The Top 5 Woodworking Instagram Accounts for Hand Tool Woodworking Inspiration

The Top 5 Woodworking Instagram Accounts for Hand Tool Woodworking Inspiration

In a world of power tools and electric gizmos, there’s something undeniably satisfying about the simplicity and elegance of hand tool woodworking. And when it comes to finding inspiration for your next hand-crafted masterpiece, the top 5 woodworking instagram accounts for hand tool woodworking inspiration are where it’s at.

From mesmerizing videos of hand planes gliding effortlessly over rough wood to jaw-dropping dovetail joints, these woodworking wizards have mastered the art of creating stunning pieces using nothing but their hands and a few basic tools. So, put down that jigsaw and pick up a hand saw – it’s time to follow some seriously talented folks who know how to make wood sing.

Andy Birkbeck – @andybirkbeckwoodworking

When it comes to woodworking with tools, no one does it quite like Andy Birkbeck. Just take a look at his Instagram account! From his perfectly crafted pieces to fantasy-inspired decorations, his work is truly awe-inspiring. 

Andy Birkbeck was always passionate about woodworking, so it’s only natural that he chose Instagram as his platform to share his love and craftsmanship with the world. As a model of efficiency and precision, Andy puts every bit of his soul into his crafts.

His Instagram profile is as unique as his projects. From one picture to the next, you can find yourself completely immersed in the world of woodworking. From intricate designs to helpful tutorials, Andy offers a myriad of content to choose from. 

One thing that sets Andy apart from other woodworkers is his attention to detail when it comes to finishing. He often adds unique embellishments and vibrant colors to his projects, making them stand out even amongst the most ornate of pieces. 

When it comes to Andy’s inspirational projects, he takes advantage of every opportunity to show off his work. With an impressive portfolio of projects, including custom furniture, wood carvings and intricate sculptures, his creations often leave those who look upon them in amazement. 

Andy’s woodworking projects are a testament to what proper hard work and precision can achieve. His pieces, which range from artfully crafted items to carefully designed frames and cabinets, are a delight to the viewer. And it’s not just the finished product that’s impressive. The process he goes through in order to create them is something to admire. 

If you’re looking for hand tool woodworking inspiration, Andy Birkbeck’s Instagram account is the place to go. His detailed posts and incredible creativity will spark your creative fire and get you back into the workroom with a newfound vision for your next project.

David Barron – @barron_woodworking

David Barron - @barron_woodworking

Welcome to the second instalment in our top five woodworking Instagram list! Today we’re going to look at David Barron and his incredible Instagram account @barron_woodworking. 

David Barron is a Cambridge-based, British workshop wizard – and we’re not talking Hogwarts here. By day, David works at a centre for metalworking, engineering, carpenters and furniture-making which keeps him up to his elbows in sawdust…but when he can take a break, he spends all of his free time creating stunning, handmade items of carpentry.

And trust me when I say it’s impossible to get inspiration from his Instagram account – it’s just a pleasure to view! From designing beautiful pieces of furniture out of rustic timber to making ornate pieces for curious interiors, it seems like no job is too tough for David’s trusty handsaws, chisels, planes and hammers. 

Like us, David appears to be absolutely enchanted by the beauty of wood and its natural qualities, and everything he creates from his home and workshop is treated with the utmost respect. And if that’s not enough to sway you, he also regularly offers tutorials, tips and tricks for all you aspiring woodworkers out there, so that you too can learn how to do it right. 

So make sure to give David a follow and be sure to check out his work. Believe me when I say it’s a must-visit page for all of your hand tool woodworking inspiration needs. You won’t regret it!

Peter Brown – @pbrown_woodworking

Peter Brown - @pbrown_woodworking

Introducing Peter Brown, one of the hottest woodworkers on Instagram at the moment. Peter Brown – better known as @pbrown_woodworking – has been garnering attention as a master of hand tool woodworking. With an eye for bold and dramatic pieces, his style stands out from the crowd.

Before delving into his Instagram profile, let’s take a moment to look at all the amazing furniture pieces, tools and techniques that he has developed.

Peter’s pieces range from traditional to modern, with a unique focus on distressed and rustic materials. He spends countless hours perfecting the shape of his pieces, making furniture with an attractive combination of subtle lines and curves. He works primarily with walnut, birch and maple, revealing the natural beauty of the wood.

When it comes to tools, Peter takes his woodworking to a whole new level using mostly traditional hand tools such as chisels, planes, saws and hand planes. He also gets creative with carved sides, roundovers, and drawboring.

If you take a look at his Instagram profile, you’ll find an outstanding display of stunning photographs and videos of his work. From his workspace to his workbench, his portfolio shows off breathtaking woodworking precision and attention to detail. You’ll also see some of his projects in progress and beautiful finished pieces.

Seeing Peter Brown’s work, we can all start picturing what exceptional pieces of furniture we could create if we invested the time to perfect our craft. There’s certainly a lot of inspiration to be drawn from his feed.

Owen Bush – @bushworks

It’s time to turn our attention to everyone’s favorite tool enthusiast, Owen Bush! His Instagram account, @bushworks, is full of beautiful woodworking projects made with hand tools, as well as some hilarious woodworking humour. 

Owen’s Instagram is full of beautiful work and some humorous posts to entertain us all – though sometimes it feels more like a stand-up comedy than a woodworking account! He’s always showing off his latest projects, from an amazing coffee table project to an incredible bench – with the occasional comment to put off any budding power tool-ers.

Apart from his amazing hand tools craftsmanship, he has an excellent sense of humour that never fails to put a smile on his followers’ faces. The most popular posts are usually of Owen doing funny “woodworking-enacts” of classic memories, like Benny Hill’s famous hilltop run or Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark.” He also posts his projects in all stages of completion, so you can visually follow along, asking questions and getting feedback.

Owen also posts some mouth-watering food posts to keep us all inspired. He is a self-professed “BBQ monster”, having cooked wood-smoked beef ribs, homemade potato wedges, and many other delicious dishes, which he later posts to his Instagram page, along with some interesting cooking stories of his own. 

So, If you’re looking for some funny woodworking humour, projects for your home, or some mouth-watering food ideas, make sure you follow @bushworks on Instagram. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Sam Wingate – @wingate_woodworking

Sam Wingate - @wingate_woodworking

Ah, finally, we have come to our last and final woodworking extraordinaire, Sam Wingate – @wingate_woodworking. Sam may have had humble beginnings, but man, has he come a long way! He’s been honing his craft for years and his Instagram profile, which has over 23K followers, is the perfect place to find some seriously awesome woodworking inspiration.

Talking of his Instagram profile, he shares all kinds of really cool projects from his shop. From small furniture pieces to jigs and fixtures – he’s written about it all. And it’s not just about the projects he shares – he also paints a picture of how he does everything in a very detailed manner. He talks about tool selection, setup, methods, adventures and much more.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next woodworking project, you should definitely check out Sam Wingate’s Instagram profile. It’s filled with projects of all sizes that will spark creativity in your mind. From decor and furniture pieces to workshop items and experiments, you will find it all there.

Even if you are not a woodworker yourself, it’s still worth going through Sam Wingate’s Instagram profile. His woodworking pieces are incredibly picturesque and look incredible when photographed. You can also get a glimpse of the awesome woodworking community he’s been a part of. If you happen to be in the same area as Sam, it could be worth checking out a workshop or two.

That’s it for our top 5 woodworking instagram accounts for hand tool woodworking inspiration. It just goes to show you that when it comes to woodworking, you can find inspiration in the strangest places. So the next time you’re stuck for an idea, why not take a look at these accounts and see if any of the projects inspire you? 

Instagram Profile

Andy Birkbeck

The hilarious Andy Birkbeck is just one of many hardworking carpenters out there. He’s been making beautiful things with wood since he was just a kid. His Instagram account showcases his skill, as well as creative projects with handmade tools and furniture. In addition to simply being enjoyable, his account is full of knowledge. 

When Andy isn’t working in the shop, he’s teaching workshops, entertaining the community, or traveling to the next woodworking event. You can find him posting about the projects he’s working on, projects from his workshops, and even traveling to inspiring woodworking places. And don’t forget the videos – he likes to show everyone how he’s doing it!

David Barron

The talented David Barron is a master at hand tool woodworking. His projects have been featured in various magazines, including Woodworker’s Journal and Popular Woodworking. He has a passion projects, ranging from small box-building to select furniture making. 

David’s Instagram page is full of eye-catching posts that showcase his latest projects and techniques. You’ll find posts about antique tools, step-by-step how-to’s, and a variety of remarkable woodworking creations. Some posts are accompanied by a tutorial video, so everyone can learn how he does it. With David, you can count on seeing gorgeous woodworking projects and the skills to match. 

Peter Brown

If you’re looking for some serious woodworking inspiration, Peter Brown’s Instagram account is the place to go. As a hobbyist woodworker, Peter enjoys creating fine furniture pieces and sharing his skills with the public. He’s a firm believer in the use of traditional hand tools and celebrates every well-made piece he can get his hands on. 

Peter’s Instagram account includes everything from informative tutorials to fully-finished pieces. He has a creative eye for detail and a great eye for what looks good and what doesn’t. Plus, he’s constantly posting before-and-after photos of his work so everyone can follow along. And if you’re looking to step up your woodworking game, his posts are filled with useful tips and advice. 

Owen Bush

If you consider yourself a passionate woodworker, Owen Bush is your go-to man. A master craftsman, Owen has been woodworking for many years and takes pride in his work. Most of his posts show off his exquisite designs, with beautiful posts about detailed projects. He also enjoys making tutorials for the beginner woodworker so everyone can learn by his example. 

Owen’s Instagram page is full of incredible woodworking projects, from the simple to the complex. You can also find posts about his travels, his workshop, and his hobbies. And don’t forget the videos- he shares tips, tricks, and even some comical moments too. 

Sam Wingate 

You can’t talk about top-notch woodworking without mentioning Sam Wingate. Sam is a professional carpenter who has created some of the most beautiful handmade pieces out there. From intricate box-building to gorgeously curved bookshelves, Sam’s creations are something to behold. 

His Instagram account is filled with gorgeous photos of his work and his workshop. He frequently posts videos of himself at work in the shop, demonstrating his skill and knowledge with the tools. You’ll also get to see how he makes use of his machinery, how to work with wood, and all the little tips that make a big difference. If you’re looking for inspiration and tips for woodworking, Sam is the man to follow!

Inspirational Projects

Inspirational Projects

Ah, Andy Birkbeck. What can be said about this dedicated pro that hasn’t already been said? Well, for starters, let’s talk about his inspirational projects. Andy has crafted some of the most jaw-dropping, precision pieces of furniture you can lay your eyes on. From intricately designed dining tables to intricately carved cutting boards, there’s no shortage of remarkable projects birthing from the mind of this furniture wizard. From his Instagram page, you can feast your eyes on the deep craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of his works. 

Then there’s David Barron, you know…the woodworking legend! If there’s one thing David’s good at, it’s making furniture that’s as beautiful as it is functional. His Instagram page is filled with projects ranging from kitchen islands to bedroom sets. Each piece he creates oozes with sleek sophistication, but still feels as homey as your grandma’s rocking chair. It doesn’t matter what David touches the end result is just one jaw dropping masterpiece after another. 

We simply can’t talk hand tool woodworking without shouting out to Peter Brown. This master craftsman carries on the age old tradition of hand style carving, making furniture and knick knacks that are as stunning today, as they would’ve been centuries ago. His Instagram page is filled with clients who’ve given him permission to share their commissioned works. From his personal page, you’ll get a good sense of why he’s become so popular, demonstrating how traditional craftsmanship is still alive and thriving. 

Owen Bush has certainly made a name for himself in the world of hand tool woodworking. I have to be honest, Owen’s work is some of the most mind altering pieces I’ve ever come across. From custom dining tables to parlor tables his influence is certainly being felt all over the world. He loves to post pictures of his works in progress to show his fans the techniques and methods he uses when creating his masterworks. 

Sam Wingate is no stranger to the Hand Tool Woodworking world. He’s racked up an impressive amount of followers because of his amazing skill as a woodworker. His projects range from classic but modern desks to sleek but majestic armoires, each one being crafted with the same deeply rooted passion and precision. He’s not one to drop the hammer and go, Sam takes the time to perfect his pieces and make sure they look perfect before they’re sent off to their new homes. 


There you have it folks, the top 5 Instagram accounts you should follow if you’re looking for some serious hand tool woodworking inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a completely custom piece or just want to browse some beautiful woodworking projects, these five gentlemen have you covered. With their skill, dedication and ambition to learn, each one is sure to leave you feeling inspired. Now it’s time for you to take all that inspiration and see where it leads you! 


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