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Best Makita Combi Drill
The best Makita combi drill will make tackling a broad range of DIY projects easier than ever. Combi drills are a multifunctional power tool essential that bring together the best features of an electric screwdriver and power drills. Some combi drills even give you the added functionality of a hammer drill. Makita is an established name in the power tool market and one of the key areas where they really shine is combi drills. Below, we break down some essential factors to bear in mind when selecting the best Makita combi drill for your budget.

Speed Settings & Torque Levels

If you are interested in purchasing a combi drill, torque is something to focus on. Torque is arguably the most crucial factor to focus on when choosing a combi drill. As your combi drill will need to provide you with multiple functions, you will require a wide variety of torque settings to undertake such a varied workload. The most basic combi drills from Makita offer you around a dozen or so torque settings, although the most advanced options from the manufacturer will provide you with upwards of 20 individual settings.

You will also want a combi drill that is versatile when it comes to speed settings. To ensure you have complete control when using your combi drill for driving and drilling tasks, go for a Makita model that includes variable speed control. The majority of Makita combi drills do include a variable speed trigger. These mean you can use your tool with almost any type of fastener head, while driving and drilling into various materials can be done without causing any unwanted damage.

Keyless Chucks & Bit Changes

A combi drill is designed to fulfil the functions of multiple tools, so you will likely be using the tool body with a massive range of bit attachments. Because of this, you will want a Makita combi drill that allows you to change screwdriver attachments and drill bits quickly. The majority of Makita combi drills include keyless chucks that allow you to carry out these changes in only a few seconds. Almost every combi drill from the brand also provides you with superior retention for bits, ensuring they are locked firmly in place as you drill, drive or hammer drill.

Mains Powered or Cordless?

More power tool users are turning their attentions to the cordless market. While cordless power tools still have some way to go to match the output offered by their corded cousins, Makita does offer a good range of battery-powered combi drills that compare reasonably well to mains-powered power tool products. If you do choose a cordless model from Makita, save yourself some extra cash by purchasing a complete tool package. Basic tool body items can be inexpensive, but you will find yourself spending significantly more on additional lithium-ion batteries and compatible chargers.

Product Reviews – The Best Makita Combi Drills

Searching for a versatile drill for a range of DIY projects? Below are some of the very best Makita combi drill models for you to think about.

Makita HP457DZ Li-ion “G-Series” Combi Drill Driver, 18 V, Blue

The Makita HP457DZ is a reasonably affordable and powerful choice of power tool. From Makita’s G-Series, this high-performance combi drill is perfect for tacking a host of DIY projects. This combi drill features an electronic brake which makes it particularly stable and a safe choice when faced with more demanding repair and construction tasks. The variable speed control trigger is a very handy feature, allowing you to adjust the drill output to meet different drilling needs.

Dual mechanical gear make the Makita HP457DZ a pretty heavy-duty option, while the 18-volt battery means you can enjoy similar levels of output as you would from a corded combi drill. There also 16 individual torque settings available here, making this combi drill suitable for drilling into a variety of material types. The keyless chuck mechanism also makes it straightforward to change out drill bits.


Makita DHP484Z 18V Li-ion Brushless Combi Drill 54 Nm – Body Only

The Makita DHP484Z is a great choice of combi drill if you want more substantial output. Delivering up to 30,000 impacts per minute in high output and 7,500 impacts per minute in low output mode, this versatile drill is more than able to cope with demanding DIY and construction tasks. There is also an incredible range of torque settings provided by this premium power tool, with 21 individual settings to choose from. Dual mechanical gears and an electric brake system also make this a particularly safe choice of combi drill.

The variable speed control trigger makes adjusting the drilling output of the Makita DHP484Z effortless, while you can instantly switch between forward and reverse rotation. The compact size of this combi drill also makes it ideal for drilling in tight spots, while the keyless chuck means you can quickly replace drill bits. The all-metal gear construction and aluminium housing also makes the Makita DHP484Z a very hard-wearing addition to your drill collection.


Makita DHP481Z 18 V LXT Li-ion Brushless Combi Hammer Drill

The Makita DHP481Z is a premium combi hammer drill worth purchasing. This highly efficient combi drill provides you with reliable forward and reverse rotation, with quick-change adjustment of drilling rotation provided. The single sleeve chuck also allows for keyless changes of drill bits, allowing you to switch between bits as you carry out prolonged drilling tasks. The mechanical gears are also constructed to a high standard, ensuring a long operational life.

The Makita DHP481Z also features a reliable electric brake, preventing your combi drill from becoming damaged should you encounter any obstacles when drilling. The variable speed trigger also makes it simple to finely adjust the rotational speed of your drill. This makes it suitable for those who regularly work with different material types and use a broad range of drill bits. The additional side handle also makes this one of the most ergonomic combi drills from Makita.


Makita DHP458Z 18 V Body Only Cordless Compact 2-Speed Combi Drill

The Makita DHP4587 is a first class combi drill that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to compact design and cordless convenience. The 4-pole motor of the Makita DHP4587 is particularly powerful, with two speed transmission allowing you to achieve high rotational speeds in moments. This combi drill is perfect for tackling a broad range of drilling tasks, but it can also be used for more demanding hammer drilling jobs. It can also be used to drive screws into tough materials. The single sleeveless chuck allows you to remove and replace drill bits with one hand, with metal ratcheting as standard to provide you with maximum bit retention.

This is definitely an ideal pick of combi drill if you intend to work with both metal and wood. With 21 individual chick settings and very impressive maximum speed levels, the Makita DHP4587 should even meet the requirements of professionals. The high output is even more surprisingly when you consider this is a cordless tool that uses a battery.


Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill with 101 Piece Accessory Set BHP453RFTK, 18 V

If you want to save a small fortune on drill accessories, this Makita DHP453SFTK combi drill package is a good investment. The focal point of this set, the combi drill, is a particularly effective power tool. Providing you with the complete functionality of a rotary drill, rotary hammer and power screwdriver, it can be used for a huge range of DIY jobs. In screwdriver mode, this combi drill provides you with 16 individual torque settings, which will allow you to work with a range of fasteners and different types of materials.

The 2-speed gearbox and all-metal gear construction also makes this combi drill a very hard-wearing choice. The variable speed trigger is another superb detail, allowing you to maintain total control when screwing fasteners or drilling guide holes. In addition to the combi drill itself, this package includes a 101-piece accessory set. With an amazing line-up of drill bits, screwdriver attachments and more, you will find pretty much anything you are likely to need to complete demanding DIY challenges.


Makita DHP482RTWJ 18V Li-ion LXT Combi Drill with 2 x 5Ah Batteries & Charger, 18 V

The Makita DHP482RTWJ is another great value option from this trusted power tool manufacturer. This reliable combi drill provides you with an electric brake function, which makes it exceptionally reliable and will ensure you can work safely at all times. The 2-speed control is also exceptionally reliable, making this combi drill an efficient choice. The variable speed trigger also makes it simple to keep total control over your combi drill as you work. You can also instantly switch rotational direction, with the forward/reverse trigger accessible and easy to adjust with one hand.

With 21 torque settings, you will have no trouble drilling into touch materials. The impressive scope of torque adjustments also makes it easy to secure fasteners firmly in place if you use this combi drill as an electric screwdriver. The 13mm keyless chuck is a user-friendly feature, allowing you to replace bit attachments in seconds. This combi drill also comes with two lithium-ion batteries, as well as a charger. This means there is no reason why you should ever be without power.


Makita HP457DWE10 Combi drill accessories with carry case

This Makita HP457DWE10 combi drill kit is a rewarding investment for any DIY enthusiast. This high-performance combi drill uses Makita G-Series batteries, providing you with long-lasting performance and exceptional drilling and driving power. When fully charged, this 18-volt combi drill can deliver up to 1,400 rotations per minute. This makes it suitable for drilling into masonry, wood and steel. The all-metal construction and mechanical speed gears mean you can always expect smooth and speedy drilling results. The low speed settings are also ideal for those situations where you need sustained power at high torque settings.

With 16 clutch settings, you can look forward to complete control as you screw fasteners into place. The speed control trigger makes adapting the combi drill to your requirements incredibly easy. The keyless chuck also allows for easy bit installation and removal. There are also some very reliable safety features here, with the electric brake proving particularly useful for those who want a combi drill they can push to its limits regularly. In addition to the combi drill body, you will find a charger, two batteries and a hardshell carry case included.


Makita DDF484Z Cordless Brushless Drill Driver, 18V, 182mm Length, Blue/Black

The Makita DDF484Z is a compact, yet surprisingly powerful choice of combi drill. This cordless combi drill uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery to provide you with variable speeds of up to 2,000 rotations per minute. This makes it a good option for those who need power tool that can tackle a variety of drilling and fastening tasks. The brushless motor makes this combi drill very efficient, with no brush replacements or motor maintenance to take care of. You can also expect cooler operation, even if you are using your combi drill for prolonged drilling and fastening tasks.

The all-metal gear construction and mechanical speed gearing makes the Makita DDF484Z a very durable power tool. The high-speed mode makes this combi drill perfect for lighter tasks, while the low-speed mode can be used to tackle heavy-duty jobs that require sustained levels of more torque. With 21 different torque settings to choose from, this versatile combi drill will become a firm favourite and your go-to choice of power tool for all manner of DIY tasks.


Makita Combi Drill Buying Checklist

Decided to play it safe and purchase a combi drill from Makita? You’re in good company. This established power tool manufacturer is one of the most successful brands on the market for good reason. When choosing a combi drill from Makita, you won’t struggle to find something that excels in every aspect of performance.

However, pay special attention to torque and speed settings, as a more varied range of settings will allow you to get the maximum output from your combi drill. If you expect to use your combi drill regularly for both drilling and driving tasks, a keyless chuck with excellent retention will also help. Finally, think about whether you are prepared for a slight compromise in terms of motor performance for the convenience of a cordless system. If not, play it safe and stick with a mains-powered combi drill.


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