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best radiators
If your current heating system is failing to keep your home at a desirable temperature, the problem may be your radiators. You may also want to think about investing in new radiators if you are planning on renovating your interiors, with vertical panels providing you with a more practical alternative to wide designs that take up considerable wall space. Need some help finding the right radiators for your space? Our buying guide explores the important factors you should think about when choosing the best radiators for your home.

Radiator Types

When selecting radiators, you have two main types to consider. Some radiators need to be plumed directly into your hot water heating system, while electric models are more versatile and can be added just about anywhere. If you are looking to renovate your existing central heating system, you will need to invest in plumbed models. However, if this is not an option, an electric radiator is the better option. Electric radiators are particularly good for those who want to be able to tailor heating output more freely. While plumbed radiators can still be adjusted individually, you have less scope for playing around with heating output.


This is another major thing to consider when selecting new radiators for your home. If you have found a small radiator to be ineffective at heating up a large lounge or open-plan living space, you should probably think about upgrading to a much larger panel. Likewise, if a small study or bedroom is quickly swamped with hot air because of a large radiator panel, you can think about swapping it out for a much smaller alternative.


You have a great deal of variety when it comes to radiator style. Central heating system radiator are among the most popular models out there. These single panels use convection to radiate heat out into your home. They are both reliable and effective increasing temperatures quickly. However, you are quite limited when it comes to aesthetics, with these panels offering very little aesthetic detail or charm.

Column radiators are a good alternative for those who want something more stylish. As they include individual columns, they tend to deliver an incredible amount of heat, making them an efficient option. The column design also makes them an attractive option. They look particularly at home in more traditional interiors, although they are versatile enough in appearance that they can be used in a more modern-looking interior.

Radiators for Awkward Spaces

If you do not have enough wall space for a standard wide radiator, you can think about adding a vertical radiator panel to your interiors. These radiators still provide you with the same amount of surface as a standard panel, meaning you do not have to settle for less heat output. Vertical panels are particularly good for kitchens when you want to leave more wall space exposed for other items.

Need to add a radiator to a bathroom? Think about one that includes heated towel rails. The towel rails themselves will still produce heat to warm your bathroom spaces, but also provide you with added function. Radiators with integrated mirrors are also useful for bathrooms, as well as bedroom and dressing room spaces.

Product Reviews – The Best Radiators

Struggling to heat your home efficiently and affordably? Below are some premium radiators that will help you ensure every room in your home is heated quickly and without sending your fuel bills skyrocketing.

ELEGANT Vertical Designer Radiator Anthracite Double Flat Panel Column Tall Upright Central Heating Radiators 1600x608mm Double

This vertical panel radiator is a good idea if you have limited wall space, but still need a reliable heating source to warm your home. The low carbon steel build of this radiator makes it fairly lightweight, but durable enough that it will serve you well for many years to come. The anthracite colour also makes it a suitable addition to contemporary spaces. The superior finish also means you will not have to worry about maintenance. This radiator has been spray tested for 200 hours, meaning corrosion is not something that is going to cause you any trouble.

This radiator has also been tested to 10 bars of pressure, meaning it will perform well at high thermostat settings. Designed and manufactured to meet BS EN 442 standards, this vertical radiator will connect to any UK central heating system. It also been tested for leaks, meaning you can count on reliable heating performance at all times.


600 x 592 mm Traditional Cast Iron Style Horizontal Radiator with White Double Column

Although this radiator appears rather basic, it is actually one of the most efficient products in this list. This radiator is highly conductive to heat, providing you with superior heat transfer and better overall thermal conductivity than many other radiator models. It has also been manufactured to prevent leaks. The premium pipes are 1.5mm thick, minimising the chance of leaks occurring. This radiator has also been tested at high pressures to ensure leaks are not something you have to worry about.

The exterior of this radiator has been sprayed with a premium coating. This 360-degree spraying process means your radiator will look its best for longer. Corrosion is not something that is going to cause you any issues here, while the overall shape of the radiator is also not likely to distort over time. The main body of the radiator is made from premium steel, meaning you have a heating solution that will stand the test of time. You also have multiple options when it comes to installing this radiator, with the model suitable for both wall and floor mounting.


NRG 600×1020 Flat Panel Designer Radiator Bathroom Central Heating Single Anthracite

This flat panel radiator is an ideal choice if you are looking to upgrade your central heating system. The contemporary aesthetics and anthracite colour make it a good fit for modern interiors, while the smooth finish ensures an elegant appearance in any room. This radiator is also versatile and can be combined with just about any UK central heating system, including those that are tank or combi boiler fed. No

This radiator has been tested at high hydraulic pressures, providing you with peace of mind that your radiator can cope with high thermostat settings. It will also perform well for a long time, with a 10-year manufacturer warranty for reassurance. The radiator exterior has also been specially coated to protect against rusting, ensuring the slick finish looks its best for as long as possible. Affordable and highly efficient, this radiator is also fairly straightforward to install.


Stelrad Type 22 HH300mm x WW500mm White

This Stelrad radiator is a good choice for those who want something stripped-back and simple. This slimline radiator comes in classic white and utilises convector technology to provide you with reliable heating performance at all times. This radiator has been rigorously tested to ensure it performs well with high heat outputs, with the premium steel construction providing you with superior thermal conduction. This radiator includes two panels which, combined with convector fins, increases the overall heating surface. If you want a radiator that can warm up larger spaces quickly and consistently, this radiator is a great choice.

This compact radiator conforms to all BS EN 422 standards and has been tested at up to 8 bars of pressure. As such, can easily cope with intensive use on a daily basis in any setting. The exterior of this radiator has also been treated with a corrosion-resistant finish, ensuring it is not affected by moisture and always looks its best. This radiator is also easy to fit, with wall brackets and all fixings included.


Horizontal Designer Flat Panel Radiator White 600x612mm Single Panel Central Heating

If you find conventional radiators too unsightly, this horizontal panel radiator is a good alternative. This stylish panel radiator will make a welcome addition to your central heating system, with the slimline profile and anthracite colour effortlessly coordinating with the more modern interior. This minimalist radiator is also compatible with any UK central heating system, making it a perfect option if your current system is long overdue an upgrade.

Made from high-grade mild steel, this is an eco-friendly choice of radiator. The steel construction also provides you with excellent thermal conduction, with this radiator able to heat up a large room in no time at all. Generally speaking, this radiator provides you with heat output performance. However, the compact design makes it more suited to smaller rooms like bathrooms and secondary bedrooms. All brackets and fittings are included, meaning installation is straightforward. However, valves are not included, so you will need to source these separately if you do not have such items already to hand.


Devola Eco Electric Panel Convector Heater, 24 Hour 7 Day Digital Timer With Built In Thermostat, Domestic and Commercial Use, Frost Protection (2000W, White)

This panel heater from Devola is a good choice for those who want a heating solution that is eco-friendly and easy to use. This panel heater is particularly suitable for use in bathrooms, with the IP24 rating making it ideal for use in rooms with high levels of moisture. The exterior of the panel heater is also splash-proof. Unlike other radiators in this list, this heating solution does not require you to connect to an existing central heating system. Instead, you will need to have this connected to your electrical wiring. This heater is designed to be mounted on walls, with all fixtures and fittings included for easy installation.

One of the great things about this panel heater is its 24/7 programmable timer. This digital timer allows you to set up a weekly heating schedule that fits around you. The timer is very flexible, allowing you tailor heating output by the hour if you so wish. This is also a very energy-efficient option. If you are keen to bring down the cost of your energy bills, but still need something that gives off plenty of heat, this panel heater is a good option. Because you don’t need to connect this to an existing central heating system, you also have the option to move this to another room of the home down the line if you need to.


ELEGANT 1800 x 499 mm Vertical Mirror Radiator Designer Oval Column Panel Central Heating Radiators (White)

If you want to upgrade your central heating system with a more stylish choice of radiator, this vertical panel radiator is a good choice. Made from low carbon steel, this radiator is fairly lightweight, while the material provides you with excellent thermal conduction performance. In short, this radiator only needs to be turned on for a short time before the surrounding space is heated to your desired temperature.

This radiator also been manufactured to a high standard and in line with BS EN 422 regulations, providing you with peace of mind. It has also been tested to 10 bars of pressures, which is far more rigorous than many other radiators on the market.

The coated finish provides this radiator with excellent resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for use in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. The anthracite finish also makes it a worthwhile option for those who want to a more contemporary choice of heating system. The oval shape of the individual columns gives this radiator a softer aesthetic, while the inclusion of a mirrored panel gives it added functionality. Easy to install and compatible with all UK central heating systems, this mirrored radiator panel is a first-rate option.


Radiator Buying Checklist

When choosing a new radiator, think about the requirements of the space you are looking to heat. If you want to free up more wall space, think about adding a vertical panel. If you want to add some traditional character to your interiors, dispense with the unsightly plumbed panel and invest in a column radiator instead. Don’t have a central heating system? Instead of plumbed radiator panels, you can always opt for an electric heater that can be mounted directly onto a wall to produce similar levels of heat and more varied thermostat functionality.


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