The Top 10 Woodworking Instagram Accounts for Box-Making Techniques and Inspiration

The Top 10 Woodworking Instagram Accounts for Box-Making Techniques and Inspiration

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to woodworking, Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase the beauty of handcrafted boxes. Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or just starting out, the intricacy and precision of box-making is sure to leave you in awe. But with so many talented makers on Instagram, it can be tough to know where to start.

Fear not, dear reader, for I have scoured the depths of the ‘gram to bring you the top 10 woodworking accounts for box-making techniques and inspiration. So get ready to drool over stunning designs and pick up some new skills along the way – let’s get started!

Pop Wood

Welcome to the first Instagram account on our shortlist of the top 10 woodworking accounts for box-making techniques and inspiration – Pop Wood! If you are looking for stunning projects created from woods such as ash, walnut, maple, and oak, then this is the perfect place for you!

Pop Wood is run by Yianni Sofianos, who has been passionate about woodworking since his dad taught him the trade in his teens. He absolutely loves making different things out of wood, and he loves to share his creations with the world (and we love to see them!) – now let’s find out more about the projects and inspirations that Pop Wood offers.

Yianni’s work involves many elements of box-making, from joint construction and habit finishing, to metal-work inlays and precise milling – every detail of every piece is given his utmost attention to enable him to create beautiful pieces of art. Recently, Yianni designed and made some incredible olive ash nesting boxes, with the precise detail and sharp lines that you’d expect from him. He also created a magnificent walnut coffee table with a welded steel frame too – it’s so intricate and meticulously done.

It’s not only the projects that Pop Wood offers that inspire its followers, it’s also the interesting and unique techniques that Yianni incorporates into his work. His skill and creativity are endless, and his techniques can be seen in all of his pieces. From creating unique patterns on the wood by using a variety of tools and techniques, to intricate cutting and joinery. He has an impressive eye for detail, and his skill results in the beautiful projects that we get to see.

We think it’s safe to say that Pop Wood takes box-making to the next level! Make sure to check it out for yourself and follow them for the latest developments and beautiful things made from wood.


Welcome to the first of the top 10 woodworking Instagram accounts for box-making techniques and inspiration! Let’s start with Pop Wood, the ultimate destination for carpentry enthusiasts. 

Pop Wood is home to an array of different box-making projects from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re just starting out in woodworking or looking to hone older skills, Pop Wood has something for everyone. Check out their Projects. There’s so much eye-catching woodwork to choose from!

If you’re looking for an accessible way to get into box-making, look no further than their beginner-level projects. They have tutorials for simple projects such as making a storage box using plywood or making a wine box using reclaimed wood. Not only do they offer instructional videos and tools, but they also provide written instructions and 3D plans. So, if you’re feeling intimidated by the video tutorials, go ahead and take a look at their written instructions.

When you’re feeling more confident in your box-making abilities, try your hand at the intermediate projects. You can construct a storage bed using plywood or make a coffee table with a live edge box. Plus, they have an ambitious project featuring a detailed coffee table. Take your woodworking skills to the next level with this project!

Don’t go anywhere because Pop Wood has plenty of advanced projects for the skilled woodworker. Learn to build masterpieces with their detailed projects such as a chair with a live edge box or a cubby shelf with a modern design. Don’t be afraid to test out your skills and go for gold! 

Pop Wood also has some unique projects if you’re looking for something a little different. Make a rustic serving board or create a picture box featuring a magnetic lid. Show your creativity with these projects, and let your woodworking shine!

No matter what your skill level, Pop Wood has something for you. Have fun exploring their Projects section — their selection is full of beautiful, eye-catching woodwork!



When it comes to box-making inspiration, look no further than Pop Wood! Whether you’re an experienced woodworker, or a brave novice just starting out on your journey, Pop Wood is the perfect place for you to get some helpful tips and tricks! Following Pop Wood is a great way to get a jumpstart on your box making projects. You’ll be able to glean lots of helpful information from their Instagram page, as it features all kinds of inspiring ideas from the Pop Wood team and other woodworkers from around the world!

In addition to their impressive project portfolio, Pop Wood also posts inspiring photos from the shop floor. From detailed closeups of intricate pieces to awe-inspiring shots of the finished products, you can be sure to get your creative juices flowing with each and every new post. For more intricate inspiration, head over to their YouTube channel, where you can view step-by-step tutorials, as well as craftsmanship up close!

In addition to posting inspiring photos, Pop Wood gives woodworkers the opportunity to network with other woodworkers, as well as receive advice from their experienced team. With the help of tutorials, photos and tips, their community makes it easy to stay on top of the latest box-making tools and techniques. For the more experienced woodworker, Pop Wood also offers product reviews, woodworking tips and more.

For creative inspiration and helpful tips, Pop Wood is an amazing resource. With an eye-catching page, inspiring photos and helpful advice, you’ll be all set to tackle any project!

Bloke Made

Welcome to Bloke Made! For those of you who don’t know, Bloke Made is one of the best places to check out some amazing box-making techniques and inspirational ideas.

At Bloke Made, you can find projects that are both functional and beautiful. From wooden boxes to cutting boards and workbenches, Bloke Made will give you all the inspiration you need to bring your woodworking projects to life.

As a self-taught woodworker, Bloke Made creator Rory O’Brien knows all the tricks of the trade and his work is always inspiring. He shares his progress step-by-step, so you can learn from his techniques as you go.

Whether you’re a beginner woodworker or an experienced craftsman, Bloke Made has something for everyone. The projects range from easy to advanced, and Rory always provides detailed and clear instructions.

The inspiration you’ll find on Bloke Made is truly inspiring. With photos of his work, helpful tips, and a selection of tutorials, you can find the motivation you need to build something beautiful.

If you’re looking for ideas to get creative with your box-making projects, look no further than Bloke Made. Whether it’s a special piece of furniture or simply a place where you can store your tools, you’ll find it here.

For a woodworker of any level, a visit to Bloke Made is a must. Check it out today, and let it take your box-making project to the next level!


If you’re looking for top-notch box-making projects – look no further than Bloke Made! This Instagram account will dazzle you with their intricately detailed wooden boxes. Bloke Made’s boxes are carved from a variety of different kinds of wood, like maple, walnut, sycamore and more. From delicate and intricate trinket boxes to large and practical storage boxes, you can find a variety of handmade boxes here. Every box is truly unique, with intricate carvings and design elements – like inlays and detailed curves – you won’t find another box quite like it. 

You’ll also get to see a bit of the process behind the box making, with instructional videos and tutorials featuring different box-making techniques that help you make the perfect wooden box. Get creative and learn new tips and tricks for creating the perfect box for your needs. Bloke Made also showcases some of the tools used behind the box-making process, to give you an even better understanding on how each box is created from start to finish. 

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, don’t go to the store and buy a generic gift – make your own! From candle boxes to gift boxes, Bloke Made has you covered with some amazing box-making projects. Find the perfect pattern for your project and make it your own, creating a truly customized box for any occasion you need. 

Make sure to check out Bloke Made – the Instagram account that has some of the best box-making projects and techniques out there. Get creative and learn new tips and tricks to help take your box-making projects to the next level. With their amazing selection of intricate boxes and tutorials, Bloke Made is one of the top Instagram accounts for box-making techniques and inspiration.


When it comes to finding inspiring woodworking accounts on Instagram, Bloke Made is at the top of the list. Bloke Made is run by Alex, a self-taught woodworker from Australia who works with his partner Jess and two sons Ollie and Leo in making furniture pieces and other woodworking projects. What sets Bloke Made apart is their ability to combine form and function with beautiful aesthetics and clever design.

On their Instagram page, you will find plenty of inspiring woodworking projects to get your creative juices flowing. From the cleverly designed shoe cabinets and the intricate digital camera boxes to the multi-functional bedframes incorporating both storage and bedding, you will find it all at Bloke Made. Alex also occasionally shares a sneak peek of upcoming projects from time to time.

Apart from projects, Bloke Made also shares inspiring and educational content such as proper tools for specific jobs, techniques for particular structures and techniques for finishing. Through these articles, Alex hopes to make woodworking accessible for everyone and motivate more people to get involved. 

But what truly sets Bloke Made apart from the rest of the Instagram woodworking accounts out there is their focus on sustainability. On their Instagram page, you will find pictures of various waste reducing projects, tips for using eco-friendly adhesives and they even share stories of how they were able to extend the life of a furniture piece by upcycling it.

In short, Bloke Made’s Instagram page is an ode to woodworking, creativity and sustainability. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the trade for a long time, a visit to their page is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired and motivated.  So, for all your box-making inspiration and tips on sustainability, head on to @Bloke_made now!

Wood Works Wonders

Wood Works Wonders

If you love a bit of woodworking and are looking for some serious inspiration, then you should definitely check out “Wood Works Wonders“. This beautiful Instagram profile, created by the genius behind the Wood Works brand, is filled with jaw-dropping box-making projects and inspiring designs. 

If you haven’t seen it before, then you’re unfortunately missing out on a lot! Not only are the projects on this account simply stunning, but they are also made of different types of wood, which adds an even more interesting touch to the art pieces. One of the most captivating projects you’ll find here is their collaboration with the brilliant furniture maker and sculptor, David Jepson.

You’ll find a variety of amazing projects and inspiring content on this account, making it an invaluable source of information for woodworkers and those who want to learn about the craft. The unique approach and creativity behind these projects make them stand out from the rest. Not only does the account provide amazing box-making tips and ideas, but also detailed explanations and inspirations regarding the tools and techniques used. 

The account is also regularly updated with stunning pictures and videos of the projects, providing an incredible source of visual information. The videos really show off the talent and creativity of the makers behind the projects and the impressive attention to detail. 

So if you’re looking for amazing box-making projects and inspiring designs, then Wood Works Wonders should be at the top of your list! This account showcases some of the best woodworking projects and design techniques you’ll find, and is sure to bring a smile to the face of any avid woodworker.


When it comes to woodworking projects, there’s no better place to find sources of inspiration than the incredible Wood Works Wonders Instagram account. Run by master craftsman, Trevor Williams, the account showcases some of the coolest and most intricate box-making techniques you’ll ever come across. From hand-cut dovetail joints to segmented boxes, there’s something here to inspire even the most experienced woodworker.

Making a box quickly becomes an art, and we are always looking for ways to become better at it, so why not take a look at some of the boxes Wood Works Wonders have put together? There’s something for everyone here, no matter what level of skill you’re at. For the beginner, there are projects like the Simple Segmented Box which offers a quick and easy way to learn the basics of box construction and design. For the more advanced craftsman, there’s the Cuboid Keepsake Box where you get to practice more complex joinery techniques.

Another great project on the Wood Works Wonders account is the 100-Step Box. This is a project where you get to put your box-making skills to the ultimate test with one hundred distinct steps before completing each box. It’s an incredible feat of engineering and we are all in awe of the final product. We could all stand to learn a thing or two from this woodwork masterpiece. 

Then there’s the Tuberculin Chest, which is one of the more unique projects on the Wood Works Wonders account. It’s an amazing combination of Plywood and hardwood that creates one of the most appealing projects out there. And if you haven’t seen it done yet, you’re in luck as they have a great video tutorial on the site. 

Finally, there’s the Multi-Faceted Box. Here, you can practice your cabinetry skills and end up with a box that has intricate angles and borders. It’s the perfect way to add another skill to your box-making arsenal. So, there you have it – our top ten picks from Wood Works Wonders for all your box-making needs.


Wood-working is an inherently creative act and it’s nice to have plenty of sources for inspiration when it comes to designing your box and perfecting your techniques. With Wood Works Wonders, you can get the most inspiring, imaginative and captivating visuals for crafting the perfect boxes. 

When you arrange to follow this Instagram feed it’s like arranging for a plane ticket, train or ferry for immediate transport to options for past, present and future projects that fuel your creative ambition.

From unique multi-layer boxes to simple minimalist designs, from circular patterns, to tulips and animal outlines, Wood Works Wonders has something to offer every box-making enthusiast. 

Get inspired by the countless interesting woodworking projects, who wouldn’t be impressed by eight-sided box with intricate inlay work, or the amazing views of various sections of wood with bright colors and bold patterns? 

If you want to be more creative, their box marbling page is a must-see. Marbling wood takes woodworking to an entirely another level. Plus, those swirly bold colors can help you bring out the best features of your box! 

Getting lost in this feast of artful box making can be a great way of renewing your sense of creativity, finding new ideas for projects and encouraging you to apply different techniques for building your own boxes. 

Wood Works Wonders can take you on a beautiful visual journey every time you check in with its Instagram page. Just looking at the palettes and details of the beautiful projects reminds us of why we consider creating and building a wonderful thing.

So if you’re in search of eye-catching inspiration and techniques for building wooden boxes, Wood Works Wonders has the potential of becoming your go-to destination for creating truly inspiring wooden boxes for generations to come!

Master of Wood Work

We need to address the juggernaut Master of Wood Work! He’s got an amazing collection of projects and inspiration to show off—the guy is a true master of the craft.

When it comes to making all types of boxes, his skills are unparalleled. He can make all kinds of wooden boxes and crates which, with a few simple tools, look like something right out of a professional woodworking shop. And that is just the beginning. This guy isn’t limited to making just boxes, he can make all sorts of furniture, art pieces, trays and cabinets. And he does it all with a certain flair, like a true master of wood working.

His woodworking style is unique and he has a real passion for the craft. This can be seen in his projects and in the captivating videos of him tackling complex woodworking tasks. Whether he is creating something for a precise fit or shaping the wood for a subtle effect, there’s a certain finesse and attention to detail that the master of wood working brings to the table.

But what really sets Master of Wood Work apart is his creative approach to box-making. He is able to take the traditional box shape and give it a new twist. Some of his more interesting creations include cut-out boxes, folding boxes, boxes with compartments, and boxes with a patterned top. These are all incredibly Crafty projects, but with a steady hand and a little bit of creativity, his boxes can be made to look as if they have been around for years.

The Master of Wood Work’s projects will put a smile on any woodworker’s face. The combination of his creative style and skill level is mesmerizing, and the boxes he creates are simply breathtaking. With creative flavor and fantastic construction, this dude is easily in our top 10 list of woodworking Instagram accounts for box-making techniques and inspiration.


If you’re looking for projects that can be completed with total precision, then Master of Woodwork’s account is the one for you! From handmade saxophones and awesome puzzles to intricately shaped sculptures and cutting boards, this Insta account, owned by Upisan Tassev, will have you dreaming up a million box-making projects for yourself. 

Tassev truly does live up to his account name. His feed is full of unique creations, from towering city skyscrapers to tiny wooden animals, but his specialty is in wooden boxes. One of the most recent projects featured on the account is a series of bowls with lids —the precision and detail of the projects are really something to behold. Each of the bowls feature stunning grain patterns, precise hinges, and a smooth finish.

Tassev’s box-making projects don’t just look great, they offer some serious woodworking tips as well. The ‘City’ project he posted recently is a good example of this, as it features a detailed tutorial on how to make your box look even more beautiful by using traditional wooden-joint techniques. Tassev really knows the best way to make a box stand out, and that’s exactly what his posts show. 

Tassev also shares plenty of other box-making projects, from bespoke jewellery boxes to toolboxes specifically designed for holding nails and other tools. He also posts his own designs, as well as items that he has purchased from other woodworkers, which makes for some truly unique inspiration. So if you’re looking for a little box-making inspiration, Master of Woodwork is definitely worth a follow.


Marius Hornberger is an Instagram account you need to check out for some serious box-making inspiration. The images and videos on his profile capture the extensive work his hands have crafted, ranging from a variety of boxes constructed from all kinds of wood. His work stands out not just in its creativity but in its attention to detail and the quality craftsmanship he puts into every piece.

The inspirational content he posts isn’t just limited to boxes and woodworking, but also includes pictures, short videos, and other content that showcases the many uses and potential of wood. Seeing the range of projects he’s been able to create with wood is truly inspiring and further proves his skill level.

If you’re looking for some serious inspiration when it comes to box-making techniques and the many projects he has worked on, Marius Hornberger’s Instagram account is sure to provide all the motivation you need. His posts will inspire you to try all sorts of new things and to take your box-making skills to the next level.

Like every great Instagram account, Hornberger’s profile isn’t only filled with photos and videos, he also likes to interact with his followers and shares the inspirational quotes and details about various projects. He often posts about his thoughts and feelings about the ongoing work he’s doing, which further adds to the inspirational content he’s created.

For any woodworker looking for boxes, Marius Hornberger should be a top destination on Instagram. His page is filled with incredible works of art made with wood, accompanied by inspirational content that will keep you motivated and enthused every day. Be sure to check him out and take a look at his unique and inspirational box-making techniques.

Woodworking Collective

Woodworking Collective

Welcome to Woodworking Collective, the go-to Instagram page for incredible, one of a kind box-making inspiration. If you are looking for a crafty, unique way to make a box, then this is the place for you.

Here you will find some of the most talented woodworkers and artisans collaborating to share their unique box-making techniques, tools and skills. From building a box out of reclaimed wood to creating a modern, polished wooden box, the limits of creativity and passion are truly pushed here.

The Woodworking Collective is a truly unique Instagram page in its own right, as it is more of a collective and educational experience than just a platform to share box-making techniques and inspirations. Every post, video and tutorial on their page is designed to teach and share. So if you’re looking for a place to learn, advance your existing skills or start from scratch, then this is the place for you.

If you’re a box-lover like me, then you will be drooling over the incredible projects and artwork on the page. From small decorative boxes to  intricate wooden jewelry boxes and even fully custom-made boxes, their page is full of inspiration and new ideas.

And if you’re willing to take the plunge, there are plenty of projects for you to try out for yourself or for gifts for special occasions. Whether you’re a beginner looking for guidance or a professional woodworker looking to learn new techniques, the Woodworking Collective is the perfect resource for you.

If you’re looking to learn woodworking and craftsmanship through the lens of box making, then the Woodworking Collective is the place for you. Aiding you on your quest to becoming the woodworking community’s box-making aficionado, this is a perfect starting point.


For a unique take on box-making and woodworking, look no further than Woodworking Collective. From colorful shapes to classic wooden boxes, the projects created by this collective of woodworking designers are truly impressive!

If you’ve ever wanted to construct a bright and cheery colored box, look no further. On Woodworking Collective’s Instagram, you’ll find all sorts of brightly colored shapes and boxes, such as a multi-colored geometric box, a classic cuboid in pastel hues, and even a colorful storage box with a geometric lid. Not only are the designs creative and interesting, but they also give all woodworkers some great inspiration for woodworking projects.

Aside from boxes, Woodworking Collective also has plenty of furniture on their page. Anything from elaborate tables and chairs, to little wooden cars and animals, can be spotted. Every piece is crafted expertly and with great care, so if you are looking for a fun wooden furniture project, be sure to check out this page.

If you are looking for new woodworking ideas, Woodworking Collective can help with that too. On their page, you can find craft events, woodworking workshops, and even membership sites. If you want to learn from the pros, or just find new and innovative ways to create unique wooden and wooden-like objects, the Woodworking Collective won’t disappoint. 

Woodworking Collective is a great place to get advice and inspiration for any box-making and woodworking projects. The many diverse designs, and the collective’s commitment to creating unique and innovative projects, make this one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for all levels of box-making and woodworking. So be sure to give them a follow and see what they come up with next!


When it comes to inspirational Instagram accounts for box-making techniques, Woodworking Collective should be at the top of your list. Their page is full of stunning images of the incredible works their members have put so much effort into. From pretty geometric chests to intricate flower boxes and display cases, Woodworking Collective will leave you feeling enthralled. 

Not only are their pics amazing, but they also keep you updated with the latest woodworking trends and tool hacks. They love to feature projects that they find impressive, and their wall posts feature works of art that you won’t forget in a hurry. 

Their posts are often accompanied by quotes and words of encouragement that will keep you motivated in your own box-making endeavor. They even have a couple of fun challenges and Q&A’s that will give you an insight into the minds of the team behind Woodworking Collective. So it’s not just inspirational images, but also a few humorous snippets. 

And if you really want a little boost, check out their impressive user stories and interviews. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here, as the team at Woodworking Collective knows how to bring out the best in their followers. 

You would certainly be inspired to keep up with his box-making ambitions after seeing the creativity of Woodworking Collective. And why not? Everyone needs that extra push to reach their goals. So why not turn to the folks at Woodworking Collective? They’ll give you all the help and motivation you need!

Marius Hornberger

Marius Hornberger is a Bavaria-based woodworker and the man behind Marius Hornberger Woodworking. If you’re looking for box-making inspiration and techniques, this guy is full of them! His Instagram is an awesome place for anyone looking for cool wood designs — both original and incredibly delightful. 

His projects are all about detailed accuracy and creativity, from simple designs like cutting boards and boxes to complex action figures and miniature furniture. He creates these pieces with incredible detail and precision, and the results are stunning. 

Marius is often seen using traditional handtools for his projects, relying on knowledge passed down from generations before him. He also has a love for shaping wood by steam, which is a traditional and time-consuming technique that takes lots of patience and skill. By using this method, he achieves unique and creative shapes that add to the beauty of each piece. 

When it comes to inspirations, Marius quotes Leonardo Da Vinci, “The smallest fountains make the largest rivers”. He believes it’s important to pay attention to the smallest details when making a piece, as it’s these that define the success of his projects. 

Apart from his work, what makes Marius so fascinating to follow, is all the different styles he works in and his philosophies. On top of liking traditional methods, Marius also loves to experiment, which means he’s constantly creating new and interesting pieces. 

Be sure to subscribe and follow Marius Hornberger’s woodworking page for box-making inspiration and techniques, especially if you’re looking for something a bit different. You can find him on Instagram, @marushornberger.


Ah, Marius Hornberger’s woodworking projects! It’s seventh on our list of the Top 10 Woodworking Instagram accounts for box-making techniques and inspiration, but it’s definitely not least! This is the stuff that box-making dreams are made of!

If you take a look at this page, you’ll find a wide variety of projects—all of which are impressively crafted with Marius’s signature touch. For example, take a peek at this Oyster box-making project! This one is detailed, to say the least. And the fact that every bit of wood grains and colors play into this set-up is simply masterful.

It’s clear to see why everyone is talking about Marius Hornberger’s box-making projects. He’s incredibly talented and his attention to detail is top-notch! From the basic box to more intricate designs with inlays and detailing, Marius puts his heart and soul into everything he makes.

And his work doesn’t stop there, either. He also makes beautiful furniture pieces, cutting boards, trays, and other decorative items. His incredibly intricate cutting and joinery makes your jaw drop as you take in all the small details.

But if you’re just looking for some straightforward box-making projects, Marius has got you covered. He has posts devoted to teaching and showing viewers how to make boxes and other woodworking projects—from the simplest of boxes to more complex multi-shelf projects.

Of course, Marius also has plenty of photo posts to keep you up to date on all of his projects. He is always sharing his latest projects and box-making work as well as giving viewers tips and tricks on how to achieve a certain look or craftsmanship. So whether you’re on the lookout for a specific project or just want some inspiration, Marius Hornberger has it all.

If you’re serious about box-making and looking to learn from the masters, then Marius Hornberger’s projects and posts are a great place to start. His work will inspire you and teach you all the tricks of the trade. So check him out and get crafting!


If you’re looking for a good source of box-making inspiration, you’ve got to check out Marius Hornberger’s Instagram account! Marius is an incredibly talented woodworker and, not only does he create some of the most beautiful boxes and wood projects you’ll ever see, but he also has a knack for giving us some great ideas for our next project. From complex puzzles and games to intricate jewellery boxes, Marius’s feed is full of amazing inspiration and eye candy.

Even if you’re just looking for something to break up the monotony of the day and get you going, you’ll want to follow Marius. The way he mixes different tones, shades, textures and woods together to make something truly unique is outstanding, and his eye for detail is second to none. He has a way of making your jaw drop when you’re bored and in need of something to inspire you. Seriously, if you’re looking for box-making techniques and inspiration, you’ve got to check out Marius Hornberger’s Instagram feed. You won’t be disappointed.

Ecem and Can

Ecem and Can

Welcome everyone to the seventh answer on the top 10 woodworking Instagram accounts for box-making techniques and inspiration. This week, we are featuring the woodworking duo from Turkey, Ecem and Can. 

Ecem and Can have been creating incredible pieces of art for the last 8 years and their portfolio is nothing but impressive. From wooden sculptures to intricately designed furniture and boxes, these two are full of talent!

Their projects are both modern and minimalist, which is a great source of inspiration for box-making. Whether you’re looking to create a simple box or something a little more complex, Ecem and Can’s page is a must stop.

The inspiration section of their page is a little more limited than the other Instagram accounts on this list, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Ecem and Can are incredibly talented in the traditional methods of woodworking, so the techniques and designs are timeless.

Followers of their Instagram account can expect to see a beautiful blend of traditional and modern elements, as well as gorgeous background images. They also have an impressive portfolio of completed projects that you can use for a little box-making inspo. 

In addition to the inspiring projects and techniques, Ecem and Can are really good at engaging their followers. They post plenty of behind-the-scenes images, including equipment they use and the processes they take to create their wonderful works of art.

Their page will be definitely great for any newbies in box-making as well as more experienced folks looking for some inspiration. 

So if you’re a fan of traditional woodworking techniques as well as modern art, make sure to check out Ecem and Can’s Instagram page for some unique and inspiring box-making techniques and inspiration!


Let’s move on to number seven – Ecem and Can! Ecem and Can based out of the UK is all about utilizing reclaimed timber, and doing it in beautiful, practical ways. They call themselves the modern day loggers who take fallen trees and turn them into furniture and other incredible projects. 

These guys have an Instagram worth checking out! Their specialty is making custom crates out of upcycled wood, but they also post some really cool contemporary pieces as well. For instance, they have a great range of storage boxes and chests, from shoestring boxes to cedar wood cigar boxes. All the projects are done by hand and can be tailored to fit any look you’re going for. 

One of their standout pieces is the “Boxer” Brut Lock Box, which is a multifunctional box featuring intricate details and robust construction. It showcases Ecem and Can’s exquisite craftsmanship. It’s a box that can stand tough with any lifestyle and is sure to impress any wood enthusiast.

They also create shelves and benches, plus they have a full range of interesting items like hand carved lamps, planters, and even beer caddies. It’s just awesome! Plus, all of the pieces are upcycled from quality woods like walnut, maple, and birch. You won’t see any of the commercial sawmill stuff here. 

At the end of the day, Ecem and Can provide some of the most original, sustainable, and quality reclaimed wood creations around. They really have a knack for creating pieces that can be enjoyed for many generations to come. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram page if you’re looking for some box-making tips and inspiration!


Ecem and Can are two friends from Istanbul who found their passion in the art of crafting and creating beautiful objects out of wood! They have a passion for box making and share it with their followers in the form of instagram posts.

When it comes to inspiration, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. From unique angles to makeshift tools, they always have plenty of ideas. They feature a wide variety of box making techniques, including using a scroll saw, band saw, jigsaw, biscuit joiner, and even a hand saw!

Ecem and Can go beyond traditional box-making techniques, too. Whether it’s making a vase or a planter out of wood, or turning wood into décor pieces, they’re always creative in their work.

In addition to the creative techniques, Ecem and Can’s Instagram page also features a variety of inspiring woodworking projects. From wooden succulent planters to a floating crystal nightstand, their projects will have you itching to start doing woodworking.

They also share plenty of posts about their favorite tools. They’ve recommended clamps, sanders, routers, and other helpful tools to their followers. Their enthusiasm for tools is contagious, and they always make sure to provide helpful information to their followers!

Ecem and Can are always looking for ways to inspire their followers and help them become better woodworkers. They sometimes feature others’ woodwork to give their followers a different perspective. They also showcase videos from their woodworking projects, providing helpful tips along the way.

At the end of the day, Ecem and Can’s Instagram page is one of the best places for box making inspiration. Whether you’re a novice or have a few years of experience under your belt, you’ll find something useful to take away from their posts. With their helpful tips, creative ideas, and first-hand experiences, they’re one of the top woodworking Instagram accounts out there!

Basis Woodwork

Introducing the 8th best woodworking Instagram account for box-making techniques and inspiration: Basis Woodwork. This account is run by the talented woodworker James Wilkins and covers a wide range of woodworking projects from small to large.

James has been woodworking for about 8 years now, and his Instagram feed shows off some of the amazing boxes he has had the pleasure of creating. From unique dovetails to beautiful lid fitments, James showcases some of the best box making techniques out there.

The thing that I love about Basis Woodwork is the sheer amount of originality and creativity from James Wilkins. His designs are fun and unique, meant to evoke joy and wonder at his craftsmanship. Each box that he creates is a work of art in its own right, with its own special touches and details. 

One of my favorite boxes that James has made has to be what he calls the “Cheese Board”. This board has a simple design but the details packed into it are amazing. Not only does it have a cut out of a deer on the lid, but it also has a hidden compartment in the side. It’s one of those pieces that you just want to keep and never put away!

The amount of detail and precision that James Wilkins puts into his projects is simply incredible, and his Instagram feed is the perfect place to find inspiration for your own box-making projects. If you’re ever looking for some box-making techniques or unique ways to make your boxes stand out, this is the account to follow!


If you’re looking for some amazing box-making projects, look no further than Basis Woodwork. With vivid, colorful images combining traditional and modern techniques, Basis Woodwork is a great place to find wooden box inspiration. Their Instagram is full of chests and boxes made from cherry, walnut, maple, bamboo, and more! 

Basis Woodwork showcases projects filled with vibrant colors and stunning designs that really make their boxes stand out. One of their posts features a “simple” box made from curly maple and speckled watermelon red heart. The box is made with three finger joints, giving it an incredible geometric pattern in the wood. 

If you’re looking to make a wooden box with more ornate detailing, another of their posts showcases a box made with chamfered corner hardware and inlaid with nickel hardware. The box also features a handmade puzzle-like clasp in the front. Altogether, this box is stunning and filled with intricate details.

Basis Woodwork also showcases some of their more traditional wooden box-making techniques, such as Swedish box joints. In one of their posts, they showcase a box with box joints in walnut and bright green and yellow accents. This traditional style gives way to a modern look with its bright colors. 

Basis Woodwork knows how to mix traditional and modern techniques to make unique wooden boxes. They create projects that are interesting and complex, yet still accessible for people of all skill levels. With their vivid colors, intricate designs, and modern box-making techniques, Basis Woodwork is a great source of inspiration for woodworkers. 

No matter what kind of box-making project you’re working on, their beautiful and vibrant projects will keep you motivated and inspired. So, if you need some inventive and exciting box-making ideas, be sure to check out the Basis Woodwork Instagram page. You won’t be disappointed!


If you’ve ever wanted to be inspired to do more woodwork, then you’ve got to check out Basis Woodwork! On their Instagram page, they repost pictures of different woodwork projects that their followers have created using their designs. They also post pictures of inspiring campaigns in the woodworking industry, giving little snippets of their favorite pieces of art. Finally, they feature a few tricks that they’ve picked up along the way when it comes to making great furniture and box-building projects. It’s a great way to get a good look at some of the best projects out there, as well as some of the more unique styles that are being used. It’s an Instagram page worth checking out if you’re looking for some woodworking inspiration. 

What makes Basis Woodwork Instagram so great is that their posts are amazing. Their posts feature intricate boxes and furniture pieces that make you think “I could make that.” The idea is that if you’re inspired by what Basis Woodwork has to offer, you can take their ideas and use them as a basis for your own work. Whether it’s a bed frame, a tall dresser, or a witty and gaudy planter box, you’re sure to find a few pieces of furniture that tickle your fancy and encourage you to make something of your own.

Basis Woodwork also offers a few pieces of advice when it comes to box-building and other woodworking projects. By providing video tutorials, they show you how to safely build boxes and other pieces of furniture using the right tools. They even provide recommendations on what kind ofwood to use when constructing your box-building projects. Plus, they frequently post pictures of intricate projects they’ve completed, which gives you a great template to work off of.

For anyone looking to get into woodworking and make box-building projects, Basis Woodwork’s Instagram is a gold mine of inspiration. From detailed projects to inspiring campaigns and advice on the best tools for the job, this Instagram account is a must for anyone looking for the best woodworking ever. Get over there and check it out– you won’t be sorry.

Mihai Popescu

Mihai Popescu

When it comes to the art of box-making, Mihai Popescu has got it all down pat! After spending years mastering this craft and honing his skill, he has now become an Instagram sensation with loads of followers checking out all his amazing projects.

The Romanian born carpenter has a unique approach to woodworking and often stands out with his unique customizations and includes designs and features that are simply out of this world. He is one of those few talented craftsmen with the ability to look at a piece of wood and imagine which box and design features would work best with it.

Apart from making all kinds of boxes, Mihai likes to dabble in some other woodworking projects like wooden puzzles, drawer dividers, and sliding drawers. In each project, he pays close attention to details and ensures that the utilitarian solutions are stylish as well.

His passion for woodworking shows in his posts and a quick glance at his Instagram posts will help you realize why he has such a great number of followers, eager for his latest projects. He often uses pallet woods, industrial hardware, and reclaimed materials to create beautiful works of art.

But his proclivity for sharing his craft doesn’t end there. Mihai even shares tutorials and tips to help novice woodworkers get started with woodworking. His tutorials focus on safe practices and advice on which tools would be right for certain projects. He even hosts live demonstrations and live chats on a regular basis to answer any questions that fans might have.

That’s why Mihai Popescu is definitely one of the top Instagram accounts to watch out for if you’re looking for box-making techniques and inspiration. Be sure to check out his page and explore all the awesome projects he’s done throughout his amazing journey!


When it comes to projects, Mihai Popescu has some serious woodworking game. From intricate boxes and beautiful cutting boards, to furniture pieces and custom sculptures, Mihai creates works of art with the material he calls ‘wood’. His projects often tell stories, sure, but they also often invite viewers to just get lost in their detail. 

For example, Mihai has crafted an intricate box with a maze-patterned lid and sides, and a single drawer; the box has been mesmerizing viewers, who marvel at his ability to craft such a beautiful and tactile center piece. Also, he’s crafted a carving that, when viewed from many angles, seems to shift and move, almost like a reality-altering trick of the eye. 

Perhaps one of the most remarkable feats Mihai has accomplished is a seating structure made out of fir and basswood. This cylindrical seating structure is three tiers high and can accommodate multiple people, and is sure to get conversation and admiration flowing.

The things Mihai creates are more than just utilitarian, they’re works of art. Mihai’s wooden creations often display joinery, carving, and artistic applications of color that bring about a transformation of the material he works with and presenting viewers with something wholly unfamiliar, but insatiable to look at it. 

Be sure to take a few minutes from your woodworking journey to take cover in Mihai’s Instagram page. His ability to produce one-of-a-kind projects, like a three-dimensional wood cutout depicting a stylized ancient city scene or a haunting piece named, “The Shard”, that’s sure to strike up the imagination of any woodworker. Mihai’s work is always evolving and is sure to inspire you in some sort of exciting way.


Ahhh, here’s the part where the party kicks off! Go over to Mihai Popescu’s Instagram and get ready to be blasted away with some seriously awesome woodworking inspiration. Here you’ll find Mihai’s own projects, from intricate boxes to detailed sculptures, all of which offer an amazing glimpse into the world of creative box making and design. Not to be outdone, Mihai also manages to post regular updates with inspirational work from some of the most talented names in the woodworking game and even curates some of his own projects so you can pick up some tips and tricks of the trade whilst you browse. All in all, this is a great spot for anyone looking for a daily dose of design inspo and perhaps the odd piece of creative advice.

John at Woodshop Diaries

Ahh, the amazing work of John at Woodshop Diaries is simply stunning. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or just admire the impressive creative woodworking, John’s account is the perfect fit.

John’s attention to detail and his commitment to perfecting each project is clear through every post. His projects often serve purpose as well – whether that’s a beautiful wooden box that’s useful around the home, or cutting boards with intricate patterns and designs. His boxes are a real standout, though, from decorative designs to practical shapes. He even posts tutorials and “how-to” videos that demonstrate the steps he took in creating them.

John’s love of woodworking is evident in every post and it really shines through when you look at his feed or read his captions. He’s living proof that carpentry isn’t only for hobbyists, but for those who are looking to make a living as well.

But what really sets John apart from other woodworkers? His passion for the craft, of course. He has a great sense of humor and a deep appreciation for the creative process. He’s the type of woodworker who can take a project from conception to completion with flair.

No matter the size of the project or the intent, John has the skill and the passion to make it happen. So if you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, or an expert woodworker to chase all of your box-making dreams, you definitely want to follow John at Woodshop Diaries. This account is sure to boost your creative juices and motivate you to explore the joys of carpentry.


If you’re looking for some of the most intricate, complex and unique projects, look no further than @woodshopdiaries! By tuning into John’s profile, you’ll be dazzled and impressed with all the boxes he’s built from a variety of woods. From tiny wooden Japanese tea boxes to intricate dovetailed boxes with walnut panels, even an elephant shaped box, John’s account is sure to have something that catches your eye!

If skill, creativity and an eye for detail has brought you here, John’s boxes are sure to be a rewarding sight. His attention to detail has earned him respect and admiration as one of the most frequent commentors on his posts is always a ruler. One highlight is his wine box, which features intricate finger joints and a bloodwood streak cuts through the box. He also demonstrates how he takes a warped wood slab and steam bends it into a toy box body!

John’s projects are a great combination of classic woodworking with modern approaches and designs. Plus, his photography skills help each project look even better, making it easier to grasp what a particular box looks like before it’s completed. His white background helps each project stand out, while captions and hashtags are used to provide detailed information on what each project is built from and the methodology used.

Simply put, John is one of the best Instagram Woodworking accounts to follow when you need inspiration for your box-making projects. From small trinket boxes to complex designs, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got a great source for box-making techniques and inspiration. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling through @woodshopdiaries and be amazed at the level of craftsmanship that awaits you!


When it comes to the 10th spot on our list of top woodworking Instagram accounts we couldn’t think of a better page than John at Woodshop Diaries. This page is full of incredible projects and amazing inspiration, and it combines old school woodworking techniques with modern design elements for a striking visual effect. 

The inspirations on the woodshop diaries page are like nothing we’ve seen before. John specializes in crafting boxes from wooden scraps, and the entire project looks like a masterpiece when finished. There are always interesting details and small touches that take the inspiration to the next level. For example, John likes to add pieces of leather in some of his boxes, which is an incredibly unique and striking design element. 

If you want to give your box projects a unique touch that stands out then you will definitely want to check out the ideas and designs on the Woodshop Diaries page. John has the kind of eye for detail that makes each of his projects amazing. Never mind the occasional typo in the captions – the projects can’t be beaten. 

And while it’s never easy to pick up the old shop skills, John is always there to give you a helping hand – and a good, old-fashioned dose of encouragement. The instructional videos are excellent, and the project builds usually involve just a few steps, which makes it easier for novice woodworkers to pick up the concepts even if they’ve never handled a saw before. 

So, if you’re looking for some great tips and inspiration for box-making projects make sure to follow john at the woodshop diaries. It’s the perfect place for ideas on how to make the perfect box, and a great source of motivation for those learning woodworking ever since I showed everyone how its done.


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