How to Use a Drill to Screw into Wood | UK Guide | 2023

How to Use a Drill to Screw into Wood
Drilling a screw into wood is fairly simple, but you should follow a few basic tips to ensure you do not cause any damage to the wood itself, or the screw fastener you are looking to add to the material. Before beginning to drill screws into wood, you should think about the purpose of the screw. Fastening a piece of wood to another piece of material will require a slightly different technique than adding a screw for mounting picture frames or hanging objects.

Attaching Wood to Another Surface

If you are looking to add one piece of wood to another piece of wooden material, you should first make a pilot hole in the piece that is to be fastened onto the other. You can do this with a power drill with a narrow drill bit attachment, or alternatively use a manual awl. However, a power drill provide you with a more precise result and ensure screws can be driven accurately through the material.

Once you have made a pilot hole, switch out your drill bit for a screwdriver attachment. Then, place the tip of the screw in the pilot hole opening and slowly press down on the speed trigger of your drill. This will force the screw through the pilot and out of the other end of the material.

Next, hold this piece of material firmly against the surface of the material you are looking to attach it to. You can then drill the screw through into the bottom piece of material so the two pieces are firmly connected. You will no doubt have to repeat this step across multiple points to ensure firm attachment.

If you are simply looking to install a screw to hang something, less effort is involved. Simply score a small hole with a bradawl or sharp drill point where you would like to install a screw, then use your power drill with a compatible screwdriver bit to drive the screw into place.


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