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Best Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are a great way of making your car parking bays more accessible. Unlike doors that need to be opened manually, high-quality roller doors can be operated remotely, allowing you to drive straight into your garage without having to leave your vehicle. The best sectional garage doors are built to last a long time, with exceptional material thickness that ensures your interiors are properly secured.

If your garage lies directly beneath a second-storey living space, a sectional garage door is also a good way of soundproofing your home and improving insulation. Need help on finding a suitable roller door for your garage? We explore the most valuable things to look out for when choosing the best sectional garage doors for your home.

Benefits of a Sectional Garage Door

Although sectional garage doors are a little more complex than other options, they are designed with convenience and reliability in mind. These garage doors are constructed of individual panels that are able to slide upwards as you access your garage. These panels slide upwards on a mechanism, before levelling off horizontally on rails. They are well suited to automatic opening and closing.

Unlike other types of garage door, such as traditional up and over designs, a sectional garage door also provides you with a reliable seal against the outside. This is particularly beneficial for those who want to insulate a space. It also provides highly effective soundproofing against the outside.

Great for Shorter Drives

Another big benefit of a sectional garage door is that they do not compromise your driveway. Shorter driveways can be rendered impractical by a door that opens and closed on hinges, requiring you to stall your car some distance away from the garage before opening the door and then driving in. If you have a particularly short driveway and want the freedom to be able to manoeuvre your vehicle from the road, directly into your garage, a sectional door is a convenient option.

Optimised Garage Interiors

If your garage is on the small side, a sectional garage door will allow you to make full use of your square footage. As these doors open vertically, they have zero footprint on your garage interior. This means you can park very close to the garage door without worrying about your bodywork coming into contact with moving surfaces.


A high-quality sectional door is also a very secure option. If you are worried about the security of your vehicle, you should certainly think about investing in a sectional door. Once fully deployed, a sectional door provides a near tamper-proof barrier between your interior space and the outside world. Because most sectional doors are controlled solely by remote control, there are no exposed latches and locks that can be tampered with by potential thieves.


There are lots of options when it comes to sectional door styles. Many sectional garage doors take a panelled approach, with subtle reliefs and textured patterns. Many sectional doors are made from reinforced steel material, with cladding material that resembles natural wood. You will easily be able to find a sectional door that works well with the exterior of your building, with a near endless selection of colours to choose from.

Sectional door fronts can also be personalised to your liking. You should be able to paint a sectional door with a finish of your choice. If you are installing a particularly wide sectional door and think it looks too bare, you can also customise it with additional decorative features. Highly realistic artificial window decals with magnetic fastening can be used to break up bare stretches of door material.

Product Reviews – The Best Sectional Garage Doors

Planning an upgrade of your garage? A quality garage door is a must. Below are some of the best sectional garage doors currently on offer.

Birkdale Premium Smooth Finish Sectional Garage Door (up to 5500w x up to 2400h)

This premium sectional door from Birkdale will instantly transform your car parking bays and garages. Available in a range of sizes to accommodate garages of any shape, this sectional door is incredibly durable, with a material thickness of 50 millimetres. The door is made from insulated steel, providing you with superior soundproofing and overall security. It also helps retain heat once the door is closed, which is incredibly important if you also use your garage as a workshop or utility space. The door is also filled with additional foam insulation, adding to the heat-retention properties.

This door also comes with a full slate of security features, including a safety stop and alarm. A courtesy light is also included so you can maintain good visibility when accessing our garage. Galvanised steel tracks ensure smooth opening and closing, while a remote control means you never need to have get out of your vehicle to manually open your garage door again.


Birkdale Premium Woodgrain Effect Print Sectional Garage Door – Surveyed and Installation Included (up to 5500w x up to 2200h)

If you are happy to keep things fairly simple, this sectional garage door from Birkdale is a good option. Available in a variety of sizes to perfectly match the dimensions of your garage, this sectional door is a good way to improve the overall aesthetics of your home exterior. It will also ensure your garages are kept safe from intrudes, with superior safety features. The thick door material and foam insulation also means your garage spaces will benefit from excellent soundproofing. If you plan on using your garage for other purposes, other than simply parking your vehicle, this thickened material will also ensure more heat is retained.

An alarm and safety stop are both included as standard, along with a courtesy light that ensures you can maintain good visibility when accessing your garage. This door can also be operated by remote control, meaning you never need to exit your vehicle as you pull up to your home. There are also a good range of colour varieties to choose from here, allowing you to coordinate your garage door with the rest of your building exterior.


Venus Sectional Garage Door (2500x2000mm, Walnut Wood Look)

If you are looking for a garage door that performs reliably and looks fantastic, this Venus sectional garage door is a perfect choice. This sectional door makes an instant statement with its stunning faux wood grain finish. The panelled texture also adds character to your building exteriors, while also bolstering the overall durability of the door. The walnut brown colour is also beautiful, working well with just about any type of cladding, skimming or brickwork.

This door can be purchased in a range of sizes, so you should have no trouble finding a suitable fit for your individual garage dimensions. It also performs very reliably, with the high-quality motor ensuring smooth opening and closing. A remote control is also included, meaning you never have to manually open your garage door shutters again. It does cost a fair amount, but it will add real value to your property and make accessing your garage easier than ever.


Cupis Sectional Garage Door (2500x2000mm, Walnut Wood Look)

If you want the strength of a steel garage door, but prefer softer aesthetics, this Cupis sectional garage door is a good option. Made from high-grade steel, this sectional door is incredibly robust and a good choice if you want to ensure your vehicle is well protected at all times. The steel design also makes opening and closing particularly smooth. The thick steel material also provides you with superior soundproofing properties, while also ensuring that your garage interiors retain as much warmth as possible when the door is closed.

The steel frame is clad with an artificial wood material, which looks very close to natural walnut. The rich brown hues should coordinate well with most building exteriors, with the artificial grain material weatherproofed to ensure it always looks great. It will also require far less maintenance than actual wood. A remote control is included so you can open and close doors without leaving your vehicle, while a range of size options means you are almost guaranteed to find a sectional door to fit your individual garage dimensions.


Iris Sectional Garage Door (2250x2500mm, Dark brown)

The Iris sectional door is the perfect way to upgrade your garages. Not only will this sectional door provide you with a more convenient way of accessing your garages, the high-grade design means your garage interiors will be far more usable. The steel construction provides you with a heavy-duty shutter for keeping your vehicle and other valuables protected from theft. The thick material will also provide exceptional soundproofing, while also helping keep heat locked into your interiors. If you use your garage as a workshop for performing DIY tasks, or use the space as a utility area, this will be a welcome feature.

The aesthetics of this sectional door also stand out. The panelled design is both classic and contemporary, making it a good choice for all types of buildings and house exteriors. You have three different colour variations to choose from, ranging from rich walnut to white. A more vibrant green is also available for those who wish to add some colour to their exteriors. Smooth opening and closing is guaranteed thanks to the powerful motor, while remote control access makes this a very convenient garage door option.


Phenix Side Sectional Garage Door (2250x2250mm, White)

Unlike other sectional doors on the market, the Phenix uses a horizontal sliding system. This makes it an ideal option for those with awkwardly shaped buildings where a conventional vertical sliding system is not practical. This high-quality sectional door is also built to a superior standard. The main body of this door is made from durable steel, making the garage door a high-performance and hard-wearing option. The exterior of the door is clad in an artificial wood material, with beautiful grain detail and an attractive panelled texture.

The material thickness makes this door very efficient at locking in heat within your garage spaces, while also providing you with essential soundproofing. More importantly, it also gives you maximum peace of mind when it comes to security. An efficient motor ensures smooth opening and closing, while a remote control means you can open doors and close them without exiting your vehicle. If you are desperate to upgrade your garage entrance, but can’t install a standard garage door, this horizontal sectional door is a perfect solution.


Birkdale Classic Roller Garage Door (Grey, 2400w x 2000h)

This roller garage door is a fairly basic, but it will appeal to those who want fuss-free access to their interior parking spaces. Available in a range of common sizes, you are bound to find a size that suits your garage dimensions. This is also a secure option, with the rigid material providing your garage with a reliable barrier against the outside world. It also provides you with decent soundproofing, while also helping keep heat within your home. The insulated material will particularly benefit buildings where living space or bedrooms are located directly above the garage, reducing the amount of outside noise that penetrates through.

This garage door is also fairly easy to install. In fact, you can even tackle DIY installation yourself. The simple aesthetics also make this garage door a versatile option. It will coordinate well with almost any type of brickwork and looks great fitted to contemporary homes and more traditional buildings alike.


Sectional Garage Door Buying Checklist

Although a sectional door is a great way to upgrade a garage and make it more accessible, there are some things to remember before purchasing one. Firstly, you should measure your garage door dimensions to ensure you have a sectional that will fit perfectly. In some cases, slight renovation work may be required.

You will also want to think about material quality when choosing a sectional door. Avoid opting for far cheaper options with thin materials and instead spend more on a reinforced sectional door. Not only will these doors provide you with better security for your vehicle, they will also benefit the insulation properties of your home and provide better soundproofing performance.


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