The Top 10 Woodworking Podcasts for Expert Interviews and Advice

The Top 10 Woodworking Podcasts for Expert Interviews and Advice

Woodworking can be a solitary craft, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the top 10 woodworking podcasts for expert interviews and advice will help take your woodworking game to the next level.

From tips on selecting the best tools to techniques for creating jaw-dropping pieces, these podcasts are sure to educate, entertain, and maybe even inspire a few laughs along the way. So, grab your earbuds, fire up your favorite podcast app, and let’s get ready to saw, sand, and chisel our way to greatness!

The WoodTalk Show

The WoodTalk Show

Do you want to stay in the know with the latest trends in woodworking, or learn tips and advice straight from a seasoned pro? If so, the WoodTalk Show is the podcast for you. With a winning combination of humor and expertise, this top-rated podcast offers the best in woodworking information from A-list experts. Not only is the WoodTalk Show often referred to as the “granddaddy of woodworking podcasts,” but its hosts – Chris Becksvoort and Matt Kindt – are definitely entertaining.

The WoodTalk Show is most known for its “Essential Episodes.” These topics and conversations range from the basics of woodworking technique, to the absolute latest and greatest in tools and technology. The podcast is often praised for its excellent interviews with some of the most well-known and highly respected woodworking professionals and subject-matter experts in the industry.

Chris and Matt can be heard in search of the best and most interesting guests to bring expert knowledge and insight to the podcast. Also, when the hosts aren’t talking shop or offering advice, they are often heard cracking jokes and having a few beers to boot. They joke and banter about woodworking tips and products, as well as about their own woodworking projects and experiences.

With its wealth of information, the WoodTalk Show is a fantastic podcast for any woodworking enthusiast. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you’ll be sure to laugh, learn, and have a whole lot of fun while listening to the down-to-earth, everyman’s explanations of all things related to woodworking. So why not turn up your speakers, pop open a cold beer, and tune into the WoodTalk Show – because you won’t regret it!

Woodworking Masterclass

Welcome to the second entry of our top 10 woodworking podcasts for expert advice and interviews. This time we’re taking a look at Woodworking Masterclass. If you are looking for some of the best advice in the business, then this podcast is where it’s at!

The Woodworking Masterclass is hosted by Jay and Cecelia Madsen, a husband and wife woodworking team. They have been woodworking together since 2017 and their podcast was created in 2020 to share their combined knowledge with the rest of the woodworking community.

The podcast is focused on helping you become a well-rounded woodworker. Right from beginner tutorials to advanced techniques, they cover it all. Cecelia provides the basics on approaches to woodworking and Jay covers everything from project planning and design to joinery and finishes.

Essential episodes:

The Basics – Get started with woodworking with this episode that covers the fundamentals of tools, materials, and techniques.

Choosing the Right Projects – Learn how to choose projects that are within your skill level, and come out looking great.

Power Tool Basics – Learn how to use power tools to maximize your efficiency and accuracy.

Joinery Basics – Get up to speed on the different techniques for joining two pieces of wood together.

Woodshop 101

Woodshop 101

Hey there, I’m here to tell you about one of the top 10 woodworking podcasts you need to know about – Woodshop 101.

If you’re a fan of all things woodworking, then this podcast is definitely one you want to check out. Woodshop 101 covers all areas of woodworking topics, from techniques, tools, to interesting projects. The woodworking experts featured on this podcast give a wide range of ideas and wisdom. The podcast’s host, Jeff Sorg, is extremely knowledgeable about woodworking and you can tell he truly loves it – which makes the show super fun to listen to!

The Essential Episodes are a great way to get up to speed on Woodshop 101’s most popular topics. These include “Woodworking Basics”, “Hand Tool Basics”, and “Finishing Basics”. Each episode dives into the world of woodworking and covers the fundamentals in an easy to understand way. It’s like having a woodworking teacher right at your fingertips.

As for favorite hosts, you can’t go wrong with Sorg and his co-hosts Rick Allmaras and Roger Goodell. The trio combine their knowledge and passion of woodworking to deliver an informative experience. They answer questions and give advice on how to get the most out of your woodworking projects. 

If you’re looking to take your woodworking skills to the next level, this is definitely a podcast you want to check out. Woodshop 101 is full of expert advice and fantastic interviews with other woodworking professionals. So, if you want to learn more about this great hobby, it’s an essential podcast for any woodworking enthusiasts out there. Go on and give it a listen!

The Craftsman’s Experience

Welcome to the fourth podcast in our countdown of the Top 10 Woodworking Podcasts for Expert Interviews and Advice – The Craftsman’s Experience. Hosted by Danny Knowles and featuring some of the best and brightest creators, The Craftsman’s Experience provides a unique look into the craft, from the perspective of honest, thoughtful and experienced woodworkers. 

Every episode of The Craftsman’s Experience features a conversation with some of the most recognizable names in the woodworking industry, and who better to learn from than the professionals themselves? From established woodworkers to renowned craftspeople, every conversation is an informative, entertaining and insightful glimpse into the industry. 

Looking for an episode that’s sure to spark inspiration? Tune in to one of the show’s essential episodes – “Shantell Pughsley: Crafting Functional Art Out of Wood and Colored Pencils.” In this episode, Shantell shares her story of how she went from being a graphic designer to a full-time woodworker specializing in colorful pieces with a one-of-kind character. Want to know her trick for sealing the colored pencils to the wood? You’ll have to tune in to find out! 

If that wasn’t enough, how about another essential episode – “Mathew Bergman: Exploring the Possibilities of CNC Carving.” In this episode, Mathew discusses his passion for CNC carving, a craft he’s been honing for the last decade to create unique sculptures, decorative panels and other pieces of art. 

But not all the conversations on this show have to do with the craft. Episodes such as “Hans Wenger: The Storyteller and Maker,” which covers the artist’s background in storytelling and his own stories from different parts of the country, are also fascinating. 

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the show’s favorite host – Danny Knowles. As a longtime woodworker, Danny shares his passion and knowledge in each episode, offering up some incredible insights that are sure to inspire any woodworker. 

So there you have it – The Craftsman’s Experience. If you’re looking for expert advice, great stories and conversations with the best and brightest in the industry, then this is the podcast for you. Now get to work and show us what you’ve got!

The Hand Tool School

The Hand Tool School

Welcome to the 5th chapter of our list, examining the ten best woodworking podcasts. This time, we’re looking at The Hand Tool School

If you are looking to sharpen or improve your woodworking skills and knowledge then we recommend The Hand Tool School. Hosted by Matt Cremona, an engineer and woodworking enthusiast, this podcast is both entertaining and educational. 

It covers topics like joinery, sharpening, tool maintenance, and project advice, and Matt interviews and does various demonstrations with experts from the industry.

The essential episodes to listen to for experienced and novice woodworkers alike include Show 147 – Getting Started Hand Tool Woodworking with Jameel Abraham, Show 142 – Extending the Life of Your Hand Tools with John Black, and Show 148 – Achieving an Item with Hand Tools with Travis Stinson. 

Throughout these and other hand tool school episodes, Matt interviews various experts and does various demonstrations with them to explore various techniques and tools. 

It’s hard to decide on a favorite host, but there are some standouts. Matt Cremona, the main host, stands out with his encyclopedic knowledge of hand tools and his contagious enthusiasm. As he says in the intro, the goal of the show is to “make woodworking accessible and approachable.” 

John Black, the host of two of the essential episodes listed above is a veteran of the woodworking industry. Every episode with him is both incredibly informative and incredibly inspiring. 

Jameel Abraham, a lifelong woodworker and founder of Workbench Magazine, has several appearances on the Hand Tool School. His in-depth knowledge of woodworking and his friendly demeanor make him an excellent guest. 

Finally, Travis Stinson, a master craftsman and chairmaker, has been a stand-out guest. He is full of tips and tricks for achieving excellent results with hand tools, and his enthusiasm is infectious. 

The Hand Tool School is one of the top woodworking podcasts for gathering expert advice and knowledge. With Matt Cremona as its host, this podcast also offers more than just facts and data, but a fun and engaging experience. 

So go ahead, give The Hand Tool School a listen if you’re looking for expert interviews and advice on woodworking. You never know, you may even learn something!

Shop Talk Live

Welcome to Shop Talk Live, the podcast that really warmly welcomes you to its weekly show! No matter if you’re an experienced woodworker or if you’re just starting out, you’ll get plenty of tips and advice on this podcast.

Hosted by Rob Johnstone and Glen Huey, Shop Talk Live is one of the best podcasts for those who want to take their woodworking skills to the next level. Rob is an experienced woodworker and Glen is a writer and fine woodworker who has lots of knowledge to share.

Rob and Glen share their knowledge and experience with the listeners in an entertaining and eye-opening way. They mix it up with stories and conversations which makes the show super lively and enjoyable. On top of that, they also answer listener questions, provide lots of advice, and share insight into a wide range of woodworking topics.

If you’re looking for some of the essential Shop Talk Live episodes, you should start with their interview with Chris Schwarz. He’s a well-known woodworking expert and the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. He has some really useful insight into traditional woodworking techniques and methods. Another must-listen episode is their interview with Steve Good, the founder of Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts magazine.

Some of our favorite Shop Talk Live hosts include Mark and John, who provide interesting woodworking projects and techniques, and Christian Becksvoort, one of the world’s leading furniture makers.

If you’re looking for weekly woodworking advice and interviews from some truly helpful hosts, then you need to check out Shop Talk Live. It’s jam-packed with plenty of useful information, designed to help you become a better woodworker. So tune in and give it a listen – you won’t regret it!

The Woodworking Geek

The Woodworking Geek

Today we’re talking about the seventh best woodworking podcast out there – that’s right,it’s The Woodworking Geek. In this hilarious, informative and educational podcast, the Woodworking Geek provides you with heaps of information and great advice on all elements of the craft. Hosted by the self-proclaimed ‘Geek’, this podcast is the perfect one to tune into if you like to be both entertained and informed, as the host is a bonafide woodworking enthusiast filled with passion and expertise. 

Let’s start with the essential episodes. First up, The Woodworking Geek loves to explain the terms and concepts of woodworking,so you should definitely take a listen to the episode, “The Basics of Woodworking”, which covers the core foundations of this craft. Next up, if you’re interested in learning about different tools and sharpening techniques, “Grinders, Sharpening and Profiling” is a must-listen. Last but not least and certainly worth tuning in for is “The Router Table”. This episode provides a detailed explanation of how to set up and use a router table. 

Now let’s move on to the hosts. For this podcast, the Geek is joined by several other industry professionals. From frequent visitor and industry connoisseur Tim Marks to amateur carpenter Steve Silvey, the podcast team is filled with personalities and insights. You won’t be short of laughter and knowledge while tuning in, that’s for sure. 

In summary, the Woodworking Geek is the perfect podcast for you if you’re a beginner, amateur or a more experienced woodworker in search for educational and entertaining episodes. Tune in and check it out today!

The Wood Whisperer

If you’re looking for some woodworking inspiration with a bit of a twist then you’ve come to the right place, folks! The Wood Whisperer is the ultimate woodworking podcast for interviews with fascinating folks and great advice. Hosted by Marc Spagnuolo, aka The Wood Whisperer, this podcast takes a light-hearted look at the world of woodworking.

Marc dives deep into a variety of topics and interviews some truly intriguing people in the industry. This is an essential podcast for anyone who’s interested in woodworking, not just because of the fantastic insights and tips, but also the funny spirit the show is oozes.

It’s definitely worth tuning into some of Marc’s essential episodes to get a real feel for The Wood Whisperer. Start with the interviews with Charles Brock, as Charles is a longtime woodworker and shares a wealth of knowledge on woodworking and woodturning. And then there’s the fantastic episode with Cory Wilshusen, who’s a professional furniture maker, with lots of helpful tips on how to get the most out of woodworking. 

But it’s not just practical woodworking advice The Wood Whisperer serves up; it’s also a great way to build community and get inspired. Each episode is full of fascinating stories from the guests and interesting anecdotes from Marc himself. It’s no surprise why they’ve accrued such a loyal following.

One of the most adored hosts on The Wood Whisperer is, of course, Marc Spagnuolo. His sense of humor and witty banter is on full display and he never fails to entertain. He’s also no slouch when it comes to getting tips and insights out of his guests too. He’s the perfect host to make sure you’re getting the very best advice from the best names in the business.

So why not give The Wood Whisperer a whirl? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for some extra nuggets of wisdom or a beginner trying to break into the industry, there’s something for everyone – and you’re guaranteed to have a few laughs along the way. So get on your ears and get woodworking!

Wood ‘N’ Things Podcast

It’s time to look at one of my favorite woodworking podcasts – Wood ‘N’ Things! Wood ‘N’ Things is a weekly podcast focused on DIY woodworking and furniture building with a side of philosophy from host Javier. It offers great information from experienced woodworkers around the world. 

If you’re looking for tips, advice and interviews about everything from workshop organization and tool maintenance to design inspiration and woodworking business advice, you’ll find them on Wood ‘N’ Things! Javier’s guests include everyone from beginner hobbyists to seasoned pros.

Javier’s enthusiasm for his craft is contagious and he asks great questions that make the conversations even more interesting. For example, in one episode he asked a panel of guests what they’d like to see more of in the woodworking community, and one of them said something about how most of the tools and machines are expensive, and that it makes it harder for the hobbyist to get started. He followed that up by asking, “What can we do to make sure that money isn’t a barrier to entry?”

If you’re looking for great interviews, I’d recommend checking out Wood ‘N’ Things. My favorite episodes include “The Most Underrated Woodworking Skill”, which features five woodworkers offering advice on what makes good woodworking, as well as “Woodshop Storage Solutions for Small Spaces”, which dives into various space-saving techniques for the tightest of workshops. 

Javier also introduces us to the philosophy of woodworking, challenging us to think critically about why we do what we do and what the purpose of woodworking really is. The result is thoughtful conversations that will stick with you long after the episode ends.

Lastly, the folks at Wood ‘N’ Things also offer “The Woodworker’s Bill of Rights”, which outlines how every woodworker should approach their craftsmanship, as well as respect for the environment and the people we work with. It’s a great reminder that woodworking isn’t just about making things, it’s also about being a part of something bigger. 

Wood ‘N’ Things is a must-listen for anyone interested in woodworking. The interviews, conversations, and philosophies Javier puts forth will open your eyes to the craft and shape how you approach it. So go ahead and listen up, and get ready to dive deep into the world of woodworking with Wood ‘N’ Things!

Crafted Workshops

Ah Crafted Workshops, the last of our list of the top ten woodworking podcasts. If you’re looking for the best advice and interviews on woodworking, don’t sleep on them. Now, let’s talk about the essential episodes that you need to listen to when you have time and the favorite hosts. 

Essential episodes include Projects 2018 – Mission Accomplished and HVLP Spray Finish. Hosts Jimmy DiResta and Ed Fink make use of their skillsets and give detailed instructions that allow you to follow up straight away with your projects. These two episodes will most certainly leave an impression on you. 

As for the favorite hosts, it doesn’t get much better than Pask & Delfen. With years of experience in the craft, Patrick and David share their insider knowledge on their project highlights, which you simply don’t want to miss. They may not be the first guys to jump on the bandwagon, but there’s no doubt that Pask & Delfen are the go-to guys for when you need the best tips and advice on woodworking. 

To wrap it up, you’ll definitely want to make sure you check out the Crafted Workshops podcast if you’re serious about finding the best woodworking advice and interviews. Not only will you have a wealth of knowledge to fallback on but you’ll also get to enjoy the entertainment that Pask & Delfen bring to the show.

Favorite hosts

Let’s not forget about the people who bring you the cutting-edge advice. Here’s a list of my favorite woodworking podcast hosts:

#1 The WoodTalk Show–Marc Spagnuolo, Matt Cremona and Shannon Rogers

Let’s start with the WoodTalk Show. Marc, Matt and Shannon offer up a wealth of woodworking insights, stories and advice. I particularly love their entertaining banter and amusing anecdotes that always keep the show light-hearted and entertaining. After all, learning should be fun!

#2 Woodworking Masterclass–Matt Cremona

Next up, Matt Cremona’s Woodworking Masterclass. I enjoy listening to Matt’s thoughtful, measured and methodical approach to woodworking. He’s one of the most knowledgeable people you’ll ever meet when it comes to woodworking, and his comprehensive and comprehensive explanations will help you up your game and become a true masterwoodworker.

#3 Woodshop 101–Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson is the host for the Woodshop 101 podcast. Steven is an entertaining host, and his passion for woodworking shines through in every episode. His advice and insights will have you hooked from the first episode, so don’t miss out on this one!

#4 The Craftsman’s Experience–Lucas Walker

Lucas Walker is the host of The Craftsman’s Experience, a must-listen podcast if you’re a woodworker looking for comprehensive woodworking advice. Lucas has more than three decades of woodworking experience under his belt and his frank opinions, stories and advice are invaluable. 

#5 The Hand Tool School–Christopher Schwarz

Christopher Schwarz’s podcast is all about hand tools. His advice, insight and hands-on experience are invaluable when it comes to learning how to use hand tools. After all, there’s nothing that compares to the feeling of accomplishment after creating something with your own two hands!

#6 Shop Talk Live–John and Pizarro

John and Pizarro bring you Shop Talk Live every week, a no-nonsense podcast about woodworking tools and techniques. Their humorous anecdotes and conversations keep you engaged throughout each episode and make for a light-hearted woodworking experience. 

#7 The Woodworking Geek–Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is the host of The Woodworking Geek, a podcast focused on tips, tricks and advice for advanced woodworkers. He’s a master woodworker and his decades of experience and insight make for valuable lessons. 

#8 The Wood Whisperer–Mario Rodriguez

Mario Rodriguez is the host of The Wood Whisperer, a podcast about all things woodworking. He’s an inspiring teacher and his enthusiasm for the craft never fails to ignite a passion for woodworking in those who listen. 

#9 Wood ‘N’ Things Podcast–Charlesa ‘N’ Denny

Charlesa and Denny present the Wood ‘N’ Things Podcast every week. They bring a bit of humor to their episodes and dive into complex topics with ease. 

#10 Crafted Workshops–Lindsey Cormack

Lindsey Cormack is the host of Crafted Workshops, a podcast focused on woodworking and DIY crafts. She’s a passionate woodworker and her wealth of experience is invaluable. Plus, her inspiring stories and anecdotes make the episode enjoyable and informative.



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