The Top 10 Woodworking Influencers To Follow On Tiktok For Inspiration And Ideas

The Top 10 Woodworking Influencers To Follow On Tiktok For Inspiration And Ideas

Woodworking can be a truly satisfying hobby, but let’s be real – it’s easy to get stuck in a creative rut. That’s where TikTok comes in! From handcrafted furniture to stunning carvings, the woodworking community on this app is nothing short of inspiring. But with so many creators out there, who should you be following?

Fear not, dear reader, for I have scoured the depths of TikTok to bring you the top 10 woodworking influencers to follow on tiktok for inspiration and ideas and fuel your DIY fire. Get ready to be awed, inspired, and maybe even a little bit jealous of their skills – let’s dive in!

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @Thisisevan

If you’re looking for all the woodworking inspiration you need, then look no further than @thisisevan on TikTok! He’s got everything you need to get creative and inspired with woodworking.

He’s made quite a name for himself on TikTok, with almost 500 thousand followers that can’t get enough of his amazing creations.

But it’s more than just creativity that draws people to this influencer — it’s his commitment to high-quality workmanship. His projects are wonderfully crafted, with high-quality attention to detail.

The benefits of following this talented woodworker are plenty. What’s great about following @thisisevan is that you can learn from his projects, get inspired, and use the skills he teaches to improve your own work. He offers more than just how-to tutorials — he also provides visuals that can really spark the imagination of any wood artisan. He’ll take you through the entire process, from start to finish, and end with a product you can be proud of.

Some of his notable projects include a backyard treehouse, a floating shelf, and a wooden swing. Each of these pieces was made with a lot of love and devotion. His treehouse, for example, is a masterpiece, featuring intricate details that bring the entire design to life. His floating shelves are stunning and make any room look warmer and more inviting.

Overall, if you’re looking to stay up to date with the latest woodworking trends and get inspired in the process, @thisisevan is the right influencer to follow. Don’t miss out!

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @SnooksWoodworks

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @SnooksWoodworks

Hey everyone, if you’re looking for creative woodworking inspiration and ideas, then you’re going to absolutely love @SnooksWoodworks on TikTok. Snooks is one of the top woodworking influencers that you can find on the app, and has quickly become a fan favorite in the community for his unique creative projects and his dry wit. 

Snooks has consistently created eye-catching woodworking projects, from a wide variety of reclaimed objects. Not only that, but he has an infectious and easy-going attitude which really stands out when you watch his videos. His knowledge of woodworking and his skill are truly impressive. 

The benefits of following Snooks on TikTok are plenty. His videos offer a wealth of tips, tricks and advice, enabling you to become a better woodworker. He’s also incredibly accessible, always engaging with his followers.

Snooks is known for some truly incredible projects, such as his signature, custom-made benches and chairs. There’s also the “Chairmobile” where he ingeniously converted an old car into a stylish chair. 

Snooks also has some unique, creative projects which you won’t see anywhere else, such as his Popcorn Machine which he carved out of wood. He also made a fully functioning, remote controlled car from a single piece of wood.

If you want to learn a thing or two about woodworking, or are just looking for some inspiration, then you should definitely check out SnooksWoodworks on TikTok. Snooks is sure to provide you with plenty of ideas, advice and his signature brand of humorous entertainment.

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @WickedWoodMaster

If you’re into woodworking, you’ve probably heard of @WickedWoodMaster. He’s quickly becoming one of the top woodworking influencers on TikTok, and for good reason. He’s a master of his craft, and his videos are incredibly entertaining.

@WickedWoodMaster has so much to offer. He has an incredible talent for creating incredibly complex and beautiful pieces of furniture. He can work with a wide range of materials and can make virtually anything out of wood. His videos are often filled with funny commentary, but his expertise is undeniable. He’s the real deal and one of the best woodworking influencers to follow.

The benefits of following @WickedWoodMaster are numerous. First, you’ll gain insight into the craftsmanship and the attention to detail that @WickedWoodMaster puts into his projects. He clearly loves creating things with wood and is passionate about it. He also shares a lot of advice and tips for woodworking, so no matter what level of experience you have, he can support you.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see some of the most amazing woodworking projects that have been created by @WickedWoodMaster. He’s done everything from intricate antique-style chests to elaborate desks and just about anything else you can imagine. Not only are his projects beautiful, but they are also incredibly well crafted and many are incredibly complex. Watching how he brings each project to life is truly inspiring.

One of @WickedWoodMaster’s most notable projects is his “ultimate workshop”, which is comprised of several large cabinets filled with tools and supplies. He designed and crafted this massive workshop as a place where he could “hide out and get things done”. It truly is an incredible feat of engineering and showcases @WickedWoodMaster’s attention to detail and craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas from one of the top woodworking influencers on TikTok, then you should definitely give @WickedWoodMaster a follow. His talent, knowledge, and passion for woodworking are unmatched, and his projects are always incredible.

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @Trevor_Tafoya

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @Trevor_Tafoya

Greeting fellow TikTok-ers! Today I’m here to talk about Trevor Tafoya – the man, the myth, the legend! @Trevor_Tafoya is the go-to woodworking influencer for inspiration and ideas, and for good reason. 

This master woodworker has delighted viewers with a variety of projects, from elaborate cabinets to custom furniture and everything in between. Whether you need help with a project or just ideas, Trevor’s video tutorials are sure to delight. 

Trevor has millions of followers who love his tutorials and advice and followers have nothing but good things to say about him:

“Trevor’s explanations are always so clear and concise, it’s easy to follow along and get inspired by his work.” 

“Trevor always has an eye for design and his suggestions are so helpful!”

And of course, his projects always look impossibly perfect: 

“Trevor’s projects are so well thought out, they look almost like they belong in a museum!” 

Trevor’s viewers appreciate having access to top-notch advice from a professional, but it’s also his warm personality that keeps them coming back for more. His video editing is flawless, and he’s also a great storyteller, taking viewers through his projects step-by-step. 

When it comes to notable projects, Trevor has some real stunning ones! He makes custom wooden signs and furniture, as well as one-of-a-kind gifts for the special people in your life. He’s also created some beautiful sculptures, such as a working wooden bicycle

Trevor believes that anyone can be a successful and creative woodworker, no matter their skill level. He’s all about inspiring others to try their hand at creating something with their own two hands. 

Trevor is truly a master at what he does and his tutorials and advice are essential for any woodworking enthusiast. So head on over to @Trevor_Tafoya and let him show you the woodworking ropes!

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @TheBuildFather

Ahh yess, we’ve come to the top of the top – the king of kings, the all-rounded master of the woods, folks: @TheBuildFather! 

@TheBuildFather, or Michael Monson as he’s also known, has gained a legendary reputation in the woodworking scene thanks to his awe-inspiring projects. His Instagram page alone has amassed a mind-boggling 1 million followers, while his TikTok page of 5 million plus followers is constantly updated with inspiring and jaw-dropping woodworking projects. 

The benefits to following @TheBuildFather on TikTok could go on and on, but let me rattle off a few of the perks. If you’re ever struggling with a woodworking project, you need not look any further than his page. He’s always ready and willing to provide helpful tips and advice. You’ll be sure to learn a few woodworking tricks – down to the small details – from his videos, some of which you may not be aware of. This could be a huge help for those who are just starting out and want to improve their skills. 

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, take a few minutes to watch his videos – you’ll be left in amazement. He’s incredibly talented and skilled at his craft, and it shows in his work. He makes building furniture look effortless, constructing incredible pieces out of nothing. He’s also got a great sense of humor, blending his comedy into his videos to make sure you’re entertained. 

So, now that you know why you should follow @TheBuildFather, let’s take a look at some of his most notable projects. On TikTok alone, one of his most popular videos actually has over 11 million views. This specific project was a custom-built dresser, except that it has shelves where drawers normally would be. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece of art and one of his most impressive works yet! Aside from that, there are many other notable projects that have come out of his shop. He’s an absolute expert when it comes to creating intricate and detailed pieces, such as cabinets, desks, and barbecues. 

In conclusion, @TheBuildFather is one of the top-notch influencers to watch out for on TikTok. His magnificent projects and knowledge in woodworking will surely inspire and motivate any aspiring woodworker. Every single video of his is worth watching, as there is always something new to learn from him. So don’t forget to follow @TheBuildFather on TikTok for an amazing woodworking experience!

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @Paul_McGowan

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @Paul_McGowan

Oh boy! Have we got a treat for you if you’re looking for woodworking inspiration and ideas from TikTok – @Paul_McGowan

Paul is a woodworker who will not only teach you the skills you need to make something from wood, but he’ll also show you how to appreciate woodworking itself. His videos will be sure to make you pause and just appreciate the craftsmanship and work that goes into each project.

So, why follow @Paul_McGowan? Well, Paul is definitely one of the leading woodworking influencers on TikTok. But why? 

For starters, Paul is incredibly passionate when it comes to woodworking and this truly shines through his content. If you follow Paul and watch his videos, you’ll quickly see that he puts a great deal of effort and love into each of his projects. Paul has created beautiful pieces of furniture, wooden toys, decorative items, and more!

Paul’s videos will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and ideas when it comes to woodworking. He offers a tremendous amount of useful tips and hints that will help you get started. He is also always eager to answer any questions posed by viewers!

Paul’s videos of how-tos and step-by-step tutorials make learning woodworking accessible to everyone. He shows his viewers how to create items for their own homes, from turning a wooden bowl to creating wooden joint tools and other inspiring items.

When it comes to notable projects, Paul’s huge range of projects is nothing short of impressive. From a stunning live edge table to a double sided high chair, a captain’s hat, and even a wood fired oven, Paul’s videos provide viewers with clear instructions and advice so they can create the projects themselves.

So if you’re looking for a woodworking influencer that is sure to make you appreciate the craft and master the skills, then @Paul_McGowan should be your go-to! Follow him on TikTok for all the inspiration and ideas you need to get started.

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @McClosky

Ahhh, McClosky. Not many people know about him, but he is a TikTok woodworking influencer you should definitely follow if you need inspiration or new ideas. Why? Let me tell you! 

Benefits of Following

McClosky is a real master when it comes to woodworking, and he packs a lot of experience. He’s seen and done it all, and while most of us may not understand what he’s doing, we can definitely draw inspiration from his posts. One of the best benefits of following McClosky is that you can learn a lot from his tutorials and videos. He also takes the time to answer questions and give helpful advice to his followers, so that they can become better woodworkers. 

Another great benefit is that he posts a lot of innovative projects, from furniture to arts and crafts. Not only is he a great source of ideas and inspiration, but his tutorials are also easy to follow and understand. 

Notable Projects

One of McClosky’s most impressive projects is a wooden mirror frame with intricate designs. It’s definitely a sight to behold, and it’s a testament to his skill as a woodworker. His other projects include a small shelving unit, a wooden box, and a wooden lamp. He also has some impressive hand-carved projects, such as a wooden rocking horse and a wooden elephant. His eye for detail is remarkable, and it’s inspiring to watch his videos and tutorials. 

McClosky also posts other projects, such as a colorful wooden birdhouse and a stylish wooden chessboard. He even posts educational videos, such as a tutorial on how to make an end table. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting, then be sure to follow him. You won’t be disappointed!

So if you’re a woodworking enthusiast, or if you’re just looking for inspiration or new ideas, then why not give McClosky a try? He’s truly a master at his craft and his inventive projects are sure to give you an idea or two. So make sure to follow him on TikTok and get ready to be inspired!

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @MrCraftyWood

Ah, MrCraftyWood. This is the TikTok account for you if you’re looking for something a bit on the lighter side. With more than 8 million followers and counting, it’s quite clear that fans are tuning in to see the entertaining and eye-catching works of art created by this woodworking influencer.

The Benefits of Following:

For starters, when you follow along on MrCraftyWood, you get a nice dose of inspiration and silliness. His funny and often outrageous woodworking projects make it hard not to giggle. He often takes common wood materials and turns them into functional (and sometimes not-so-functional) creations like microscopes and tiny trucks. There’s also the fact that you can take a deep dive into some complex wood joinery techniques, which make it easy to learn more about the craft and produce fantastic results.

Notable Projects: 

Don’t let MrCraftyWood fool you into thinking his content is all about being silly; he does create some truly incredible works of art. It’s easy to get lost in some of his more elaborate projects like the 3/4 scale electric guitar, splitting maul and a beautiful wood-carved rocking chair. Not to mention the custom built arcade that is every child’s dream. 

No matter what level of experience you have in woodworking, MrCraftyWood’s content is sure to make an impression. From beginner level projects to more advanced joint techniques, MrCraftyWood always has a fantastic project to keep you busy. So if you’re looking for a bit of a break from the serious side of woodworking, this is the TikTok for you.

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @Robot_Builds_Wood

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @Robot_Builds_Wood

Are you looking for woodworking inspiration on TikTok? Then it’s time to check out @Robot_Builds_Wood! You won’t believe the amazing things this robot can build! Robot_Builds_Wood is one of the top woodworking influencers to follow, and there are plenty of benefits to following out. 

Robot_Builds_Wood creates masterpieces out of wood using an amazing robot arm. That’s right—a robotic arm that can create just about anything you can think of out of wood! It’s like science fiction come to life! Watching this robot arm in action is equal parts fascinating and mesmerizing. One thing is certain, you won’t be able to look away!

Not only will you be able to watch awesome projects in the making, but you’ll get some great woodworking tips from Robot_Builds_Wood, too. Its creator is a genius when it comes working with wood, and you can learn a lot from watching the videos. From advanced CNC programming to sanding, Robot_Builds_Wood is a great source for woodworking education.

Robot_Builds_Wood is also a great source of inspiration. From amazing furniture pieces to more practical creations like cutting boards and coasters, you’ll never run out of ideas for your next woodworking project. Think you can’t do something with wood? Just check out Robot_Builds_Wood and be amazed! The robotic arm can easily do things that would take a human hand hours to accomplish.

So, if you’re looking to get some woodworking inspiration, make sure you check out Robot_Builds_Wood on TikTok. You’ll learn a lot and be inspired by what this robot arm can do. In Eddie Murphy’s words, “if you want wooden magic, you betta check out Robot_Builds_Wood”!

Top Woodworking Influencer to Follow – @FlamingTools


Are you looking for some serious inspiration? Well, look no further than @FlamingTools! This is the home of one of the top woodworking influencers, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more knowledgeable about the craft than him.

First off, let’s talk about the benefits of following him. By following @FlamingTools, you’ll get a steady supply of tips and advice on woodworking. From sharpening tools to finishing techniques, he has the expertise and experience to guide you through any woodworking project. 

Plus, his projects will have you in awe of just how creative he is. You’ll be inspired by his ability to come up with interesting ways to use wood in his projects. He also has no issue with dabbling in other things, as you’ll see him crafting things out of anything from skateboards to ski boots.

Speaking of projects, let’s take a look at some of the notable ones @FlamingTools has completed. From the intricate detail of his Shiplap Trundle Bed to the elegant design of his Japanese style bench, he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be created with wood.

Then there’s his pipe chair, which looks like something straight out of a steampunk universe. It’s evident that a lot of thought and skill went into the construction of this unique piece – and you don’t need to take our word for it, as there are plenty of videos and photos of him putting it together and talking about his process on his page.

Last but certainly not least, he frequently responds to comments and questions, which demonstrates just how committed @FlamingTools is when it comes to helping and inspiring his followers. There’s no question that if you’re looking to take your woodworking journey to the next level, you should be following him.

Benefits of following

Benefiting from following a woodworking influencer is something that every aspiring woodworker should consider. But why should we bother following someone on TikTok who claims to have exceptional skills and knowledge? Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of having a woodworking influencer as your go-to source of advice. 

First, you can take advantage of their experience. Woodworking influencers typically have years of experience under their belt, which can give you confidence in their opinion and advice. In some cases, these influencers are also award winning woodworkers, so you know you’re getting sound advice. 

Second, their curated content may inspire and motivate you. With a constant stream of photos, videos and tips, you can easily find yourself lightened up about your own woodworking ambitions. Seeing others with the same passions can help you stay motivated. 

Third, these influencers often share projects from start to finish, allowing you to learn from their process. Sometimes they even share tips and tricks they’ve come up with or discovered along the way. Following a woodworking influencer can provide valuable insights on the best methods and tools to use in your projects. 

Fourth, a woodworking influencer can provide guidance and feedback to help you improve your skills and proficiency. They can answer questions and help you troubleshoot any issues you’re having with a project. 

Finally, influencers can connect you with a community of like-minded individuals. By engaging with their content, you may come across fellow woodworkers who you might even be able to collaborate with on a project. 

So there you have it folks! Those are the top ten woodworking influencers to follow on TikTok that you should keep an eye out for. With the added benefits of learning from their experiences, being motivated, gaining insight into different methods and tools, and being able to connect with other woodworkers – it might just be worth giving them a follow!

Notable Projects

@Thisisevan is well known for his detailed tutorials with amusing headings, such as the “Magical Journey Into The Depths of Zed”. He has been crocheting since childhood and his experience is evident in all his creations. With detailed instructions and clever use of color, he makes furniture that stands out from the rest. Whether he is creating a chair, a table, or a dresser, all his projects scream quality. His most famous project is a wooden dresser he designed and built himself. Featuring a unique pattern and natural finish, the dresser oozed elegance and was the talk of the town.

@SnooksWoodworks definitely knows his stuff when it comes to creative projects. Most of his designs involve intricate details and creative touches which can really turn a piece of furniture into a work of art. He has built everything from stunning dining room tables to massive bookcases, each one with its own unique flair. He likes to focus on the details and believes that each piece must be thought out carefully and executed precisely to achieve success. His most admired project is probably his “Bruce the Batman Rocker” which incorporates a Batman theme with a nice touch of woodworking. People all over the world have tried to replicate the unique style and convenience that this design offers.

@WickedWoodMaster definitely knows how to step up and add an extra touch of creativity to their projects. Whether it’s making musical instruments, storage units, beds, or tables, their projects are always eye catching and of great quality. The dream catchers they make are especially colorful, detailed, and one of a kind. One of their most popular projects has been their music stand made from walnut and cedar. The design was simple yet intricate and classy at the same time. It was also featured on a couple of magazines as an amazing furniture piece.

@Trevor_Tafoya loves to work with wood since a young age and his passion is always evident in his projects. His most notable work is a wood-carved christmas tree which is a unique, beautiful piece of art to behold. He specializes in custom furniture and is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to showcase his skills. He recently released an amazing book, which covers the basics and details of all his projects.

@TheBuildFather is known for his ability to take a simple statement piece of furniture and make it extraordinary. He works with natural materials and creates furniture that captures the audience’s imagination. His vision is to capture the beauty of nature and his passion for woodworking. One of his most popular projects is a custom-made dresser. Featuring an inlaid design and an exquisite finish, the dresser is definitely a stand-out piece.

@Paul_McGowan is an influential woodworker who takes everyday pieces of furniture and turns them into works of art. He has a creative eye for detail and his furniture pieces are some of the best you can find. He particularly excels in transforming vintage cabinets and dressers into stunning decorative items. His beautiful walnut sideboard is one of his most popular pieces and is a must-have in any home.

@McClosky has been woodworking since he was a young boy and his projects display his skill and his passion. His designs range from furniture to outdoor decorations and everything in between. His clever use of color and material makes his furniture one of a kind. One of his notable projects is a unique end table with a unique boomerang shape which he made out of birch wood.

@MrCraftyWood takes everything he does to the next level. His furniture never fails to wow the audience and he loves building smaller pieces of furniture. Whether it’s children’s furniture or dog houses, he adds a creative touch to all his projects. His most admired furniture piece has to be the “Mister Craftywood Rope Chair”, where he uses an interesting technique to make the seat. He also created a unique and beautiful sideboard fashioned from a couple of marbles and some rosewood.

@Robot_Builds_Wood is known for creating furniture that is not only functional but also beautiful and well-crafted. He focuses on the details and craftsmanship and always manages to find ways to get the perfect finish. His furniture is quite unique and is mostly inspired by the simplicity of modern design. One of his popular works is a rustic console table that he created using recycled materials.

@FlamingTools has been making furniture for years and his projects feature a bold use of materials and colors. He is passionate about creating interesting pieces of furniture that can be enjoyed for years to come. His specialty is furniture with a modern twist and his recent projects involve the use of metalworking tools. His “Jack Arch” coffee table is an example of his skill. Made of stainless steel blocks and walnut slabs, the table is incredibly eye-catching and perfect for any contemporary home.


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