sized tasks. It can be used very effectively to prepare softer materials for painting or treating. Alternatively, it can be put to work to remove paint from surfaces. The orbital sanding motion is particularly useful for stock removal tasks.

The compact design is another huge draw of this palm sander. Not only does the smaller profile of this tool make it easy to maintain a firm grip and total control at all times, it also allows you to target tight corners and spaces. Sanding sheet changes are also straightforward, with hook and loop attachment making it easy to change to your preferred grit grade. Although sanding sheets and a small tool bag are included along the palm sander, you will need to purchase a compatible Ryobi ONE+ sander and charger separately. However, if you already own a compatible 1.5Ah battery from Ryobi, you should be able to use it to power this sander.


TOOLTRONIX Heavy Duty 135W Detail Palm Corner Mouse Hand Sander Sanding Tool Free Sheets

This TOOLTRONIX PTL-41 detail sander is perfect for anyone who needs to work with tight spaces and awkwardly shaped pieces of material. This compact sander has a very detailed base plate design that will provide you with superior sanding results, especially if you need to tackle more intricate surfaces. The teardrop shape of the base also provides you with convenient access to very tight corners, with even sanding and polishing results guaranteed. Sandpaper sheets can be replaced in their entirety, although you can also remove the tips separately to make your sander as versatile as possible.

This detail sander comes with a selection of sandpaper attachments included, although if you find the included grits too limiting for your tasks, you can use any compatible sheets. The quick-fit design of the sanding paper uses rip-tape attachment, with no clip fasteners required. This allows you to make changes in seconds, allowing you to speed through your sanding jobs more quickly. This mouse sander is also incredibly inexpensive, making it the obvious choice for DIY enthusiasts with less money to spare.


BOSCH PEX 220 A Random Orbit Sander

This orbital sander from Bosch is a good choice of power tool for those who need more aggressive sanding and polishing performance. With its 220W motor, this is a high-performance power tool option that will consistently yield smooth results. The sanding plate is small enough that you can sand and polish small corners and tight spaces, with rip-tape fastening as standard so you can change sandpaper sheets in seconds. This is also a reasonably quiet detail sander, with an average of only 80 decibels of noise generated when the tool is operating at full power.

A micro-filter system is also included, preventing dust and harmful debris from collecting on your surfaces. A built-in dust collector box is also included, which can be quickly removed and emptied once full. The rubber sanding plate is also more flexible than the plates generally found on palm sanders. This makes the sander less rigid than other options, allowing you to increase pressure on stubborn finishes and surfaces you are looking to smooth out. This rubber plate, along with the rubber coating of the handle, also minimises the amount of vibration you are likely to experience when using the sander.


Palm Sander Buying Checklist

Palm sanders are intended to be used for more delicate sanding jobs, so you will not find much variety in features and functionality when browsing the market. However, some key features are worth bearing in mind when choosing a palm sander. Focus on motor specs and orbit speeds to ensure your palm sander is as powerful as it can be. You should also consider handle design and ergonomics.

As these sanders are designed to be operated with one hand, you may experience fatigue when using it if you do not have a user-friendly model. Finally, think about easy it will be to change sandpaper sheets. Secure rip-tape fastening will ensure sheets are firmly retained as you sand, while removable corner sections will allow you to work with multiple grit grades at the same time.


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