What Woodworking Items Sell the Best? | UK Guide | 2023

What Woodworking Items Sell the Best

If you are looking to bring in a steady income from woodworking, you should ensure you are producing items that there is a real demand for. Bespoke wooden sculptures and high-end items might make you the occasional high-ticket sale, but they are unlikely to appeal to the masses. If you want to achieve steady sales and generate a healthy profit margin, you should focus on producing in-demand items that are always popular.

Kitchen & Dining Items

People are always in need of items for kitchen and dining spaces. Even amateur woodworkers can turn their talents to producing things like spice racks, utensils and kitchen storage items relatively easily. These items are also fairly cheap to produce.

Garden Items

If you have a large stock of wood that can be repurposed, think about producing items for use in outdoor spaces and gardens. Wooden planters made from planed pallets and old timber will prove popular with customers. Meanwhile, basic seating and small tables made from similar materials will also be in demand.

Decorative Pieces

If your woodworking skills are a bit more advanced, try turning your attentions to things like picture frames and decorative pieces for display in the home. Picture frames are always big sellers, although you will need to be able to produce delicate divots and fine details with thinner pieces of material. If you have the patience and skill to work with curved edges, you could also think about producing bowls and dishes.

Shelving & Furniture

Although furniture items require more skill, time and materials, they can bring you the biggest profits. Keep it simple with things like stools and stripped-back tables if you want to reduce your overheads. Shelving and storage furniture will also sell well. Try and target specific needs to increase your chance of a sale, with corner units and shelving designed for awkward spaces.


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