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Best Wood for Decking

Tired of staring at a bare lawn or broken patio? Laying down some wooden decking is an easy and fairly inexpensive way of transforming an outdoor space. When it comes to decking, you have a few different options to consider. Laying down decking boards is a good option for those who want to build a larger deck, although installing boards can be expensive and time-consuming.

If you only have a smaller outdoor space that needs to be decked, interlinking tiles are a cheaper and more user-friendly idea. In search of some pointers to find the best decking solution for your outdoor area? Our guide explores the main options available to you when choosing the best wood for decking your garden.


Picking the right decking material is important. A high-quality decking material will not only allow you to make use of your new deck for longer, it will also have a huge impact on the aesthetics of it. If you want something rustic and natural, go for a premium wood. Natural materials tend to be the preferred option for those laying a deck as it ages well and blends in effortlessly with outdoor environments. However, plastic decking is also popular. You will also find plenty of composite decking materials that combine the best elements of natural wood and maintenance-free plastic.


A decent deck needs to be easy to maintain. If you opt to use wooden materials, you will need to be prepared to undertake some basic maintenance. Many decking boards and tiles made from wood will come pre-treated, meaning they can laid immediately without you having to apply stains or finishes. However, you will eventually need to renew these finishes, especially at the end or start of the summer season.

Plastic and composite decking material is a better solution for those who want to carry out less care and maintenance of their outdoor surfaces. Not only is it less likely to stain and become weathered, it is easy to clean and dry. However, if you do buy composite or plastic decking material, make sure it will not warp or fade in the sun.

Tiles or Board?

If you have some DIY experience under your belt, you may want to think about using boards to lay your deck. Boarded decks provide longer, cleaner lines and tend to be more durable. However, you will need to be prepared to do some cutting and sanding to get your decking boards fit for purpose. Tiles are a more practical option for those with minimal DIY experience. They are also fairly flexible and be cut down to size when you need to apply decks to edges.

Tiles also have the advantage of coming with high-grade backing material. This saves you having to install a separate underlay material. In fact, many tiles can be laid directly on a level surface, dramatically reducing the amount of prep work required to fit a deck. The best decking tiles should also include drainage holes, ensuring rainwater does not collect on the surface material and damage it.

Product Reviews – The Best Wood for Decking

Planning to upgrade your patio? A deck makes a fine addition to any outdoor space. Below are some of the best value wood for decking products currently on the market for you to have a think about.

Interbuild Acacia Hardwood Decking Tiles 30×30cm 10 Tiles = 0,9 ㎡ per Pack for Patio & Balcony Unique 5 Year Warranty Dusk Grey

If you are looking for decking material that is easy to install, these acacia hardwood tiles from Interbuild are a good option. The acacia wood is particularly stylish, providing you with plenty of stunning detail that will add instant character to your decking area. These tiles are also very easy to install, with no tools required to fit them securely. To install them, all you need to do is make sure each tile is properly aligned with a neighbouring one before pressing them together. This makes them ideal if you need to deck a particularly large outdoor space.

The acacia wood material is also ideal for those who want something that will not require much in the way of maintenance. These tiles come already oiled, meaning they can be used straight away, without you having to apply any finishes yourself. However, if you plan on leaving your deck exposed during the winter, you should certainly think about cleaning these tiles and applying a further layer of wood oil to ensure they are looking their best come the springtime.


Nisorpa 25 x Wooden Decking Tiles Anti-Corrosion Waterproof Wood Flooring Tile 30x30cm Hardwood Interlocking Floor Tiles with UV Protection Oiled Finish for Patio Balcony Garden

These Nisorpa tiles are a good decking solution if you need to cover more area and don’t want to spend a considerable amount of money. These wooden decking tiles are fairly classic in appearance, but boast a stunning golden teak finish. If you want a muted surface for your decking area, these tiles will definitely bring all the character you are after. These tiles are also fairly supple, so they will prove a comfortable surface for walking around in bare feet. The softer finish of these tiles also makes them suitable for outdoor spaces frequented by children and pets.

These tiles are also ready to use as soon as they arrive. They are treated to resist fading from UV exposure, while moisture is also unlikely to cause you any issues. You also have the benefit of a reliable drainage system with these tiles, so regular exposure to rainfall will not lead to cracking and breakages. Installation is also simple, with a click-to-fit approach ensuring you can lay a considerable amount of tiles in next to no time. It also means you will not have to use any complex tools in order to carry out the installation of your deck.


UPKOCH Interlocking Patio Deck Tiles Wood Plastic Composite Decking Tiles for Both Indoor Outdoor Golden Shower Balcony Backyard Hardwood Boards 29. 5X29. 5CM Coffee

If you love the aesthetic of real wood, but want a decking material that is easier to maintain, these composite tiles from UPKOCH are an ideal solution. These tiles are made from PE plastic wood composite, bringing you all the allure of natural wooden material, with the convenience of durable plastic. You get all the grain accents you would from regular wood, only with the smooth finish of plastic that is easy to keep clean and dry. The rich coffee colour will also appeal to those who want a darker deck.

These tiles can be easily laid on just about any level surface. They can be placed atop any hard surface, including existing wooden decking or concrete. The interlocking design means you can undertake extensive deck installations quickly, without the need for additional tools and adhesives. However, for best results, you should also install a trim to ensure a clean edge. This is especially true if you need to make any trims to border tiles and want a sharper finish.


Jardí Composite Decking Boards/Conker Brown/Wood Effect WPC Pack Garden Outdoor Patios Terrace Hot Tub Tiles (incl. Fixing Screws & Clips)(5 SQM)

If a tiled approach isn’t your thing, these decking boards from Jardí are something to consider. Like the previous product, this decking material is a composite of plastic and wood. This is ideal for those who want a maintenance-free decking material. However, these premium decking boards definitely deliver when it comes to natural wood aesthetics. There is plenty of grain detail to enjoy here, while the rich conker colour will make a real statement in your outdoor areas. These decking boards are also reversible, giving you two different textures to choose from. You can even play around with the overall finish of your deck, alternating textures to provide a more interesting surface.

These Jardí decking boards aren’t cheap, but if you want something that will last for a long time, they are a good choice. Because this material is a composite, you do not have to worry about applying layers of stain and oil. Keeping your decking clean is also straightforward, while the hard-wearing finish is unlikely to become damaged by exposure to rain and sunlight. One thing to bear in mind when buying decking boards is that you will likely have to carry out some cutting work, especially if your planned deck will be smaller than the maximum length of these boards.


Abba Patio 12.4 x 12.4 Inch Outdoor Four Slat Interlocking Floor Decking Tile, 6 Pieces One Pack, Dark Gray

These Abba decking tiles are a good product to consider f you want to deck out a larger area quickly. Like the previous product, this decking is made from a hardy composite material. As such, you can enjoy beautiful wood grains and natural accents, while benefiting from an easy to maintain surface. The material has been weatherproofed for your convenience, with UV exposure unlikely to lead to fading. The composite can also cope with exposure to rainfall, while superior drainage means water will never pool across the surface of your deck.

The interlocking design of these tiles also means installation is fairly simple. You will not need to use any complex tools to fit these tiles, nor will you need to use any fasteners or adhesives. Simply place these tiles on a level surface and click them into place along neighbouring tiles. This also gives you the option of expanding your deck at a later point. Provided you use compatible interlocking tiles, you can effortlessly extend the dimensions of your deck without having to purchase anything more than additional tiles.


Jardí Composite Decking Boards/Castle Grey/Wood Effect WPC Pack Garden Outdoor Patios Terrace Hot Tub Tiles (incl. Fixing Screws & Clips)(7 SQM)

These Jardí decking boards are a great idea if you want longer lines and more coverage. Made from a premium composite material, these high-quality decking boards are easy to maintain, but still provide you with plenty of stunning grain detail. Unlike cheaper composite decking, these boards also provide you with a non-slip surface, making them suitable for installing near hot tubs. The castle grey colour is particularly attractive, while a protective layer means they will not fade when exposed to UV rays.

You also have two different textures to choose from here, with the reversible design of these boards giving you some flexibility when it comes to finishing your deck. However, installing these boards will take a little more time and effort than if you were dealing with basic tiles. That being said, all the T-clips and screws you will need to complete the installation of your deck are included.


The Famous Click-Deck Hardwood Decking Tiles – Patio, Balcony, Roof Terrace, Hot Tub Deck Tiles Flooring Decking (6 x Hardwood Tiles)

These CLICK-DECK tiles are not just affordable, they are also a very practical solution for installing a large deck in an outdoor space. Made from genuine hardwood, these decking tiles provide you with plenty of stunning character, allowing you instantly transform a tired lawn or patio. The interlocking design of these tiles also makes installing large-scale decks a breeze. You will not need to use any tools, clips or screws to install these tiles. Simply lay them on a level surface, then click them into place.

If you want a cost-effective alternative to expensive decking boards, these CLICK-DECK tiles are a must. As they are made from hardwood, they will require some degree of maintenance, although this will amount to little more than basic cleaning and an occasional application of wood oil. However, they will arrive already treated, meaning you can lay them straight away. They are also fairly flexible, making them easy to trim so you can apply full coverage to your patios and outdoor spaces.


Decking Wood Buying Checklist

The best material for decking is undoubtedly wood, although you will need to think about the exact variety to ensure your deck is easy to maintain. Treated timber is an affordable option, although walnut and teak will provide you with a superior finish if you are prepared to spend a larger amount of money on raw materials.

Regardless of what type of wood you use, you will have to ensure it is pre-treated before laying it down. You will also need to ensure it is regularly maintained. If this maintenance does not appeal, you should look into composite boards and tiles for decking. These materials offer much of the same character as natural wood, but are far easier to clean and maintain.


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