The Top 5 Woodworking Youtube Channels To Follow For Instructional Videos

The Top 5 Woodworking Youtube Channels To Follow For Instructional Videos

Woodworking can be a rewarding and fulfilling hobby, but it can also be intimidating for beginners. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help you learn and improve your skills.

One of the best sources of instructional content is YouTube, where you can find a wealth of woodworking channels that provide step-by-step tutorials, project ideas, and inspiration. In this article, we’ll explore the the top 5 woodworking youtube channels to follow for instructional videos.

Woodworking with Tommy Mac

Welcome to the world of woodworking with Tommy Mac! The world of crafting and delights. Cutting and sanding to create beautiful projects. When it comes to woodworking instructional videos, it doesn’t get much better than Tommy Mac. Not only does Tommy provide an array of high-quality projects, but he also provides some of the best video production quality and clarity per video. 

Take a look at some of Tommy’s most recent videos, his level of detail and production style is unparalleled. Unlike many of the other woodworking channels out there, Tommy Mac only uses the best camera equipment and microphones – creating a very realistic look and feel. Not only are his projects in HD, but they also have on-screen captions that help to explain each step! This is great if you’re new to woodworking and don’t know the ins-and-outs of the process, and it’s also a great way to brush up on the basics. 

Tommy also offers an incredibly wide range of projects. Whether you’re making a simple cutting board or an intricate jewelry box, Tommy’s got you covered. For many beginners, how-to videos can be dull and repetitive. But Tommy Mac makes sure to make each and every project interesting and engaging. He assesses each project for its level of difficulty before diving into the steps – so you know exactly what to expect. 

And finally, what really sets Tommy Mac’s videos apart from the rest is his “Tommy” personality. Depending on the project and level of difficulty, Tommy often takes a lighthearted and comedic approach to his videos. There aren’t many other woodworking YouTube channels that truly make you laugh out loud – but Tommy Mac is one of them. So if you’re in the mood for a few laughs while you learn how to build, Tommy Mac will definitely do the trick! 

Between the level of quality and clarity, the breadth of projects, and the always-engaging personality, Tommy Mac is one of the top woodworking YouTube channels for instructional videos. So make sure to subscribe and enjoy some creative engineering with Tommy Mac!

Sue’s Handmade Crafts

Sue's Handmade Crafts

If you’re new to the world of woodworking and looking for a great YouTube channel to get started, then Sue’s Handmade Crafts is the place for you! This isn’t your typical woodworking channel—Sue specializes in creating high-quality handmade crafts and furniture pieces that are easy to make and even more fun to share with friends and family.

At Sue’s Handmade Crafts, the videos are made with beginners in mind. The projects might be small, but the level of detail that Sue goes into in her videos makes them a cinch to replicate. From measuring and cutting materials to finish the final product, no step is too small to be ignored. All of Sue’s videos are also filmed in high-definition, which ensures you get the best possible viewing experience with the sharpest details.

One unique feature of Sue’s Handmade Crafts is the range of items that Sue is able to make. Her projects range from planters and birdhouses to small furniture pieces like benches and stools. This variety of projects allows you to pick and choose which one you’d like to complete, and gives you the ability to really get creative.

The best part is that Sue is fun to watch, bringing a sense of humor to the projects. Although things don’t always go according to plan, Sue always finds a way to get the job done, and her enthusiasm makes it even more enjoyable to watch.

So, if you’re looking for a woodworking channel that can provide you with easy-to-follow projects, high-definition videos, and a sense of humor, then check out Sue’s Handmade Crafts on YouTube. With Sue as your instructor, you’ll be a woodworking pro in no time!

It’s a Woodwork

It's a Woodwork

Attention woodworking enthusiasts! If you’re searching for a woodworking YouTube channel that offers a range of projects that suit any level of skill and dedication, then check out It’s a Woodwork. 

It’s a Woodwork is run by a German woodworking master Frank. Frank is an affable and kind host who makes it easy to follow along with his projects. His videos are well-paced and clear, and you soon feel like an old friend in the workshop. 

Frank focuses on the more intricate details of woodworking, and each project takes several weeks to complete. He focuses on the traditional aspects of woodworking such as joinery, steam bending, and veneering. Seeing the finished products is always a joy and you get deep insights into the woodworking process. The projects range from smaller stuff like a paracord survival bracelet boxes to full-on furniture making. 

Frank takes his time walking through each step in the process, so you know exactly how to recreate any project you like. His instructions are easy to follow and you can even pause along the way if you want to. And when you can’t understand something, Frank always has an answer. 

The channel is beautiful with a perfect lighting and the smell of sawdust in the background. Every project has its own challenge and Frank is not afraid to experiment. One of his best projects is his wooden kayak. Watching him bend and shape the wood into a kayak is nothing short of astonishing. 

It’s a Woodwork is an exceptional woodworking YouTube channel and is definitely worth discussing. Frank’s level of craftsmanship and love of woodworking is evident in every project he creates. His videos are always inspiring and deliver a high level of education. Moreover, if you’re a beginner who wants to learn woodworking, then this channel is sure to give you the resources and instruction you need. 

So go ahead, check out It’s a Woodwork. Morphing wood into a work of art has never been this fun!

The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer

Welcome to my fourth suggestion for the best woodworking YouTube channels you can follow! This one goes to The Wood Whisperer. Let me just say – the Wood Whisperer is no joke. He means business.

Now, let’s start with the video quality and detail. When it comes to the Wook Whisperer channel, it definitely goes without saying that he delivers quality video content like no other. His videos are always slick, providing clear and detailed instructions from start to finish on whatever topic he’s discussing. He is certainly a professional and knows his stuff, so you can trust him to teach you how to properly tackle any woodworking project.

Next up is the level of detail that The Wood Whisperer provides in his videos. He doesn’t leave the viewer guessing, he makes sure to explain everything in full detail so that you can understand the topic and replicate the process he explains. Whether it’s a beginner, intermediate or expert project, The Wood Whisperer has your back.

In addition, I must also mention the familiarity that The Wood Whisperer has with his viewers. A.K.A., “Sal Familiarity” as I like to call it. It seems as though Sal has known us much longer than he has, and that’s just the vibe he gives off when you watch his videos. He takes the time to answer questions and encourages people to reach out to him for advice when needed. He even gives out weekly video tips that are designed to help improve your woodworking skills.

Finally, let’s talk about the artistry of The Wood Whisperer. His animations and 3-D representations that he produces when discussing different types of woodworking processes are truly out of this world. You will have no trouble understanding the topic, while also getting to admire his artistic ability to get the point across. 

While these are just a few of the many amazing things that The Wood Whisperer has to offer, I am sure that you will truly appreciate all that he has to offer as you watch and learn more. Do yourself a favor, head over to The Wood Whisperer now and start your woodworking journey!

Frank Howarth

Frank Howarth

Frank Howarth of Frank Howarth Woodworking is one of the most entertaining and talented woodworkers on YouTube. His channel has amassed thousands of subscribers and millions of views across his expansive collection of content.

When it comes to artistry and skill in woodworking, Frank Howarth stands out from the rest. His videos showcase a variety of projects – everything from custom cabinets to box making – with a level of detail and craftsmanship you wouldn’t expect from an amateur.

Not only are Frank Howarth’s projects visually stunning, they also pose a great challenge. His videos show him tackling even the most complex woodworking projects with ease, always applying his signature attention to detail. 

Frank Howarth’s work is so creative, it puts the attention of the viewer directly on the various techniques he uses to achieve his goals. Even for a seasoned woodworker, there’s something new to learn from Frank Howarth. 

Aside from a great variety of projects, Frank Howarth also provides an extensive library of project samples for viewers to view. Whether you’re a beginner just getting started in woodworking, or an experienced woodworker looking for a challenge, there truly is something for everyone.

Frank Howarth’s larger-than-life personality makes his channel one of the most enjoyable to watch. His humorous and lighthearted dialogue makes his videos a pleasure to watch even if you don’t take away any new knowledge. 

In the end, Frank Howarth is an absolute master at his craft. His channel is a must-watch for any woodworker, beginner or expert. Even if you just want to relax and watch someone else take on a project, Frank Howarth’s channel is certainly worth a look.


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